August 2017 Horoscopes


Obviously, this month is astrologically “kind of a big deal.” We officially kick off a new eclipse phase on the Leo/Aquarius axis, and there is some excitement (and surprises) in store. We begin August with the Sun conjunct Mars in fiery and theatrical Leo, the Moon fusing with the two in Sagittarius, creating a buoyant, forward determination into new and unprecedented territory, requiring a lot of improvisation. Integrating the heady transformations that unfurled in July, and really all of 2017, many of which have been emotional in nature, and having digested and integrated certain realities, some of which may have been difficult, or in the very least awkward to digest and/ or implement, there could almost be the feeling of "information overload," in the sense that everything happening has a "larger than life" quality about it, at least in the way things have transpired and continue to unfold. Bringing many of us into "pioneer territory" in one way or another.  The trine Mercury in analytical Virgo and Saturn in broad minded Sagittarius form to Uranus indicate the elements of clever dexterity, stick-to-ti-iveness, integrity, and innovation that has been needed to be liberally applied in order to fuse the old with the new, or the tried and tested with the revolutionary. Building a bridge between stable foundations and progressive and radical renovations has been a perpetual aesthetic of 2017.  Venus, having entered 0 degrees Cancer at the very end of July, augurs in some refreshing and exciting emotional fuel, while Mercury in Virgo compiles, organizes, and assimilates the incoming data. Which is just as well, as there’s been a lot to take in, and it could all feel a bit... stunning. The over all vibe at the beginning of August is expansive, liberating, fun, and even emotionally, aesthetically, and creatively nourishing. Venus in Cancer highlights the pleasures of oxytocin. Emotional comfort, familiarity, roots, shared history, shared experience, security, nurturing, bonding, snuggling, nuzzling, and protecting. (And sharing delicious food items.) Mars in Leo kicks up the desire for play, enjoyment, theatrics, glamor, competition, and the celebratory impulse. It’s harmonious fusion between the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus suggest an element of gregarious excitement, as well as some concrete (and certainly incredibly interesting) manifestations that have perhaps been a long time coming. It almost looks as if gratifying rewards are being doled out by the universe after a long period of hard labor or rigorous tests. The full Moon partial Eclipse in the air sign of Aquarius on the 7th looks “so fucking future”, and paints a liberating and expansive picture, welcoming in the weird, the wild and the unique. Being free of constraints to express your uniqueness and allowing others that same freedom is a strong theme at this full moon. Needless to say, the Sun conjunct Mars in Leo opposing this full Moon indicates that feathers could be ruffled and not everyone will be happy to see you hoist your freak flag. Sometimes a plant simply outgrows it’s container and must be transplanted lest it become root bound. Needless to say, it’s important to keep our ego’s in check as we spread our wings to sing our (new and improved) freedom song. Last months full Moon conjunct Pluto saw some heavy transformations and revelations, intense interchanges, and in many cases, necessary reality checks. A decisive laying down of boundaries, or some other kind of necessary discipline, restriction, or form of elimination or “quality control” in certain situations. Heavy medicine. Not to mention, ..some real talk… Some dished it out, others received it, (many did both). This month’s full moon see’s an implementation of “new policies”, new approaches, and an expansion into new territory, after facing down some heavy and necessary realities, and removing blockages and impediments to progress. Mentally digesting and assimilating new emotional realities that have completely transformed the landscape of our lives in some way, while stoking (and challenging) our highest ideals, becomes imperative. Again, this full Moon is an eclipse, (although partial) and kicks off a highly stimulating chapter on the Leo/Aquarius axis for some time to come. It’s like an emotional reboot. A shaking up of the etch-a-sketch. A few days later, on the 11th, the Sun conjunct Mars in showy Leo, perfects it’s trine with Uranus. Already forming a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to Saturn, this indicates that “shit is getting real”, and some exciting changes are unfolding that have long term implications. Doors of opportunity are either swinging wide open or simply being kicked down, setting the stage for more idyllic conditions and liberating circumstances. Mars in positive relation to both Jupiter and Saturn is determined to expand it’s territory and set up permanent colonies, in spite of any potential “diplomatic hangups.”  On the evening of the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in 11 degrees Virgo, to carry on with data entry and go over everything thus far cognitively assimilated. It ends it’s retrograde September 5th in the sign of Leo. Mercury’s trine to Pluto could create an element of intrigue, obsession, a need to research, or perhaps conduct meetings, and discuss details behind closed doors, or simply keep certain (potentially exciting) details modestly to ourselves for the time being, while we assimilate certain facts and observe the terrain for any potentially problematic reactions or situations.  Radical changes can take some time to digest and implement, and certain realities should perhaps be administered in micro doses on an “as needed” basis, as the possibility for misunderstanding or miscommunication is naturally high while Mercury throws down it’s backwards medicine. The new Moon on the 21st in Leo is absolutely lit. It is climactic, invigorating, rejuvenating, and wild,- (not to mention, it’s a total solar eclipse). A solar eclipse that will cross the entire country of the US, coast-to-coast, ….for the first time since 1918. Weather permitting, the entire continent will have the opportunity to view this eclipse as the moon passes in front of the sun, casting a shadow on Earth's surface. *Children cheering.* This new moon looks like an absolutely incredible time, filled with a great deal of excitement,  because of all the trines being formed to Uranus in Aries at this new moon/solar eclipse.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn all form trine’s to Uranus, while even Venus get’s in on the Uranus orgy, forming a square, and Jupiter, making an opposition. That’s literally everybody except Neptune and Pluto, who just make out with each other in the corner like a couple of horny teenagers who ditched a really crazy party for a heavy petting session. That’s literally 7 celestial bodies forming aspects to Uranus in Aries. This new moon will be absolutely wild. Liberating to the extreme. Straight up fire. The opposition the Moon and Mercury retrograde make to Neptune suggest a shroud of mystery over proceedings, perhaps to “protect the innocent”. But the fact that something completely radical, surprising, shocking, liberating, and unspeakably next level is going down is absolutely undeniable, this much is certain. The Cosmic Justice Glands are swole AF at this new moon, and in spite of the beautiful spectacle the Sun and Moon will be making, Uranus in Aries is indisputably the star of this show. 3 words: Holy fucking shit. Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun (shifting into  0 degrees of anxious Virgo the afternoon of the 22nd the very next day) and the Moon, reminds us that with radical change comes the potential for anxiety, crisis, or perhaps emotional opposition or objection,  -but change appears to be unstoppable, regardless. The end of August sets off a series of emotional/social/and/or political negotiations, strategizing, and power moves. The Moon will conjunct Jupiter in Libra once more, placing the emphasis on partnerships, collaborations, and connections with others. Deals will be made,  and arrangements agreed upon. Venus, planet of love and pleasure, will move into 0 degrees Leo on the evening of the 25th during this Moon/Jupiter conjunction. Good times will certainly be had, and Venus places emphasis on the pleasures of glamour, fun, playful competition, flirtation, creativity, sex, parties, recreation, children, bliss, theatrics, sports, and the care free joys of dressing up, playing, having a blast, and puttin’ on the ritz…


This eclipse is certainly a powerful beginning to a new chapter across the board. One stand out aspect of this eclipse is Jupiter square Pluto. This suggests tremendous transformation via expansion. Jupiter being in the sign of partnerships, this expansion and transformation clearly will take place mostly around our relations with others. Connections with others will create opportunity and challenge previous status quo’s, or “the way things have always been done.” Expansion in consciousness and world view can also arrive via our interactions and connections to others. A bogus learning journey commences and is facilitated via others. This could create some power struggles. Venus also opposes Pluto during her sojourn through Cancer, reminding us that the vast expanse and depth of the ocean is both beautiful and terrifying. This suggests some of these power struggles could get pretty personal, potentially taking the form of jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, manipulation, fear, and control issues. The sound of the freedom song the full moon sings could make some souls uncomfortable, or make the cornucopia of expansion and transformation going down seem a bit intimidating, -yet it’s pull is simultaneously intoxicating and irresistible. Squabbles, ego battles, competitiveness, and even pettiness should be kept in check, to avoid any ultimately unnecessary or regrettable rifts in friendships. 


This new Moon is a super big deal. It's almost too much to fathom, let alone articulate. It is a lion made of fire. It is a lion on fire. It is a fucking flaming fire lion and it's all over the place. It’s apropos that it’s in attention hungry Leo, because it will certainly have our attention in the US. During this time, something or someone will certainly make a (potentially dramatic) splash. Or the things that transpire can be dramatic in nature, or in the very least, attention grabbing, shocking, liberating, revolutionary, and…possibly over the top…It CERTAINLY won’t be boring. Uranus is the true star of this show so it’s truly going to be a show stopper and have us all on our toes. We have quite a memorable spectacle in store, and there could be some truly defining and unprecedented moments, both personally and globally. 

*Important Note: Horoscopes by Sun sign can certainly be helpful, often times they are surprisingly accurate, and in the very least, they are entertaining. However, it's important to keep in mind that they are general, written for the chart of your Sun sign only, -so the accuracy and precision available is limited. They are also a free service I offer to the public, so the detail I will go into is sparse. I keep things as general as possible, because it is simply less time consuming. They are not a complete picture of how transiting planets are impacting your own unique, personal birth chart, and I do not mention absolutely everything I see, even just for your sun sign alone. To receive a more in depth analysis regarding anything from what area of life you will be experiencing a total solar eclipse, current/future transits, personality/psychological analysis, preparation for events such as the Saturn return, progressed charts, relationship synastry, composite, predictive astrology, etc etc...Feel free to contact me on Facebook or through gmail at to book a private consultation with me. I offer a wide array of services and I would be pleased to assist you.

You kick off August coming strongly into your heart chakra, and feeling driven and focused on creative interests or projects, fun times, romance, speculation, amusement, entertainment, and your children if you have them. It is a joyful, passionate, and carefree energy. The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars in your 5th house as August leaps out of the gate, adding to the expansive optimism and desire for freedom, travel, learning, teaching, consciousness expansion, immersion in other cultures, and wide open spaces. You want to broaden your scope and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Venus in Cancer since the end of July, see’s you deriving more pleasure from the comforts of home, the familiar, family, rootedness, security, comfort food, nurturing, and the pleasures of nurturing emotional bonds with others. In spite of the solar and Martian emphasis on fun and entertainment, you could feel more comfy and retiring during this Venus transit. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius, in your 11th house of friendships, hopes, wishes, the collective, the future, the unconventional, and the weird. An old chapter is coming to a close and a new one is beginning. You and a friend or someone in a group you belong to could have a difference in agenda at this time, or a conflict of interests. Perhaps your idea of a good time differs from theirs, or they feel you aren’t considering their feelings enough for their liking. Your agendas could be at odds somehow with a friend or a group, but it doesn’t appear to put a damper on partnerships with others who are willing to work with you. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Virgo, in your 6th house of work, service, health, nutrition, fitness, details, and crisis. This augurs a period where you’ll have some extra time to go over this area of life, and process details related to your job, mundane tasks, and negotiations with co-workers. It’s also a positive period to go over how well your routine is serving you: Are you exhausted and run ragged at the end of the day? Are there revisions you could make to your diet, or fitness routine, or sleep schedule that would help you function more efficiently without running yourself ragged? Are there adjustments you could make to your schedule that would help you get more of what you want out of life? These will all be appropriate things to ruminate over during this retrograde phase. On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse occurs in Leo, forming a planetary stellium in your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, parties, entertainment, good times, letting your hair down, and children if you have them. Whatever transpires at this time, it looks set to be a liberating and fun experience, that changes your approach to creativity, romance, fun, and entertainment for a long time to come. You could have a “creative genius” moment, or find yourself hanging out with fun creative types that inspire you to get in touch with your inner muse. It could be a budding romance occurring for some of you, or something your kids are up to that really enlivens your life. Whatever transpires, you appear to be on a roll, and having a blast, and it sets a course for creative endeavors, joy joy feelings, entertainment, children, inspiration, or matters of the heart for a long time to come. At month’s end, Venus shifts into Leo, bringing much pleasure your way regarding whatever seed was planted in your 5th house at the solar eclipse. You will derive much pleasure from entertainment, (being entertained, or entertaining others), children (or people youthful at heart), creativity, creative types, having fun, taking life less seriously, and injecting a sense of youthful vitality into your life during the dog days of summer. 

You kick off August driven and focused on home, hearth, and family. Your emotions, emotional patterns, family dynamics, nurturing, comfort, comfort foods, what makes you feel secure, and the past. Some of you could actually be moving house in August, as Mars here creates a lot of energy, action, commotion, and movement, in regards to the home, family and emotions. (Hopefully you can avoid feeling emotionally agitated, having conflict with your mom, family members, or flatmates, or emotional conflicts in general, ..and this energy get’s put into something useful, like.. moving furniture around or something or loading a Uhaul.) The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars in your 4th house of home and family as August begins, so it appears that you’ll have your mind on home, family, and intimate partnerships (and/or joint investments/going in balls deep with someone/merging bodies, souls, bank accounts etc) in a positive, optimistic and expansive way, that somehow involves your home, your family, your root system. Venus in Cancer since the end of July see’s you deriving more pleasure via your communications with others, and bringing more pleasant interchanges your way via text messaging, phones calls, siblings, and even within your own thoughts. Local excursions and even commutes, short distance travel, mental stimulation and rapport with others, will all be very pleasant experiences for you during this Venus transit. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius, in your 10th house of public recognition, public image, career, status, reputation, achievement, mastery, authority/authority figures, and the men in your life. Old chapters end and new chapters begin to unfurl. You could somehow feel in the spotlight in some way at this full moon, or thrust into the public eye somehow. Perhaps for career reasons, or something else. There could be some kind of “milestone” moment. All the hubbub going on in the home or family could be very distracting, or be at odds with your career in some way, maybe by just competing for your attention. Striking a balance between your outer and inner life will be key. There could be a lot going on at this time, but your attention to time management, crisis prevention, and details will make it all bearable. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Virgo, in your 5th house of creativity, creative expression, entertainment, fun, romance, recreation, parties, children, and good times. This augurs a period of reflection on the ways in which you creatively express yourself, entertain yourself, enjoy yourself, the things you do for fun, and the manner in which you “lighten yourself up.” If you have kids, it could also be relevant to make any necessary re-adjustments in the ways in which you communicate with them. If you don’t have kids, this could revolve around making refinements to a creative hobby or project, something you consider a labor of love that you enjoy pouring your heart into. This could be a good time to pick up a hobby that you temporarily shelved, or to work out the kinks in a project already in the works. For the footloose and fancy free, this could be a time to revise your approach to communicating with potential love interests, to make sure that what you’re putting crossed to those you’re flirting with is what they are in fact receiving. This house is very “performance” oriented, as well as revolving around how it is we go about amusing ourselves. All such things are good to reflect upon during this Mercury transit. On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse in Leo occurs, forming a major flaming stellium of planets in your 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, endings, emotional patterns, the past, and your mom. There is so much intense new energy lighting up your 4th house that I’m surprised if you’re NOT moving house. Whatever home, family, or emotional “revolution” is occurring at this solar eclipse, it looks set to have a revolutionizing, liberating impact upon your psychology, your inner life, your spiritual life, your mental health. If you aren’t straight up moving house, perhaps you’re improving your relationship with your mom, or to your own emotions/sense of inner security. You could be starting a brand new voyage regarding your foundations in life, your private life, home, and family.  It looks like an emotional, relational, familial, and psychological milestone, all rolled into one. Come month’s end, Venus moves into Leo, waltzing in to pick up where this eclipse left off. You will derive much pleasure during this cozy, and retiring Venus transit, staying close and snuggly with familiar faces, loved ones, and family, enjoying the creature comforts of security, comfort food, and bonds with your loved ones. Pleasure will be found in the home and the emotions, and you’ll be more content basking in the simple things, and enjoying nurturing emotional bonds with others in the dog days of summer.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING:  You kick off August in busy and talkative form, with a forward moving drive in areas connected to communications, neighbors, siblings, local travel, written and spoken word, text messages, and thought. Lots of “to-ing and fro-ing”, running about, errands, and making connections in the local environment. The moon in Sagittarius forming a gorgeous trine with the Sun and Mars as August begins suggests a focus on partners as well. You (and partners) could be making exciting new friends, or joining eccentric (or humanitarian) groups together, and inviting people in your neighborhood over to your abode. Venus in Cancer since the end of July blesses up your money, self worth, and values, where you’ll derive more pleasure from the good things in life, treating yourself, and boosting your self esteem, and earned income. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in your 9th house of mental and physical long distance travel, higher learning, beliefs, philosophy, study, people and places from afar/from other cultures, bookish nerds, teachers, and wide open spaces. One chapter ends and another begins in regards to far off places, beliefs, and learning new things, and you could be feeling creatively inspired, mentally stimulated, and optimistic about the future of creative projects, fun, (or kids if you have them) and the future in general. New longterm visions are being set. On the 12th, your ruler Mercury stations retrograde in detail obsessed Virgo, where you will have a chance to go over and over things and sort out various details in regards to your home, residence, private life, family, emotions, roots, the past, the familiar, and what makes you feel secure. This augurs a period of readjustment, revisions, data assimilation, and adaptation (to new environs? Family dynamics? Furniture?) There could be a lot to take in. Come the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse occurs in theatrical Leo, in your 3rd house of communications, siblings, thought, talk, messages, short distance excursions, and local environment. You could be quite the busy bee, and “Chatty Cathy”. Communications could zoom in left and right, from friends, groups you belong to, and people who stand to be a part of your future, possibly for a long time to come. Partners could be introducing you and connecting you up with some new peeps that could help you further your goals, or vice versa, you are opening up your partners social scene. It seems you’re in an entirely new and exciting social terrain Gemini, and it looks exciting! Towards months end, Venus moves into fun loving Leo, where you’ll derive much pleasure from communique, sweet nothings, mental stimulation, local excursions, neighbors, and exchanging thoughts, witty banter, and ideas. 

You kick off August with a forward motion drive to increase your self esteem, self worth, earned income, and focused on sorting out your values/value system. Venus, who moved into your own sign at the end of July, has you enjoying your own reflection more, and liking what you see. Favors and praise can come in from others during this Venus transit, and it’s an excellent time to make any kind of aesthetic changes to your appearance, such as wardrobe upgrades, or a change in hairstyle, as you’ll be more likely to like the results. The moon in Sagittarius forming a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars as August begins has you focused on your health, fitness, routines, (or work), and boosting the fuck out of your self esteem and bottom line through any discipline you’ve been applying in the areas of diet, routines, or fitness. You could be feeling rather positive about changes you’ve been making in these areas. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in brainiac Aquarius, in your intense, heavy breathing, do or die 8th house of sex, death, energetic exchange, intimacy, depth psychology, power and control, fear of loss, compulsions, obsessions, and anything shared jointly with another, from bank accounts to secrets, nudes, or bodily fluids. Old chapters end and new ones begin, and something regarding these deeper issues could either be challenging your self esteem, self worth, bank balance, or value system. Moon transits of the 8th house tend to be a vulnerable time, where we find ourselves preoccupied with lives deeper, or darker matters, and a full moon eclipse climaxing here could bring something to a culmination or end., where a new beginning will take it’s place. Some of you could be going in on a major joint investment with someone, such as a property, or receiving some kind of inheritance. It all looks rather positive for you emotionally or in regards to home or family however, so fret not, my crustacean friend. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo, buying you more time to go over how you come across to others and communicate, and even how you assimilate information from others/what you mentally focus on, how you articulate yourself. There could be a lot to take in, in regards to your communication style, how you are interpreted, and how you interpret others. Changes going on in the local environment could take some time to adapt to. This backtrack will give you time to sort this area out, and adapt accordingly. On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse will occur, in creative  Leo, and your 2nd house of self esteem, self worth, values, earned income, money, and possessions, will be on fire. You could be making a lot of innovative changes to your public persona, career, and reputation, through all this work you’ve been chipping away at diligently regarding your health, fitness, work, routines, and services you perform for others. It appears you want to see some dramatic PR changes, this could relate to image or status, or simply involve your career or “calling” in life. You could be facilitating a whole lot of “upgrades,” across the board, and laying down some brand new longterm foundations. There could be some kind of milestone achieved that has you feeling good about yourself, and driven to produce more results. By months end, Venus moves into fun loving Leo, blessing up your self esteem, money, and earned income house, where you’ll derive pleasure from “making it rain”, securing your bottom line, treating yourself to more earthly pleasures, and boosting your self esteem. 

You kick off August feeling driven, confident, and self focused, (or self absorbed.)’Tis your season, and it’s all about you, so everyone else can suck it and bask in the pure beauty of your identity, your preferences, and your unfuckwithable awesomeness. After all, Mars hasn’t made a conjunction to the Sun in Leo for 15 years. Bathe in the glory of all that is you, Leo. You are this month’s cosmic rockstar and celebrity. The moon in Sagittarius forming a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars in your own sign as August begins has you focused on fun, creative endeavors, recreation, letting your hair down, flirtations, love interests/potential love interests, and your kids if you have them, lending a sort of playfully “competitive” feel to the start of the month. This could have you asking “where’s the party at?” (Of course, Saturn trekking through your 5th house has you looking more for a more “fun with substance.” variety, like a congregation of nerds at a library or.. something.) In the very least, it could be difficult to concentrate on more mundane, routine tasks. Venus in Cancer since the end of July has had you deriving more pleasure from solitude, time alone in peaceful, quiet atmospheres, and feeling more retiring, self sacrificing, peevish, playing your cards closer to your vest, or perhaps just being more discreet or involved in secretive liaisons, behind the scenes. You could simply be keeping your feelings to yourself. Venus through the 12th house can also make it difficult to really quite know exactly what’s actually going on between you and others/potential others, maybe feeling somewhat isolated, or uncertain, not knowing where you stand, romantically speaking. The 12th house is a highly “mystical” and deeply psychological house, of solitude, retreat, and recovery. Representing the unconscious, it not only presides over our highest human ideals, but also….psychological issues, mental illness, addictions, escapism, confinement, and forms of self sabotage.  Venus here however, at least ensures that even if you’re “going off the deep end”, meditating under a waterfall, or retreating into la la land, you’re at least having a pleasant experience doing it.  Mars in your own sign has certainly amped up your energy levels and infused you with a lot more assertiveness than of late, making you a lot less shy about going after what you want, (or running roughshod into conflict situations, and flexing your muscles in people’s faces, literally and out for that..) Mars can really amp up the voltage to the point of being quick to anger or just easily irritated, annoyed, provoked, or thrown into defense mode. It’s also “boner city”, so your passion levels could be markedly increased throughout this transit. A great time to increase your exercise regimen to burn off some steam (and to look good naked.) On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in your polar opposite sign of “Lord of the Nerds” Aquarius, putting your focus squarely on partnerships, significant others, and just “others” in general, the differences between you and them, and how to navigate such vast chasms, via communication. Old chapters end, and new begin, and you could be making some longterm revisions regarding how you approach and communicate with partners/potential partners, on the dating scene, with creative endeavors, or with kids if you’re a parent. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Virgo, in your 2nd house of self esteem, self worth, your value system, earned income, money, and possessions. This buys you time to go over these areas, sorting out things in relation to your money situation, negotiating better deals for yourself, and also what you value (being right? Or being happy? Having more time? Or having more money?  What do you value, why, and how is that working out for you so far? etc..) This also allows you to take a long look at your own self assessment, your self esteem. Do you feel good about yourself? “Yes. My ego is engorged.” Could you feel better? “Yes. I could use more minions to construct a statue of my likeness outside of my apartment building.” On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse occurs in your own gregarious, outgoing, fun loving sign, and boy howdy, are you going to feel it. A planetary stellium forms in your 1st house of identity, so you would be excused if you happen to become even more enamored with yourself.  Something in relation to your belief system, studies, higher learning, and people or matters from a distance, and other cultures, could factor in somehow, possibly having a quite an impact on you. This person/circumstance/situation could be very unconventional, “on the fringe”, weird, “eclectic”, and have you “thinking outside the box” in some way. Or you yourself could be coloring outside the lines. If it’s a person, they could be of a “freak genius” variety, a total weirdo, unusual, probably an alien, (they are NOT normal), perhaps from another culture or at a distance from you (Uranus, 9th house.) Or you could take up a course of study in something “out there”, or endeavor to learn about something you never dreamed you’d ever take any interest in. “WTF am I doing.” Whatever actually is the case, there is something “liberating”, perhaps shocking, and random that transpires at this solar eclipse that takes you out of the “known”, out of your comfort zone, and on to a magic carpet with a monkey wearing a fez. It appears to be an “electrifying” and exciting time. It certainly won’t be a boring time, this much is certain. It looks to be an incredibly high voltage and entertaining time. At month’s end, Venus, planet of love and pleasure, joins Mars, heading into your own sign, to kick off a pleasant (and passionate) period where you’ll enjoy catching glimpses of your own reflection, being in your own skin, and bathing in the pleasures of being you. Praise, gifts, ego stroking, scratches behind your ears, belly rubs, and favors from others can also be a more frequent occurrence during this transit, as people will be more well disposed toward you, (taking some of the edge off of Mars). Being the planet of beauty as well, this portends an excellent time to make aesthetic adjustments, such as wardrobe alterations, or changes in hairstyle, as you’re more likely to be pleased with the results. 

You kick off August in spiritually reflective form, perhaps even feeling somewhat isolated or cut off from others, in the very least, in a rather retiring frame of mind. Perhaps wrapping up or coming to terms with some endings, and feeling less ego motivated and more spiritual and self sacrificing. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit under the weather, or are recovering from something. The 12th house usually portends a period when physical and psychological energy reserves are a bit lower than usual. The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars in your 12th house, creating a peaceful environment at home or with the family for you to retire into, meditate, and generally build up your energy reserves. You could be more desirous of peace and tranquility for much of August, perhaps due to an increasingly hectic schedule, or some other factor that has had you requiring more rest and quietude than usual. Mars in the 12th house can at times be a rather frustrating transit, where drives and desires must be sublimated, or actions you’d like to take can be stifled or delayed, for reasons beyond your control (like an injury or some other limiting circumstance.) Venus in Cancer since the end of July has been blessing up your 11th house of hopes, goals, wishes, friendships, and likeminded groups, where you’ll derive more pleasure from connecting with people or groups on the fringe, or who share similar interests such as a humanitarian cause or something beneficial to the collective. A lovely transit in which your ideals are stoked and you’ll enjoy being a bit more independent and detached, finding safety in numbers. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in Aquarius, in your 6th house of work, health, service, details, diet, fitness, and organization.  Old chapters are ending and new ones beginning, and it appears that whatever culminates in relation to your work/health picture, even if you’re feeling a sense of burnout or a need to lay low, - your wallet is getting fatter. Or, in the very least, your self worth is growing. Or both. Try not to burn the candle at both ends at this full moon, remember to rest, and try not to push your body passed it’s limits. On the 12th, your sign ruler Mercury, stations retrograde in your own sign, where aside from increasing your own nervous energy, and making you feel somewhat frayed around the edges, will buy you time to go over such existential realities as…your identity…Who are you? What are you trying to do? What are you wanting/needing? etc etc..You’ll have a good chunk of time here to be a bit self absorbed and ruminate on your self definition. On the 21st, a new “black moon” in Leo occurs alongside a stellium of planets in your reflective 12th house of solitude. You could be reflecting on some majorly deep things, perhaps in regards to intimacy, merging with others, sex, death, and things shared jointly with others (like secrets, bank accounts, property, nudes, bodily fluids, credit card numbers, sexually transmitted diseases, etc etc..) Possibly, an intimate partner could be helping you through a difficult time, -or-your approach to matters of intimacy/jointly held resources see’s some kind of radical revision or “new era” if you will. You could be feeling rather “experimental”. You could also be healing from something, making some kind of deep, psychological changes in yourself, some of you may be resolving to end a habit or way of thinking or being that has a “radical” or “liberating” impact on your approach to matters of intimacy, jointly held resources, taxes, and issues of mortality. “I’M IMMORTAL MOTHERFUCKERS!!” At month’s end, Venus moves into Leo into your 12th house of endings, retreat, solitude, recovery, selfless sacrifice, secrecy, and spirituality, where you will derive pleasure from quietude and reflection. In some way, circumstances could require you to keep your love/passion hidden, or to wait something out, or offer your love selflessly, expecting nothing in return. It is a good time to just chill back and manage your expectations according to your individual situation, as this house has a tendency to obscure things, blur boundaries, or distort reality. Venus here will at least add more pleasure to any down time, or time alone you are taking for yourself.


You begin August focused on the future and driven toward friendships, hopes, wishes, goals, likeminded people, the collective, humanitarian groups or causes, unconventional freak weirdos, and your social network. You’re certainly passionate about something in regards to friendships or a wish you’d like to see fulfilled, how you would like the future to unfold. The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine the the Sun and Mars in your 11th house as August first begins, making you extra communicative with your friends about whatever has you fired up. Venus in Cancer since the end of July see’s you deriving pleasure from getting ahead, going after your goals, and putting yourself more into the public eye for good PR. Bosses, higher up’s, VIP’s, and authority figures will be more well disposed toward you during this time, and your public image/reputation will look good, (as long as you take care to communicate well and not put your foot in your mouth.) On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse will occur in Aquarius, in your 5th house of creativity, recreation, fun, parties, competition, passion, ego, flirtations, sex, youthful vitality, and children, which will all have your focus at this full moon. Old chapters end and new ones begin to unfurl. Your goals and vision of the future, and the goals of a love interest or child may diverge somehow, but it doesn’t appear to impact your enthusiasm or resolve any. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Virgo, buying you time to ruminate in private, process certain endings, or negotiate behind the scenes. This retrograde will see you keeping many of your thoughts about certain things private, only sharing them with close confidants. The 12th house being a deeply psychological one, and one of healing and recovery,  makes this a good period for psychoanalysis, self help books, therapy, spiritual practices, mysticism, life coaches, and the like. There could be a lot to take in, and Mercury spending a retrograde here should give you plenty of time to process and revise your approach to your inner life, or assimilate all that has transpired. It could also be a time of mental rehabilitation, for instance getting rid of addictive or compulsive, self destructive habits, patterns of thinking or communicating, or even negative, self sabotaging, or addictive forms of psychological consumption. (Drugs, alcohol, porn, mental junk food, forms of escapism, etc etc.)On the 21st, a new “black moon” in Leo occurs in your 11th house of friendships, goals, wishes, humanitarianism, collective consciousness, and the unconventional. You could feel you are in pioneer territory, particularly in regards to your partnerships. There is something incredibly liberating and even “revolutionary” about this new moon.  You could be feeling optimistic, free, and very focused on the future. You and partners are feeling rather independent and yet, it’s weirdly inspiring and energizing. A partner, business or personal, could revolutionize your life in some way, or possibly inspire you on to a less conventional path to your goals. You could meet some inspiring people through your social circle who open up different possibilities for you. At month’s end, Venus moves into charismatic Leo, into your 11th house, where you will derive much pleasure from your friendships, and people and ideas “on the fringe”, the unconventional, the weird, the genius, the unique, and the rebellious. This augurs a period where you will cherish your independence, freedom, and not want to be tied down to anything stuffy, boring, or status quo for very long, as the call of the weird and revolutionary, eclectic people and ideas will appeal. You could benefit through friendships, likeminded groups, and social networking during this period, and if single, meet a love interest through friends or a cause you are involved in.


You kick off August feeling driven and focused on your career, achievement, status, recognition, reputation, public image, and mastery. You could even be feeling rather competitive and fired up about being recognized either on the job, or by someone important to you, or simply in general. There is a definite goal, and you aim to achieve it and conquer it. The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars in your 10th house of status, so you could be raking in some serious dough and fattening up your wallet. This could also be increasing your self esteem and self worth and just have you feeling pretty good about yourself. Serious gains. Venus in Cancer, since the end of July, has had you deriving pleasure from study, higher learning, people and matters at a distance/from other cultures, consciousness expansion, mental and physical travel, and teaching. This transit augers a time where you will really enjoy expanding your mind, and roaming around more freely, perhaps traveling. Meeting others who have something to teach you, as well as being put in situations where you have something to teach others, will be pleasant experiences for you. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius, in your 4th house of home, family, emotions, roots, security, comfort, endings, and your foundations. One chapter is ending and another is beginning. No matter what transpires, it appears that you have behind the scenes help and support, to assist in any transition you could be experiencing. Someone has your back, either family, a friend, an authority figure or VIP (such as a boss) or all of the above. The universe loves you. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Virgo in your 11th house of friendships, ex’s, goals, wishes, likeminded people, groups, the collective, the unconventional, and the future. This portends a good time to go over your associations, past and present. Old friends (or even ex’s) may circulate back into your life during this retrograde, and you could have something to share with them, teach them, or offer them that is helpful, -or they you.  On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, forming what is called a “stellium” in your 10th house of career, reputation, achievement, recognition, status, and your public image. You could certainly be reaching some kind of major milestone at this new moon, and it could involve work, service you provide others, or even a health matter. It looks incredibly good, and an entirely new chapter is kicking off in relation to your health, fitness, diet, work, and routines that is some kind of major big deal of achievement for you. Like..revolutionary. Really liberating, freeing you up somehow in a big way. Nothing will be the same from here on out, and a longterm course is set. At month’s end, Venus will move into Leo, into your 10th house of achievement, where you’ll derive a lot of pleasure from going after your goals. Your public image and reputation will receive a boost during this transit, and you’ll enjoy receiving recognition for a job well done. Higher up’s, VIP’s, and authority figures will be well disposed toward you during this Venus cycle. 


You kick off August super driven and focused on your studies, higher learning, people and places at a distance/from other cultures, consciousness expansion, travel of the mind and body, and wide open spaces. You’re right in your element, and you want to get out of dodge. The moon in your own sign forms a gorgeous trine to the Sun and Mars in your 9th house as August begins. You could be somewhat anxious about your career, public image, reputation, status, “personal brand”, or how you are viewed by the world. Venus in Cancer since the end of July has you deriving much pleasure and personal benefit from deep interactions with others, intimacy, depth psychology, sex, mortality- making even delving into darker psychological territory, the occult, power dynamics, and heavy, loaded exchanges with others a pleasant experience. This Venus transit will have you enjoying sexual intimacy, or in the very least, deriving much pleasure from “investigative” pursuits, and “probing the depths” of life. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius, in your 3rd house of communications, text messages, thought, siblings, neighbors, local travel, and the mind. Old chapters close and new ones open. You could experience an ideological difference of opinion with someone, beliefs could clash in some way, or you feel challenged by a communication you receive. This doesn’t appear to dampen your vision of the future, optimism, or resolve in any way, and if anything, may only wind up strengthening your beliefs, individuality, and collective vision even more.  On the 12th, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo in your 10th house of career, public image, reputation, status, recognition, mastery, and achievement. This buys you some time to go over details related to your “brand”, your PR, and sort out ways in which you can improve things like your business logo, your website, even your social media profiles have an effect on career and how we are perceived. This retrograde cycle will be an excellent time to make revisions to your public image, business card design, or how you project yourself out into the world, and whether you are getting the response you would like, and how well it matches up with who you are now. How to wield more power and influence in the career/reputation/achievement arena, and whether you are being recognized for what you would like to be recognized for, could be issues you ruminate over during this Rx cycle. On the 21st, a new “black moon” in Leo occurs in your 9th house of long distance travel, study, higher learning, consciousness expansion, and people/places/matters from afar/from another culture. This new moon could have you feeling creatively or romantically inspired, and certainly rather footloose and fancy free, not letting any moss grow under your feet. You could be learning or teaching, or bridging a culture gap between yourself and someone you enjoy, perhaps inspired by someone younger, or youthful of spirit, a love interest, or your children if you have them. Your desire for fun and joy in general could simply drive you to travel far from home, or undertake a learning or teaching expedition or consciousness expanding pilgrimage somewhere. You could just do some mushrooms in the woods. I don’t know. By month’s end, Venus moves into Leo, in this same 9th house area, bringing you much pleasure via learning, teaching, travel, and interacting with people at a distance or from other cultures. The call of wide open spaces and philosophical meanderings will have you singing a pleasant tune in the dog days of summer.


You kick off August driven and focused on deeper, darker, more heavy breathing and investigative pursuits. Intimacy, depth psychology, the taboo, occult mysteries of life. If not already partnered, the question “To merge? Or not to merge? If so, how? With whom? When? Where? For how long? Why?”..and other such existential quandaries. If you’re already happily paired, you could feel a bit vulnerable, or exposed,  perhaps some “relationship death anxiety” sets in. “How to prevent it!!? What if I lose interest? What if they lose interest?”The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to the Sun and Mars in your 8th house as August begins, making time alone in quiet solitude, (or with an intimate partner, or someone whom you can share your secrets, fears, and longings with), a soothing, reflective, and inspiring balm. Venus in Cancer, since the end of July, has been blessing up your 7th house of partnerships and others, where you’ll derive pleasure from making connections with other people, focusing on other people, and receiving the benefits of teamwork. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in Aquarius, in your 2nd house of self esteem, self worth, values, earned income, possessions, and money. An old chapter is ending and a new one beginning. In spite of any existential dread from/or around the areas of intimacy/intimate partners, or any latent vulnerability you (may?) be feeling, things look really good for your career, reputation, and earnings, and you’ve got solid support from someone behind the scenes. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in fellow earth sign Virgo, and this augers a period where you can go over studies, or beliefs, or negotiations with people/matters at a distance. Perhaps a period of absorbing the details of some pretty consciousness expanding experiences, or communications with people far away is called for during this retrograde. This Mercury transit buys you some time to absorb it all. On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse in Leo occurs, forming a flaming stellium of planets in your 8th house of intimacy, merging, transformation, sex, death, fear of loss, energetic exchange, things shared jointly with another (such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, property, secrets, nudes, power, control, bodily fluids, sexually transmitted diseases, passwords, etc..) This house can be rather macabre, heavy handed, and loaded, and it looks like something regarding your home, family, family dynamic, your roots, security, and the past is seeing a revolution. Maybe you are breaking free of some shitty dynamics or outworn emotional patterns once and for all, either in the family, or in regards to people or matters from the past. An intensely liberating experience could be brought to you through a family member or your home that could shock you awake to something that irrevocably changes something forever. It looks good for your psychological health, whatever the hell this is. Hopefully there is no conflict , as Mars is here, so tread carefully. You could just be getting hot and heavy with a partner, exploring the depths with them. It looks intense, exciting, and not to be dramatic or anything, but actually pretty life changing, as this is the house of transformation after all, and typically transformations here are of a permanent nature. Some of you might just be investing in a home together with an intimate partner. Come month’s end, Venus moves into charismatic Leo, into this highly transformative 8th house, where you’ll derive much pleasure from whatever heavy breathing, life or death, deep deepness you begat at the new moon. Damn. I don’t even know what to say. Enjoy your freaky naughty foray into the taboo.. or.. something. Joint investments? I don’t know, this house is complex. With Venus here though, it’s got to be good.

You kick off August driven and focused on partnerships and the others/potential others in your life. Interactions with others can be highly charged, and you may be experiencing other people as certainly being more assertive with you, (or you with them, or both.) Mars here can potentiate the increased possibility of interpersonal conflict, so do watch out for that, and strive to maintain diplomacy. The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to both the Sun and Mars as August begins, highlighting your focus on friendships, hopes, wishes, groups you belong to, and a larger collective vision. You could be seeking to partner up with those who share your vision of the future, whether for business or personal reasons, these shared ideals are important to you. Perhaps your scanning your friendship circle for potential partners? One can only speculate…Venus in Cancer since the end of July has found you deriving more pleasure on the job, or from focusing your attention on improving yourself and everyone and everything around you. Health, diet, fitness, hygiene, efficiency, selfless service, and organization will enhance your capacity to experience pleasure during this transit. You could even enjoy solving the problems and crises of others during this period. Take care not to become a doormat.  On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in your own sun sign, placing the lunar climax in your 1st house of identity, self. One chapter closes and another opens. This could potentially produce slight feelings of vulnerability, as the Moon is a luminary body presiding over our emotions, and our sense of security. When Luna occupies our own sign, it can leave us feeling rather exposed, or more in the spotlight than we would perhaps prefer. There could be grating differences between you and certain others that seem to get under your skin. These could be superficial differences, or outright differences in agendas, or beliefs, that require acceptance, tolerance, and working around somehow. It appears that you may be the one who has to yield, compromise, and bend like a willow, but your ability to do so will set an example, garnering you more influence or persuasive power in the future. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Virgo, in your 8th house of intimacy, merging, taxes, transformation, sex, death, energetic exchange, fear of loss, and things shared jointly with others, (such as property, bank accounts, secrets, power, control, resources, passwords, nudes, bodily fluids, and sexually transmitted diseases.) This ushers in a period appropriate for going over and sorting out “life or death issues”, where you could be preoccupied with rather loaded thoughts or having heavy conversations that could breach vulnerable or “taboo” topics. You could also be in a rather investigative frame of mind during this retrograde, probing life’s depths with the intense tenacity of a depth psychologist. No stone will be off limits to turn over in your mind. This is also a good time to revise your approach to intimacy from a communication standpoint. How you connect to others, how much to share about yourself. This house is very “all or nothing”, so you’ll want to be sure you have cultivated an appropriate amount of trust, lest you let down your guard and give away the farm to the wrong people. On the 21st, a new “black moon” solar eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, forming a stellium of planets in your 7th house of significant others, partnership, diplomacy, and teamwork.  You could receive news or some form of communication, perhaps from someone at a distance, or from another culture, or while traveling, that could be shocking, liberating, and electrifying all at once, potentially changing your outlook on partnerships significantly for a long time to come. Needless to say, your focus will be squarely on the “others” in your life at this solar eclipse, and whatever transpires blasts open doors and lays down some longterm foundations. Seeing as how your own planetary ruler, Uranus, is so prominently involved in this eclipse, and it takes place in your opposite sign, you will surely feel it’s effects. Due to the nature of your ruler, there’s really no telling where this is heading, only one thing can be said with certainty, and that is that it is sure to be interesting, liberating, and “next level’, as regards communications and goings on with other people in your life. This is a whole new revolutionary chapter being set. Come month’s end, Venus moves into Leo, placing her into your 7th house of others, where she will bring a great deal of pleasure to whatever has transpired under the solar eclipse. Your dealings with other people will certainly be more harmonious, and a “sweetness” will be sensed in your interactions. It will also be exciting, and rather unpredictable as well, as an air of liberty, independence, the unconventional, the random, and even genius, will be apparent within your dealings with others in the dog days of summer. 


You kick off August driven and focused on your work, health, fitness, nutrition, details, crisis prevention/resolution, pets, and routine. The Sun/Mars conjunction in this area can certainly be energizing, and can sometimes bring so many details to handle all at once that it can feel overwhelming, so hopefully you’re keeping a good work/life balance, and taking extra care of your bod. The moon in Sagittarius forms a gorgeous trine to the Sun and Mars as August begins, placing you in the public eye in some way for the services you perform for others, perhaps giving you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your abilities in some way. Great for your street creds/reputation/career. Venus in Cancer since the end of July has had you deriving more pleasure from creative expression, fun, parties, love, children if you have them, recreation, competition/competitive sports, artistic appreciation, lightheartedness, and good old fashioned entertainment. On the 7th, a full moon partial eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius, in your 12th house of retreat, solitude, recovery, secrecy, escapism, spirituality, mysticism, and psychological health. An old chapter ends, and a new one unfurls. This full moon could bring with it a slight feeling of “burn out”, so take care to give yourself the rest and quietude you need, and take a mental health day.. if you have that option. There could be a lot going on, and it could have you feeling a need to recuperate, in order to handle all the details, crises, or mini crises coming up, as your routine could become increasingly demanding this month. It’s wise to prepare thyself whilst you can.. On the 12th, Mercury stations retrograde in your opposite sign of Virgo, in your 7th house of others. This buys you some extra time to sort out details regarding your communications and dealings with others, partners, both business and personal. There could be some kinks to work out in negotiations with partners, partners in crime, partners in business, partners in life. This retrograde will give you a chance to get on the same page and work out logistics with others. There is a lot to assimilate, process, and take in. This is a good time to revise your approach to the relationships in your life, how you communicate with partners/others, how you listen, and whether you’re being interpreted the way in which you intend. On the 21st, a new “black moon” in Leo occurs, forming a stellium of planets in your 6th house of work, service, health, diet, fitness, hygiene, routine, details, crisis, and organization. This energy is highly charged, and you could find yourself incredibly busy, either at work, or with something regarding your health, fitness, diet, and routine. Something that transpires around this time could significantly change your approach to your work or health that has a liberating or dare I say, “revolutionizing” impact on your self esteem, self worth, values, bank account, or how you earn money, well into the future. This could be as simple as translating your value system over into praxis somehow, or perhaps you take on a client through someone you or a partner know, or a friend of a friend, who adds some significant padding to your wallet, or makes you feel incredibly good about yourself and what you do, livening up your daily routine to no end. Come month’s end, Venus, planet of love, pleasure, money, and values, shifts into charismatic Leo, placing the goddess of all that is pleasant in your 6th house of work, health, diet, fitness, and routine. This adds further pleasantness to whatever transpired here at the solar eclipse, bringing increased sweetness, ease, and even excitement, liberation (due to her impending harmonious relation to Uranus) to your daily routines, work day,  and approach to health, diet, and fitness.


  1. I only read horoscope for fun and to know what each sign’s personality traits are. I never knew it involved analyzing of so many aspects.

  2. Although you have explained everything with great details and facts yet still I can not make myself have faith in astrology. I hope someone can compel me to think otherwise.


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