The Moon in courageous Leo is trine sensitive Chiron, square Mars in Taurus while making an awkward quincunx to Saturn. There may be some frustrations around delays, blockages, heavy responsibilities, or adjustments that need to to be made. As the day progresses, restlessness can build as the Moon squares up to Uranus and necessity is either the mother of invention, or detours or changes in schedules need to be adapted to. The lunar square to Mars can feel a bit stuck and restless to see things get back on track. Mercury sextile Jupiter just now can see a focus on good times, creativity, and risk taking. The Sun in Cancer in strong trine to Saturn this week suggests that something requires patience and emotional fortitude. The foundations of something may need renovating or stabilizing. Changes, unpredictability, or the need to be adaptable can see some tensions, with reassessments or a need to see situations in a new light. Mars in Taurus inching closer to Uranus is doggedly determined to innovate solutions and break on through to the other side.


The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 6:48 AM PST, where it runs into a quincunx to both Pluto and Neptune. There can be some strong feelings about improvements that need to be made, things that need to be fixed, or healed. An element of crisis management can be at play today. A sense of helplessness or being at the whim of forces beyond your control can also be a factor, but there are also solutions and good news that makes things easier. There can be a need to make a lot of texts or phone calls to stay in the loop or get down to business. Try to keep things simple, because as the day wears on, there can be a bit of information overload as the Moon in Virgo squares Jupiter in Gemini while sesquisquare Chiron. This can also see problems resolving.  There may be a need to take a step back, regroup, or power nap.  


The Moon in Virgo goes on to oppose Saturn today which can tap the breaks or take the path of least (or most) resistance. A lunar semisquare to Venus can see money, social, romantic, or creative situations feeling a little unsettled, either due to obstacles or delays, or a cumbersome or expensive burden to shoulder. Try to relax and avoid trying to force anything. Make yourself feel comfortable for the time being, and a solution, or the motivation to act, will arise naturally. The Moon goes on to trine Mars and Uranus in Taurus, so it’s clear something won’t be taken lying down. If obstacles can’t be overcome or something isn’t working, something’s got to give. Changes need to be roundhouse kicked into place.


If you’ve been penting things up, stuffing things down, or acting like that weird discolored patch on your wall isn't black mold, or that physically you feel fine when you don't, or have been over functioning to keep everyone happy and everything running smoothly,  try to seek out support or lean on a helpful ally. The Moon in Virgo conjunct Juno can highlight helpful buddy systems, and there's a humble focus on healing, health, or making improvements to various systems in your life. Don't feel guilty about taking some time to replenish yourself or focus on the little things in your life that have been neglected due to pressing or all consuming issues.  Venus enters Leo at 9:19 AM to oppose Pluto in Aquarius, while making an out of sign trine to Neptune in 29 degrees Pisces. There can be some intense situations or dynamics to navigate, and an element of escapism can take hold in the face of things that feel volatile or out of your hands. This can highlight power dynamics where someone has a clear advantage, or one person is in a weaker and more vulnerable position than the other. Compassion is needed, but power, ego issues, or desires can be blinding and make genuine empathy challenging. You or someone else can be stirring the pot, starting a rapture, pissing in public, looking for drama, or dealing with intense issues that require compassion, understanding, a safe word, or a restraining order. There can be some strong temptations, compulsions, or power and control issues to grapple with, as things may feel a bit at sea or irresolute. Tread carefully around power dynamics that are known to be a minefield. Someone may try to keep a power battle going or insist on some sort of entitlement or try to force an issue. Avoid exploitative or manipulative people or dynamics as much as possible. This can also see some positive transformations and breakthroughs as well, and can revitalize situations that may have felt dragged through the mud or lacking in vital forces. You can also sort out how much access you want certain people to have to you, or sticky enmeshments that may have had an unhealthy dimension can get an honest and necessary evaluation. The Moon enters harmony seeking Libra at 7:06 PM PST. If you can rise above intensity or extremes, and keep your distance when people demonstrate power grabbing, obsessed, circular, base and ruthless behavior, these influences can open up new dimensions, opportunities, or perspectives, and help to protect your peace.


The Moon in Libra is trine Jupiter in Gemini, which can encourage fresh air, ideas, or perspectives. The Moon goes on to sextile Mercury which can open the channels of communications. This can really put the silver tongue into the used car salesman. Social exchanges can be full of charm and creative brainstorming, with a desire to take risks, try new things, or manipulate new victims into shady undertakings. All that aside, for everyone not interested in manipulating people to do things they may not voluntarily desire to do, these are some positive and fresh energies that can be a nice reprieve from stressful energies or heavy handed personalities throwing their power around. You can breathe.  There may be diplomatic and coquettish handkerchief dropping or eyelash batting, but intellectual stimulation will be equally as important as rizz. Some interpersonal harmony can feel a bit superficial, as tensions or unmet expectations lurk under the surface. Should a charm offense fail, the Scorpio lunation won’t hesitate to up the ante. So be prepared for anyone you may suspect is a ticking bomb to potentially act out or escalate things. Do what you can to meet your own needs to minimize potential issues. If you are the ticking bomb and you are trying to get someone to capitulate to your demands, try to avoid a hard sell, breathing too heavily, or forcing people into your van with tinted windows. (Particularly in casual social situations. Very poor etiquette. Too many witnesses.)


The Moon in Libra is square the Sun, opposite Chiron and quincunx Saturn. There can be some tensions today in dealing with others, whether in business, social or romantic interchanges. There can be some sensitivities. Mild (or severe?) butthurt could be a cause for some inner reflection. Perhaps asking nicely, offering candy, and smiling politely while gesturing towards your van didn’t produce the desired results. The implications of wasted rizz and gesticulations can simmer, and by late evening, it can begin to boil. This could potentially lead to frothing, festering and knife sharpening, but only if we let it. Let’s calm down instead. It's entirely possible there are positive tensions brewing, and there's just delays. However, we can't discount that there’s definitely some villain origin stories unfolding somewhere. 


The Moon in Scorpio is square Pluto, Venus, and sesquisquare Saturn. There can be intense feelings festering. Yes they are festering now. They’re laying eggs, and the eggs are hatching plots and schemes and twisting their tiny mustaches. Blockages, inhibitions or challenges around happiness goals, wishes, friendships, groups, the internet, love, money, creative projects, or desires can fuel various revenge/love/power/obsession plots or conversely, cause a drawbridge to be lowered, or simply just cause a major rethink about the alligators and wall of guillotines surrounding the drawbridge. Maybe the guillotines are overkill, or perhaps there's simply not enough guillotines. Regardless, baby steps. Small tweaks. Take care who you trust with your magic beans, but if it feels right, or you don't care about your magic beans, spill away. If you find yourself doing something out of pressure, fear, guilt, feeling manipulated, or any other reason besides the joy that has organically arisen within you, rethink this. Maybe stop yourself. Respect and honor your own boundaries, especially if it feels like other people don't. Mars approaching Uranus has cabin fever like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, and wants to make something weird happen. This can also see a reworking of dynamics or exchanges in the works. It could be a back to the drawing board moment for some, or a sustained and imminent victory for others. Some people are just frolicking about unmedicated, causing chaos, mayhem, procrastination, and disorganized sock drawers. Next week, the Sun in Cancer builds up steam after waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. The fortitude is strong, but the crazy is building. Next week crescendos with the second Full Moon in Capricorn at 29 degrees, right next to Pluto. Much like Patrick Bateman, this Full Moon asks if you like Huey Lewis and The News. It stands on business, but is packing some seriously repressed whacklesauce.



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