Astrology Of May4-10 2020.

Today begins with the Moon in Libra in a trine to Saturn in Aquarius which can start the morning on a somewhat serious, duty oriented sort of note. The Moon goes on to oppose Chiron in Aries as the day unfolds, which can see some sensitivity, and highlight alternative paths to understanding. A lunar conjunction to the asteroid Juno can also highlight a need for warmth and understanding. With the Moon in Libra all day there can be an emphasis on a desire for harmony, beauty, pleasure and enjoyment, and this grows stronger in the evening hours as the Moon trines Venus in Gemini. Venus will hold a rather confusing, disorienting square to Neptune for an unusually long time due to the upcoming retrograde, which can make clarity difficult to come by, and make people vulnerable to confusion or deception. This lunation can heighten artistic or aesthetic sensibilities, and the coming days can see a very impressionable atmosphere, and for some, perhaps a desire to get more control over something that has felt uncertain or precarious. This evening can end on a pleasure seeking note, or see an impetus to bring more harmony into the equation. 

Today see’s the Moon in Libra trine Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius, while squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can definitely magnify the passions, and the desire nature, at least conceptually. A lunar square to Saturn in the afternoon can emphasize a feeling of being blocked, or some kind of obstacle that needs to be overcome, or simply highlights the need to work towards whatever we are wanting to see come into fruition. There can be a surface level, superficial satisfaction with things, but as the Moon heads into the later degrees of Libra, a growing, instinctive desire towards change to address deeper dissatisfactions and a restlessness of the soul can be felt. There’s something very “magnified” about these configurations, and there can be an intense fixation on something, perhaps something we feel is “missing”, (Venus square Neptune.) Mercury in Taurus sextile inspired Neptune in Pisces, which can set the mind to thinking about how to bring more magic into the mundane, every day experience, and this configuration can certainly see some serendipitous experiences or synchronicities. The Noth and South Nodes also change signs today, leaving the Cancer/Capricorn axis for the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This shift from cardinal to mutable modality is a call towards more fluidity and adaptability, and can emphasize the need to see things from multiple perspectives and points of view. A deep restlessness, intensity, and inner “itch” for excitement, change, and transformation can be felt over the coming days, once the moon heads into dark and brooding Scorpio. 

Today begins with the Moon in intense Scorpio, squaring Saturn in Aquarius, and opposite Uranus and the Sun in Taurus. The square to Saturn ebbs off after midmorning, and it can feel as if the restraints are off. Both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus highlights a need for more magic and a touch of the otherworldly, and Mercury also trines Pluto in Capricorn today, which can see more depth in thoughts and communications, and a willingness to confront “taboo topics”.  There is an inner restlessness present in these configurations that is growing less content to merely be superficially satisfied, and craves more intensity, and is perhaps fixated upon the mystery of the unknown, or in pursuit of something or someone that feels to be missing. The build up to the full Moon tomorrow can see some interesting things come to light, either through some revealing communications, or simply intuitive hunches or insights gleaned through psychic impressions with Mercury in sextile to mystic Neptune and a penetrating trine to deep, investigative Pluto. “Spidey senses” can be lit, and perhaps this is because of vagueness or uncertainty which surrounds things at this time. Impressions and instincts can be deeply felt under these configurations, and there’s definitely a hint of intensity and the unexpected in the air. The universe is in prime “freak mode” as we head towards the full moon tomorrow. A lunar opposition to Mercury later on today definitely highlights shocks and surprises or unexpected disclosures or communications, and emotions can be a bit all over the map, intense but unsteady. A lunar trine and a solar sextile to Neptune adds a mystical, etheric touch, and increases psychic sensitivity and impressionability. This can bring a sense of magic or “unreality” to the fore. With both the Sun and Mercury in trine to probing Pluto, we may want to penetrate the surface of things more and seek a deeper satisfaction from common, everyday experiences, and explore our unconscious urges, instincts, or compulsions more directly. 

This morning see’s the Full Moon in witchy Scorpio culminate in the wee hours (3:45 AM PST.) The day gets off to an intense start with the Moon in opposition to the Sun, and Mercury in Taurus,  a square to Mars in Aquarius, a trine too Neptune in Pisces, and sextiles to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can certainly see a driven, almost confrontational energy, almost a cathartic release, or a dive into more “taboo” territory, where boundaries are less regarded or noticeable and things that seemed “off limits” are now closer to the surface and more easily spoken about or grasped. The feelings and instincts can certainly be magnified under these configurations, and people can be more inclined towards the “weird”, “wild” or “unorthodox”, and less constrained by inhibitions or “what other people will think” of them. It’s ok to be a little weird, this is after all, the Full Moon. Whatever is said, expressed, done, or communicated about under these maths can leave a lasting impression on the unconscious, and make an impact on certain dynamics. This can open up possibilities that perhaps weren’t considered before and leave much to think about. We can also be prone to over idealization of something or someone, and the upcoming Venus retrograde can test our faith, ideals, (and grasp on reality.) Nonetheless, this full moon can bring something or someone into prominence in our lives that stokes inspiration, fantasy, or our own unconscious longings, hopes, fears, and dreams. With both the Moon and Mercury squaring up to Mars in unconventional Aquarius, there is definitely an “impassioned” vibe, that can see us entertaining unusual possibilities, interactions, and circumstances well outside our “established norm.” Alien territory. There’s much to be gained from challenging the status quo with the Moon and Mercury also in positive aspect to Jupiter. Whatever has felt to be “missing” from our lives will be something we seek to address during the oncoming Venus retrograde. This can see many of us revisiting “shelved” possibilities, relationships, or values, to ascertain their viability or explore what they may have to offer. Later this evening, the Moon throws in a stabilizing sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and as the Moon heads into Sagittarius, we can begin to feel more optimistic around the possibilities opening up in our world.


The weekend begins with the Moon in happy go lucky Sagittarius, with the morning hours still holding a sextile between the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius. We may feel that something still has some life and possibility within it, and this can have a stabilizing influence that can boost our confidence levels around the future. A lunar trine to Chiron in Aries adds to this optimism, and we can feel emboldened, adventurous, and highly idealistic. Later, in the evening, a lunar opposition to Venus in Gemini, which can highlight a subtle conflict between our needs, hopes, and desires, and those of other people, or in the very least have us wondering if others are on the same page. This can also prompt some helpful, and even healing collaborations, as a minor aspect between the Moon and Jupiter can see us optimistic about the possibilities open to us. The late night lunar square to Neptune in Pisces along with all this can accentuate confusion we may feel about the choices before us, and this can be felt distinctly around relationships, collaborations, partnerships, both business and personal, and the direction in which to go with these. Although optimism may be there, confusion and lack of clarity is also a factor, along with high ideals/idealization, which again, the Venus retrograde will further highlight and work to unravel and clarify.

This morning see’s the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius opposite Venus in two faced Gemini, and square Neptune, which, again, highlights confusion, uncertainty, lack of clarity, haziness, idealization, or generalized fugazi in interpersonal relations, or even monetary matters. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus in Taurus further accentuates the very “in flux” nature of fiscal and interpersonal matters, and the fact that everything is subject to the winds of change, on a whim. With the Sun and Mercury both in trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn however, there is a concerted desire to make the best of things, and focus on the “here and now”, and improving conditions which are within our own control and are right in front of us. This earth emphasis can assist with keeping us grounded, practical, and realistic, and keep our heads from floating off to distantly into the clouds. It also helps with the creative/manifestation process of visualizing the fantastical (Neptune) and bringing that into reality and the every day (Taurus/Capricorn.) These grounded energies will be important to lean on in the coming weeks. Later on, in the early evening, the Moon forms a sextile with Mars in Aquarius, which can be subtly energizing and motivating, and see us optimistic about the future, in spite of lingering uncertainties. This can also see us motivated to get at the “truth” of certain situations, and there can be a general drive towards good will, and humanitarianism, come what may. The lunar sextile to Mars in Aquarius can help to raise people above more petty concerns and emphasize good will, humanity, and working together for the collective good, for the mere sake of it, as opposed to “in exchange for something else.” There are of course, deeper needs and instincts driving things under the surface, but the lunar sextile to Mars in Aquarius is able to prioritize goodness and generosity for the mere sake of it, which can open up some beneficial possibilities. 

Today see’s the Moon in stoic Capricorn, in trine to Uranus in Taurus and squaring up to Chiron in Aries. This can see some beneficial changes unfolding that is setting the stage for a bit more stability, and stronger foundations in somewhat uncertain times. There may be some sacrifices initially, or the need to tame hopes or reign in over idealizations, and cultivate patience, least of all around partnerships/relationships/collaborations (Moon square Juno.) Taking time with things and going slowly, particularly amidst other confusing configurations, is important. Nonetheless, it looks that things are being shaken up in a good way, that can offer more stability, security, and even make life more pleasant going forward. In the very least, there can be hope and optimism, and an impetus to innovate within the circumstances in front of us. This can see the potential for the groundwork of some beneficial arrangements being laid, and a lot of changes happening, without as well as within. 


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