The week kicks off with the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius trine Chiron but opposite Venus, and squaring Neptune while sextile Saturn. Venus in Gemini is also squaring Neptune, so there can be cold feet and uncertainty, and a lot of sensitivity socially, interpersonally, and in regard to creative projects, communications, and personal interactions. Hidden factors or unknowns can undermine confidence, and perhaps certain things feel a bit delusional, unrealistic, or confusing. The lunar sextile to Saturn helps to ground the energy, and there may be a lot of releasing going on as people get clear on social and interpersonal priorities to realign themselves with a realistic middle ground. There may be certain things that need to be sacrificed or let go of for the greater good for the time being, and feelings can be sensitive around this. As the day wears on into evening, it can be easier to transmute guilt, grief, fears or worry into grounded, simple, and constructive energy as the Moon heads into late Sagittarius and edges into a tighter trine to Mars in super physical and realistic Taurus. Adjustments to plans or expectations may need to be accommodated. Tomorrow can see more resolve, drive, confidence and buoyancy, but pressure both internally and externally can increase as the Moon waxes full.


The Moon enters ambitious and pragmatic Capricorn at 5:01 AM PST, opposing Mercury in Cancer, trine Mars, and square Jupiter. This is a strong current of big feelings (cautious optimism?) that can be a challenge to reign in and contain, but it’s possible that circumstances, goals, drives, and social or interpersonal dynamics demand it. That can be how it feels anyway, as the feeling factor can be pretty over the top, possibly due to an ongoing repression for reasons of perceived propriety or some other internal or external pressure that has seemed to demand a defensive or seemingly more rational interface. The Moon squares sensitive Chiron and trine’s Uranus, seeing a need to think on our feet, innovate, and rise above subtly triggering situations, feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, sore spots or wounds, and put on a brave face to keep it pushin’ and meet reality. There's a lot of optimism, but there can be some indecision to wrestle with, particularly around following the head or the heart in certain situations, and emotional considerations can be somewhat distracting or preoccupying, but the math becomes increasingly decisive as the week wears on and more things surface from the depths of repression. There can be exciting things going on and a lot to decide upon or adapt to very quickly.  Pressure and intensity builds as the Moon gets closer to spooky Pluto. 


The Full Moon in Capricorn climaxes today at 11:38 AM PST at 21 degrees, opposite the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, trine Uranus, conjunct Pluto, sextile Juno in Pisces, and square Chiron in Aries. Needless to say, this math is pretty intense, and can be a lot to transmute. There's a strong focus on life purpose and powerful callings. This is a helluva download. Certain emotional truths can be confronted and require integration, acknowledgement, and acceptance. Even if this is entirely a private process, it can still be ultimately positive and liberating, even if it’s a bit outside of a comfort zone or there are certain difficulties or challenges around it. It can feel healthy to embrace a buried layer of authenticity and pay it it’s proper dues. But there can also be a lot of vulnerability or even fear around whatever this is. The tarot card associated with this decan of Capricorn is the 4 of pentacles. The Moon here (emotions) can feel beholden to certain power structures, rules, restrictions, and responsibilities, which can see an unhealthy level of emotional repression and even outright ignoring of ones own real needs, desires, feelings, and instincts, for the sake of external demands, ambitions, goals, propriety, or spoken or unspoken/ perceived or real rules or restrictions within certain dynamics. “Thou shalt not (enter action here) as long as you want to continue such and such position/image/relationship/etc.” In other words, vulnerability can feel extremely difficult-but equally-so can clenching down on very real needs and feelings. With Juno in Pisces, there can be quiet, even hidden, or secret support in the background, or the spiritual and compassionate elements of certain dynamics can play an important role. There can be an element of sacrifice evident in one way or another, whether temporary or permanent. With Pluto involved, there can be very strong feelings around certain issues or dynamics and there can be decisions to be weighed. It’s important to ensure that your own real needs and feelings aren’t being ignored, dismissed or swept under the rug to ones own detriment or at great personal cost to yourself or others down the line. The Moon goes on to sextile Neptune, seeing psychic sensitivity, release of tension, and a release of control over things that feel beyond control. Discussions, news, or communications can be illuminating, cathartic, or enlightening, perhaps shedding light on confusing issues. This can see defenses around certain issues lowering. It’s actually a sort of “let go or be dragged” type of vibe, as Pluto makes the fated and the inevitable unavoidable, to make way for powerful, perhaps somewhat intimidating changes. Trust and place faith in your own instinctual inner guidance and promptings, honor your own true authentic feelings and needs, and know that no matter what happens, you’re being divinely guided towards a more empowered and authentic self actualization. The true impacts of the Full Moon will reveal themselves and be adjusted to energetically over time. 


The Moon enters socially aware and emotionally detached Aquarius at 1:13 AM, bringing objectivity to any potential lingering emotional intensity. This see’s the Moon squaring Mars in Taurus, sextile Jupiter in Aries, while trine Pallas in Gemini. These configurations remind me of a download bar. This can see certain changes being adjusted to and there can be new strategies around communications or social and commercial endeavors forming. Early on in the day, the Moon square Mars can see some frustrations, passions or irritability that need to be channeled well, but there can be certain things to be optimistic about with the Moon sextile Jupiter. The Moon goes on to square radical Uranus, bringing unpredictability and a need to stay on our toes and be adaptable, both socially and emotionally. Venus in the later degrees of Gemini can see relationships, finances, or social/interpersonal dynamics feeling somewhat confusing to navigate, with the possibility of two paths to choose from, one inherently more stable than the other, or perhaps it’s just that the path to greater levels of stability are as of yet unclear.  Things will begin to feel a bit more settled, safe, comfy and secure when Venus shifts signs at the end of the week. 


The Moon is in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, square Uranus and trine Venus in Gemini. This can see some decisive moments that are perhaps unexpected or even liberating in some way. Social and interpersonal relationships can begin to feel a bit more defined or have clearer structures or boundaries, or in the very least, there is a strong desire for clarity and understanding around things. There may be some communications that can bring more clarity around things socially, interpersonally, creatively, or in relation to commercial or creative collaborations and endeavors. It can feel good to have more resolve or a clearer picture around expectations, customs, rules, limits, what’s what and who’s who. This can see opportunities to build bridges or trust. This can require setting certain boundaries, making certain things crystal clear, or having honest conversations. There may be a need to let something or someone go in order to get into alignment and create harmony.


The Moon enters sensitive and spiritually inclined Pisces at 1:18 AM PST, where it sextile Mars in Taurus. This can see a sort of making peace with certain desires and releasing baggage, guilt, worry, or fears around laying claim to them and being true to ourselves in some way. It can feel like a certain weight is being lifted in some cases, and there can be a quiet build up of energy that can be cathartic. In some cases, this can involve relationships that are very spiritual in nature with the Moon conjunct Juno in Pisces. With great love comes great sacrifice, and there can be a lot of empathy and understanding around the dynamics involved, -but a person’s gotta do what a persons gotta do to make peace with certain matters and lay them to rest so that life can continue. The Sun and Mercury are both now in trine to Neptune, seeing an emotional release, and this can open the floodgates of communication in certain dynamics, or make it more comfortable to discuss certain feelings or topics. 


The Moon in psychic Pisces trine’s the Sun and Mercury in emo Cancer while conjunct Neptune and Juno, and sextile Uranus, while also in harmonious contact with the dragons head and tail.  It goes on to sextile powerful Pluto as well. This can see illuminating discussions, downloads and even psychic experiences, serendipities and synchronicities. ESP can be especially active, and fate and destiny play a role in whatever is occurring now. This is an excellent day for paying attention to dreams, animal appearances, and Jungian signs and symbols. Great math for divinatory works and inner searching and processing. What is gleaned can have a powerful impact at subtle but potent levels. The nervous system can feel highly attuned and impressionable to surroundings and what is picked up in the ethers, and there can be some surprising insights. Discussing the feelings can be easier, and even therapeutic, bonding experiences are even possible and bridges of trust can be forming. For the most part, this seems like more of a private and reflective day of psychic release and emotional atonement, but connections are felt and experienced at a deep, subconscious and spiritual level. Venus enters sensitive and comfort seeking Cancer at 6: 32 PM PST. This augurs in a cycle where creature comforts and security become more important, and Venus will eventually motion to square Jupiter, seeing fragile, mutually beneficial and empowering new beginnings around which there is a great deal of enthusiasm, a lot of big feelings, and an odd balance between comfort, safety, coziness, passion and independence. This can be around home or family situations, relationships, emotions, or some other cozy arrangements that don't fail to take into account a mutual respect for autonomy, individuality, and the desire for self development and self cultivation. Something about this can be very different, innovative and almost surreal as this Venus cycle plays out.


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