April 2017 Horoscopes

The beginning of April has an oddly reflective, laser focus about it, fueled by the forward motion of cardinal fire, and the measured pace and utter (no pun intended) realism of Mars in Taurus. This realism is further accentuated by Mercury’s trine to Saturn. (This is where the laser focus comes in). The reflections are spurred on by retrograde Venus backtracking into otherworldly Pisces, to revisit the past, and ruminate over endings, and that which is intangible. The very beginning of April starts out with a square between Jupiter and Pluto, which could mean irreconcilable differences in agendas, or simply just quite a bit of internal psychological pressure. In the very least, this will ultimately cause breakthroughs of one kind or another. The day of Mercury’s retrograde station (April 9), seems to have quite a lot of opinions to add to Venus’ ensuing reflective agenda. On this day, the Moon will be entering into partnership oriented Libra, opposing Venus, while Venus herself is still sextile Mars in pragmatic, “show me the money” Taurus, and square Saturn in Sagittarius. Not only does this emphasize a distinctive “relationship centric” analysis and review, but it suggests very specifically that anything less than “the real deal” simply doesn’t pass the litmus test, does not pass go, (and certainly won’t be collecting 200 dollars.) There is a relentless scrutiny about these maths, an analysis of interactions, something that speaks of having learned the hard way that fantasies, flattery, pretty masks, imaginings, promises, and sweet nothings in and of themselves do not build sturdy castles suitable for high tide, and much like smoke rings, cannot be grasped or taken to the bank. They are a currency with no backing, (much like the US dollar.) This suggests that anything that doesn’t pass a reality test simply doesn’t warrant any significant attention. If it failed the reality test previously, there’s really no reason to go backwards to pour energy into it, unless it’s to figure out “where to from here.”  If you already know, -just keep trudging forward, and stay resolute. Mercury starts to go forward into Taurus, hinting at a finished product from all the thoughts and new beginnings that have been hatched and percolated at the Aries new Moon, but, inevitably slips back into impulsive Aries as it’s retrograde deepens. This is akin to a glassblower that felt their piece wasn’t quite done, and hence, back into the flame it goes, for further perfecting. With Venus dipping backward into Pisces amidst all this, some relationships or situations simply need to dissolve and be let go of, moved on from, chapters ended and completed once and for all, never to be returned to.  A sacrifice to be made so that one can move forward, unencumbered.  Other’s may find themselves going backwards to revisit what they now feel were hasty decisions on their part, hoping to resurrect something from the dead, or in the very least, salvage what they can from the ruins. Conversely, many people will use this time to further crystalize the forward moving path they are already on, seeing trips to the past, even if only in memory or sentiment, as further affirmation of their new path. You’re either stubbornly moving forward or stubbornly clinging to the past, (or a puzzling mixture of both.) Alternatively, this could also suggest an intent striving toward making something fantastical manifest into the material realm. To actualize some long held fantasy, dream, or ideal. If this involves other people in any way, reality checks will be imminent, as the Universe is going out of it’s way to expose inauthenticity, to dispel of distractions, illusions, deceptions, dead ends, unnecessary expenditures of time, energy, and resources, and pie in the sky thinking that has no basis in truth or reality, (and hence no chance to grow corn or bear fruit.) Quite simply, the time for “fucking around” has long since passed, so if you plan on doing that, you’ve already missed the bus. Venus Rx in Pisces could bring the tail end of this “ magic bus” filled with missed, sabotaged, or passed over opportunities in to full view. -In either case, whatever it is you are intending to make manifest will require you to zero in your focus and tune out the extraneous, intangible longings and fantasies attempting to beg you away from mission control, and if anything, use any as yet unrealized fantasy as further fuel for your concrete achievements, as opposed to a distraction away from them. If it (or they) are not in alignment with your mission statement, and don’t propel you forward into growth, carefully consider the necessity or relevance of any further involvement. The trine Mercury makes to Saturn will encourage concentration as well as economy of thought and communication. It’s an aspect that isn’t keen to waste time, thought, or words, and combined with Venus squaring Saturn, this brings relationships (business, financial, personal) under potentially cold and clinical analysis. 

FULL MOON, APRIL 11th 2017:
The full Moon on April 11th falls in late Libra, creeping into 0 degrees Scorpio by 5 PM PST.  Last months full moon brought our attention to health, work, service. This month, it illuminates relationships, partnerships, (business or personal.) The fact that this culminates in the late degrees of Libra, I’m going to assume the emphasis is more distinctly personal, however. This full Moon will oppose the Sun and Uranus in Aries, as well as retrograde Mercury in 4 degrees Taurus. The climax of the moon is *just barely* in Libra. Making up for that is the fact that both the Sun and Moon will be squaring up to Pluto. Fantastic. This lends a secret (or not so secret) power, depth, drama, and intensity to the lunar climax. It’s saving grace is a sextile to Saturn, whom Mercury is also forming a trine with, forcing people into transmuting their demons accordingly. (For now, anyway.)

As we deepen further into April, the landscape shifts significantly, and texture and complexity replaces the more matter of fact strivings of Mars in Taurus. On April 21, Mars heads into mercurial, dualistic Gemini. Gemini is fun, airy, flighty, nimble, and quick, so you would think things become more lighthearted and geared toward uncomplicated, superficial amusement, with a propensity toward light mental sparring (Mars.) For the most part, this is true, and it even enters into positive relations with Jupiter, which is fantastic and over all morale boosting due to the sheer expansive optimism this lends to proceedings. Excellent for networking and expanding your reach. -However- this same day, Mercury, (Gemini’s ruler), who goes retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus early evening on April 9th, and backs into Aries, by this point, in Aries (29 degrees) squares up to Pluto. I chuckle to myself (admittedly a bit nervously) when I look at this aspect. This aspect can make people a bit paranoid, anxious, or obsessive about something or someone. Paranoid about being lied to, paranoid about being exposed as a liar, paranoid about gossip. It can compel people to spy on others, stalk their social media profiles, lurking, creeping, obsessing, etc, and just generally create some anxiety, or put people “on tenterhooks” about something. It can even cause people to be rather ruthless in their communications, or communication styles. This aspect is prone to create obsessive stalker vibes in certain instances, and makes it more difficult to accept things or people at face value. “Have a nice day!” can trigger a mental response like “What did he/she *really* mean by that?” under this aspect. It can also create an environment rife with mental manipulation, (or manipulation through communication). Bringing to light the power dynamics that lie behind what you share and what you withhold from others in communication can be a huge part of this aspect. Mars in Gemini will certainly ramp up communications, as well as the tendency to juggle more than one situation, relationship, conversation, idea, etc, at a time. Regardless of how it manifests for you personally, the drive toward multitasking, communication, text messages, information, assimilation, thinking, back and forth, exchange of ideas, short distance travel, etc will become a more prominent necessity overall during this transit. Combined with Gemini’s ruler squaring up to Pluto, for the lesser evolved types, this can also stoop into the terrain of gossip, talking behind people’s backs, and being overly concerned with what other people are up to. This potential proclivity aside, this square lends a general power, depth, nervousness, and intensity to people’s thoughts, communications, and information dispersed and received. There could be something “taboo”  “under the radar” “powerful”, “heavy hitting” or “secretive” about certain exchanges. In either case, it points to deep transformations of, and facilitated by, the mind, communications, how we go about our communications, commerce, and our overall mental landscape, even our social media/internet presence. Fortunately the trine Mercury makes to Saturn is unrelenting throughout this retrograde, helping people to “check themselves before they wreck themselves.”  Due to the fact that Mercury will be retrograde, in Aries, while making this prolonged and obsessive square to power broker Pluto  (all the way through to May 14), this adds “impulsiveness” to “compulsiveness”, so it’s nice to see Saturn is overseeing the proceedings with a watchful eye, like a benevolent officer of Higher Law, armed with a bow and arrow. Again, if you’re hoping to “get away with something” in 2017, -don’t count on it. You’re better off being above board as opposed to machiavellian, because people will see right through you regardless of how clever you think you’re being. 

NEW MOON, APRIL 26, 2017: 
The new Moon falls in Taurus, and this looks to be a rather pleasing, productive, positive, and dare I say powerful new moon. Last month’s new moon was incredibly potent, planting powerful new beginnings with the “chariot of fire” that was all that Aries energy. New beginnings were seeded.  This month’s new moon, there is a practical slant. It looks good! It makes me think of the “Ace of Pentacles” in the Tarot when I look at it. The Sun and Moon will be in conjunction with one another, working harmoniously to achieve tangible benefit, in cohesion with Mercury and Saturn, who of course is still trine to Uranus.. I like the look of this, as it suggests positive (even tangible) gain through the application discipline, consistency, economy, -as well as innovation. Now, without further ado, I’ll get into April for the 12 signs.

*Horoscopes by Sun and rising sign can be fun, informative, and helpful, but the accuracy is limited, as it is only based on your Sun, moon, and/or rising sign, rather than your full natal chart, based on the position of celestial bodies in relation to the Earth at your birth. This provides astrologers with much more information to work with, and in turn, they can provide you with a more personalized interpretation.  If you would like to book a private reading with me, contact Amylia Willard through Facebook messenger, or, if you don't have a Facebook, email me at amyliawillard@gmail.com.*

ARIES/ARIES RISING: Until the 21st, you ruler, Mars will have you in a frank and down to earth modality, driven toward boosting your earnings, increasing your self worth, boosting your resources, and standing up for your values. Slow and steady growth is the modus operandi. The first week could see you working up to feel rather sporty, spunky, and playful, in the very least, desirous of lighthearted and adventurous fun, and slightly more outgoing, in spite of Venus slipping back into your 12th house of seclusion. Enjoy these playful vibes, but take care to avoid ideological conflicts with partners, they may not be precisely on the same page just yet, perhaps they are just feeling more retiring and have some things they’d like to take care of in private. By the time the first weekend of April rolls around, maybe consider taking some of that extra buoyant energy and putting it into health, fitness, and organization…a little spring cleaning, invite your partner to work up a sweat with you if you have one. Keep the positive momentum going Aries, because it’s only going to get livelier (and busier and chattier.)  On the 10th, the moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra, suggesting some significant going’s on with partners (or prospective partners). The full Moon on April 11th falls in late Libra at the tail end of your partnership oriented 7th house. This could be intense, and for better or worse, be visible in some way, or involve a boss, authority figure, your reputation, or your career somehow. The trine the Sun and Moon are making to Saturn suggests it’s ultimately all good, just stay on the straight and narrow and apply diligence and discipline. This could involve matters and people at a distance or higher learning in some way, but the focus of this full moon is on partners specifically. You could receive communique from a partner, potential partner, (or even just a Libra) that maybe causes tension, unsettles you, or rubs you the wrong way. Whatever it is, stay cool. By the 21st, emphasis shifts quite a bit with your ruler Mars moving into Gemini. You’ll still be focused on the slow growth of resources with the Sun now in Taurus in your 2nd house to take the place of Mars, but now you’ll be chatty Cathy, passionately driven toward communications, local travel, networking, dispersing, receiving, and assimilating information. This could increase contact with siblings and neighbors as well. Things lighten up considerably with Mars here, communications with partners, collaborators, and/or prospective partners are more upbeat and engaging, in the very least, the impact of your communications can considerably uplift others. Mercury’s square to Pluto however, could give you a pretty intense public persona without even trying. (Watch out for stalkers, just saying.) It could have you looking over your shoulder, feeling like you’re being watched, or just feeling paranoid or obsessed about your reputation, status, career, or just a boss, higher up, or authority figure (police? *nervous laughter*) Maybe you feel in the dark about something or wonder if there’s a smear campaign of your good name or something. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or saying, the universe doles out justice accordingly. Just do you, and stay true to your principals, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. The new moon on the 26th looks good for your self worth, money, earned income, and stability. It’s in Taurus in your 2nd house, conjunct the Sun. All your networking, communicating, and matters and people at a distance, (or all of your dedication to your studies and higher learning) could be paying off handsomely, even going so far as to boost your street creds and reputation. Right on Aries. There could be some unhappy camper to contend with at the very end of the month…don’t let this break your stride, you’ll have Venus going forward (direct and strong) in your sign, so, as they say, “ kill ‘em with kindness”…

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: As we begin April, your ruler Venus finally begins leaving your 12th house of seclusion, heading backward into your 11th house of friendships, hopes, wishes, dreams, likeminded souls, and social networking. This lightens things up considerably, reconnecting you to your aspirations and dreams again. The first week of April see’s you feeling like hunkering down and getting cozy at home with your fam or just general emotional comforts, maybe to shake off a funk, in preparation to retire your grumpy glasses to embrace the full spectral glory that is spring time. It also see's you more talkative, communicative, as Mercury slips into your sign for a brief "hello" before it retrogrades back into Aries. Enjoy connecting and conversing and being a chatty Cathy. I know Mars can make you feel feistier or grumpier than usual when it’s in your sign and in hard aspect to the moon for instance. If you feel heated or frustrated about anything, people will certainly know about it with Mercury pairing up with Mars in your sign...You'll be more assertive in communications, that's for sure.  If there is a funk, such funks will pass, stay in and nourish your health if people are getting on your nerves. You’ll be feeling friskier and more outgoing by the first weekend of April. It can take a minute to shake off the impact of your ruler chilling in the reclusive 12th house…and not to spook you, but….she’ll be back at the end of April, so enjoy the reprieve. On the 10th, the moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra in your 6th house of work, service, health, routine, fitness, diet, pets, rations, details, Virgo’s, and organization. Something significant can occur here. You could receive support through a friend. The full moon on the 11th is intense, and takes place in late Libra at the tail end of your 6th house. Your health, work, service, pets, routine, and details are highlighted specifically, but deep intimate partners could factor into this somehow, and impact your beliefs pretty strongly. Or, conversely, your beliefs about intimacy in general could be impacted, (let’s hope not for the worse.) Something could come to light that shocks you, or you have a sudden psychological realization. This all plays into your 6th house, so this ultimately revolves around health, routines, or work or any one of these 6th house issues, but these other life areas I mention factor into it somehow. The sun and moon both squaring up to Pluto suggest your beliefs as pertains to psychological and physical health are challenged at this full moon, you could be trying to get to the bottom of something here. The sun and moon also trine up to Saturn at this full moon, so intimate partners, (or anyone who you can get super deep with), could be a rock for you to lean on if you need it.  I’m listening to Trent Reznor as I type this, he’s a Taurus, and he say’s “Give it to me, I can take it.” Taurus is metal af. You’re tough as nails, but don’t be so tough you don’t ask for support if you need it, because Trent also say’s “without you, it’s not as much fun to pick up the pieces.”.. (Trent also say’s other things, like “I won’t let you fall apart” and “I want to fuck you like an animal.” and “this isn’t meant to last, this is for right now”…Ahem… Moving on to the 21st, the emphasis shifts considerably. Mars moves out of your sign, and into Gemini, into your 2nd house of self worth, earned income, possessions, and values. This is excellent news, not just for your wallet, but also for your health and work situation, Taurus, as it puts Mars into positive relation to Jupiter in your 6th house. You will be driven to increase your self worth and income, FTW! You could feel some creeping psychological paranoia or obsession about beliefs, higher learning, or matters/people at a distance however. You could just be studying something or someone in secret and don’t want anyone to know, or something you’re processing psychologically is causing you paranoia, obsession, compulsion, and hence, you study or look to higher learning/spirituality/people or matters at a distance to center yourself, like a boss. The new moon on the 26th falls in your own sign, conjunct the Sun, in your 1st house of identity. This looks good, oh horned one, especially for deep connections, beliefs, people and matters at a distance, friendships, hopes, and wishes.  You’re not out of the woods completely yet, there’s still some weirdness to navigate, (much of it internally generated, some of it external and beyond your control)  but- you can rest assured you’re not alone in navigating this years weirdness. At least by April’s end, your ruler is going forward (and only forward)…this means she’ll visit you after Aries..Keep your head up, there’s much to look forward to yet.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: As we kick off April, the moon is in your sign, harmonizing with Jupiter in your 5th house. This (kind of) gives you a taste of things to come. Although having the moon in your sign can sometimes make you feel more energetically vulnerable and retiring, it’s relation to Jupiter in your 5th engenders an undeniable twinkle in the eye of playful mischievousness. Prepare yourself for later in the month, as you’ll be getting a dose of what I like to call “cosmic crack.”…(more on that later). With Venus inching back into Pisces in the first week, back into your 10th house of mastery, fame, reputation, career, and achievement, you’ll be back on a more visible charm offensive. Venus here also increases the potential of becoming smitten with powerful, influential types. Pisces is about endings and dissolution, so something about your status, public persona, career, and reputation could be coming to an end to be born anew. The first weekend of April could see you wanting to hunker down at home with creature comforts. Perhaps you’re keeping more to yourself, having to bite your tongue in some way, engaging in some kind of self censorship that makes you want to burst out of your own chest (like Predator.) Rest assured, that someone (a partner/potential partner) “get’s” you. Kind of a telepathic connection going on here. Come the 10th, the moon and Jupiter conjunct in your 5th house. This portends significant developments in your sector of joy, creativity, children, recreation, sex, parties, and lovers. This is your fun zone, and could be very inspiring. The full moon climaxes here on the 11th in late Libra. It’s rather intense really, given it’s relation to Pluto. There’s an element of “power” to proceedings. Tension has been culminating in your friendship, hopes, dreams, wishes, like minded souls sector. Something deep is happening as far as your future goals are concerned, and it’s transforming your deep, intimate enmeshments. As it’s a Libra full moon, (almost Scorpio), naturally this makes whatever transpires have a distinctly “relationship-centric” theme, so their could be some negotiating, shifting, and maneuvering involved when it comes to the power dynamics between you and others. Something’s gotta give, you could feel a need for more freedom acutely, wanting to burst out of your cocoon and be an unlimited creative beast in full throttle freak mode, free to make the connections that most inspire you and inject life force into your veins, and it’s very possible you’ve been cooking things up behind the scenes in your minds eye for quite some time, plotting and envisioning a more self empowered, self directed era. This could involve teaming up with or being in the vicinity of someone you consider powerful, -all signs point to “go for it.” On the 21st, the landscape shifts considerably. Mars kicks up your adrenal glands into 5th gear, and you’re no longer content to repress yourself any longer. You could be networking with some freak types, unconventional, “out of the box” characters, gravitating toward powerful people, to make power moves with them. The draw to fly your freak flag at full mast is very strong. The sun in Taurus in your 12th house tells me this either has a spiritual component, or you could be having to be a bit “secretive” or low key about some of this. You could feel compulsive, obsessive, (or paranoid) toward someone in your friendship circle, or perhaps about how the pursuit of your goals and wishes impacts a partner. You’re certainly not trying to hurt anyone, but you can’t help what you feel. I say this because of the square between Mercury and Pluto I elaborated a bit on in the general synopsis of April. It doesn’t exactly create the most “straight forward” vibe, and perhaps there’s a reason you feel you can’t exactly be “straight forward”, but the intensity of this aspect between your ruling planet and Pluto is undeniable. The new moon on the 26th occurs in Taurus in your mystical 12th house of secrets, seclusion, and endings. Combined with everything else, you could be feeling a bit like a double agent, but it all appears to be heading in a positive direction, as far as keeping things smooth with partners/and or forming new constructive partnerships go. Your silver tongue appears to serve you well, in spite of some definite tension/conflict of interest between your drive toward an influential and powerful personality/and or achievement, and what significant others seem to want or expect from you. The new moon seems overall positive. At the end of the month, Venus, (no longer retrograde) begins it’s forward motion through Aries, to head back through your friendships, hopes, wishes, and networking sector, to reconnect with a friend that maybe you see romantic potential in, or just your dreams and your true wishes in general, overall. It’s all forward motion from here, but once she eventually reaches Taurus, a period of retreat, seclusion, endings, and/or secrecy commences when it comes to your romantic life. What matters is that no matter what, you are really true to yourself, so that you can say you never compromised the authenticity of your real longings and desires and “sold out”, but rather-that you “souled out,” and really, truly lived, following your own compass, heart, and internal promptings, -not someone else’s agenda and expectations.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: You kick off April 1st feeling rather reflective, perhaps wanting to cozy up at home, enjoying creature comforts and family, with the middle of the first week emphasizing thoughts about how you can boost earnings. Mars in Taurus still has you focused on “community building” and networking. By the first weekend of April, you’re communicative and in networking mode, shmoozing with friends and coworkers, or schmoozing with friends and focused on improvements in health, fitness, and organization. Balancing plates between the world of outer achievement and the inner world of comfort, family, security, and home. Maybe you’re preparing to get “beach body” ready for the warmer weather, I don’t know, I just had to make reading this horoscope awkward for you for a second, because writing this shit is a lot of free labor, and I’m a busy boss lady. Speaking of exercise, I’ve been at writing for a super long time, a sedentary activity.  Balance is important. I’ll be right back,..*Jogs to the definitive edition of NIN’s the fragile.* Ok I’m back, feelin’ solid. Venus slides back into Pisces at the beginning of April, where you’ll derive more pleasure from exploring your beliefs, and that of other peoples/other cultures. Venus here uses love as an agent of consciousness expansion. There could be something about your beliefs coming to an end as well, or in the very least, healing/growing, as Pisces is about endings, and tends to dissolve things, (least of all,  boundaries.)  On the 10th, your ruling luminary conjuncts Jupiter in your 4th house of home, security, family, emotions, and comfort, in the partner oriented sign of Libra. Something is definitely expansive and optimistic here, but could also be challenging and transforming your approach to partnerships in some way. The full moon climaxes here in your home and family sector on the 11th in late Libra. From the looks of it, you really are “spinning plates.” It’s a good thing the moon, Mercury and sun are both cozy with Saturn in your 6th house, because you’ll need all the efficiency you can muster to keep this all in the air. It looks like you’re on an improvement kick across the board. You could either receive a curve ball from a boss or authority figure, or you’re just really having to innovate as far as your public life, mastery, status, achievement, and career goes. Your focus on your public life might also be cutting into your need for cozy down time with fam or at home, and maybe you’re having to think about transforming your approach to partners so you can balance everything out and still have time to broaden your vision, “community build”, and network with friends to spread your net wide, in order to increase your reach of influence and climb the ladder of self mastery and success. “Plate spinning” is the main phrase that keeps coming to mind when I look at this, so excuse the redundancy. Hopefully no fights at home or with family break out. You’re a crab, you’ll manage regardless. By the 21st, the landscape shifts significantly. Mars begins to slip out of your networking, community and friendships sector and into your 12th house of seclusion. I call this the “anger management” transit, as Mars doesn’t really like being here all that much, because it feels “stifled” and “repressed.” In Gemini, you could be in two minds about something, and not quite sure how to express it, so maybe you just keep it to yourself. Mars in the 12th is great if you imagine you’re an actor, behind the curtain, backstage, practicing your lines and “getting into character.” It’s best to just use this transit in service to others or some higher goal, otherwise it could manifest as using indirect (i;e secretive) means to achieve one’s  desires and aims. Mars is about the ego, and the 12th house totally dissolves that, and tells you to shave your head and wear the same shabby robe every day in the spirit of selfless service. Mars is like “WTF is this? I have so much shit to conquer, you have no idea”, and the 12th house is like “Yes my son. I understand. But first, you must serve the needy and less fortunate, you must fast and pray. Hold my rosary son…It’s heavy, and I am weak and feeble and in need of rest.” Other planets are happy to serve in Neptune’s monastery, but Mars always rolls his eyes and is like “UGH…FINE.” Mercury square Pluto could make you feel “under the watchful eye” of partners, maybe a tad paranoid about what they think about your goings on, or maybe they are a tad paranoid about you. Perhaps your focus on outer achievement, -and friendships, hopes, wishes, and networking (as by now the Sun will be in Taurus in your 11th house to take the place of Mars) is making them feel a bit left in the cold, and you’re trying your best not to appear distant or uninvolved. I only say this because this aspect tends to produce paranoia, anxiety, and/or obsessiveness in people, I elaborated a bit on it in my synopsis of April. If you find this to be the case, just do your best to be extra reassuring to your partner. The new moon on the 26th falls in Taurus, conjunct the sun in your 11th house. This house is fun, unconventional. You know, because Mars was just here. Typically people tend to want more room to breath when planets/luminaries occupy it, and really want to focus on networking, branching out, connecting with like minds. I like the way this new moon looks, it’s in good relation to Saturn so it seems like you have a good grasp on balance between service to others, time management, efficiency, the details of existence, and a larger, more universal vision. Venus will be going (officially) forward 100 percent, no longer retrograde, and at the end of April will be inching back into your 10th house of reputation, mastery, fame, and achievement. Prepare to bask in yet more accolades and be in the good favor of powerful figures once again. She’ll be direct, so ham it up, and polish that P.R, Crab.

LEO/LEO RISING: As we kick off April, you seem to be focused on friends from a distance, or from another culture, maybe communicating about plans you’re making to travel or study and broaden the mind, let your hair down, and get more culture and wide open spaces in your life. Mid week see’s the moon in your sign, forming a trine to the sun in your 9th house of travel, higher learning, study, open spaces, exploring, and consciousness broadening ideas, so you’re resolute about this, regardless of what other people think, (and it appears that may be a concern for some of you, but you’re asserting yourself regardless, and it feels good.) “You don’t know me!” Drudgery kills the soul.  Mars still has you putting yourself out there more, and focused on boosting your street creds and getting public recognition, or just more driven and competitive in your career, more brazen about getting concrete results in sharing what it is you do with the public. Whatever Venus in Pisces has you focused on, going over, and possibly letting go of, (as Venus slinks back into this sign at the beginning of April), in your heavy breathing 8th house of sex, death, intimacy, shared resources, and energetic exchange, is somehow further propelling you further toward achievement. By the first weekend of April, even though it’s the weekend, you’ve got money on the mind, and could receive good news from a higher up, boss, authority figure, or someone you consider powerful and influential, or something goes well that boosts your public persona (and self esteem.) Maybe you’re just coming across as more confident and masterful in expressing yourself, your creativity, etc.. and it’s good for your P.R, (and possibly even your wallet.)  On the 10th, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication. You could be engaged in some pretty significant back and forth with someone, or maybe receive some kind of “big” news, that although is overall positive, is also somehow challenging. It seems to bode well for your self confidence, sense of fun, self expression, creativity, sex, children, recreation, and flirtation sector. The full Moon climaxes in your communication sector in late Libra on the 11th, so whatever it is you’re communicating or thinking about has significant implications, that open things up and expand things quite a bit in an optimistic way. It could be some powerful stuff. If you have an intimate partner, these communications could perhaps clash with their expectations of you, or they could make you feel inhibited somehow, or maybe something is stopping you from expressing yourself as spontaneously and freely as you would like toward someone you have really deep feelings for. There could be a lot of local travel, or talks with siblings, neighbors, locals, or people far away. This could be big, but challenge you to transform your approach to health, service, details, work, pets, your routine, (or a Virgo.) Something is dramatically changing and transforming in your 6th house, and it could be due to something you learn that alters your beliefs or philosophy, -or due to travel, or matters/people at a distance/from other cultures. Shift happens, Leo. On the 21st, the landscape alters considerably. By this point the Sun has reached 1 degree Taurus and has begun moving into your 10th house to take the place of Mars, so you’ll still be focused on your reputation, but now Mars will make you more driven toward your dreams, hopes, wishes, goals, networking, friendships, and like minded souls. You’re going to be future oriented during this transit, and wanting the space to do your own thing, uninhibited by other people’s (or societies) conventions and moral codes. You’ll be more assertive toward your friends and groups you’re involved in, and they could be more assertive toward you in turn. There could be a hope or wish you long to fulfill. If you have a partner, they might not be in total agreement with your plans, but people at a distance or from other cultures seem pleased with your modus operandi. Mercury square Pluto might have you paranoid, O.C.D, or obsessive about communications from a distance, health, work, pets, details, routines,..Maybe you feel “monitored” by someone at work, (or you’re just having a prolonged hypochondriac moment?) Mercury square Pluto could mean that something at a distance clashes with something in your daily life, perhaps you’re trying to figure out what (or who) to really believe, or you’re telling someone at a distance one thing, and telling someone in your daily life or at work something else. This could even just be intensive, detailed study. It could manifest in numerous ways, but involves your 6th and 9th houses. (Read the synopsis I wrote for April for more depth on this particular aspect.) The New Moon on the 26th falls in Taurus, conjunct the Sun in your super visible 10th house. I like the look of this new moon, the sun, Mercury, and moon are in cooperative relation to Saturn. You could see a new beginning related to tangible reward and recognition for your own creative mastery/self expression. Your skills might be in the spotlight in some way, as the 10th house is very much “in the public eye.” Venus (no longer retrograde at this point) will be going forward through your 9th house of exploration, study, travel, higher learning, people and places at a distance, and other cultures again, and this time she won’t be turning back, which means that eventually, she’ll be blessing up your 10th house of fame and recognition. You’ll be looking good Leo! This new moon plants a seed here, later, with Venus, you can perfect it. 

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: You kick off April expanding your horizons, and in certain other respects, you’re all business, with the moon highlighting your career, reputation and achievement sector. So you kick off April kind of like a mullet: business in front, party in the back-only, the “party” is one of a more high minded, generous, philosophical variety. Dare I say, studious even. One of exploration, desirous of open spaces, expansiveness, culture, learning, and optimism. This makes sense, because the emphasis on your 8th house at the new moon last month, highlighting all things heavy and intense (mortality, intimacy, merging, sex…taxes) does require a philosophical approach to assimilate properly, if only to lighten things up and keep your eye on a positive horizon.  Mid week see’s you in a more reflective, retiring headspace, not wanting to be as visible for a minute. Maybe you need a time out to digest some things. The first weekend of April sees the moon in your own sign. This might see you connecting/communicating to people at a distance, perhaps expanding your philosophical horizons from the comfort of your own couch, reading, or learning, maybe with family, or just in some way that enriches and stabilizes you emotionally and increases your sense of security. Venus has been dipping back into Pisces in your house of partnerships (business and personal). There could be some kind of “letting go”, or some kind of healing to be done here. Pisces is the sign of endings, and tends to dissolve things, (including boundaries.) On the 10th, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra in your 2nd house of earned income, money, self worth, possessions, and values. Something big and optimistic is happening here, transformations are certainly afoot. The Moon climaxes here on the 11th in late Libra. Although it’s all ultimately positive, (money in the credit union? A longed for large purchase? Increased self worth?) it’s also challenging…challenging you to transform your approach to fun, parties, flirtations, dating, creativity/self expression, hobbies, recreation, and kids (if you have them.) Fun-only, with substance. Maybe you’re learning new skills from home? (Mercury, Mars in the 9th + Saturn in the 4th) Speaking of Mars, emphasis shifts considerably come the 21st. Mars leaves your 9th house and heads for your very visible, career and achievement oriented 10th. The house of mastery, fame, and recognition. The Sun (in Taurus by this point) takes his place in your 9th, suggesting there is still more to be learned (when isn’t there? The world is fascinating!) Mars in the 10th could make you more competitive in your field, or more competitive and driven about being recognized for what it is you do. You’ll be driven toward “mastery” of something, perhaps assimilating a lot of data you’ve recently learned about and putting it to use by demonstrating your skills somehow. Mercury square Pluto could make you more intense, (perhaps a bit paranoid and obsessive) in your dealings with kids, lovers, dating, and deep intimate bonds. You could second guess everything you’re told, or suspect you’re being manipulated, or even resort to manipulation yourself. Maybe you’re playing your cards close to your vest when it comes to how close you allow other people to get, or how much of your feelings, vulnerabilities etc, you reveal to people you’re interested in or are interested in you.  If you have kids, there could be conflicts with intimate partners over how much power and control they should be given, or maybe it’s time to have the “birds and the bees” talk and you aren’t quite sure how to approach it or how much you should say.  However this manifests for you, creativity, kids, lovers, play, flirtations, dating, and deep, heavy breathing darker stuff (like sex, intimacy, and death) can become areas of potential obsession, compulsion, and paranoia for you under this square (through to May 14.) You could also be dealing with a love interest that maybe borders on being obsessed with you or asks lots of questions about where you were, who you were with at such and such time etc.. So, just try and relax your mind as much as you can, as Mercury is your ruler, so you could feel this aspect more acutely than some. It just lends a bit of psychological intensity to things. The new moon on the 26 falls in Taurus in your 9th house of exploration, philosophy, study, travel, higher learning, and matters/people at a distance/from other cultures. I like the look of this new moon. It appears that whatever new beginning is being planted here, whatever it is you’re doing to expand your horizons, whatever you’re studying/learning about, is doing much to strengthen your sense of security, emotional stability, home, and foundations in life. There’s a fun, creative, “child like” vibe to this as well, and if you have kids, they could be doing you proud. You might really be getting into a new hobby, or transforming your relationship to an old one, taking it more seriously, giving it more of a priority in your life so that you become a “master” at it.  At the very end of April, Venus heads back into Aries, to begin another journey through your intense 8th house, this time however, she’s direct, and officially on a forward journey onward. This is good, portending positive new beginnings and fresh starts in your deeply psychological, heavy breathing intimacy sector. Like a rebirth that had tried to get off the ground but didn’t quite go through, now it can resume unimpeded. There is still so much to learn…

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING:  You begin April still facing your shadow, plunging the depths, and trying to understand some things about yourself, relationships, and the deep, nitty gritty stuff of life. Perhaps going over the past, or doing what you can to increase security in the present. You could be focused on matters/people at a distance, travel, study, exploration, and broadening your consciousness as April begins, perhaps partners are an incentive for this somehow. You could receive communique from a partner that teaches you something, or, conversely, reach out to someone to learn something or share wisdom of your own. You could just be people watching. You’re interested in other people as April begins, and want to know more about what makes them tick.  By mid week, you want other people to know more about you, the moon in Leo see’s you putting yourself out there a bit, being more social, connecting with your dreams, friendships, and networking. While in Leo, the moon squares Mercury, suggesting an emotional block in communication. Maybe this causes you to resort to more visible/dramatic forms of expression to get your message across? One can only speculate. The weekend see’s you more retiring, contemplative, meditative. Venus backtracking into Pisces slips back into your 6th house of health, diet, work, daily routines, habits, fitness, details, and crises, and something in this area that may have brought pleasure (laziness? Poor diet? doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? A dalliance with a coworker? Thinking you’re immune to or above the laws of nature and cause and effect?) may need to dissolve or be healed, as Pisces is the sign of endings, and tends to dissolve things (including boundaries, routines, limits, structure, and common sense) By the 10th, the moon conjuncts Jupiter in your own sign. BAM. This emphatically underlines the fact that your whole identity has been expanding hugely, and it’s optimistic and exciting feeling like the world is your oyster, isn’t it? (It’s also an existential crises.) This could also turn into an inflated sense of self (perhaps even bordering on entitlement) that partners aren’t exactly jiving with, -(if that hasn’t become apparent already). The moon climaxes here on the 11th in late Libra, and it’s all about you, you, you. Your feelings, your wants, your needs, your whole sense of self. This could heighten and inflate your emotions significantly, and maybe even your vulnerabilities and need for security, considerably, and although it’s fun and optimistic having Jupiter in your sign, this full moon could also have you oddly stuck on something in the past, the family unit, having to do with partners, or emotions. Maybe this is challenging your approach to your emotions, home, security, family, foundations, roots, or the past in some way. Your approach to these things is certainly undergoing a powerful transformation. You’re at odds with partners about…something, (dare I say…even diametrically opposed) and maybe it hasn’t been sitting well with you and you feel blocked when it comes to talking about it with them (working too much? Different routines? Or just straight up emotional blockage?)…If this has been the case, this full moon could open the floodgates of communication for better or for worse, (Pro tip: Always select the option “for better.”) You’ve really been patiently and persistently digging into the depths about something during this Mars transit, and perhaps you’re ready to burst like a piñata modeled after Carl Jung, filled with little sugar skulls and the skeletons of repressed or denied desires, depths, and psychological instincts. Easy does it buddy. Come the 21st, the landscape shifts significantly. Mars moves into airy Gemini, leaving your obsessive and taboo 8th house for the more expansive, open, spacious moral high ground of the 9th house. The Sun (in Taurus by this point) will take the place of Mars in your 8th, so you’ll still be on a weird mystery solving crusade, but this time, you’re getting a library card and are in hot pursuit of knowledge. Mars here may also make you a bit evangelical or aggressive about your beliefs, or you may deal with people that are really assertive in their moral stance on something. You could also travel more during this transit. Regardless, your beliefs and drive for knowledge and exploration will for certain, strengthen your sense of identity. Mercury square Pluto could make you a tad on the obsessive/paranoid side when it comes to partners. Pluto is in your 4th house, so it could be that maybe you (or you and a partner) have trouble letting go of something from the past.The 4th house is a very emotional one, so do steer clear of using emotional manipulation, blackmail, or any underhanded, “power abusing” methodologies in your dealings with family, emotions, partners, people from your past, or anyone you feel is detrimental to your security, your agenda, or that you feel deeply connected to. I wrote more explicitly on this aspect in my synopsis of April, so do check that out if you just skipped straight to your horoscope… The new moon on the 26th occurs in Taurus, highlighting your obsessive compulsive 8th house of deep merging, sex, and death. It is conjunct the Sun, so this intensifies whatever is going on for you here. I do like the look of this new moon, due to the stabilizing relation to Saturn I see the Sun and Mercury forming. Taurus itself is stabilizing energy. It also looks like something at work (or something health related) is helping you plant a seed that you have long since dreamed about, revolving around some deep, heavy breathing, merging 8th house stuff. This could be an investment in something, or a joint investment. Or a fantasy about this is activated and you resolve to make the emotional (or home) transformations to make this manifest. Partners may need some cajoling or convincing to get on the same page as you however…there’s really no telling how they will receive your ideas. New moons are always a “seed.” This one sparks a positive transformation in your home, family life, security, relationship to the past, and/or your emotions, due to it’s happy relation to Pluto. (unlike at the full moon, which was tension/breakthrough inducing.) Your ruler goes back into Aries at the very end of April, (no longer retrograde this time), it’s all forward motion from here on out. This could spawn new beginnings in partnership, a new relationship, or a fresh new outlook on an old one, and simply a fresh era in your relationship to others. Venus is done going backwards. Things will deepen as far as these new beginnings in your partnerships are concerned as time goes on,  when Venus eventually progresses on into Taurus, but that is another story, for another time Libra. 

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: You kick off April very “other” focused, with Mars in Taurus, partners and collaborators have certainly been a motivating force. With the moon in your 8th house, the very beginning of April could find you focused on all the “heavier” inevitable sides of life…like death, intimacy, merging, sex, taxes, insurance policies, wills, deep psychological matters, what you share with another, the support (material, spiritual and otherwise) you give and receive from another…you know..typical Scorpio life or death issues..super casual….no big deal..You could feel a little left to your own devices, maybe partners are off doing their own thing, and you could be feeling a tad isolated. Though it's not entirely terrible because you could feel pleasantly retiring, maybe something about it makes you feel like you're missing out.  By midweek, once the moon hit’s Leo, your focus shifts to more outward concerns, which put you in the spotlight somehow, making you feel you’ve achieved something. This all plays into your health or your job, routine, fitness, diet, or the pesky little details of daily life in some way. The first weekend of April see’s you focused on networking, hopes, wishes, goals, dreams, and friendships, you could be organizing something with a partner or collaborator. Venus creeps back into Pisces in your 5th house of fun, creativity, parties, sports, children, sex, lovers, entertainment, flirtations, and recreation in the first days of April, where you will once again derive pleasure through children, young people, creativity, creative expression, recreation, sports, speculation, parties, the arts, and entertainment. Pisces is about endings, and tends to “dissolve” things, including boundaries. There may be something in this area that needs to either come to a close, or be healed in some way so that it can be reborn anew, and revitalized. Venus’ backward journey through this area could “resurrect” a sense of youthful vitality for some of you, once she begins her forward journey again.. You may be quietly preparing for significant shifts in your daily life. On the 10th, the moon conjuncts Jupiter in your 12th house of seclusion, retreat, endings, recovery, and behind the scenes activities. Yes it definitely does appear you’re preparing for something indeed, almost as if you’re gathering steam (or recovering from an illness? I certainly hope this full moon finds you in good health as opposed to frail health.) The moon climaxes here in late Libra on the 11th. This could find you in reflective mode, or planning something behind the scenes. Alternatively, you could be letting something go, waving goodbye to an era, or even relationship (as the moon is in Libra.) You might have to stretch your mind quite a bit, and prepare yourself for more short distance travel, communications, and possibly appointments than usual, for what appear to be health or work related reasons. This could feel challenging, but is over all, positive, and will transform your approach to communications, rote learning, local travel, your neighborhood, and local environs in a beneficial way. Come the 21st, the landscape shifts considerably. Mars moves into Gemini, and begins to head into your 8th house of sex, death, merging, intimacy, taxes, insurance, energetic exchange, wills, mysteries, jealousy, obsessiveness, and all that is this heavy breathing, Scorpio aesthetic. The Sun, (in Taurus by this point) will take Mars’ place in your 7th house, so partners, collaborative efforts, cooperation, relationships, and “others” in general, will still be a focus. You’ll be more driven to get to the bottom of heavy “life or death” issues during this Mars transit, and it will give you psychological relief to do so. Mercury square Pluto could make you paranoid, obsessive, anxious, or suspect around news or communications pertaining to your health, job, fitness, diet, or something in your daily life. Perhaps you’re anxiously awaiting news or test results regarding your health, or you have trouble believing what you’re told by a coworker. There could be an element of obsession around this while this aspect plays out (through to May 14). I wrote about the aspect more explicitly in my synopsis of April, so do check it out if you just skipped straight to your horoscope. This could manifest in a number of ways, but involves your 6th and 3rd houses, so health/work, and communications/siblings/neighbors/local travel. The new moon on the 26th falls in Taurus in your 7th house of others, conjunct the Sun. I like this new moon, as it seems stabilizing. For you, this appears to emphasize tangible new beginnings with others. Taurus is an earth sign, so this could yield physical results, or be physical in nature (such as coins in the hand, a fitness partner, or a heavy petting session.) Whatever it is, it looks like it involves local travel, or some kind of communique received that seems reassuring, (although still somehow challenging or unclear.) Once Mercury goes direct and get’s out of it’s shadow (by May 19th), hopefully things will be more clear cut. At the end of April, Venus begins to head out of your 5th house and slink back into your 6th house, in strong Aries form, and no longer retrograde, blessing up your house of work, fitness, routine, and health with positive and necessary new beginnings. It’s almost as if she’s dragging a resurrected sense of youthful vitality (from your 5th house) into your house of health, fitness, work and routine. You will derive pleasure from tending to your health, fitness, work, service, and details during the remains of this cycle. It’s all forward motion from here. To be continued……

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: You kick off April  still very work, health, service and detail focused (thanks to Mars in your 6th house), but also focused on the “others” in your life, other people, partnerships, friendships, collaborations, group involvements, and the future. You could be strapped with responsibilities at home, or just under considerable pressure to improve and perfect everything from your work performance to your home, maybe your social life, partnerships, and socializing just for the sake of it has gotten short shrift. Maybe it’s because you’re so focused on the creative work you’re doing, because it’s actually paying off. Mid week see’s you in broad minded, philosophical and exploratory form, not to mention, lighthearted and creative. Venus slips back into Pisces into your 4th house of roots, home, family, the past, and emotions in the very beginning of April, where you will once again derive pleasure from the comforts of home, family, and nourishing your emotional life. This could entail a period of letting go of old, outworn, emotional attachments and patterns of conditioning that don’t serve you anymore, as Pisces is about endings, and tends to dissolve things (including boundaries.) The first weekend of April see’s your career, reputation, or achievements in focus, and you are in the zone. On the 10th, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra in your 11th house of friendships, networking, dreams, hopes, wishes, and like minded souls. You could be making some powerful connections that propel you into the future, or some long held wishes could be showing signs of materializing. It’s powerful stuff, but somehow also challenging, in a “wow breakthroughs are happening” kind of way. The full moon climaxes here in late Libra on the 11th. Your need to do your own thing could conflict with an equal and opposite desire to be part of the collective, or participate in group gatherings. This all weirdly corresponds somehow to your relationship to how you make money. You’re approach to how you value yourself, how you earn income, is being challenged to transform at this full moon, and maybe you’re just feeling the tension and pressures of keeping up with your own success streak (on top of everything else.) Even if it’s a bit challenging or overwhelming, over all this full moon looks “so fucking future” for you. Come the 21st, things shift significantly. Mars moves into Gemini…into your 7th house of partners (business and personal.) The Sun (in Taurus by this point) takes the place of Mars in your 6th house, to make sure across the board improvement, work, health, fitness, organization, and details are still part of your M.O. People could be more chatty and assertive (or aggressive) about connecting with you, or vice versa once Mars hits your 7th.. This could be wonderful for your hopes, wishes, dreams, and goals, as long as you don’t let anybody lead you off your (super self directed) path and into something that wasn’t necessarily on your agenda. You can be juggling contacts and multitasking here as well as growing contacts, due to Mars’ favorable relation with Jupiter in your networking sector. Mercury square Pluto could make you anxious, obsessive, (or paranoid) about income you earn through your creative endeavors. This could just make you intensely focused on putting your creative abilities to their best use and polishing your act so to speak. It could be entrepreneurial.  Between your houses of self worth/earned income and self expression/creativity, this could also be performance anxiety for some of you. Maybe the prospect of making so many beneficial (and powerful) contacts in your networking and friendship sector (thank Jupiter), has you anxious to put out your best creative work because you could be on your way to cracking the code of end stage capitalism. Alternatively, this could involve a child, flirtation, or a lover, and money. It’s between your 5th and 2nd houses, I wrote about Mercury square Pluto in the April synopsis, so check it out if you want more details of what this could entail. The new moon on the 26th falls in Taurus in your 6th house of health, work, organization, fitness, improvement, and details, conjunct the Sun. This conjunction makes the emphasis here something extra, so cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and make sure your health is in good working order, because it appears that organization and efficiency is going to be key. This could be a “tangible” new beginning at work, (or with health). The square Mercury makes to Pluto suggests there could be a deadline to reach that requires all your creative efficiency and proficiency. I like the stabilizing look of this new moon, it speaks of a seed planted that has tangible, practical rewards, which could mean mo’ money via services you provide. At the end of April, Venus heads forward into Aries, and begins to journey back through your fun and creative 5th house, no longer retrograde, but strong and direct, heralding creative new beginnings, or for some, new beginnings in love, fun, and romance. It will be all forward motion from here, she won’t be going backwards again in 2017. It looks like you can eventually make these creative new beginnings into a functional routine once she hits Taurus in your 6th house. But that’s a story for another time. Until next time, modern day centaur.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Your the second sign who I can honestly say kicks off April in the style of the mullet: “Business in front, party in the back.” Mars still in Taurus has you driven toward creativity, fun, recreation, sports, joy, children, self expression, sex, and the arts, but the first few days of April you’re all business. Your job, your health, fitness, routines, diet, services you provide, details, and organization all have your attention as the month begins. It looks like your stoic work ethic is doing favors for your reputation and career as well. As April begins, Venus backtracks into Pisces, heading back into your communication sector, where you’ll derive pleasure from talks with siblings, neighbors, locals, short trips, and communication in general, and anything mentally stimulating. Pisces tends to “dissolve” things, (including boundaries) and represents endings, so there could be some things here (circular trains of thought, memories stuck on repeat, unproductive communication patterns, people you used to interact with regularly) that need to dissolve and come to a close, or in the very least, be healed. When the moon hit’s Leo, mid week, you’ve got deep deepness, mortality, and the mysteries of merging and intimacy on the brain, and maybe the past does come up in your mind, or in conversation, perhaps you talk to a family member about something, or share something with someone that you’ve kept to yourself, or someone confides in you. It looks like a deep sharing session goes down with an intimate partner, family member, or someone who knows your past really well, that makes you feel psychologically resolute about how you’ve dealt with something/are dealing with something, or maybe it illuminates something you were previously unaware of. By the weekend, you’re in studious, philosophical, and exploratory form, expanding your horizons through higher learning or travel. On the 10th, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your super visible house of career, reputation, mastery, recognition, and achievement. This really puts you in the spotlight or creates an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills to the public somehow. This is indicative of some “power moves” Cap. The full Moon climaxes here in late Libra on the 11th. Although there appears to be a lot of competing interests (maybe you’re spread a little thin trying to meet demands in various life sectors) this is really challenging you to come fully into your own power and ultimately transforming your approach to your identity and how you project it out into the world, creatively and otherwise. Some kind of behind the scenes toil, or unseen discipline or labor you engage in, seems to be bringing you some kind of recognition, acknowledgement, career boost, or street creds. This full moon is not without tension or breakthroughs, but what full moon is? Come the 21st, emphasis shifts significantly. Mars moves into Gemini, making a B line for your 6th house of work, service, routines, health, fitness, diet, improvement, details, pets, organization, and efficiency. You’ll be wanting to make yourself and everything around you better, faster, stronger, and more efficient during this transit, and this will be good for your career, reputation, and public persona, due to the harmonious relation between Mars and Jupiter will have. The Mercury/Pluto square could make you paranoid, anxious, or obsessive about your home, security, emotions, family,- or perhaps the past catching up to you (and catching you off guard.) Pluto is in your own sign, so watch that you aren’t too controlling or -gasp-cold, and ruthless- (or that you don’t draw people to you that are, in which case, *ahem* you probably *should* be cold and ruthless.) The 4th house is a very emotional one, and Mercury here can bring up emotions from the past into mind, or have you looking over your shoulder to make sure it’s not “following you” or turning into a repeat of “last time.” I wrote on the Mercury/Pluto square more explicitly in my synopsis of April, check it out if you want more details and happened to skip straight to your horoscope. The new Moon on the 26th occurs in Taurus, in your 5th house of fun, joy, creativity, recreation, sport, sex, romance, lovers, flirtation, speculation, parties, kids, the arts, and creative expression. Lucky you! I love the look of this new Moon, but you really get a treat here hosting it in such a fun, joyful, and lighthearted house. This new moon seems particularly stabilizing, and also looks to facilitate some positive transformations in your identity, related specifically to how you express yourself to the world (or romantically, to a love interest), how you enjoy yourself and have fun, your relationship to your inner child (or your kids if you have them) will be pleased with this new moon. At the very end of April, Venus re-enters Aries, and new beginnings are switched on. She begins her slow creep back into your 4th house of home, security, family, emotions, and the past, but with her eyes planted firmly on “going forward.” You can enjoy some solid new beginnings and pleasurable times in your home and family life, and *spoiler alert*, this is certain to enrich you creatively and/or romantically, and bring more fun and vitality into your life when she eventually goes forward into Taurus. Until next time, sea goat.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING:  You kick off April in a fun, lighthearted frame of mind, keen to increase your sense of joy in life and spread it around like peanut butter. It’s mo’fuckin’ spring time! Birds! Bees! Flowers! Love! Mars in Taurus still has you tilling the earth at home, sorting out feelings around the past, your approach to emotions, family, roots, foundations, your mom, and inner and outer security. This inward quest has been yielding practical, solid, and emotionally stabilizing results. Midweek see’s the Moon hit gregarious Leo, with your focus shifting to partnerships and the “others” in your life, and your communications with them. Venus dips back into Pisces in the very beginning of the month, making a B line backward into your 2nd house, where you will once again derive pleasure from boosting your earnings, increasing your self worth, and treating yourself to earthly pleasures. Pisces “dissolves” things (including boundaries), and represents endings, so there may be something in this area that needs to come to a close, or in the very least, be healed. Things such as, but not limited to, feelings of unworthiness, self esteem hang up’s, feeling that you don’t deserve money or compliments paid to you. The first weekend of April see’s the Moon in Virgo, with your focus on deeper, more heavy hitting stuff, like intimacy, sex, death, merging with others, trust, deep bonds, what you share with others, etc…You could be thinking about or communicating about some deeper issues. With Mercury starting to dip forward into Taurus (only to go backwards again) maybe you’re having a moment of nostalgia or taking a trip down memory lane? Stay focused Aquarius, stay present, stay with us…On the 10th, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter  in your 9th house of higher learning, travel, philosophy, consciousness expansion, people/matters/places at a distance, beliefs, open spaces, and exploration. Something big is definitely culminating here, and your feelings around these matters will be heightened considerably. Maybe there’s something you’re having difficulty accepting and it’s stretching your consciousness, or you’re stretching someone else’s? Whatever it is, it’s definitely got you zeroing your focus in on your goals, hopes, wishes, community building, and universal brotherhood/sisterhood. The full Moon climaxes here on the 11th in your 9th house, challenging you to transform your approach to your inner, psychological life. I look at this math, and I see the path of a yogi, a mystic. You could be digging deeply into your spiritual reserves at this full moon. You could also be travelling long distances, if not physically, at least in the mind, through study, higher learning, meditation. On the 21, the landscape shifts significantly. Mars moves into Gemini, making a B line for your 5th house of creativity, joy, fun, creative expression, recreation, children, youth, parties, flirtations, sports, the arts, entertainment, romance, lovers, and lighthearted pleasures. I’m high fiving you SO HARD right now Aquarius. The Sun (in Taurus by this point) takes Mars’ place in your 4th house, so there will still be a focus on home, family, security, foundations, the emotions, (and yes, the past.) But this Mars cycle lightens things up for you considerably. I’m really visualizing you enjoying this like you’ve earned it. This Mars cycle will make you more assertive about bringing joy into your life, having fun, and letting your inner child out to play. I’m excited for you just looking at this. YAY! RECESS! PLAY TIME! With Mars in positive relation to Jupiter as well, this could really make you want to expand your horizons through travel, and people/places at a distance, from other cultures as well. Vacation? Or just happy wandering? In either case, enjoy this Mars cycle as much as you can, it can definitely amp up your creative life and self expression as well, so if you are a musician or artist in any way, you’ll love this. What a way to say “bye bye” to Venus retrograde! The Mercury/Pluto square could make you anxious, paranoid, or obsessive about communications and things “beyond your control.” It appears there’s just some psychological release that needs to happen, there may just be some deep, buried psychological issues that require detachment and letting go, or just a generalized “existential angst”. You could maybe have trouble believing what you hear or read, or accepting what you’re told at face value when it comes to you’re communications, or it’s possible you’re dealing with far more internally than you’re comfortable sharing openly, and maybe feel vulnerable in your communications with others. I wrote about this aspect in more detail in my synopsis of April, so do check it out if you’d like more information on how it could impact you. It’s between your 3rd and 12th houses, so it can manifest in numerous ways. The new Moon on the 26th occurs in Taurus, in your 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, security, comfort, and the past. I like the look of this new moon, because it appears stabilizing. The conjunction with the Sun places extra emphasis on this stabilizing energy. New Moons always plant “seeds”, and for you, this one appears to planting seeds of emotional stability, or a solid new beginning in your home, family, or emotional life. Something about it seems to nourish and positively transform your inner, psycho-spiritual life as well as coalesce nicely with your goals and visions of the future. At the very end of April, Venus lights up in Aries (no longer retrograde), sparking strong new beginnings in your money and self worth sector to drag them forward into your 3rd house of communications, short distance travel, siblings, neighbors, the mind, and the written and spoken word, where you can once again charm the birds from the trees with your words, and derive pleasure from communicating and connecting with others. It’s all forward motion from here Aquarius, enjoy seeding new beginnings through communications. Until next time, my Uranian friend.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: As you slide into April, Mars still has you assertively pursuing communications, connecting with others locally, and making contacts through text messaging, and with siblings, neighbors, lots of short distance travel, etc… The outset of April has you in decidedly “homey” form, focused on the comforts of home, family, your foundations, security, the past.. as well as your mother. Intimate partners seem to be a source of comfort, assistance, and support…Earned income, and getting that money has required some innovation, but with discipline, determination, mastery, and sheer reputation, somehow you’ve managed to pull things off. Midweek see’s the Moon in Leo, highlighting your 6th house of work, service, health, routine, pets, details, improvement, and efficiency. You could be trying to facilitate some kind of break through in your wallet and possibly just working really hard. Venus slips back into your sign this week, and although she’s retrograde, this still endows you with her powers of persuasion, and you will once again derive pleasure from your own reflection, as well as compliments and favors from others. Your sign is about endings, and dissolves things, so this particular Venus retrograde could be dissolving something within your identity so that it is reborn anew as she goes forward. In either case, enjoy her presence while she hangs out with you and helps you out this month, retrograde or not, she’s with you. The first weekend of April see’s you focused on your partner, and partnerships, and the “others” in your life. It could be through them that you receive some kind of “lead” that boosts your income, or they do you some kind of favor, put in some kind of good word for you, or put you in touch with potential clients or lucrative connections. (Or just make you feel really good about yourself/boost your self worth somehow.) By the 10th, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your obsessive, heavy breathing 8th house of sex, death, mortality, transformation, intimacy, shared resources, shared assets, debt, investments, (all the intense and inevitable Scorpio stuff.) Something “big” is culminating here that could have you focused on mortality, intimacy, debt you owe to another, or something heavy, deep, inevitable, and transformative… (I do hope for your sake that it’s not a literal "death", Pisces,) -but with Jupiter’s involvement, whatever this is, it’s likely that ultimately, it’s positive and expansive in nature. Perhaps you receive some financial (or other kind) of support from a partner to help you out of a rough patch, or get you more established. It could heighten emotions around these life areas considerably however… The full Moon climaxes here in late Libra on the 11th, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus all in hard aspect to Pluto.. facilitating some kind of “breakthrough”, and challenging you to transform your approach to your friendships, networking, hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, community, and social life…perhaps becoming more independent (from partners?) somehow, branching out socially, networking. This looks good though, you could make some powerful connections with others, (with your partner?), that maybe help pull you through some dark, challenging, or just intense times. The 8th house is one of the more complex houses in astrology, so it’s difficult to say what’s going on for you at this full moon with any distinct certainty or confidence, it's a very "intense" house. It could have to do with shared assets or funds between you and another, intimacy, monetary and/or energetic exchange, taxes, debt. Due to the intensity of the house, I do hope you’re all good Pisces, although, I know you have strength, and "intense" doesn't necessarily have to be a "bad" thing. It's just....intense, deep, certainly not a "neutral" life area to host a full moon in aspect to Jupiter and Pluto.  Come the 21st, the landscape shifts as Mars moves from Taurus and into Gemini, making a B line for your 4th house of home, family, emotions, security, the past, and your mom. This day looks like it could be somewhat emotional for you, as the Moon enters your own sign and squares up to Mars as it enters Gemini. Some of you could be focused on or concerned about a home or family matter, the past, emotions, or your mother. As Mars get’s going in Gemini, you’ll be incredibly driven toward security, comfort, home, family, the past, roots, foundations, and sorry to sound redundant, but your mom. The Sun (in Taurus by this point) will take Mars’ place in your 3rd house of communications and short distance travel, so there will still be a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing” and back and forth going on, but Mars will increase your drive for security in general. With it’s harmonious relationship to Jupiter in your 8th house, there appears to be a damn good (and dead serious) reason for this drive toward security/home/family/mom/comfort/the past. You could just be settling into some new digs, nesting, consolidating, and securing your fortress, making sure it's on lock, comfy, secure, (can't say that enough) and unfuckwithable. Damn Pisces, you’ve got the most dead serious horoscope I’ve written for April. Congratulations. You beat everyone as far as seriousness and severity goes, I feel like you deserve a hug (or 12) as a reward, or in the very least a high five…..The Mercury/Pluto square could see you anxious, obsessive, (or paranoid) about earned income (or self worth) through your social networking initiatives. Mixing money and friendship maybe? Or just trying to be more financially independent of partners. If so, it could make you anxious, or just really driven/compulsive toward “power networking” to increase your money flow. I wrote more extensively on the Mercury/Pluto square in my synopsis of April, so check it out if you’d like to get an idea of how it could impact you between your 2nd and 11th houses. The new Moon on the 26th occurs in Taurus in your 3rd house of communication, short distance travel, siblings, neighbors, and the written and spoken word. I like this new moon, as it appears stabilizing. It’s conjunction with the Sun emphasizes this stability. New moons always plant a “seed”, this one in particular could bring good news, possibly through friends, a social network, or groups you’re a part of, and this could bode well for your income, and career/reputation in some way. At the very end of April, Venus begins to head out of your sign and back into Aries, flipping a “light” on in your identity sector before B lining forward to bless up your money/self worth sector with new beginnings. This is great because she’ll be strong and direct (no more back tracking), so it’s all forward motion from here. You’ll be deriving pleasure from making more money and increasing your self worth as this month closes and May begins. Best of luck Pisces! 


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