MERCURY RETRO-SCOPES:Mercury Rx Conjunct Pluto: Under The Gun.

MERCURY RETRO-SCOPES:Mercury Rx Conjunct Pluto:

Under The Gun. 

The conjunction between Mercury and Pluto has a distinctly pressurized feel to it. A bit of feeling "under the gun" so to speak. It's definitely a productive energy as well as constructive. Certainly practical.  We begin Mercury’s retrograde station with a shift in energy due to Mars reaching 0 degrees Pisces today. This creates a softer, more reflective vibe all around. “Feels”, as well as the boundlessness of the imagination will tend to run the show here and guide our impulses, drive, and determination. It would be worthwhile for everyone to make sure and check in with themselves every now and again, to tune into their feels, as our feelings are the very vibrational basis of what we manifest in the pragmatic world. With Mars conjunct Neptune, it shouldn’t be difficult to come by plenty of creative inspiration, but it’s important not to go too far in the direction of say… all out escapism.  This particular Mercury retrograde promises to be intense, because Pluto is involved, so some major transformations that can stand the test of time will indeed be called for. An element of seriousness and “thinking longterm” looms over the proceedings, as the Sun conjunct serious Saturn passes the baton over to Capricorn on the 21st.

ARIES/ARIES RISING: The retro station begins with you feeling out some things concerning your work, your routines, your health, (or that of others), details, and/or any services you perform. Maybe you’re organizing your “everything” drawer or making some kind of “to do” list, or maybe just an itemized list of things to pick up from the health food store. In either case, some details need to be dealt with, whether it’s job/health/pet related is none of my biznass, but regardless, remember to breath, and apply some kind of stress management so you don’t psychologically crack under pressure. The mind and body are very intertwined-keep them on the same team. Perhaps you’re meditating on how your routines/health/organization abilities/management of details etc could be improved to have a positive impact on your ambitions and worldly aims. (It’s hard to climb Mt. Everest if you’re feeling under the weather.)  Mercury’s backward mashup with Pluto continues to draw your attention to your area of achievement in the eyes of the world. Your stamp on society. Your mark. Your “brand” if you will. Your career, position in society, (or the one you would LIKE to have.) Your reputation and your street creds. Your authorit-tay and longterm stability/staying power, the impact you’d like to make on society at large, and your definition of “success”. You’ve been making some major transformations in the 10th house area of life….well, you’ve certainly been trying to, and it hasn’t always been an easy ride, as not everyone has been helpful or cooperative along the way, but they are behind the times and need to get with the program. Clearly. Keep on blasting through those internal and external brick walls like the Kool-aid man you know deep down that you are, Aries. Your radical vision will light the way (and hopefully just blind all haters and detractors into submission with endogenously produced lightning.) Come January, get your hermit on, and enjoy the pleasures of seclusion, fortify your spiritual and psychological fortress in preparation for more dynamic initiatives.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Seems that today you’re ruminating your focus over creativity, the arts, children, sex, expression, and all the fun stuff in life.  Mercury stations retrograde today in the house Pluto has been exorcising and dramatically transforming for a long while now. You’ve been getting to grips with and trying to wrap your head around various beliefs, ideologies, higher learning, higher education, and all things “foreign,”-essentially trying on various world views to find one that fits, for quite a spell now, not to mention, trying to seek out people and situations that mesh well with these beliefs so that you can have a sense of congruency. Mercury stationing retrograde here suggests a period of reflection on your belief system. Our beliefs, about the world, about others, about ourselves, inherently impact our creative life, they can be a muse or conversely, they can snuff out the flame. They impact our children if we have them. They impact our approach to our sexuality, and our expression.. They touch every arbitrary aspect of our lives really. Sorting out our beliefs, what is serving us, what isn’t, where we are congruent, where we are hypocritical and need to grow, and tuning out the bullshit being thrusted upon you by the world…can be an all consuming process…especially when you can’t just run away from day to day responsibilities or ditch any dependents you may have to stay in a far off Monastery to meditate on the very nature of existence. (You would miss the day to day and/or your dependents anyhow, it and they help keep you sane.) If you feel out of place socially because you don’t want superficial chit chat, try just going straight for the social jugular (metaphorically of course.) I think you can safely speak for everyone if you were to say “I’ve had it with superficial bullshit people.” You can follow this up with reading a passage from the Tibetan book of the Dead and talk a bit about menstrual cycles and moon phases, or the benefits of seminal retention or something. Simply raise the bar and broaden the field of philosophical meandering. This transformation of your belief system has a way to go yet, and you don’t have to have it all figured out right now (or ever), but a humble place you can always begin (and safely go back to if you get lost) is to simply elevate the frequency of the environment you’re in if it’s low, or elevate your own frequency if the frequency in the environment you’re in is woke AF or weirdly at peace with everything-and you stand to benefit by proxy. . Come January, connect with like minded friends, connect with your own hopes and wishes. Stay power strong. Stay inspired....It shouldn't be hard, as friendships, hopes, goals, wishes, and your social network is set to be infused with a dreamy idealism that stokes your imagination and ideas about the future. And if it's not? You will infuse it thusly. 

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Pluto has been transforming your 8th house of deep merging, intense soul bonds, deep intimate sex of the ’’til death” variety, and all things intense and unavoidable (sex, death, taxes, other peoples money, fate.) Nothing light hearted or “casual” about this house…It’s Pluto’s native domain. Mercury stationing retrograde next to pluto here commences some heavy duty reflection and reassessment on 1.)where you’d like to see this go, and 2.) how to get it there. Maybe you’re just meditating on how to maintain and grow what you have with another, and make everything super secure and cozy, -and keep it that way, and have it only become perpetually more awesome, transformative, deep and soul meshing. Keeping a happy, secure home, a happy, secure partnership, and a happy, secure self can be an immense responsibility at times, but where there is a will, there is a way…and where the will goes, the way follows… Basically, this Mercury retro could entail reflecting on some deep, (possibly sexy,) deepness. The Sun will join both Mercury and Pluto here soon as well, so the focus on the deep deepness, merging and sharing with another, will gain considerable emphasis. Sometimes, trust issues or other vulnerabilities come up when this house is highlighted, so if either you or your partner experience these, talk about it, don’t be scared to be open about your more vulnerable, and perhaps even darker sides, and encourage your partner to feel free to reveal the same. Sharing is caring. Withholding is..well…some weak ass shit that noobs do. It’s good for your mental and emotional health to make sure you have a stable intimate life, an authentic bond with another person that can pass a reality test, especially when your outer life is going to be kicking off so much as 2017 commences. Yea. You could have an emotive (possibly escapist, albeit highly imaginative/idealistic) attack of ambition…  You’ll want your partnership to be able to handle you going after brass rings, extra income, accolades, a beloved ambition, or simply more recognition in the world.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Although work/health/routine/service has demanded much of your focus, you appear to be feeling pretty talkative/focused on communications on this day of Mercury’s retrograde station. Speaking of Mercurial backflips…..this brings me to partnerships. Romantic. Marriages. Business. Collaborations and otherwise. Nonetheless: Partnerships. They’ve all undergone a lot of intense transformations, thanks to Pluto shacking up here, it’s pretty difficult to “keep it casual” about partnerships, even if you tried…(and some of you have, only to find that shit get’s intense, loaded, and heavy pretty quickly.) This ongoing focus not only continues unabated, but is increasingly highlighted by Mercury’s retrograde station conjunct Pluto in your 7th house. As 2017 get’s underway, the need to focus on this area even more intently increases exponentially. Pluto here hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t been all bad, but it hasn’t been easy. What other people are doing, what they want, what they want you to be doing, their opinion of what you are doing and what you’re not doing, all of the give, and all of the take… whether it’s romantic partnerships or business, sometimes it’s been hard to find yourself amidst it all. The very nature of compromise, the way in which you compromise, and what you’re willing and unwilling to compromise, has been under construction. Mercury’s dramatic pause here suggests a period of reflection. Sacrificing too little/being too self involved deprives you of closeness, comfort, and security. Sacrificing too much can build up resentment and cause you to overcompensate through small (or large) acts of rebellion and sabotage. Regardless, -integrity, staying in touch with yourself, and communicating honestly with self and others, letting the chips fall where they may- is really the only path to salvation. Maybe you could use a vacation. Some fresh air. Some open spaces. A new language. Some spicy food. A philosophy course. A mushroom trip, or a trip to a temple, or just a long binge on reading and study.  As the new year kicks off, your house of higher learning and travel will be lit. Seek to broaden the mind and expand your awareness through “foreign” concepts, ideas, and people. 

LEO/LEO RISING: For the past month, you’ve been pretty focused on romance, creative expression, good times, the arts, wooing and being wooed, recreation, or kids if your a parent. As Mercury stations retrograde, you could be meditating on your self worth, your money situation, your values. Maybe you’re feeling restricted by money matters not letting you play as much as you’d like, or the pursuit of the dollar has you feeling creatively blocked. Conversely, maybe a bout of low self esteem takes hold of you based on a perceived rejection, rebuttal, or lack of interest from someone you’re smitten by.  Regardless, Pluto has been creating powerful transformations in your 6th house of work, health, routine, service, details, (and yes, this area even rules pets.) Something tells me that if you can get this area of life nailed down, that a lot of other things will become easier for you to handle. Sort out your health. Or your work. Or your routines. Mercury flips backward here next to Pluto, both in serious minded Capricorn, suggesting a need to reflect upon and sort out your 6th house of work, routine, and health. The Sun will further increase emphasis (and the necessity) of doing this as 2017 unfurls. They say the “Devil is in the details,” but this is also where our salvation lies as well. The 6th house may seem boring and mundane, but it’s these arbitrary, everyday actions and routines that can make or break a persons chosen life trajectory and character.  How is your diet? Do you get enough exercise? Are you sleeping ok? Do your dogs get to go on enough runs/walks? Having a healthy and regular routine is something that highly successful people swear by. If you’re working a lot, make sure to balance this out with proper self care, and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll be putting a lot of energy into your 8th house of deep intimacy, merging with others, sex, death, power, and intensity as January get’s underway. You’ll want to have this 6th house stuff sorted out and be feeling your best and on solid footing in order to navigate potentially delusional/deceptive/overly idealistic/elusive vibes going on here. A little idealism and imagination never hurt anybody, and can really be a great asset to build dreams on and manifest things, just make sure you’re dealing honestly with yourself and others, and that others are dealing honestly with you. Maintain a healthy sense of realism, boundaries, and what you can reasonably expect from others, and you’re good to go.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: You kick off the Mercury retrograde station feeling pretty self determined and focused on your creative potential (or your kids if you’re a parent.) It’s kind of almost like you’re just seriously determined to have a good time. Almost to the point where you’re even slightly at odds with your emotions. Don’t ignore your emotions…in the very least you need them for creative fuel, and to direct your creative flow and desire for happiness into the appropriate channels. A good time, recreation, sexual pleasure, a great piece of music or art, (or creatively inclined children), cannot be forced or regimented, so try and relax. Pluto has been working some heavy transformational voodoo in your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, parties, children, fun and good times for a long while now. Mercury’s backward motion right next to Pluto here calls for some reflection on how you pursue these. How do you want to transform this area of life? How would you like to be expressing yourself creatively? What is a good time exactly? Is your definition of it the same as it always was? If you have kids, how can you best further their potential? Are the romantic partners you are attracted to good for you? Are you good for them? As with all houses, they cover a broad spectrum of life areas, and the 5th house is no different. The Sun will join this oddly somber and reflective “party” in your 5th house as 2017 commences, to further emphasize the need to “figure it all out.” Having the 3 here in Capricorn calls for a sobering look. It doesn’t have to be a downer of course, it just brings an element of realism, seriousness, and pragmatism to the fore. You’re an Earth sign. You can handle that. Come January, there will be a rather dreamy, imaginative, emotive, spiritual, and/or potentially escapist focus on partnerships for you, but it’s going to be important to stay grounded, realistic. Fact: Nobody is perfect-but the people in our lives give us a reason to strive to be better versions of ourselves. More often than not, the people we are drawn to challenge the very weaknesses we need to address and heal most in ourselves. When we heal ourselves, we can in turn heal others, and allow for them to heal us as well. 

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: You enter the Mercury retrograde station in rather solitary and reflective form. Very apropos. Well done Libra. You really just want to be left in peace and quiet, and I don’t blame you. This could feel at odds with the clamoring necessity of communication, siblings, or day to day interaction with the surrounding environs. The need to find your emotional center amidst continuously transforming emotional, home, or family circumstances has been an ongoing saga. Pluto has occupied your 4th house of roots, home, family, emotions, and security for a long while now, and major transformations and metamorphoses have ensued. These continue onward in a seemingly unending quest to feel “settled in” and “at home” with everything. Mercury stationing retrograde next to Pluto “the transformer” exceedingly highlights these issues. The Sun follows suit to join them in a matter of days, so the pressurizing need to “sort it all out” increases. Your comfort zones have certainly been morphed and stretched beyond all recognition. Don’t let the perpetual disorientation make you neglect your health though. It’s a privilege to be able to have a shower, an exercise routine, and any general self care afforded to people in the “first world.” In spite of the millions of things there are to feel, think about, or have a contingency plan for, -prioritize yourself as your greatest asset, or prepare to navigate everything you’ve been dealing with through the haggard and sloppy lens of a gnarly and unhelpful hangover. Life is easier to tackle when you’ve been taking care of yourself. It also sets a good example for the people around you. Some of you have undergone, and continue to undergo some pretty heavy domestic alterations, and things have been taking a while to feel truly settled, both without, and from within. This continuous emotional/foundational transformation has certainly had it’s impact on partnership, for better and for worse. This “shifting” could be a move, a seemingly perpetual house hunt, it could be home renovations. Or it could simply be constantly adjusting to family or emotional dynamics, situations that arise that are emotionally heavy and shake everyone to their core-needless to say, the 4th house presides over the very foundations of your life, your security as a whole, as well as the emotional body. Mercury Rx calls you to sort this all out for the longterm. Come January, if things still don’t feel  settled, rather than allow self neglect or over indulgence crystalize as permanent coping mechanisms, use a healthy fitness and self care routine to feel more at home (in your own body, at the very least. )

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: You begin Mercury’s backward journey feeling focused on your friends, hopes, goals, and wishes. A humanitarian universalism and a desire to spread this rather eccentric vibe around through your social network and see beautiful dreams, goals, and wishes become actualized is right up your alley right now. Some of this stuff might exceed your actual budget, your wishes could be in conflict with your wallet, or your friends could be in conflict with your values. Maybe you’ve been feeling under social pressure to solve complex problems via serious and intimidating fiscal decisions. Don’t let anything kill your awesome vibes, just make sure you and anyone you’re communicating with (could be kids, could be romantic partners, could be your own inner child), remains realistic and grounded in practical reality.  Pluto has been transforming the shit out of your 3rd house of communication for a long time. It’s brought communication breakdowns followed by communication breakthroughs, and has completely transformed your thinking. The way you interact with the world, speak, listen, think, take in and disperse information, has been under a continuous metamorphosis. This includes sibling relationships, and local travel as well. Mercury hangs out next to Pluto here for an extra amount of time. The two of them will be joined by the Sun in a matter of days, further necessitating the focus on thought and communique. A lot is being hashed out it seems. There’s been a lot of information to take in and digest, aside from the necessary and ongoing “health revolution” you’ve been coming to terms with having in spite of any resistance you’ve encountered from without (and let’s face it, mostly from within,) you’ve also been doing a lot of healing through creativity/and/or interactions with children and younger people. You ARE sensitive to the issues. ALL of them. Sometimes to the point of empathy overload. A lot of dust is still settling, and there are so many unknowns, but Mercury insists you remain in the loop of a constantly evolving landscape of facts, communication, and information. Come January, the drive toward creativity, recreation, fun times, sex, parties, and/or kids if you have them, will be amped up and infused with a dreamy, imaginative idealism. “Picture yourself on a boat on a river…”… As long as everyone keeps their feet on solid ground and retains a sense of realism, this could be a truly inspiring and even deeply healing time. 

You begin Mercury’s retrograde station super focused on your career, your stamp on the world, your “brand”, putting in those extra hours. It looks like you’re working your ass off in a self determined manner to bring in a more stable income, and increase your sense of self worth through a feeling of achievement. Good on you buddy. There could be some kind of pressing deadline involved, maybe it’s entirely self imposed. Even if it’s not, and it’s imposed by someone with totally unrealistic and superhuman expectations, there is an under the gun feeling that could have you doubting the quality of your work, throwing things off for you in the home, or leaving you feeling emotionally vulnerable to criticism. Nevertheless-the show must go on (for some freak reason. Probably because A.) You were born. And B.) You are only one of the billions of other victims of End Stage Capitalism.) Pluto has been rocking and transforming your house of money, self worth, self esteem, values and possessions for a super long spell. Mercury’s pensive pause here next to Pluto literally demands that this get sorted out and put on more solid footing asap. The Sun joins the two of them here in a matter of days, making this impossible to ignore. The time to get serious about putting your full potential, talents and abilities to use in the practical world in order to establish a longterm, stable financial foundation that aligns with your values and increases your self worth, is nigh. The more you can heal, reinforce, and positively transform your sense of self worth through your own self generated efforts, the better off you will be, and the easier you will be able to deal with any potential curveballs life could throw at you. Use this Mercury retrograde to lay the groundwork for a breakthrough regarding any initiatives you’ve had on the back burner for way too long because of this or that reason. Whether it’s been nebulous home or emotional circumstances, or other people (kids, young people, romantic interests) being erratic, or going through trials and tribulations of their own, you’ve got to hone in on your creative genius and stay centered there.This all comes down to confidence in your abilities and application. of said abilities. Follow through. Consistency. Learn from the process as you go, but stay the course.   If you can reach into your creative reserves and tap into the practical element (rather than the inherently recreational element,) and add discipline and consistency, while increasing your self confidence-you could see the fruition of many a coveted hopes and wishes. Come January, the drive toward home and hearth, security, your emotional base/emotional center, roots, and the pleasures derived thereof will beckon. It will be a good time to center yourself in secure surroundings, wrapped in a cozy blanket, chilling with family, or just doing things that emotionally sooth you, and fortify and replenish the soul, in order to focus your energies, -so that come what may- you don’t get pulled off track by the slightest whiff of whack. 

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: You embark on Mercury’s retrograde journey with a focus on higher learning, study, other cultures, or people at a distance, and the positive impact this is having on your identity and sense of self. Maybe you’re taking a course, or planning a trip, or learning a language…Whatever form it’s taking, you’re determined to broaden your mind and be open to spicy tastes and intriguing outside influences. Maybe you’re at odds with yourself about it, or maybe it alienates you somehow, perhaps you’ve learned something you’d rather keep to yourself. Who knows… With your ruling planet in your 12th house, you can get pretty set on keeping yourself to yourself these days, believing that your problems are your burden alone to carry, not wanting to burden anyone with your truth. It’s been a reflective month, with a focus on solitude, and psychological health, and any alone time you’ve garnered has been deeply repleneshing and even self empowering. It’ll be time to come more out of your shell somewhat soon enough. Pluto has been  transforming your very identity and sense of self for a long while now. Mercury’s station retrograde conjunct Pluto here adds yet a further dimension to the transformer gig, by sprinkling in some self inquiry. The Sun follows suit to join them in a matter of days, so there should be quite an interesting party in your head that you’ve been RSVP’d to. Mercury retrograde in your own sign asks you to reflect on who you are and what you’re about. Your very identity and sense of self. This could involve a number of things, but the conclusions you’ve been forming have been and will continue to impact your life direction in many facets of life, from how you conduct yourself personally within your interactions, to how you approach the outside world. Pluto in your own sign has been giving considerable weight to your motions, making sweeping changes to your core sense of self, your very ego. Having your ruling planet in your 12th house with this powerful combination has often produced a classic example of the Freudian concept of “the Ego and the id” This focus on your identity has been helping you sort out how you can best fulfill yourself and progress as a person, and use that progress to impact the world. Although communication can sometimes leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed, come January, there is an increasing drive toward your 3rd house of talk and thought, colored by a great deal of imagination, empathy, and even a highly spiritual component, helping to dissolve boundaries or barriers. There could be an element of healing or catharsis about this, (or, conversely, mere escapism) Whether you’re helping others, (counseling for instance), or it’s a two way street, any healing is always a two way street, so open those channels of communication. 

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: You begin Mercury’s backward journey focused on your feelings around deep intimate merging, intimacy in general, and in an almost “determined” fashion, facing and getting passed certain hangups you may have around this. We all have them, so you aren’t alone. It’s good to allow yourself a healthy sense of vulnerability and confront fears in order to psychologically and spiritually fortify yourself to allow love in. Maybe your more intimate longings are somehow at odds with your more humanitarian goals, hopes, and wishes, or your desire to be perceived a particular way by groups and friends is at odds with your more instinctive nature. Who knows. Maybe you feel your deeper more instinctual needs are ignored for the benefit of the greater good or something, or in pursuit of a dream. Often, people are unaware of your vulnerabilities, because you come off as so cool and detached, unfettered by the insecurities and hangups of “regular people.” You may not realize it, but people actually really look up to you and admire you. You sometimes come off as simply not needing or desiring the deeper, “messier” aspects of human intimacy, merging, sharing, and bonding, because you’re just so damned high minded. It’s hard for people to imagine you could be insecure or be fettered by “mortal” feelings like rejection, possessiveness, or (GASP!).. trust issues. You’re basically viewed as some kind of freedom fighting high minded guru who is somehow above these kinds of instinctive urges, so if that’s not entirely the case, you’ve got to make that known. If it isn’t intimacy you’re ruminating over, then it’s your legacy. Perhaps giving thought to what it is you’d like to leave future generations when you depart this world. Pluto has been doing some heavy duty reconstruction in your 12th house of psychological health and healing. Your inner life has undergone breakdowns and breakthroughs galore. Mercury stationing retrograde here highlights the need to sort out your mental, spiritual, and emotional health, perhaps in solitude, or with a few select others who have a tight connection with the spiritual dimension of life. Sometimes your solitude has been self imposed, other times it’s felt downright lonely. In either case, come January, the Sun joins both Mercury and Pluto here in your 12th house, further emphasizing this focus on retreat, quietude, solitude, spirituality, and dissolving your own psychological boundaries. Create your own personal temple within, light a candle, and say a prayer. This transformation of your psychological life has been ongoing, and the healing and purging has been immense. Once you work out your own hangups, a much needed sense of confidence and self worth can wash over you. Dare I say….a (healthy, and positively cultivated)..ego. Yes. An ego, Aquarius. It’s ok and actually encouraged for you to think well of yourself. Sure, you’re ok with seeing yourself as eccentric, and socially high minded, but almost feel a sense of shame about allowing yourself to feel, well,…beautiful…or admired in an earthy way…to open yourself up to the more mundane, earthy, aesthetic,  and perhaps “superficial/materialistic” aspects of self worth. Like….it’s ok to post a selfie or admit that you enjoy physical pleasure, and positive attention. It doesn’t make you a narcissist, a materialist, or a hedonist. People actually want to see this earthier side of you-it would be embraced, and would only enhance your sense of spiritual wholeness and effectiveness in the world. Come January, your second house of money, self worth, and values will be infused with a much needed dose of attention, pleasure, and drive. Of course there is a highly spiritual component to this, in spite of it being a more “material” house, but the fact of the matter is, that you feeling good about yourself and you feeling good in general is directly beneficial to the greater human cause.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: You kick of Mercury’s backward journey with a determined and down to earth focus on partnerships, and how they can further expand your dreams, hopes, wishes, goals, and network of friends. Perhaps you feel at odds with your need to focus on achievement/career at the expense of partnerships, or you’re trying to strike a balance between the demands of the outside world with being able to relate with/spend time with your significant other/partner(s) in crime, without having to contend with a perpetually dissolving sense of selfhood. One can only speculate. Pluto has been dramatically transforming your area of friendships, social network, goals, hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future for some while now. Mercury flipping backward next to him here calls further attention to this deconstruction/reconstruction process. The Sun joins the two of them in a matter of days, prompting a focus and reassessment of various hopes, goals, and dreams, as well as planning for the future. Many things have been culminating here, and your vision of the future has undergone many alterations. Much has transpired, and continues to transpire, your values, self worth, and even the way you handle/make money has also been experiencing an ongoing revolution. Mars reaches zero degrees Pisces today, so expect to be feeling a bit more pep in your step within following weeks. In the very least, you will have the necessary energy to navigate any potential conflicting demands, using Mercury’s retrograde passage to reflect upon and manifest a solid, concrete vision of the future that you can then work toward actualizing into reality, one step at a time. What’s important is that this vision of the future and even the social networks and friendships you affiliate with, bolster and align with your sense of personal identity, and expand what’s possible with your ability to express that identity and impress it upon the world. Come January, this drive toward self-focus will take on greater fervor, and you should bask in the pleasures of all that is “you.” Enjoy this dreamy, imaginative, and damn near cathartic self preoccupation. Reign in the new year by treating yo’self.


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