Astrology For The Week Of April 15th-21st 2019

This week see’s the culmination of the second full Moon in partnership oriented Libra, along with important planetary ingresses of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun. 

 A rather lengthy period of adjustment, negotiation, planning, reassessment, adaptation and making compromises with others is coming to a crescendo this week. 

We are preparing for a new cycle of bold initiatives in regards to communications, learning, short distance travels, commerce, partnerships, and collaborations.

Last month, the full Moon in Libra opposed Chiron. This month, it does so building up to the full Moon, as this month, the Full Moon occurs in the last degree of Libra.  There may be adjustments to navigate, and the potential for anxiety and impatience can surface around the desire to reconcile different sets of needs. 

Focusing on simplicity can help a great deal to prevent exhaustion, burnout, or feeling overwhelmed.

Also important to remember is that slow progress is certainly better than none at all. 

After an optimistic, lighthearted, excited and enthusiastic weekend with the moon in creative and fun oriented Leo, we begin the week in practical and anxious Virgo, where the focus shifts towards eliminations, purification, organization, details, and getting back to basics, (and back to reality.)

There is an element of “preparation for change” to these configurations. 

The Earthy Virgo Moon forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus, placing a focus on the practical details and to do lists associated with the various exciting changes being set into motion for the future, and improving and maintaining routines and stability within these fluctuations and transitions.

 Around noon on Monday, the Moon squares Mars in Gemini. Self control and maintaining calm focus can be important here. This aspect can be used to get quite a lot done, and can be highly productive, but can also be potentially rather anxious, high strung, easily distracted, impatient, irritable, or quick tempered if there isn’t a conscious effort to channel the energy into constructive improvement efforts or simply taking one thing at a time.

 We may be focusing in on flaws here as well, so a constructive and measured approach to our activities can do much to increase confidence and productivity. 

Perhaps jumping into “good habits” or a more “efficient” or “improvement and detail focused”  frame of mind, after a period of fun and indulgence over the weekend is a bit challenging, but there is definitely not a shortage of motivation to strive towards improvements.

Managing anxiety or perfectionism will do much in the way of getting the best out of this lunation.

 With Mercury in the last degrees of Pisces squaring Jupiter, and conjunct Venus and Chiron, there may be so many pleasant or romantic ideas about the many ways we want to enrich our lives and relationships, and infuse it all with more of our fantasies, that it can be difficult to know where to begin.

For many, this may also revolve around healing initiatives, bridging gaps, reconciling misunderstandings, making peace with circumstances or feelings, and letting go of outworn patterns or expectations, to make room for new, more healthy and positive ones to grow, so that we can have happier and more peaceful lives and interactions. 

 For some, this has been a process of letting go, for others, it has brought them closer together or bonded them more deeply with another.

Tuesday, the Moon trines Saturn and Pluto, and opposes Neptune, Mercury and Venus, while squaring Jupiter. 

We can feel a determined impatience to make our dreams happen (all of them? All at once?) that is almost disorienting. 

Perhaps we feel somewhat blocked or slowed down by circumstances and could come down with a case of FOMO that we feel particularly intense about resolving. 

There could be new initiatives we’re impatient to kick off, that perhaps  somehow involve resolving, soothing, and healing old wounds. 

Around 11 PM PST Tuesday evening, Mercury enters zero degrees Aries, getting ever closer to conjoin Chiron, giving us courage once again to brave sensitive terrain, even if we are feeling somewhat vulnerable. 

Wednesday Morning see’s the Moon enter Libra, placing a focus on partnerships, diplomacy, balance, and negotiation. The Moon/ Mercury/Chiron opposition becomes much stronger here, and there could be a need to maintain balance, sensitivity, and understanding in the lead up to the full moon. 

A Lunar trine to Mars in the afternoon assists with motivation and the ability to rise to challenges around making disparate parts fit together into a cohesive and functional whole. 

Late Wednesday evening, the oppositions wane, and we are left with our drives and motivation, and can be feeling particularly confident, in spite of potential blockages or delays, and any anxiousness and sensitivity that dealing with this causes.

Thursday April 18th see’s the Moon in Libra square both Saturn and Pluto. There could be an intensity of feeling around partnerships, perhaps strong desires that require patience and fortitude to actualize, all while “spinning a lot of plates.” The Moon then opposes the Sun, leading into the energy of the lunar climax. 


The Full Moon on Friday April 19th culminates at 4:12 AM PST in 29 degrees Libra. This Full Moon opposes The Sun, Uranus, and squares Pluto. Pluto also squares the Sun in the last degree of Aries. There could be some “chomping at the bit” to make tangible progress and instigate exciting or liberating initiatives that have perhaps been talked about or thought about and discussed for quite some time. 

This Full Moon echoes a process that was underway last month, that at this full moon, can see some form of completion, closure, and come to some kind of important and dare I say, satisfying juncture. 

The Moon quickly moves into passionate Scorpio, shortly after climaxing in Libra Friday morning. There could be a definite passionate restlessness in the air with the Lunar aspect to Uranus in Taurus shaking things up, as well as the Sun in the final impatient degree of Aries.

It’s a bit like a deeply felt internal “drum roll.”  

With Mercury perfecting it’s conjunction to Chiron Friday, we could be feeling a mixture of passion, anxious anticipation, inner excitement, and curiously,-  some vulnerability. 

Although, the weekend looks set to be a rather pleasant one actually. 

Saturday, April 20th, the Sun enters tactile and practical Taurus at 1:55 AM PST. Venus joins the Aries brigade at 9;12 AM PST. 

This set’s the stage for some interesting happenings, and we could finally see some long awaited initiatives set into motion that we can begin to feel really pleased about.

With Mercury and Venus conjoined, together with Chiron, some heartfelt, forthright communications can be had around some sensitive matters, or quite simply, loving initiatives can be taken that soothe vulnerabilities, aches, longings, or heal old wounds. 

Identity wounds and even self esteem issues can be constructively and positively worked through under these aspects.  Who knows, we may even be able to take some sort of pride in our ability to be vulnerable with others.

Let the healing talks and new romantic and/or creative initiatives commence, and may we all love ourselves and one another into expressing and fulfilling our highest potentials.

 With the Sun now in Taurus, forward progress can be made around solidifying changes and transitions that have been in the works. Things that we perhaps pushed for while Mars was in Taurus can begin to show signs of finally bearing fruit.

Powerful new foundations are being laid that can involve something very close to our hearts, making our circumstances more ideal, more pleasant. Lunar trines to Venus and Neptune make Saturday evening appear rather lovely and even romantic.

Sunday April 21st see’s the Moon continue these lovely vibes by moving into optimistic Sagittarius, carrying trines to Venus, Mercury, and Chiron. For some, this could involve people or places at a distance, travel, or learning, for others, simply expanding our horizons in the name of something or someone we are passionate about.

This looks set to be a time of good vibrations and opportunities for healing, learning, growth, and perhaps even celebration. In the very least, pausing and taking in the view, before we continue further on our upward ascent.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a most excellent week! See you next Monday.


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