Working Through The Fog: New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces Horoscopes

If ever there were a year specifically engineered by the Universe to expose and work through our collective and individual delusions, illusions, denials, and deceptions, 2017 is doing a fantastic job at fitting the bill as “that kind of year.” This week’s lead up to the eclipse has certainly been an intense one to say the least. On the 22 of February alone, the Moon conjunct Pluto, while simultaneously squaring up to Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars, while Mars further escalated the tone being set by squaring Pluto. It’s been a lot to take in. If you’ve experienced intense sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or even political frustration, it would be perfectly understandable under these climes. On the 26, we have the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces. The Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Chiron will all be conjunct in Pisces. This emphasis on all things Neptunian ramps up the imaginative drives, as well as an inclination toward spirituality- but also can heighten the tendency toward delusions, denials, escapism, addiction, fantasy, deception, -as well as blurred boundaries. Chiron’s collusion in this pattern suggests there are collective and individual wounds that need to be healed, wounds that are covered in a great deal of denial, self deception, fantasy, escapism, delusion, and yes, -mental illness.- Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th house essentially represent our psychological health, as well as the collective unconscious. We can clearly see the collective unconscious at play in wider world events, and I think we can all admit that it doesn’t necessarily reflect back to us an entirely healthy state of mind. The Universe would like to highlight that for everyone in bold highlighter pen, so that we can each become the  required breakthrough, one person at a time. Below are horoscopes I’ve written for all 12 signs portending to the affects of the New Moon/Solar eclipse. Let me know how it plays out for you, I’d love to hear your feedback.

ARIES/ARIES RISING: The eclipse punches you directly in the 12th house of psychological health, endings, retreat, secrets, preparation, things behind the scenes, seclusion, psychic/spiritual experiences, mysticism, escapism, addictions, delusions and illusions. You could be keeping some things to yourself, or focused on something you’re doing behind the scenes. There could be an element of fantasy, imagination, healing, spiritualism, or escapist about this. You could just be feeling rather retiring.  (As stated above, this house is a very psychological one. ) You or your partner (or both) could hear/give good news through/to a friend or a group, possibly involving learning, beliefs, the law, or people or matters at a distance. Maybe you feel secretly uneasy about something though? (Let me know what’s happening in the comments Rams.) You could feel passionately driven about something, maybe a little bit “all over the place”, and at odds with partners in some way,  at odds with authority figures, a boss, or perhaps someone older as well. (Definitely at odds with authority figures…if it’s wearing a uniform, demanding money, power, or control and barking orders, it has your contempt by default) To get through the mire and navigate the sea fog that is this eclipse, lean on Saturn, who’s been keeping shit real in your 9th house of higher learning. Get yourself a cardigan and a library card and master the higher mind, diligently cultivate, discipline, and train the consciousness in ever higher capacities to outwit your problems. It might sound boring, but you can actually study your way through this. (Maybe you could just start a cult…hint hint..) Broaden the consciousness, it will ground you and keep your sense of reality intact, and help stabilize you, ground you psychologically.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: The eclipse hits you in your 11th house of friendships, groups, community, social networking, hopes, wishes, and the future. Aside from working out the fantasy from the reality in your friendships, goals and wishes sector, you might want to make sure your mental health isn’t adversely affecting your physical health, -and vice versa. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed. Information overload? Combined with a busy schedule? Perhaps talk to your boss to try and achieve more balance in your life. Speaking of which, you could hear good news from a boss/authority figure about work/health/routine/ that somehow stabilizes joint resources/investments/things shared jointly with another.-OR-good news from your intimate partner about their work/health and some kind of achievement or milestone. (Let me know what happens in the comments.) You might have a lot of spiritually and creatively inspired wishes and hopes, longings, and ideas about the future, networking, and friends, but maybe you aren’t sure how realistic they all are, and don’t want to delude yourself or set yourself up for defeat or dissolution later. Striking a balance and achieving homeostasis within yourself, first and foremost, is what will help you find definition in other areas. Pluto has been totally blowing your mind and transforming your beliefs in your 9th house of higher learning, travel, and people/places at a distance, so you’ve certainly been learning a lot, and it’s been intense., maybe even psychologically destabilizing at times.  Real-talk Saturn is working to keep you grounded and realistic via deeper ties, in your 8th house of sex, death, and other people’s money. Saturn transiting this house is much akin to the lessons involved with having natal Saturn in Scorpio. To be perfectly blunt, these lessons involve mastery over the sexual energy, the primal forces. In Eastern thought, the Kundalini, or Chi. In Toltec tradition, the Rainbow Serpent. In Hermetic traditions, Alchemy. The more you can lean on Saturn in this way, the more grounded, centered, and capable you will feel. Here is an awesome place to start: 

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: The eclipse takes place in your 10th house of mastery, achievement, reputation, social standing, status. It is a very visible, and public house to host such an imaginative, spiritual, idealistic, (and delusional) ho-down. Amazing for artists wanting to put their work on display somehow, or for anyone who wants to generate some kind of mystical P.R. You could definitely be having some fantastical and inspired goals right now as far as your actual career, reputation, and public standing go, and perhaps some kind of inner wound to address through some for of outer achievement visible to the public eye. You could feel exceptionally driven about your goals, hopes, wishes, friendships, social networking, and the future right now. This enthusiasm is quite catching. Maybe deep intimate partners aren’t as stoked about it as you are, or perhaps you and your partners agenda aren’t exactly lining up, or all this outer achievement is really taking away from intimacy, but your partner could send words of encouragement, even if they are from a distance, or you receive good news about a creative project or child and can’t wait to tell your partner. (Let me know what happens in the comments.)  It’s not easy being a creative genius. If you have kids, maybe they are a handful and affecting your intimacy game. If not, you’re probably just feeling especially prolific and ripe with fecundity  and like Cat Stevens you “can’t keep it in.” Pluto in the 8th makes deep intimate partners and sex very intense and transformative. Watch out for possessessiveness, control issues, or misuse of power here, either in yourself or others. Saturn in the 7th however, forces you to be utterly realistic and grounded about partnerships. Maybe sometimes this can feel restrictive, perhaps even lonely. Lean on the lessons of Saturn here to stay grounded. To first master “partnership”, we have to have a solid relationship with Self. Take yourself out on a date. Really get to know yourself before you try and get to know anyone else. It’s ok to be alone. If you’re not alone, these same things still apply. A super tight relationship to Self will only enhance our ability to have authentic partnerships with others. 

CANCER/CANCER RISING: The eclipse punches you in the 9th house of Truth,  higher learning, knowledge, consciousness expansion, people and places at a distance, beliefs, philosophy, travel, other cultures. You could be feeling highly spiritual and idealistic (or maybe delusional and escapist) about these matters. Maybe coming to some kind of epiphany, or sorting through what’s real and substantive v.s what is purely fantasy and illusion, ridding yourself of self deceptions. (In times such as these it seems the nature of reality is always up for debate.) Perhaps there is some inner wound you need to address by healing something within your belief system, traveling, or expanding your consciousness somehow. You could just have itchy feet or slight “restlessness.”  Partners could be super supportive of you emotionally, health wise, and about your job. One or the other of you could receive good news. (Let me know what happens in the comments.) You’re certainly driven as all hell as far as career, mastery, and outer achievements go. Keeping it all in balance with the expectations or demands of partners, and home, hearth, roots, emotions, and family is quite a balancing act. Partners and partnerships are intense with Pluto in the 7th. Make sure the balance of power here is well, balanced…and don’t run yourself into the ground trying to be “Super Turbo Ultra Crab 5000”. Lean on Saturn in the 6th house and keep it real with yourself about your health, your routines, work, and services you provide others. Remember that you are not a roomba and that the body has needs, such as proper nutrition/healthy diet, hydration, exercise, sleep. Master the details, master health, pay mind to nutrition, and don’t spread yourself too thinly or run yourself ragged. Leaning on Saturn in this way will help you stay grounded and healthy enough to keep up with all of your inner and outer demands, visions, and higher callings. Always remember that cardio is your friend. Also, this website is dope to read while stuffing your face with delicious nourishment: 

LEO/LEO RISING: Leo, this eclipse hits you in your 8th house of sex, death, intimacy, swapping spit, and merging bodies and bank accounts. Highly idealistic about intimate partners Leo? Or maybe a bit deceptive/self deceptive? You might have some amazing fantasies about merging deeply and sexually with someone, but make sure you’re playing an honest game here. You could hear good news from partners pertaining to romance, creativity, parties, fun, flirtations, recreation, kids. Or maybe you send someone a love note? Is your Ego a bit wounded and are you trying to pull a thorn from your paw via affirming your sexual prowess through gaining the attentions and affections of others? Just remember that you are dealing with real human beings, who have lives, problems, standards, feelings, emotional investments, responsibilities, and expectations of their own…(Try to examine where you may be deluding yourself or others, or being deluded by others, as this is a very deceptive, “illusory” energy to have in such an intimate area.) There might be some kind of wound to expose and heal in yourself or another when it comes to merging intimately with others. Similar to the 12th house, the 8th house is also profoundly psychological in nature. The energy of Pisces is as well. Depth psychology could serve you well here. Really dig into what’s motivating you and others to act and react the way you/they do. You (could) be in need of what Jungian psychology refers to as “shadow work.” You perhaps possibly feel incredibly driven and maybe sexually/romantically attracted toward someone at a distance, or toward travel, or expanding your mind in general, getting more “open spaces,” wanting to feel less “hemmed in.” Really wanting to go exploring. You could feel restless. Communication lines have probably been buzzing and expanding quite a bit with Jupiter in the 3rd house, but work, service, routines, health, pets, etc etc..( all things and people that fall under the 6th house), could feel under constant transformation, not allowing you take any of these things lightly, requiring intense focus and persistent “power moves”, perhaps to the extent of interfering with your more dreamy, and idealized speculations. To stay grounded, lean on Saturn, who is keeping it real in your 5th house of creativity, sex, children, parties, love affairs, risks, and recreation. Keep your ego in check, and make sure the risks you take are actually based in reality. If you have children “teach your children well.” Master the ego by mastering something creatively. Saturn is not only just about discipline, and reality, but also integrity, authenticity. The more you can cultivate this “realness” in your creative/romantic/speculative dealings, (or in your dealings with children or youth,) the more grounded you will feel, -and the clearer your karmic debt will be later on.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: The eclipse hits you in your 7th house of partners, significant others, compromise, diplomacy, marriage. You could be feeling rather dreamy, imaginative, confused, or just highly spiritual, maybe even self sacrificing, about a partner or partnerships in general. Watch out for deceptions, self deceptions here, (I gave a similar warning to Leo/Leo rising.) Work out the truth in yourself with where you stand with others, and try not to deceive or be deceived. You could receive good news from a coworker or person in your everyday environment, or through a family member, involving work or health, that boosts your earnings or self esteem somehow. (Let me know what actually goes down on this eclipse day in the comments!) You could feel incredibly driven toward intimacy, maybe even intimidated at the same time. Pluto shacking up in your 5th house has made it impossible to take romantic speculations, love affairs, creativity, or the affairs of children lightly, and has required you to plunge some depths that haven’t always been entirely comfortable or within your control. You could be questioning your self worth, your values, or even your bank balance. “Can I afford this? Will I want this later? Will they? What’s important? What matters? Does my hair make me look fat? Am I telling the truth? Are they telling the truth? Who is even real? How much should I tip this waitress?” The world of kids, lovers, risks, fun, and creative interests has been undergoing heavy changes. Some days you ma be feeling overly generous and optimistic with kids or lovers, other days you might pull back and think “Hmmm…I don’t want to give away the farm..” Maybe there is pressure and confusion to get some sense of definition in partnerships. Lean on Saturn in your 4th house of home, family, roots, security, and emotions. Master the emotions, and emotional security. Saturn here can really help you work out ancient, habitual emotional patterns that no longer serve you or offer you true security. Connect to your roots. Call your mom. Make your home feel more “homey”. Bake something. Nurture your feminine/receptive side, embrace the art and discipline of connecting to your emotions, howl at the moon. Consider therapy with a female therapist, or spending more time emotionally bonding/deeply connecting with women (whether you are male or female.) Leaning on Saturn in this way will keep you grounded and help emotionally mature you with enough fortitude to navigate Neptune’s sea fog.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: This eclipse hits you in your 6th house of health, work, service, details, sacrifice, pets, routines, crisis (and drama when bored.) You could need to sort through what is real v.s what is illusory when it comes to ideas you may have about your health, your work, your routine. You may have to get really clear on something here. Maybe you are waiting to hear back about results, or perhaps you are recovering from something. Maybe receive news that is not that great, or that upsets your routine. You could actually hear (or read) good news from a child, lover, or someone you’re smitten with, that makes you feel good about yourself. If it’s not a flirtation or a kiddo, then perhaps it involves a creative project, or a child or lovers creative project, and gives you something to smile about. (Let me know what happens in the comments on this eclipse day!) There could be a wound (inner or outer) that needs to be addressed by getting honest with yourself about your daily routines, health, work, or services you perform for others. It’s a very practical house, hosting a very impractical energy. Pisces being about our psychological health, the 6th house being about our physical health. Perhaps taking a look at how your everyday routine, and what you do on the daily, impacts your psychological (and physical) health and general productivity as a whole, could be in order. Sometimes we like to delude ourselves about things by saying “This shitty food/drink/form of entertainment/stimulation/etc isn’t going to affect my mind or my body. I am above the laws of nature and I do whatever I want because I am A GOLDEN GOD.” It could be worth examining where you might be deluding yourself in these areas, to avert a crisis spilling over into other areas. You’re definitely feeling driven about getting your way with/and in partnerships, (and perhaps a tad emotionally frustrated as well). Mars, Venus, and Uranus are definitely calling your attention to grapple with something here. You or someone else is all over the place. There’s what you want, and there’s what partners want, and maybe the tension in the middle is palpable sometimes..Jupiter suggests any problems here have their origins in excess. Jupiter (being in your sign) can certainly inflate one’s sense of self and feelings of “entitlement”, the desire to “go big or go home.” It can inflate a persons ego into “rockstar syndrome”, or make them feel like a fat kid in a candy store, “WEEEE!” (or for the more enlightened folks, can really expand consciousness, (instead of just waistlines,) in delightful and fulfilling ways.) Hosting Pluto in the 4th house of home, family, roots, and emotions makes it impossible to feel neutral about your security, your foundations, your home, family, and what you consider to be your “turf.” Major transformations have been underway here, encouraging you to plunge the Plutonic depths when it comes to unearthing outdated or toxic emotional patterns and establishing emotional (and general) security for yourself and/or your family. Any tensions you experience with partners or family can be resolved with communication. Lean on Saturn to remain grounded and navigate the sea fog. In your 3rd house, Saturn has been encouraging you to master the fine art of communication, thinking, writing, learning. With Saturn, nothing below authentic, honest, and real will do, as Saturn is all about integrity. The more you embrace the discipline of authentically communicating with partners, family, siblings, and the world at large, the more centered and grounded you will feel. 

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: The eclipse occurs in your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, fun, children, parties, and love affairs. You could be feeling dreamy, imaginative, delusional, escapist or deceptive about love affairs, risks, gambling, having a good time. Or you’re just really creatively inspired. Perhaps a child or younger person is in the spotlight for you, or perhaps someone you’re smitten by/lusting over. Make sure to dispel of any illusions here, whatever the case. You could feel genuinely supported by family or emotionally, in a discreet, behind the scenes, but nonetheless appreciated way. (Let me know how this eclipse plays out for you in the comments!) There could be something that needs to be healed with/by/for/or on behalf of children, lovers, sex, or a creative interest. Mars, Venus and Uranus call frantic and urgent attention to your health, routines, work, service, details. Something here needs to be addressed and taken seriously, and it has it’s origins in excess of a very unconscious variety. Perhaps you’ve gone overboard in some way, with an addiction or indulgence of some kind you know for a fact isn’t doing you any favors. It could be time to step out of denial, to avert a crisis in health, routine, or work. Family could have something to say about it, or some insight to offer. Communication, learning, thoughts, have been nothing short of revelatory, it might not always be what you want to hear or learn, but Pluto makes sure it’s what you need to hear and learn, so keep your eyes, ears, and mind open. Jupiter in your 12th house suggests bringing more “consciousness” into your “unconscious.” Get to grips with any unconscious compulsions, addictions, denials, and the ways in which you unconsciously sabotage yourself. Much healing is on offer here once you can cut through the bullshit. Lean on Saturn in your 2nd house of self worth, money, possessions, and values. Master your self worth, master your values. Do you live what you believe? Saturn is all about real talk, authenticity, integrity. If you say “I love animals!” but you also eat them, there is a lack of congruency here. If you say “I respect women/men/human beings!” but you objectify the hell out of them sexually behind the scenes via redtube or something, there is a lack of congruency here. (These are just examples, for instance, many people have been circulating an Ashton Kutcher meme about child sex trafficking. Few people realize how consuming internet porn directly feeds into and funds sex trafficking. Exhibit A:  (  Something amazing happens to our self worth when congruency is applied to our value system: It skyrockets. This boosted self worth also attracts more money/prosperity to us, via vibration alone. The more you lean on Saturn to discipline and master your self worth, values, and money zone, the more grounded you will feel. 

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: This eclipse hits you in your 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, security. On top of simply feeling “homey,” highly imaginative, emotionally sensitive, possibly kicking it with family, it’s also possible you could be needing to come to grips with any outdated emotional patterns, or emotional attachments/delusions that are no longer serving you.  Maybe ancient history from the past, old, dusty emotions and spinning wheels that have firmly rooted themselves in your psyche, a sense of nostalgia, a dreaminess, a longing,  a need to feel comforted. Pisces is a very intangible energy, so maybe you just feel “at sea” with your emotions, craving a sense of “rootedness” that’s perhaps been swept away by (radical) tides of change. Maybe memories from times past come up, things you wish you could go back and change, heal, or “undo.” Nonetheless, you could hear good news, or receive positive feedback from friends, groups, or via social networking, and this could boost your morale. There could be an inner wound to address perhaps revolving around psychological/emotional dynamics in family, or within emotional bonds from times past. Delusions, deceptions, and illusions must be confronted, purged, and all stab wounds hygienically cauterized. Mars, Venus, and Uranus call a somewhat frantic attention to your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, children, parties, and lovers. You’re definitely feeling creatively fired up and passionate, but could also feel frustrated or blocked somehow. Something here needs to be addressed and taken seriously. This mojo is too powerful to waste and not put to good use. Your self worth, your values, (and your wallet) depend on it. Any problems or blockages here could have their roots in excess, particularly in the areas of friendships, hopes, goals, wishes, the future. Perhaps amidst the “radical sea change”, you dropped the ball somewhere and lost focus briefly, scattering your forces. Jupiter expands whatever it touches so maybe your vision of the future is so huge, you question if you have the budget or self worth or discipline or credentials or staying power to make it all come together and stay there. Saturn in your sign can make you feel kind of “on your own” in a certain way at times. Maybe even downright lonely at times. I’ve said to all the other signs “Lean on Saturn.” Well guess what you cloven hooved hybrid? You’re wearing Saturn around your neck, so you get to lean on yourself! The only person that’s going to navigate you through the sea fog on to solid ground and into the land of the real and manifest is you. Master yourself. Crystalize your identity. “Be the change”. Saturn is a lot of responsibility, because it makes you an example for others to follow. It basically makes you into the cosmic D.D. That’s scary as hell, especially when you feel uncertain about what your next move should be, (and other people are crashing their mario carts all over the place with wild abandon). The magic of Saturn is you can generate your own sense of certainty from deep within you, via Newtons Law Of Motion:  hard work, honesty, fortitude, discipline, and integrity. Don’t get sucked into anyone else’s psychological train wrecks, and you’re golden.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: This eclipse hits you in your 3rd house of communication, learning, writing, thought, reading, short distance trips, siblings, neighbors, family friends. There could be a dreamy, idyllic, empathic, imaginative, spiritual, healing, emotionally sensitive, (or conversely, a deceptive, evasive, delusional) tone to communications, thoughts, talks with siblings, neighbors, or family friends. You could actually receive positive news, or a pat on the back for a job well done, that boosts your self worth or earnings in some discreet way. Perhaps just a feeling of inner accomplishment…(Let me know how the eclipse transpires for you in the comments!) Also, perhaps there is a wound, delusion, deception, or sensitivity that needs to be exposed and healed via communication. Maybe just a general feeling of “psychological weariness” that needs tending to. You could feel talkative in a private, more emotionally, sensitive, spiritually inclined sort of way, or eager to privately ingest this type of information. You could be reading or writing more during this time, dispersing and consuming information. Pisces represents our psychological health, and the collective unconscious, and the 3rd house is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. Creating open, healthy communication with siblings, (or just in general), can be a catalyst toward psychological healing. This eclipse could also even just stimulate learning more about the psychology of others. Mars, Venus, and Uranus bring an urgency and passion to your 4th house of family, roots, home, security, the past, and the emotions. Something (or someone) here wants to be addressed and taken seriously. Maybe someone wants to confide in you, or you in them. This could even be impacting your very sense of identity, your reputation, status, how others view you, or simply just your trajectory toward your career, achievements, success in the world. Uranus hasn’t made for the most stable feeling emotional terrain or home life, and the shock therapy continues unabated. It hasn’t all been bad of course, but the need to feel secure, settled, and stable emotionally and otherwise is absolutely imperative to be able to come to decisive conclusions about “what you want to do and be when you grow up”, how you want to be perceived by the world, and yes, your very identity and sense of self. Sometimes, the climb toward achievement, “success”, career, or status, or simply being perceived as someone who “has all their shit together ALL of the time” can leave a person feeling pretty cut off from their emotions, world weary, or depleted. Lean on Saturn in your 12th house to figure out any unanswered questions. Master your psychic space. Create time, sanctuary, and solace to reflect on your dreams, hunches, intuitions, the unconscious. Clean out the cobwebs of the mind. This is the house of our psychological health. Saturn here can help make you, as my little sister puts it, “Mentally Buff.” It asks that we “keep shit real” in the area it occupies, so it’s good to dispel of any illusions or delusions as they come up, lest they sabotage us. Giving yourself over to a spiritual or psychological discipline, even something as simple as keeping a journal, painting, singing, music, poetry, (or even just taking a bath with a candle lit in peace), can do wonders to fortify the self psycho-spiritually, and even add to a feeling of emotional security, (even when everything feels crazy, uncertain, and unsettled.)

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: This eclipse punches you in your 2nd house of money, self worth/self esteem, values, possessions, and possessiveness. You could be feeling dreamy, imaginative, inspired, spiritual, emotionally sensitive, intuitive, empathic, wistful, idealistic, (or conversely, delusional, escapist, deceptive/self deceptive, etc) about these areas of life. Any illusions you hold about something you have, something you’ve had, or something you wish to have, whether it be money, an item, a person, values, self worth, etc, are best faced head on, lest you throw good money (or self worth) after bad. There could be a wound that needs to be addressed here. Pisces is a very intangible energy, the 2nd house is very…..well… …tangible…Perhaps there is an attachment to something or someone that needs to be let go of and released? It could be affecting your self esteem. If this is not the case for you, you could just be seriously reflecting on your values, your money situation, or your self worth. You could give (or receive) kind words to or from a friend at a distance, or, you could simply be more outspoken about your beliefs via social networking. (Let me know how this eclipse transpires for you in the comments!) Mars, Venus, and Uranus have drawn an urgent feeling attention and drive into your 3rd house of communication. Something seems to have been impacting you on a deeply psychological level, perhaps something you hear from or through a friend, involving a cherished hope, has maybe felt slightly deflating. This could involve people or matters at a distance from you. Maybe you feel “left in a lurch” in some sense and confused about what or who to invest your time, energy, money, and/or emotions into. Day to day thoughts and communique have been all over the place and unpredictable, this appears to have had a pronounced impact on your psyche and your internal compass, while Jupiter blows up your 9th house of travel, higher learning and consciousness expansion. (Like whoa…hey….at least you have a direct line into the universe.) Lean on Saturn for stability, in your 11th house of friends, goals, hopes, wishes, and the future. Sure, this may mean a smaller circle of friends, consisting mostly of aged wizards, X-Men, or mutants who have been matured by the trials and tribulations of experience, but there are people out there of high caliber maturity, wisdom, and good moral fiber who are worth getting to know, getting in touch with, and keeping around..(Some who you may already vaguely know.) Saturn here will also cut out the fair weather friends. Friendships and their due evaluations aside, it will help you to get real about your goals, wishes, hopes, and to take your own future more seriously, ..regardless of what other people are doing…. 

PISCES/PISCES RISING: You’re basically the star of this eclipse, and the spotlight is on you, (whether or not it is all that comfortable.) You could be feeling some pretty poignant emotions, perhaps even a bit vulnerable or exposed. To criticism? To rejection? To self delusion? One can only speculate….On the other hand, you could receive some knowledge on the down low, or some discreet, supportive communique, possibly from intimate partners, that makes you feel good about your status/reputation/achievements/where you stand (with them? In the world? Let me know what happens during the eclipse in the comments!).. Perhaps there is a wound that needs to be brought to the surface and healed within yourself, concerning your identity, status, how you are perceived……or received? Mars, Venus, and Uranus have all brought a great deal of urgency, gusto, flame, and unpredictability to your 2nd house of money, self worth/self esteem, possessions, (and possessiveness.) Have joint finances/things you share and own jointly with another (including bodies, spit, property, and bank accounts) been an issue? Did you over expend, or over expand in areas of jointly held resources too quickly?  This could involve friendships, group associations, goals, hopes, and wishes as well, but it could be impacting your self esteem (or bank balance.) Maybe it’s the link between Saturn and Chiron here making me type this, but something speaks to me of a slight feeling of humiliation here, perhaps in a rather “public”, although subtle, way. I hope I’m wrong. (Again, let me know in the comments what’s actually going on, feedback is always helpful.) It could be something as simple as not getting quite the accolades you were hoping for. Or perhaps you’re striving to be less dependent financially or otherwise on a partner and are having a rough go of it.  Maybe an investment in property sees complications. Money, values, (and self worth) could be all over the place. A hope, wish, or something involving groups, friends, plans for the future, goals, might not be going (quite) to plan. Innovation and pulling rabbits out of hats and 100 dollar bills out of ears may be required. Lean on Saturn, in your 10th house of mastery, achievement, discipline, ambition, hard work, and public standing/reputation to whip up solutions to any quagmires. Regardless of any hiccups, or curveballs,  you still have your good name, and solid work ethic to pull you through and stabilize things.


  1. I originally read this a couple of days before the eclipse, and now I just revisited it! Going into this week I realized I had been such a busy body in recent weeks, and I was feeling physically and emotionally spent. I made me time a priority however, and am feeling much more centred and peaceful. My desire for spiritual learnings and experiences is feeling high, as is my desire to really master sacred sexuality and hold on to my precious and magical energy! Thanks for the great horoscopes!

  2. dear, Thank you for sharing the article. it was relay an good information.regards. Deepak Sharma.


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