Today begins with the Moon in sensitive Scorpio, square Saturn, opposite unpredictable Uranus, trine Venus and Neptune.  These are some “expect the best, be prepared for the worst” kind of configurations. There could be some shocks, and a general feeling of instability going on, but the Venus trine to Neptune makes it easy to enjoy what comfort and stability there is. In spite of Mars in Leo’s brave and courageous demeanor, caution, impulse control, and restraint are good watchwords right now and in the coming weeks. The Moon goes on to form a sextile to powerful Pluto while still holding a harmonious trine to Venus and Neptune. This can see instincts and intuitive hunches, and a powerful drive towards security, comfort, and safety. Compassion and empathy can also be present, and the Scorpio Moon can have a low key (or high key) undercurrent of intensity. This can be a test of strength and endurance, as we build up to the Full Moon in Capricorn. Venus opposite Pluto can see some intense undercurrents interpersonally as well, as major transformations are happening under the surface that can be having an impact on dynamics. Mercury stations direct tomorrow, and considering this is a full Moon week, this week can be kind of a scramble back to some sort of homeostasis.


Today begins with the Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius trine to Mars in Leo, Chiron in Aries, while squaring Jupiter. This can see an “anything goes” sort of attitude, and there can be optimism, which is nice, but a little realism and restraint might be helpful, as this can be a sort of impulsive atmosphere.  There can be bravery, valor, courage- or it’s naive cousin, gullibility in the atmosphere. But there is also a great deal of determination. Mercury stations direct at 3:00 PM PST. This is typically the craziest part of the retrograde, the station backward or direct. The Moon opposes Mercury, indicating that there can still be some lingering indecisiveness, but there’s a need to keep it pushing, keep it moving. The lunar trine to Chiron emphasizes healing, and there can be a lot of compassion for others. There can be some impulsive moves or communications, or we could be in two minds about something, but there’s an adventurous feel to the maths here, and ideals, and the urge to get the most out of life can be high. There can be some beneficial contacts today that boost enthusiasm. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn this evening and it’s possible that tentative plans can be made for some good times, but there’s also a determination in these aspects to not let anything get you down, particularly when it comes to unknowns. 


Today begins with the Moon opposite Mercury, freshly direct in Gemini, square hazy Neptune, trine Chiron, and conjunct Juno. This can see a desire to get on top of the learning curves that were brought to us by Mercury retrograde. The Venus/Pluto opposition is also exact today, perfecting at 26 degrees. This can see all or nothing attitudes around love, money, creative projects etc, and there can be powerful undercurrents interpersonally. Today's configurations can also see some uncertainty, confusion, and perhaps also some mutually supportive interactions. This is a loopy, somewhat confused atmosphere, with dreamy escapist tendencies or a desire to fill a void with a sense of adventure and purpose.  Later on, the Moon/Neptune square takes the wheel and is a bit intoxicated and should probably pull over to take a nap. The Venus/Pluto opposition can have people feeling intensely about something or someone but these dynamics can be going on under the surface. Seeing that we are building up to a full Moon, it might be a good idea to energetically prepare, as the Capricorn lunation will go on to conjoin Pluto, suggesting some kind of intense or obsessive focus and funneling of energy. This evening can see a spaced out, reflective, perhaps evasive vibe or a need to get some perspective. 


The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:05 AM PST, and the Full Moon occurs at 11:40 AM PST. This Full Moon sextile’s Jupiter and opposes the Sun in security oriented Cancer. The Jupiter contact brings optimism and reassuring good fortune that can boost faith levels. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus and square Chiron in Aries, suggesting some innovative, self protective moves. This can be an emotionally generous, creative, sensitive, and understanding atmosphere, indicating positive growth,- but there is also a need to get on with the grind. There can be some excitement present as well as good instincts or intuitive hunches. With the Moon square Chiron, it’s possible ourselves or others feel vaguely misunderstood, vulnerable somehow, or there could be a subtle butthurt in the atmosphere that is trying to be on it:s way out. The Moon in stoic Cap trine Uranus puts on a good game face and keeps it moving in a detached, deadpan, Spock like fashion, determined to wrap up greasing Mercury’s squeaky wheels while still staying on top of it all. This full Moon can see some positive developments or turn arounds. 



Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus, and conjunct Pluto while square Chiron.  The square to Chiron subsides in the afternoon and the Moon throws in a sextile to Neptune and an opposition to Venus, suggesting that we are taking control of a situation to the best of our ability, and could feel some relief, but maybe not everyone is happy with our decisions/focus. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and it’s possible others are on a different page currently, or there’s a need to harmonize disparate elements, values, or perspectives or  seek understanding, or simply agree to disagree. In either case, there could be an intense or obsessive focus on something now, but there’s also the possibility for some deep connections and interactions. It’s possible something or someone could have quite an impact on us now, or there could be a compulsive or mysterious drives. Neptune also stations retrograde today, which can see a second look at certain dreams or unconscious impulses we've had. 


The Moon enters detached and erratic Aquarius today at 7:09 AM PST. Venus at 29 degrees Cancer is on the verge of giving way less of a fuck and embracing more radical authenticity. Venus enters creative and fun seeking Leo tonight at 9:27 PM PST. This transit will see Venus and Mars conjunct, -and opposite Saturn in Aquarius together. Is everyone getting cock blocked? What is this? Interpersonally, this can see strong attractions, but inner conflict around expressing energy or holding it back (Mars/Saturn), as well as difficulty showing trust and love for other people. Perhaps it’s a bit of discouragement, but nonetheless, the Venus/Mars conjunction will be powerfully charismatic and joy seeking. If certain avenues or drives feel blocked, it’ll be important to have something to funnel the enormous drive and creative genius generated by Mars square Uranus, otherwise this energy can run amok in some not so constructive or helpful ways, resulting in rash or destructive impulse moves due to repressed or blocked energy. Tonight could see some surprising news or communications or unexpected developments. It’s possible in some way we rise to a challenge. 


Today see’s the Moon in socially minded Aquarius trine Mercury in talkative and curious Gemini, conjunct Saturn, and square Uranus. This energy is a bit high strung, nervous, and erratic, and it’s possible something serious could have our attention, and perhaps we’re trying our best to make light of things. The Moon goes on to conjoin Jupiter which should bring some more optimism or increase faith levels a bit. Maybe we hear or learn something that is a bit of a relief. The Sun in Cancer square Chiron is very self protective and security oriented, and could be highlighting vulnerabilities. The Pisces lunation tomorrow can bring some relief or some time to reflect. This evening ends on a curious and talkative note, and it’s possible we even receive some helpful or beneficial information or maybe even learn something new or unexpected. In the very least, something could boost our morale.


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