Venus leaves Libra and enters do or die Scorpio today at 10:51 AM PST. Venus in Libra is excellent at negotiating, but too much people pleasing can take it’s toll. This now see’s a cycle that prioritizes authenticity. Genuineness is rewarded. Anything rooted in insincerity and inauthenticity will not survive. This places Venus in trine to Saturn in Pisces, while squaring Pluto, building opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, which will see stabilizing trends of growth and much satisfaction after upheavals, drama, or massive transformation. Today see’s the Moon in Virgo, trine Mercury in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus, and square Mars in Sagittarius. This see’s a sensible, stabilizing and growth oriented emphasis that intends to sort out controversies and get things sorted out and back on track. Even if there have been rogue or hostile forces, irritants, opposition, or interference to contend with, integrity will speak for itself, and the trend towards stability and growth will continue to rise.


A lot of new ideas can be circulating with the Moon trine Uranus today. Routines can be somewhat disrupted, but only temporarily, and probably for ultimately beneficial reasons. Mercury also trine Jupiter is open to learning or teaching new things, and there can be good news or helpful information circulating, with a nice balance between optimism and realism. Excitement or nervous tension can be a part of the picture, and for some there can be radical new thoughts and changes in direction or communication initiatives. As the day wears on into evening there can be some imaginative, dreamy or confusing influences. Overall, positive connections and associations are being made, but certain people may still be sorting out difficult issues behind the scenes.


Neptune stations direct today at 5:20 AM PST, after 5 months of downtime, which can see a renewal of faith, and creative and spiritual inspiration over the coming weeks. The Moon enters Libra at 8:35 AM PST, where it squares up to Mercury in Capricorn while quincunx Saturn. This can see a need to get your bearings and organize the thoughts, a brief period of reflection on social and interpersonal changes can be beneficial. As the day advances into evening, there is a lot more energy, courage, and forward momentum as the Moon in Libra sextile’s Mars in Sagittarius. Interpersonally and socially there is an adventurous attitude. Travel, study, learning, life philosophy and people and places from a distance can factor in somehow. Take care not to overstretch or run yourself down. 


The Moon in Libra is sextile the Sun and opposite Chiron today, which can see interactions that are healing, supportive, possibly even cathartic. There are positive relationships that contribute to a feeling of being loved and supported, while at the same time there is a vulnerability here. Some may feel a bit frayed around the edges. Drink lots of water, and attend to the needs of both body and spirit. The Moon makes a minor tense aspect to Saturn which can see a need for patience. Try to avoid negative thinking, too much doubt or worry from taking hold. It’s possible that there is some fear around certain relationships while at the same time, the Sun/Mars in Sagittarius is gung ho to plunge into new territory. There may be mild delays or issues with timing, or a difference in pace, style, philosophy or culture can cause inhibition or hesitation. Evening time can see tension or excitement. Remain open to new possibilities. More will be revealed. 


Today see’s an interesting mathscape, there may be a lot of pent up tensions, passions, or strong feelings bubbling up to the surface. Certain things or people can really get under the skin. It’s a provocative atmosphere with the Moon in Libra semisquare Mars, square Pluto, which may require an outlet. Physical activity or funneling this into constructive endeavors can help temper extremes. Definitely not a boring atmosphere, but it may be somewhat demanding. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn which offers endurance, stability and tolerance. This helps focus primeval energy into tackling tasks. The Moon enters Scorpio at 7:35 PM PST to conjoin Venus and oppose Jupiter, which can see a lot of pleasure, desire, and satisfaction. This gets the weekend off to an interesting start. There is a buzz and chemistry to this mathscape.


The Moon is sextile Mercury, conjunct Venus, and opposite Jupiter. This can be good for bridge building and communications. There is a strong magnetic energy and chemistry here. Social and interpersonal exchanges can flow easily, even if there are differences, there is a curiosity and love of learning and teaching with Mercury trine Jupiter and sextile Venus. Relationships are growing and expanding just now, with Venus opposite Jupiter. This aspect perfects on Sunday, and what is going on may feel exciting and scary at the same time. Enjoy yourself, but try not to get too distracted from your purpose. This math looks really good for building pleasant connections and enjoying good communication and rapport. There can be erotic undertones or a larger than life energy at points. Authenticity and genuineness is highly attractive. Late evening can see nerves a little jangled, as something or someone can shock or surprise. This could be in a good way.


Venus perfects it’s opposition to Jupiter at 6 degrees today, seeing relationships reach key turning points in growth and development. The same is true for finances and investments. Change is in the air, and things can feel larger than life, although much of this is going on behind the scenes just now. It can feel exciting. The Moon is opposite Uranus, trine Neptune and sesquisquare Mercury. There is a lot to take in because there is a lot going on at once. It’s a good time to think before you speak to avoid misunderstandings. This is a sensitive atmosphere and a lot is being picked up from the atmosphere. Things can feel a bit nervy, so it’s a good day to soothe the nervous system with art, beauty, nature, music, or anything pleasing to the senses, soul and psyche. Big changes are in the works, and it can feel a bit daunting at points. The week ahead starts off with a dynamic bang, with a lot of action, movement, travel, teaching, study, preaching, or speaking in the works. Some kind of epic quest or mission. Gather your strength. There will be a lot to keep up with. 


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