This morning begins with the Moon in the last degrees of talkative, curious Gemini, after a confusing end to the weekend where it joined Venus and squared deceptive, hazy Neptune.  This may have been good for creativity, but not so good for grasping what is real and what isn’t. Around 11 AM PST, the Moon heads into comfort seeking Cancer, to sextile Mercury, who heads into Taurus in the afternoon (12:53 PM PST.) The Moon also sextile Uranus, and squares Chiron. This can produce feelings of vulnerability or being caught slightly off guard by something. Things are shifting and rather unpredictable, with so much planetary activity emphasizing Uranus. Definitely WEIRD TIMES.  Today can see some excitement however, but with the lunar squares to Chiron and Juno, there can be some interpersonal tensions, perhaps some vulnerability, perhaps a conflict of interests. With Pluto now retrograde, a certain “release” of grip from something or someone can be felt, and certain issues that have been pressing can subtly lose their previously iron grip hold, and not be as strong as they once were, for the time being anyway. With Venus squaring Neptune, to go retrograde in the 2nd week of May, there’s a sense that something isn’t quite right, or something is missing, primarily, clarity. Enthusiasm is certainly there, with the Venus/Mars trine, but this is expressed mostly cerebrally, intellectually, with the emphasis on Air. Curiosity is there, clarity, not so much. Impressionability is also heightened under these configurations. The increasing emphasis on Taurus will bring our attention to what we can see, touch, and experience with our own eyes, and hold in our own hands. Mercury in Taurus emphasizes realism and pragmatism. There may be much that is unknown, but we *can* trust what can be verified through our own experiences, and what can be ascertained from our own, real, actual senses. What we can hold in our own hands. No amount of smoke and mirrors can interfere with our perception of what’s right in front of us in observable reality.  Mercury in Taurus emphasizes relying on basic common sense, as well as improvising and innovating with what we have right in front of us, and the ground beneath our feet. This is good, because Venus, (ruler of Taurus), will go retrograde and create a lot of confusion and can potentiate a lot of mental fuckery.

Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer sextile hazy Neptune in Pisces.  The early morning lingering lunar square to Chiron in Aries can see compassion increased for other peoples pain, and there can be an overall compassionate and inspired energy to these configurations. Later, a lunar opposition to Pluto, and Jupiter, can magnify some intense feeling simmering under the surface, or a fixation on something. Boundaries can be more porous and discernment can be tested under these configurations. There can be missed communications or timing is off. Conversely, there can also be heightened intuition, and many insights can be gleaned in an out of the blue sort of manner. The Moon/Pluto connection though can definitely increase intensity levels. This can be a highly emotionally charged and comfort seeking energy. The Uranian contacts also seek stimulation, and much can happen out of the blue, and it's a spontaneous off the cuff sort of vibe. This can see some really interesting creative insights, or artistic or musical inspiration. Things are definitely “interesting” to say the least…A lot of unexpected goings on and out of the blue happenings under the Uranus contacts.

Today carries over yesterdays lingering intensity and “strangeness” and adds in a square to Saturn in Aquarius. This can be a slightly “crotchety” atmosphere, somewhat vulnerable, perhaps emotionally repressed, but also very sensitive/highly impressionable. Later in the afternoon, the Moon in late Cancer build a square to Mercury in Taurus. This can see some kind of action being taken in or around the local environment, or some kind of tension  build to a “breakthrough point.” Around 6 PM PST, the Moon heads in to expressive Leo, squaring Mercury, Uranus, and trining Chiron in Aries. This can see some unexpected happenings, that can increase confidence and faith, and offer up some healing, fun, or playful experiences. There can definitely be opportunity to channel things into creative outlets or projects, and break through cloistered, repressed, or overly serious vibes. This can be a highly charged, creative energy that will want/need an outlet. This evening can close out on a restless, excited note that could also feel sort of frustrated/ passionate/ highly “charged.”

Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo, squaring up to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in physical, grounded Taurus, and towards evening, going on to oppose Mars in Aquarius. This can definitely see a restless energy that wants to get it’s hands on something, like a constructive project, to keep it’s hands busy and brain occupied and stimulated. This could be a push to make something positive, fun, and constructive happen. It’s an energy that seeks real, tangible, physical results. With the Moon in Leo, fun, creativity and pleasure is emphasized.The lunar opposition to Mars later on definitely adds a highly charged “zaniness” to things, so it might be good to let off steam in fun and creative ways, this is definitely an “outside of the box” type of energy. A lunar sextile to the asteroid Vesta also highlights just making the everyday experience more enjoyable, exciting, fulfilling, and stimulating over all. In the evening, the Moon in Leo goes on to sextile Venus in Gemini. This can see some fun, pleasant, playful vibes carry out the evening, and roll into tomorrow morning. 


Today begins with the Moon in Leo, sextile Venus in multitasking, talkative Gemini, and opposite energetic, competitive Mars in unorthodox, cerebral Aquarius. This could see a pleasant sort of stir crazy begin the day, and there can be some unexpected, pleasant diversions. The lunar opposition to Mars carries the majority of the day, and can see some creative or otherwise frustrations or pent up energy building, and a need for expression and release. Late in the evening a lunar trine to Uranus begins to build as the Moon reaches the final degrees of creative and theatrical Leo and enters Virgo around 11 PM PST. This sets the stage for a busy, and innovative weekend, and looks like an astrological attempt to adapt and get grounded and centered amidst some ongoing radical changes. This can see us looking to simplify, purify, and organize, and try to “get settled in” to the strange, new times, that seem to get weirder and weirder as time goes on. 

Today see’s the Moon in practical, efficient, anxious Virgo trine the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus. This can see some interesting but down to earth energy, very physical in nature, and bringing focus to issues of organization, routine, health, fitness, rations, efficiency, and crisis prevention. Innovation and change are the watch words, and paying attention to details and what needs “fixing” or tending to can come into the equation somehow. There can be a lot of creativity available, but simultaneously, a lot of perfectionism under the Virgo lunation. Later in the day, the Moon opposes Neptune, which can accentuate a lack of clarity or confusion, and a need to run things through a “bullshit distillery”, an influence we’ve been dealing with for a while due to the Venus/Neptune square, that is accentuated even more under this lunation. This can see us wanting to correct or address something we may feel is missing, or just bring the lack (of clarity, or something else) more into critical focus. This lunation, along with the emphasis on common sensical, practical Taurus can see us wanting to explore something to gain clarity. In the evening, a lunar square to Venus in Gemini, can bring interactions with others into focus in some way. Either partnerships, links with others, money, or values, can be an area of confusion or a matter that requires attention to detail. There are definitely a lot of changes happening, and a lot of improvisation going on. There may be some things that come up out of the blue, or some unexpected news, meetings, messages, or collaborations. The details or timelines of which might not be entirely clear, but which may later turn out some tangible, beneficial results. There is no hurry, as with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in slow, plodding Taurus, and Venus soon to go retrograde, taking our time with things is important. 

Today see’s the Moon in practical Virgo, squaring Venus in Gemini, opposite Neptune, and trine Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn. We can have more than one pot on the burner so to speak, and there can be a lot of big ideas in the air, and a lot of information to process into smaller bites. Simplifying, and working with what’s in front of us, and stabilizing things in order to have something practical and “do-able” in place that addresses the here and now, but also accounts for the long term, and the future, (and the many variables of how *that* may pan out) can be important as we end this week and prepare for the next. There may be more than one decision to make or direction to go in, and the coming retrograde will highlight this decision making and assessment process, (and the confusion, lack of clarity, or flat out deception that we may have to wade through around this.) As the Moon heads into the later degrees of Saturn later on today, it forms a trine to Saturn in Aquarius as well. There’s definitely some major shifts happening that could involve partnerships or alliances, as we end this week with the Moon in 29 degrees Virgo, and begin Monday of next week with the Moon in partnership and diplomacy oriented “lets make a deal” Libra. There can be a lot of experimental moves going on in the coming weeks and months.


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