Full Moon In Taurus

The Sun moves into Scorpio this week to join Jupiter, Mercury, and retrograde Venus, further intensifying the compulsive draw towards the deep, the dark, and the mysterious. The Sun illuminates webs still yet to be untangled in order for the great Phoenix to rise, as per the Scorpion myth. There is a deep, penetrative and even investigative quality to these maths. A vulnerability is felt in the face of powerful desires and compulsions. With great desire often come great fear in it's shadow, and finding equalibrium amidst such a changable landscape has been challenging to say the least..
 A palpable restlessness permeates the spheres this week, with a full moon in Taurus tightly conjunct Uranus (something that hasn't happened since the 1930's). This configuration engages Venus retrograde in Scorpio, creating a build up of tension around perhaps more intimate and sensual matters, but also in regards to money, security, self worth, and practical concerns.  In general, these maths are quite the exercise of willpower, making it difficult to resist temptations, luxury, compuslions, and indulgence. If you're intending to maintain a budget, a diet, or um..dignity, stick to your guns. These configurations could test you.
Innovations are underway and new approaches to the physical/practical realm are in order, to create stability within a continuous flux.
 Authenticity is a must, with Libra no longer emphasized, we can no longer simply appease or be appeased, and we want to get at the truth and grit of things. 
 With an emphasis on fixed signs, it might be wise to meditate on where we are being "too fixed" in our expectations, and setting ourselves up for unnecessary agitation. Striving instead to go with the flow as opposed to setting ourselves, our relationships, or others up with rigid expectations so that we can feel "fulfilled", and making conscious effort to self sooth, going within and exploring our own motivations, during and following the full moon period, will do much to ease any tensions. 
With Uranus involved, and opposing both the Sun and Venus, a certain amount of space and freedom could be necessary in relationships as many transitions are navigated. Desires could be strong, but the timing could be off or circumstances unreliable, inconsistent, and still not quite ripe. Many of us are still engaged in a transformative process or transition of sorts that tends to monopolize attention, and interfere with a more comfortable, open, relaxed, and spontaneous expression of the will, which lends a certain awkwardness to interpersonal relations, as energy reserves for compromise is becoming fairly limited due to other more private or personal battles/concerns, -and a strong Scorpionic bent in the heavens. 
With the full moon conjunct uranus, a more independent (or less conventional) approach to pleasure/money/relationships may be taken for the time being, to alleviate discomfort (and increase excitement?) amidst transition. Give everyone a lot of elbow room, try not to over react, have a tantrum, or burn the house down.
 It's important to remind ourselves, particularly when feeling frustrated, that feelings and thoughts pass like clouds and we don't need to fix our attention on to them or make a song and dance (or murder scene) about every last one of them. Venus retrogrades aren't a picnic for anyone... Hang in there and keep the faith, she goes direct on November 16th 2018.  


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