The Moon enters intense and passionate Scorpio this morning to trine the Sun and Jupiter in imaginative and sensitive Pisces, opposite Uranus, and square Mercury. These are some deeply creative and transformative configurations. The imagination can be highly active and the emotional landscape can be rich, varied and complex. Attention can be all over the place, and it’s easy to go off on tangents. This is great for artists and creative inspiration, but a bit more challenging if you have a lot of work to do. Regardless, the Scorpio lunation is willful, intense, and determined, and has access to deep inner reserves of power. The lunar trine to Jupiter is expansive, indulgent and explorative. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn at 20 degrees while sextile Neptune, making for some passionately driven, playful and creative energy, with the potential for peak moments creatively, financially, or interpersonally. Venus and Mars in the stoic, disciplined goat loosen up a bit and allow for whimsical meandering. There can be a lot to manage however, and the energy is quietly loaded. There can be much going on behind the scenes.  The Moon squares Saturn this evening, emphasizing the need for grit, discipline, focus, and resilience in order to keep up with duties and responsibilities amidst waves of passion or inspiration inwardly, socially, creatively, and otherwise. 


The Moon in Scorpio sextile’s Venus, Mars, and trine’s Jupiter and Neptune, while squaring Saturn. This can be a peak moment of inspiration and can be deeply creatively productive if you can strike a balance between order and chaos. Venus and Mars sextile Neptune are at 21 degrees conjunct and inching closer to perfecting a conjunction to Pluto by the day, so this can see a powerful energetic build up occurring that creates quite a bit of momentum. This is an extremely potent mathscape of fecundity, productivity, and transformation, there’s a lot to pick up on in the atmosphere and even from within ourselves. There can even be telepathic connections and psychic experiences. The Moon goes on to sextile powerful Pluto later on, and this can see an obsessive drive or focus on something, and the atmosphere can be rich with meaning, innuendo, or impactful subtlety, feeling, and nuance. The Sun now in Pisces now calls our attention to our dreams and what inspires us and makes life beautiful. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter adventurous and buoyant Sagittarius, to trine Chiron in Aries, square the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces, and sextile Mercury in Aquarius. This can see an electric, inspired, and dreamy atmosphere that can boost morale and inspire the spirit to greater heights. It can be a bit of a loopy atmosphere, but perhaps everyone needs to unwind, loosen up, and experiment a bit. Mercury sextile Saturn see’s a unique ability to concentrate while having access to flashes of insight and inspiration-some of this may even be able to be brought down to earth from the magical realms. A lunar sextile to Juno can see others play a role in inspired ideas or notions that may permeate our consciousness. There may be a lot of impressions to sift through and explore. 


 Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius square Jupiter and Neptune in dreamy Pisces while sextile Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a bemusing but charming atmosphere, with a lot of day dreaming and fantasy as we go about our daily tasks. Mercury squaring Uranus can be a conduit to so many original thoughts and ideas that it can be hard to capture them all as they fly in, but it’s worth a try, as it’s not every day that Venus and Mars are this close together-and this close to powerful and regenerative Pluto. This evening is reflective, laid back, and explorative. It can be easy to see the hidden potential in certain ideas, endeavors, projects, or relationships. 


The Moon enters earthy Capricorn at 8:27 AM PST, where it sextile’s the Sun and trine’s Uranus while squaring Chiron. Ideals are very high, and perfectionism can be an issue. This can see us experimenting with new techniques and approaches to bringing our inspired visions into reality. The Sun in Pisces sextile’s Uranus in Taurus, bringing our attention to the muses and how we generate inspiration. With the Moon square Chiron there can be some tinges of vulnerability, shyness or inhibition, but as the weekend unfolds, this can be cast aside for a less risk averse attitude, and a desire to dive headlong into something with courage, passion, determination. 


The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Venus, Mars, and Pluto today. The first half of the day see’s the Moon trine exciting Uranus, which can see some surprising feelings or exchanges. We can be following our muse and seek out more excitement, change, and inspiration. There can be unexpected meetings, or others can surprise us in some way or bring more color and vibrancy into our world somehow. The Moon goes on to sextile Neptune later on, and this can see us very sensitive to nuance, subtlety, and beauty, and there can be some intensely pleasurable experiences this weekend, either in fantasy, reality, or both. This energy is lit.


This morning see’s the Moon in late Capricorn conjunct Venus, Mars, and Pluto, and we can feel powerfully drawn in towards something or someone. Our attention can be locked in and fixated. This can see some powerful chemistry, creatively, interpersonally, or otherwise. It’s ripe fruit. The Moon enters Aquarius at 10:36 Am PST. Here, the Moon meets Mercury the messenger and squares Uranus while sextile Chiron. We could be surprised via communications, news, or exchanges. Perhaps we’re preparing for a change of tack in regards to certain dynamics or initiatives. We could be bracing ourselves to dive into exploring unknown territory next week. 


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