The energy of the full moon eclipse builds with the Moon in Taurus, (exalted). This eclipse on Tuesday is a particularly climactic and poignant one. Events can feel stacked, one on top of the other. The energy is extremely condensed. There’s a detangling of a mess and a motion towards fruitful stability is signified here. The pressure is on, and this math can feel downright disorienting. All of this coincides with the Saturn/Uranus square, while the Sun, Venus and Mercury conjunction demands nothing short of a deep recalibration and refocusing of energies. Mars Rx in Gemini squaring Neptune is particularly potent this week, and this can diminish energy somewhat and contribute to a feeling of being overwhelmed or at sea amidst a lot of high pressure changes. It’s important to simplify things for yourself as much as you can, and allow what is no longer working to organically dissolve. Try not to push the river or overestimate your forces, but conversely, don’t underestimate your forces, or succumb to states of paralysis or powerlessness. There’s a tendency towards extremes, and the trick is to find the sweet spot. Breaking things down into manageable chunks, streamlining, slowly masticating the changes, and allowing yourself some wiggle room to be adaptable as necessary will go a long way to mitigate these maths. It’s a high pressure landscape, with a focus on reaching an apex point in a fractal series of upgrades. The accent here is on money, ethics, values, material/somatic reality, and energetic exchanges. Try to take it easy when you can. Good luck out there this week to everyone. 


The Moon is exalted in all of Taurus, and is particularly potent in the second face. The Full Moon total eclipse occurs at 16 degrees Taurus at 3:02 AM PST, exactly conjunct Uranus, in close orb to the North Node, and tightly square Saturn. Essentially right on top of the Saturn/Uranus square, symbolizing that a breakthrough is nigh as we can begin to put the tension of this aspect behind us in the weeks ahead. There's an element of liberation signified by these configurations. This decan of Taurus is represented by the 6 of pentacles, a card symbolizing mutually beneficial exchanges and agreements, the ethics of giving and receiving. It’s a karmic decan that also represents balance between various aspects of the somatic realms. Work and play. Action and repose. Alchemy of vitamin, mineral, herb, and amino. The eclipse opposes the Scorpio stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus). There’s a lot of passion, drive, and desire here, with an element of surprise, and much to integrate. There’s a bit of a swap out happening, as something is being dropped, renegotiated, or transitioned away from to make room for something else that feels more appropriate. It’s important to ensure there’s adequate replacement for anything essential that is being dissolved or phased out, in order to minimize austerity. There’s a refocus and repurposing of energy here, as certain messes are detangled and debacles resolved. Inevitable processes and ineffable truths are faced. Energy exchanges are renegotiated. This eclipse represents an apex point in an ongoing recalibration of somatic, cognitive, relational, social, financial, and energetic systems at all levels. It’s best to avoid delusions of grandeur, or foolish gambles, and focus on simplification via smaller risks with more certain rewards. The Mars Rx cycle is helpful for making tweaks, adjustments and improvements, and sorting out messy situations. While one apex is reached, another peak lies over the horizon, and Mars narrows it’s focus while Jupiter Rx in Pisces widens the lens and deepens pigment and saturation. 


The Moon enters inquisitive Gemini at 5:37 AM PST, sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto in the early morning hours, seeing the day begin on a very curious note . The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus can see conversations or thoughts easily go into controversial, edgy, taboo, heady, or intense territory. Small things can easily get u DER the skin or have an undermining influence. Focus on what's good, what's working for you. Have faith, but don't rely on luck right now. There can be some surprising insights, interactions or "out of character" things revealed over the coming days. A lot of curiosity is aroused, and things can feel almost too stimulating. As the day progresses, try to use any doubts or potential dips in confidence as an impetus towards making adjustments and improvements. Simplification should be the aim. Blockages are temporary. 


The day begins with a solid goal in mind and a desire to streamline and innovate a way forward. The Moon in Gemini is trine Saturn and goes on to conjoin Mars and square Neptune, seeing energy pick up somewhat as the day progresses, although this math favors more indirect or subtle approaches. A beautiful trine between Venus and Neptune perfects this morning at 22 degrees, and this can see heightened intuition, creativity, inspiration and sensitivity to nuance. This configuration highlights a dream, ideal, fantasy, or inner spiritual sanctuary that functions as a sort of lighthouse. Beauty can be found in unusual places. There’s a lot of kindness, love, passion, and beauty in this configuration, just take care that you’re lavishing it on deserving people and not being taken advantage of. A good aspect for privately musing and getting in touch with your true desires and inner promptings. A passionate, curious, if rather bemusing landscape.


The Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars and square Jupiter and Neptune makes an awkward quincunx to Venus. There’s a lot of sensitivity here to what’s said, what’s not said, or what’s merely implied, and perhaps a sensitivity to power dynamics. The lowest octave expression of the lunar quincunx to Venus in Scorpio can tend towards an obsequious sycophancy that barely conceals an agenda, while lower octave expressions of Moon/Mars/Neptune can be a bit passive aggressive. In a more direct expression, these aspects can inspire venting sessions, disclosures, or tea spillages. Choose your confidants wisely. Although Venus trine Neptune has high ideals and intense desires, Venus quincunx Mars can see a difficulty asserting oneself or asking for what you want in relationships and other exchanges and dynamics. There’s a need to find a way to recalibrate certain arrangements which ensures that everything is above board and that boundaries, terms, and expectations (and even your own feelings about things) are clearly understood. There may also simply be a need to let off steam, disclose something, and get some honest feedback.  Just take care to avoid impulsively blurting things out without due introspection. The Moon moves into cozy and clannish Cancer early evening, shifting the focus towards comfort, safety, nurturing, and emotional replenishment. 


The Moon in Cancer squares Chiron, seeing an accent on vulnerabilities, compassion, and protective instincts. Hopefully a vulnerability hangover was averted after yesterday’s configurations. With the Moon trine Juno, there can be quiet support in the background, which is a helpful influence under the sensitive lunation. There’s a desire here to nourish the soul, strengthen foundations, and attend to needs or desires which may have been sidelined or thrown off kilter in recent weeks and months. Later on, the Moon forms a trine to the Sun and Neptune and a sextile to Uranus, seeing some surprising emotional insights, subtle breakthroughs, psychic downloads, or disarming and enlightening experiences. It’s possible there’s something to feel excited about, and there can be something refreshing and deeply nourishing about doing something a little different or out of our norm.


The Moon in Cancer is trine the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. This is beautiful math. There can be some relief that accompanies these configurations, and a feeling that certain challenges are on their way towards a resolution. There’s a lot of compassion, coziness, beauty and even mysticism in these configurations, and there can be good news circulating that can feel deeply reassuring. A sense of hope can be restored, but there’s also a strong desire to look deeper under the surface of things and to follow a hunch. The Moon opposes Pluto as the day wears on, indicating a desire to unearth something or explore it more deeply. There can be more to something or someone than it seems. There’s a powerful drive to get to the bottom of something, or to understand our own or others true motives, along with a push towards metamorphosis, rebirth, and regeneration here. There can be something that provides an impetus to make some long awaited changes. Follow your instincts.


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