Astrology For The Week Of June 24-30 2019

  We begin the week with the Moon still in emotive, sensitive Pisces, forming a trine to Mercury and Mars in Cancer. This could see us pleasantly motivated and highly imaginative. This could be a somewhat productive day, particularly for those in creative fields, spiritual or healing pursuits.
There is a sensitivity, empathy, and even self sacrifice in the air. We can be saying some farewells in some cases,  experiencing sense a longing, or simply enjoying ourselves in solitude and reflection. 
  With Venus square Neptune and in opposition to Jupiter, areas of love, relationship, self worth, money and finances, could have a somewhat delusional flavor. Some people could be experiencing the “love of their lives” right now, even if only just in their imaginations. Whether or not our idealized projections stand up to reality, is yet to be seen. Others could find it difficult to know up from down, from day to day, or minute to minute, but there could be high hopes, significant longing, and a desire to see the best in people and situations.  The Venus contacts to Jupiter and Neptune illustrate inflated expectations, information gathering, along with a curious ability to “let go, and let God.”  If you are familiar with the A.A/N.A “Serenity Prayer”, it’s a good time to keep it firmly in mind. 

Tuesday see’s the Moon in Aries, conjunct Chiron, and square the Sun in sensitive Cancer. Chiron is also square the Sun, while the Sun sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Many of us are experimenting with new ways to handle old wounds, or are in the process of reconditioning outworn emotional patterns. There could be latent vulnerabilities to contend with, but certain aspects, such as a Lunar trine to generous Jupiter later on Tuesday afternoon, could bring some optimism and expansiveness to our inner or outer landscape. “Ooooh child..things are gonna get easier.” Even in the face of vulnerabilities it always helps to cultivate a positive attitude, and a healthy moral philosophy.

Later Tuesday evening however, the moon squares Saturn. There could still be some roadblocks, delays, or reality checks to contend with. Perhaps we are simply frustrated with how long something is taking. This could also see some of us feeling a bit emotionally inhibited, even if we are bubbling over inside with enthusiasm. Our passion and optimism regarding certain people or situations can be laced with considerable vulnerability.  
It’s as if we are simultaneously expecting the best, but preparing for the worst. It helps to not be tied to any outcome at all and only focus on what you personally have control over-yourself.


Wednesday, the 26th, see’s the Moon in Aries sextile to Venus, still trine to Jupiter, while squaring both Pluto and Saturn, as well as Mars… This is simultaneously pleasant and also rather uncomfortable. We may be aware of certain feelings and possibilities, yet feel somewhat stifled about realizing them. There could also be some deeper, more intense realities going on under the surface, and out of view, than we are aware of, or than we perhaps feel comfortable sharing, and this could make us feel rather vulnerable. Keeping everything “light and breezy” in the midst of intense emotions, fixations, insecurities, or heavy transformations going on under the surface is a challenge in the art of transmutation. With Venus in Gemini, we may have one foot in and one foot out of something, watching and waiting, and attempting to sort out the real from the fantasy, and fiercely protecting our “bottom line,” even in the midst of otherwise positive, and hopeful developments, or the kindnesses, benevolence, and generosity of others. People and situations must be “sussed out” for us to feel completely secure in our choices.

Later on, Wed eve, 5:19 PM PST, Mercury enters confident and audacious Leo. We may feel an inner excitement about kicking off some new, exciting initiative, creatively (or romantically.) Mercury is more lighthearted and gregarious in Leo, and it can be refreshing to “get a taste” or “catch a glimpse” of our possible futures, and gain a pleasant respite from a preoccupation with security, the cloying of the past, and deeper, more emotional realities. As Mercury is set to station retrograde on July 7th, enjoy this while it lasts, because there will be loose ends that Mercury wants to tie up, and feelings to rehash, process, reflect upon, and assimilate during the retrograde journey.  Moving on from past patterns, in any way, is a process, that deserves due consideration. 
That being said, there is much wisdom in slowing down and pacing ourselves. Many of us are wiping the slate clean and beginning completely new chapter in our lives. Mercury’s dip into Leo before it’s backward journey into the realm of emotions can infuse us with enthusiasm for the things we would like to create and see unfold in the future. 

Thursday the 27th,  see’s the Moon enter slow moving, sensual Taurus, to conjunct unpredictable Uranus, and sextile the Sun. This places Luna into a square with both Mercury (now in Leo) and Mars in late Cancer. We could feel somewhat out of step, and not exactly secure in this “new reality”, but this calls upon our innovative capacities, and challenges us to think more creatively. There can be some indecisiveness in certain regards, and perhaps some impatience or irritability in the air.  Maybe it’s just sexual frustration. 

There is an independence,  even “rebelliousness”, an erratic feeling to these configurations, that could be somewhat unsettling to some. With Mercury in Leo now squaring up to Uranus, there is actually the potential for some rather ingenious moves, innovative ideas, but it can be hard to capture them all, as they fly in very quickly. Nevertheless, this is good fodder for inspiration. In some cases, people may find that certain inclinations they may be having might be at odds in some way, with their sense of security, the past, their comfort zones, or their foundations, giving them a lot to think about. In other cases, this is simply about building confidence to embark on new things. Things that are completely new to them, or that require a certain level of innovation. 

Change and growth of any kind can be destabilizing, but also exciting. We are slowly being coaxed into new ways of being. 


Friday, June 28th, see’s the Moon in Taurus form a trine to Saturn and Pluto, and a sextile to Neptune. These are some rather empowering configurations, as if a safe landing is being made into new terrain. Where Mercury in Cancer is about security, and even self protection, Mercury in Leo is about taking bold risks. This also places Mercury in trine to Chiron, providing opportunity to employ creative approaches to healing emotional wounds. 
Perhaps we are seeing some reassuring signs that certain risks will pay off. Friday looks like an overall pleasant, comparatively stabilizing day. Deep changes and transformations are happening here that look ultimately beneficial, and again, -empowering.

Saturday begins with the Moon in late Taurus, in a sextile to Mars and Mercury, while still trine Pluto. We could be receiving some reassuring news, or taking some fun initiatives this weekend, and there could be some excitement in the air. 

Later on in the afternoon, the Moon enters talkative and busy Gemini. There is a lot of communication potentially happening at this time and thoughts are focused on love, creativity, enjoyment and entertainment. It looks like a rather peppy atmosphere. The Moon forms a sextile to Mercury in Leo and Chiron in Aries, so whatever communications transpire at this time look set to increase confidence, and sooth any latent “identity wounds.”

Sunday, June 30th, sees the Moon in Gemini in opposition to Jupiter. The Sun begins perfecting it’s opposition to Saturn as well. There could be a rather indulgent vibe going on, the feeling that we have so many options or things we may want to do, places we want to go, people we want to talk to, that the “buffet of life” can feel somewhat overwhelming. The growing Sun opposition to Saturn can make us feel that certain forces are operating against us, or we may be aware of certain restrictions. So although we have certain desires, we may feel some of them are “curtailed.”

A delusional lunar square to Neptune can fuel the imagination with all kinds of hopes and fears, as well as feed inspiration. Later on the Moon inevitably conjuncts Venus, ending Sunday on a pleasant note, where we may content ourselves with banter, conversation, reading, or some form of pleasing stimulus (or form of escapism.) It can be rather challenging to get at the truth of certain persons or situations, or even feel certain in regards to our own feelings at times. With the Sun in Cancer square Chiron and opposite Saturn, many of us may prefer to try to numb or escape certain uncomfortable realities that we may be struggling to assimilate or adapt to.  

Mars in 29 degrees Cancer suggests some healing and creative breakthroughs are imminent, as it trines Chiron along with Mercury. Our confidence is certainly growing, and next week could see many of us taking some bold initiatives, experimenting with being a little less risk averse, more confident, more courageous and outgoing.

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most triumphant week. See you next Monday!


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