Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius trine Mercury, now retrograde, in Gemini, and going on to trine Venus in Gemini as well. The morning hours see lunar conjunction to Saturn, whereas the afternoon see’s a conjunction build to Jupiter. Optimism can be growing around getting something more established, and there can be friendly communications in focus today.  With the conjunction to Saturn early on there can be a somewhat serious tone, but Venus assuages and soothes.  Optimism builds in the latter part of today as the lunar conjunction to Jupiter builds as the Moon enters the later degrees of Aquarius. Today can be busy and talkative, and it may be that there is catching up to do with Mercury backtracking now. Perhaps there is an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings or take a new approach to communications somehow, or in the very least, open up dialogue where it has been lacking. This can be a good time to smooth things over if there have been miscommunications, lingering misunderstandings, or hostilities, as Venus and Mercury can ensure an easy passage and good rapport. Tomorrow will see a boost in optimism and there can be a focus on pleasant experiences. 


Today see’s the Moon in compassionate Pisces trine Venus and conjunct lucky and optimistic Jupiter. It can be easy to feel the love, and there can be a lot of compassion and hopeful idealism in the air. The Moon goes on to square the Sun in Gemini, indicating the potential for confusion or uncertainty, perhaps there are still some muddles to figure out, and the potential for misunderstandings still stands of course with Mercury retrograde, but this is an opportunity to work out the kinks in things. Overall, today can see a desire to make things as pleasant as possible and there’s an expansiveness and adventurousness that can widen our scope interpersonally or socially, as the barriers between ourselves and others are less apparent. There is also great sensitivity to the plight of others as well, although boundaries can be less intact, so take care not to be taken in by a lost cause. We are fortunate that Mars is trine Neptune now, as it’s opposition to Pluto is tempered with a reflective quality that tames the instinctual or reactionary responses. This set of influences can provide insight into our own or others responses to things, or into otherwise intense power dynamics that don’t typically leave much room for rehabilitation or reflection. This doubles the chances that this Mercury retrograde can be used as an opportunity to make some profound changes and transformations that can be healing in the long run. Later on, the Moon form a sextile to Uranus, which indicates some shocks or surprises or some illuminating experiences. This can see new ideas and approaches to old problems or provide emotional refreshment, putting things on a new tack. Venus enters Cancer tomorrow which will see her join hands with Mars, which will make for a more emotionally sensitive atmosphere.


Venus enters comfort seeking Cancer this morning at 6:19 AM PST. This occurs while the Moon is square the Sun, conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus. This places Venus in a sweet trine to Jupiter which makes emotions more accessible, for better or worse, but perhaps it’s time to embrace a widening of our emotional bandwidth. The Moon goes on to square Mercury and trine Mars, so this can be a good time to take a new approach to the past or liberate ourselves from repetitive cycles, as the Sun trine Saturn in visionary Aquarius indicates laying new foundations in regards to communications. The Moon trine to Mars strengthens throughout the day, providing energy, assertiveness and motivation. In Pisces, this is a spiritual motivation, perhaps creative as well, but regardless, we can be more inclined to rise to any challenges, or confront feelings. This can be a strong time creatively, the imagination can be lit, the emotive landscape rich, and inspiration can fuel motivation. Late night see’s the Moon sextile powerful Pluto and this can see some deep experiences and increase our drive and determination around something. With the Sun sextile Chiron there is an emphasis on healing through communications. It’s possible we are motivated by something unfolding interpersonally or socially. 


The Moon enters pioneering Aries at around 11 AM PST this morning, and we can be motivated to take more initiative emotionally, interpersonally, or socially as the Moon squares Venus while coming out of trine to Mars. Prior to the Moon’s entrance into Aries we see it hold a number of contacts indicating transformation, catharsis and metamorphosis, and there can be much going on foundationally that can facilitate healing. Once the Moon enters Aries, it’s primary contacts are a square to Venus in Cancer and a conjunction to Chiron, strongly indicating relationships with others are a major motivating factor right now. There can be an increased desire to bring more comfort and security to a situation. Feelings or passions can be strong, but perhaps not easy to express, and there can be a drive to lay down new foundations that deepen and expand our experience. 



Today see’s the Moon in Aries sextile the Sun and Saturn, while conjunct Chiron. New foundations we are laying down now emotionally or otherwise can boost confidence and morale. There can be a serious tone however, or a need to get serious about plans. The Sun conjoins Mercury once again, emphasizing communications, transportation, siblings, neighbors, short distance travels, errands, news, and things going on in the local environment. Perhaps certain adjustments have made a transition on to a more solid foundation smoother. Perhaps there's something happening that poses a challenge, but also increases stability. With the Moon in positive relation to Juno today there can be an emphasis on positive and supportive relationships that help expand our world or increase optimism somehow. Getting on to the same page as others has been and perhaps continues to be a process, but it looks set to become more stabilized and perhaps necessary. Venus trine Jupiter and Mars trine Neptune enrich our emotional life and our experience of the feelings can be more vivid now. Mars opposite Pluto challenges us to transform our approach to power and power dynamics, and this aspect intensifies and perfects this weekend, creating a sort of crisis atmosphere in some cases and there may be some destructive elements at play. Positively this aspect has been helping us become aware of buried or secret desires that seek absolution, expression, acknowledgement, and an outlet. Today can emphasize healing through communications and interpersonal contacts, and Venus seeks to expand our emotional bandwidth and rise above petty tribalism or insular behavior in order to increase comfort, safety and security. There can be an element of anticipation and preparation. Perhaps a feeling of foreboding or intensity that requires management or planning. 


This morning begins with the Moon in Aries, forming a sextile to Mercury and squares to Mars and Pluto as they perfect their opposition. Eeek.... This can see some powerful mental preoccupations, intense news, or a crisis atmosphere in some cases. There's also some transformative, perhaps deep conversations or realizations. There is a powerful confrontational atmosphere here, and a desire to perhaps clear the air or unearth buried things that have been on the mind or going on in the environment. There can be news that maybe is jarring. The Moon squaring both Mars and Pluto can make for a somewhat highly charged atmosphere so take care to tread gently in communications as it can be easy to come off more intensely than we realize or than is intended. Perhaps certain things simply need to be said.  Regardless, the atmosphere can be one of some low key (or high key) intensity, maybe even some power struggles under the surface, or abuses of power going on. Something may simply need to be transmuted and there can be challenges to navigate. If anyone tries to provoke you in order to get a reaction out of you, funnel the energy into something constructive that keeps your inspiration and good vibes flowing, and exercise empathy for people that are having a bad time. These aren't easy aspects. The Moon enters earthy and physical Taurus late in the evening, (10:46 PM PST), which see’s a lunar sextile to Jupiter in idealistic Pisces. There’s a strong desire here to transform situations or dynamics to match a more ideal vision. Maybe even to escape something. There may be some challenges along the way or a lot of work or discipline to put in, but the changes instigated now can lead to more pleasurable experiences. 


This morning see’s the Moon in easy going Taurus conjunct Uranus, sextile Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces. Idealism can be high, and pleasure, beauty and enjoyment can be high on the agenda. There can be surprising experiences or there can be something liberating about this mathscape, perhaps a simple desire to let our hair down and seek release through unusual pastimes or escapes to less jarring and more peaceful environments. Compassion and empathy can be high. There can also be some surprises interpersonally or in regards to partnerships that boost our mood or increase optimism somehow. Our world can be expanding in a positive way, even if driven by challenge. The Sun squares Neptune as well, so we can also be prone to fantasy, or confusion, and there can be a pursuit of perfection that perhaps eludes manifestation. Fuckery may also be afoot and it can be very obvious where corruption is at play.  Regardless, our world can be pleasantly expanded through contacts with others, and it can be that others serve as a port of inspiration, fresh emotional stimulus and new ideas and a feeling of solidarity and comfort. Later in the afternoon the Moon squares Saturn, indicating some reality checks or more challenges, or a need for resilience and good planning. There may be a need to innovate around certain blockages or unexpected delays, fuckery or hiccups, or a need to get work done and stay on top of responsibilities after a more dreamy and fantastical escape from them. Next week begins on a note of transformation and intensity. 


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