We are fresh into Pisces season, and the Sun continues to move closer to Saturn this week as we build up to a Full Moon in Virgo this Saturday. This see’s an increasing need to really “get it together”, which for some can bring with it a series of reality checks, or in the very least, a shift in priorities. The Moon is in Cancer as we begin the week, making a trine to Saturn, and an awkward quincunx to Mars. This can see noble intentions and endurance, but there can be tensions or frustrations around goals or friendships, or perhaps a feeling of pressure as if you should be further ahead than you are. The Moon forma a sextile to Jupiter, which is positively motivated, and there can be a general feeling of support or security, and that you have what you need at your disposal should things become challenging. Venus and Mars are very close together this week, both still conjunct Pluto. Powerful shifts are happening socially and interpersonally, and you may have an ace up your sleeve or some other secret power that you could deploy if you choose. Deep metamorphosis is happening in or through relationships, social contacts, VIP’s or resources. Weaknesses or vulnerabilities can take discipline or patience to overcome.


New insights, approaches, or emotional revelations can be par for the course today with the Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus and trine Neptune. A lunar sesquisquare to Saturn suggests patience and perseverance pays off. Don’t allow doubts or negative feelings to take hold. Evening time can see some intense feelings, instincts or drives bubbling to the surface with the Moon opposing Pluto. There can be a feeling of needing to embrace the inevitable, and see what arises. The Moon is void of course late evening, so something can require further reflection or meditation before acting. Tomorrow may be a different story, and there can be a desire to take a plunge, embrace new methods or approaches, or shake things up, come what may. Try to wait for tension to pass before acting.


This morning the Moon enters Leo at 5:40 AM, where it is quincunx the Sun, opposite Venus, Mars, and Pluto. Things can feel a bit unsettled or slightly intense. Serious moves are possibly being considered that could be outside of a known comfort zone or territory. This could involve love, pleasure, money, goals, friendships, or connecting to a sense of inspiration and motivation. No harm in shaking things up a bit, as long as it doesn’t upset the apple cart of your whole life or compromise your long term trajectory. Venus and Mars perfect a conjunction today at 6 degrees, and over the next couple of days will see this conjunction move ahead through to 8 degrees. Socially, interpersonally or creatively, things can be heating up or undergoing a powerful sea change, but it may begin with sharpened senses, quickened insights, and a keen eye and ear for what needs improvement or perfecting. People can be acting strange, or you yourself are considering some bold or out of character moves. Feelings, desires, or impulses can intensify as the day wears on into evening, with the Moon square Jupiter. It can be over the top, so take care to keep a sense of proportion. Evening see’s an awkward lunar quincunx to Saturn. Maybe tap the breaks on impulses just enough to ensure due diligence, but don’t get too bogged down in doubt, fear, guilt, or negativity.


The Moon is trine Chiron and square Jupiter, which can see feelings of encouragement (or growing courage.) The Moon goes on to square Uranus, which can see strange impulses, new experiences, or out of the box behaviors or scenarios. With Mars and Venus conjoined in wild and unconventional Aquarius at 7 degrees, there is much on the table to consider, and it can almost be disorienting. It can be easy just now to underestimate your worth or capabilities, or pose a challenge to attach certain dreams to a pragmatic point in reality. This is a highly unusual, eclectic energy, which can see unique circumstances and interesting pulls. Mercury enters Pisces late this evening at 11:29 PM PST, which can see a lot to contemplate privately or internally in the coming cycle. Changes taking place behind the scenes or internally deserve time and space to adjust, muse over, and accommodate to. Pace yourself accordingly so you can properly metabolize certain experiences, and prepare to lay down new patterns and goals.


Currently, Mercury, the Sun, Saturn, Hygeia, and Neptune are all stacked in Pisces, seeing a growing emphasis on healing breakthroughs, which will be unique and personal to everyone. This could be anything from recovery or rehabilitation protocols, to explorative, shamanistic or mystical journeys, to religious experiences or paths, to deep, psychological resets or other explorative modalities. However this manifests for you, it will be a new paradigm that will require some experimentation. Venus and Mars now conjoined at 8 degrees Aquarius can see a vibration of genius and inspiration present, but it can be bound to something unique or compelling. This degree also possesses desire and intent to face down various shadows head on, which can result in significant progress and developmental breakthroughs. New methods, regiments, routines, insights and approaches are highlighted, the application of which may not be readily apparent to outside observers, but revelations that arise now are nonetheless significant and impactful.


The Full Moon is exact at 4:30 AM PST at 5 degrees Virgo, a decidedly humble decan associated with the 8 of pentacles in the tarot. This face of Virgo speaks of great concern over small matters. Being the first decan, it is initiatory. The number 5 speaks to contrast, and in Virgo, this contrast is pleasure and abstention. If a fruit remains unpicked, it will rot on the tree, rendering the labors of the farmer or of nature relatively pointless. Fruit picked too hastily or greedily will taste bitter, or result in a stomach ache of gluttony, which offers little enjoyment and detracts from the utility of the experience. Striking a balance between prudence and delight, discipline and pleasure, and tending to life’s little things so that the big things work out, and finding that sweet spot are the essence of this face of Virgo. This Full Moon is trine Jupiter and opposite Saturn, which doubles down on the contradictory elements of discipline, restriction, pleasure and rewards. There can be exciting plans to broaden your horizons and experience, but there’s also a lot of work to do. Pace yourself, give yourself time to adapt to new things and be mindful of the process. Conversations can be insightful or cathartic. Journaling or connecting to your inner experience can also be helpful. 


This Sunday is a great time to muse, as the Moon in Virgo trine Uranus and opposite Neptune can be keen to clear out cobwebs and glean inspiration from fresh impulses. Ideals can be high, and although there can be an out of sorts feeling at points, it can feel inspiring to explore new brainwaves or possibilities. Inspiration can strike while attending to humble, but necessary tasks. Cleaning, reorganizing, or getting lost in an art deco or repair project or some other humble activity, can be surprisingly satisfying. The week ahead can get off to an interesting start that can feel like a breath of fresh air has entered the chat.


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