This morning begins with the Moon in Capricorn trine Mars and Uranus in Taurus. This can see a determined, practical, -but experimental, unstable energy,- and it could be that we are making adjustments and adapting to something new.  With the Sun and Mercury Rx in Aquarius squaring Mars, we could be chipping away at some new initiative or approach and making revisions as we go along, and there could be some pressure to hurry up and adapt to changes but this could also be positive, constructive stress. It’s a very experimental but determined energy with a practical basis, and with Mercury going at a slower pace we could be catching up with ourselves and regaining motivation to keep the forward momentum going in regards to adapting to completely new things. There is a lot of innovation available in these configurations, and a steady drive to keep the momentum and positive expansion going, in spite of Mercury somewhat slacking off and creating some lags. The retrograde creates an opportunity to experiment with different approaches and find what works. With Mercury getting closer to both Jupiter and Venus this week to close in on a perfected conjunction, there can be positive developments unfolding socially, interpersonally, commercially, and/or financially. Venus in Aquarius is tightly conjunct both Jupiter and Saturn, so not only is there a positive expansion happening, but a desire to nail things down and set them on a longterm trajectory for success. Combining the innovative and experimental energy of Aquarius with the positive, lucky and expansive nature of Jupiter, the harmonizing, nurturing and creative nature of Venus, and the stable, consistent, and disciplined nature of Saturn will certainly see a flowering and blossoming of sorts, in some area of each of our lives. With Saturn involved, this thing has legs. Late afternoon/early eve, see’s the Moon conjunct Pluto in Cap and sextile Neptune in Pisces. This can see some impactful experiences that can stimulate our ideals around the new structures we are laying down. There is certainly a lot of motivation, and we can receive some powerful, intuitive or instinctual nudges around the moves we are making. These configurations can see some inspired actions, and there can be a lot of inspiration to achieve a goal or actualize an ideal. 


The Moon/Pluto conjunction perfects this morning around 9 AM PST.8. Saturn is not far behind and mid morning see’s the Moon conjoin Saturn. This could see some tunnel vision around a goal and a push to get something more established and to take something more seriously, (or get it taken more seriously.) This is a very intense, powerful, energy. As the Moon get’s into the later degrees of Capricorn it squares off to Uranus in Taurus. By 5 PM we see the Moon in the most urgent degree of Cap, 29 degrees, and there could be a push for some kind of breakthrough, an attempt to break through perhaps what has been our own personal glass ceiling. I can hear hear Jim Morrison singing “Break on through to the other side” as I look at these configurations. By 6 PM we see the Moon enter unconventional Aquarius, who roots for the underdog (the underdoge?). In the evening, beginning around 7 PM, the Moon begins a series of very positive and beneficial conjunctions, beginning with Venus in Aquarius. By 10 PM, the Moon adds in a conjunction to Jupiter and a sextile to Chiron. Needless to say, optimism and courage, faith, and self belief, or belief in something we are doing, can be growing. There can be some very powerful experiences. Under the Aquarius lunation, the next couple days, we can begin to see some fruits for our labors, and some reassuring signs around the trajectory we are on, however new, unpredictable, or unconventional it may be. These conjunctions can see a focus on pleasure, creativity, and enjoyment, and there can also be a focus on friendships, social networks, or even social media somehow, and things can feel larger than life or extremely magnified and turned up to 11. For those of you in stonks and investments, keep your eyes peeled, (particularly from the 11th-14th, when Mercury perfects it’s conjunction to Jupiter while conjunct Venus.) For now, we see the Moon, Venus, and Saturn all squaring up to Uranus, planet of shock, change, liberation, revolution, and unpredictability. Things are moving around, shifting, and consolidating. There can be a lot of ups and downs, as a lot of changes are unfolding, and it’s a rather liberating, exciting, and erratic influence. Interpersonally, people can need a lot of space and independence, and there can also be some new or rather unusual alliances forming, or just an unorthodox approach breathing new life into established interactions. Financially and in regards to practical endeavors, a whole lot of changes happening, and perhaps a lot of innovation and experimentation required. On a whole, there is a push for radical changes and to get something off the ground and established for the long haul. This lunation can require some grounding, as the Aquarius/Uranus influences can create a lot of nervous energy that needs to be discharged, so if you’re already a somewhat anxious person to begin with, take extra care to ground the body and sooth the nervous system, as these can be some rather unstable but exciting influences, perhaps a bit overstimulating to those with a more delicate nervous system. 


Today see’s the Moon in excitable Aquarius conjunct Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, while square Uranus and sextile Chiron. There can be an increased focus on communications, commercial endeavors, relationships, trade and commerce, news, and a whole lot of back and forth. We could receive some surprising news, or beneficial deals that could have us in good spirits, and there can be an optimism and congeniality in the air. Although it’s a rather unpredictable atmosphere that could be causing us to innovate around certain challenges, there can also be a lot of cooperation and perhaps even assistance available from others, and there can be some mutually beneficial arrangements that are possible in this expansive and humanitarian atmosphere. Later in the afternoon, the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius, while squaring Mars in Taurus. With both the Sun and Moon squaring up to Mars, this can be a rather high strung, action oriented atmosphere with a push to make things happen NOW, so watch out for stubbornness and/or being impatient with yourself or others. Positively, this can see a catalyst for action that really gets things done, and there can be a team effort in some cases around something. Naturally, the squares to Mars can accompany some tensions, so as I mentioned yesterday, take care to ground the body and sooth the nervous system. Otherwise, these are some ultimately positive energies that can highlight communications, collaborations, community, social networks, partnerships, and interpersonal or commercial/financial endeavors somehow, and a whole lot of changes going on here. For some there can be some breaks for independence or some sort of liberation occurring, regardless how this is manifesting for you, everyone is experiencing their own personal revolution one way or another. It’s Aquarius season. The lunar/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter link can see some inspired thoughts and communications and some very intuitive, creative and inspired strokes of genius or creative innovations that are highly beneficial. The lunar square to Mars can create a highly charged atmosphere that can be prone to impatience, intolerance, or irritability, but the other aspects smooth this over pretty well for the most part, leaving this aspect to function mostly as a catalyst. This can be a very busy, talkative, and exciting day, aside from the lunar/Mars warning my only other caution is to try not to run yourself ragged, because this can be a lightning bolt of activity, correspondences, etc, with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, AND Venus, all squaring Mars simultaneously. Very action packed, things could get quite busy and feel like a blender turned up to 11. Conversely, for some, certain actions could feel blocked and there’s a need to innovate around obstacles or simply find an outlet for the highly charged nervous energy. Regardless, there is definitely a major push for action and fruitful change here on several fronts simultaneously, with a focus on partnerships, money, creative endeavors, enjoyment, pleasure, innovation, and expansion. In the evening, Venus and Jupiter perfect their conjunction in Aquarius at 12 degrees, and around 10 PM PST the Moon perfects a conjunction to Mercury simultaneously. There could be some positive news in the later hours this evening relating to money, values, partnerships, or just positive feedback that boosts morale in general.


Today is the New Moon in Aquarius, and it's possible that in spite of, and even perhaps because of certain positive trends, the potent stellium in Aquarius combined with a disorienting Mercury retrograde, has brought about a major case of "information overload." This morning see’s the Moon conjunct the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius while still holding it’s square to Mars along with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. The New Moon in Aquarius is exact midmorning at 11:06 AM PST.  With Mars also sextile to Neptune, there are a lot of high ideals and a lot of inspiration around whatever we are passionate about, whatever we are doing. These aspects highlight a lot of action, (perhaps some tensions, challenges, and some very jangled nerves, a shock to the system, but also just a lot of motivation and passion), in regards to communications, social networking, goals, wishes, groups, friendships, finances, possessions, values. A major push here to make something happen or see something through to the finish line or to a success, -and get something seriously established.  In spite of the potential for tensions, challenges, blockages, or delays with these square ups to Mars, Mars also forms it’s anticipated trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is at perfection today as well, with Mercury conjunct Venus, showing the possibility for good news and positive feedback in regards to relationships, partnerships, collaborations, cooperation, creative projects and finances. Mars trine to Pluto see’s a serious push towards a consolidation of power and empowerment. For those of you crypto nerds interested in my work on the “Dogecoin chart”, this perfected Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs in Dogecoins 2nd house of money, earned income, value, self worth, self esteem. So it’ll be interesting to see how this transpires, as it’s possible the Doge could see an increase in popularity and a competitive edge over other crypto, with the Mars/Pluto trine occurring between the 5th and 1st houses, it could develop quite a cult following. As for the rest of us, the collective, there is a major push today to increase the value of something, and with the Moon conjunct the Sun, our efforts and actions can be noticed or in the spotlight somehow. Being that the Moon is involved we can be sensitive to feedback, but with Mercury conjunct Venus, -and Venus and Jupiter perfecting, the feedback looks surprisingly positive, and there are promising signs of growth, and eventual establishment, and for something to have serious legs, as long as there is a continued effort and faith in ourselves and whatever we are doing.  In the afternoon, the lunar square to Mars relents, which can see emotional pressures that may have been felt throughout the day begin to ease back a bit.  The Venus/Jupiter conjunction can see a fun loving, indulgent, and generous atmosphere, and we can feel very positive and enthusiastic about our goals. This influence is very strong and carries the day. It’s also worth noting that the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all trine the North Node now as well, and this can see fate and destiny playing a role in relationships, friendships, new alliances, goals, and whatever we have going on now, and we can come into contact with others that can help us achieve our goals or elevate our position somehow. The asteroid Pallas is also in Aquarius as well, and conjunct the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and this can see us brimming with brilliant and inspired ideas, and able to grasp new concepts quickly and apply them in ways that can be beneficial in the future. Our goals for the future can really be under the spotlight this evening. 



Friday morning see’s the Moon in sensitive and psychic Pisces, in sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This can see some interesting “ESP” experiences, intuitive hunches, premonitions, and inspired creative ideas. Our psychic antenna can be picking up all kinds of signals from the ethers. It’s the kind of energy where you can find yourself thinking about a person you haven’t spoken to in a while, and then they message you out of the blue, along the lines of that sort of thing. Towards evening, a lunar semi square to Pluto and conjunction to Neptune can see heightened feelings and sensitivity and hence a more reflective, perhaps solitary and withdrawn atmosphere takes hold. This can see a pulling back and a more quiet, meditative, restful, and impressionable vibe predominates where we can be more active behind the scenes and doing things that require solitude, peace, and tranquility. Mercury perfects a conjunction with Venus, and this can see some very inspired thoughts in private, or perhaps some quiet, but nonetheless pleasing news or conversations can transpire, either interpersonally, in relationships, business or personal, creatively, or in regards to finances and/or in regards to pet projects. This is a dreamy atmosphere, and it’s possible for some unexpected delights. 

Saturday Feb 13th see’s the Moon in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus while still conjunct Neptune, which see’s the potential some inspired activity. With Mars sextile Neptune and trine Pluto, there has been a push for an inspired transformation, and ideals around whatever this is can be highly activated this weekend. Mercury is smack dab in the middle of Venus and Jupiter now, so we can be feeling very optimistic around goals, finances, partnerships, and creative or collaborative efforts. We can also be waiting on news or feedback in some way here. The Moon goes on to also form a sextile to Pluto, so we can be feeling intensely inspired around something, and perhaps something or someone makes a deep impact upon us. There is a highly “mystical” atmosphere to these configurations, and something quite magical about them. The emotions/the frequency we are on has great power here, so wield it wisely and you can facilitate and manifest some pretty magical things if you put your mind to it. This is a deep and impressionable atmosphere and there can be some unique and impactful experiences. There can also be an intense longing for something or someone felt here, or perhaps there is a desire to make some sort of kind and generous gesture when the Moon reaches more assertive and courageous Aries. There’s certainly a lot of idealism, and some people can be making some pretty romantic plans for their special person on Valentines day.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there, you lucky ducks, and heck, to all us single people too. We can celebrate love in all it’s forms, everyday of course, even if we’re just dating ourselves, but this holiday is depressing for some folks, so I just thought I would show some love here. Today see’s the Moon enter Aries at 7:54 AM PST to conjunct Chiron, and Mercury perfects it’s conjunction to Jupiter in 13 degrees in Aquarius. There is a kindness and thoughtfulness to todays configurations, and with Mercury perfecting conjunction to Jupiter today, it’s possible for there to be some very surprising and generous communications or gestures. Moon/Chiron can show a lot of sensitivity and compassion for others. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn in Aquarius, and this can see someone or something really come through, perhaps in a very unexpectedly thoughtful way. Mercury Rx in perfected conjunction to Jupiter also goes on to square Uranus, so it’s possible for some big surprises, something that someone says or does, or something that happens, can be completely unexpected. “I never knew!” We could receive an out of the blue communication, surprising news, or we could ourselves do or say something totally out of character or shake things up in a positive way. With both Venus and Jupiter in sextile to relationship asteroid Juno today, this can see some positive growth and expansive developments in relationships with others. Love, partnerships, money, gifts, and all things Venus ruled are also highlighted by the Sun and Mercury’s conjunction to Venus, and with the perfected conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter today, someone can want to go all out for their special person and make a big gesture that could be really surprising. For those of you solo birbs out there, today still holds some interesting surprises, you could even be your own surprise. Regardless, communications are highlighted in a big way with the perfection between Mercury and Jupiter, so continue to cultivate good vibes and positivity, and just keep your ear to the ground for some sweet news, positive feedback, friendly hello, or even an unexpected kindness. You could also be the one doling out the fresh baked good vibes to others. This same notice extends into Monday. 


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