The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:11 AM PST, where it goes on to conjoin Mars, the Sun, and square Saturn. This can challenge optimism and see frustrations around blockages. There can be a jangled energy as the day wears on, and a need to find motivation even if certain things feel blocked or stifled or there are a lot of unknowns. Mercury has been in it’s shadow phase and stations retrograde tomorrow in Capricorn along with a New Moon in Sagittarius. This can see a reevaluation around expansion efforts. Venus in aspect to Neptune and opposite Jupiter can see an indulgent, dreamy, impressionable and escapist energy, but Mercury in Capricorn thinks longterm, keeps things from going too far, and is grounded in common sense and realism so that things don’t go off the rails anymore than they may already have. 


The New Moon is exact today at 3:32 PM PST at 20 degrees Sagittarius, making a square to Neptune, tense minor aspects to Jupiter and Uranus, a trine to the North Node, and a square to Juno that is not to be underestimated. This face of Sagittarius is ruled by the 10 of wands in the tarot. Representative of a heap of burdens and obligations, effortful striving, a labor of love. Like the last mile of a marathon, there is exhaustion here, but also tremendous will power. The configurations suggest that some things are in dissolution, faith and endurance levels can be challenged, and there is a need to keep going in spite of feeling demoralized or uncertain about end results. There is also much that is still hidden. The lunar square to Juno suggests that certain relationships are a catalyst to action and dynamic change. The contact with the North Node indicates that fate plays a role in events, and there is a need to go in a direction which most preserves freedom, autonomy, independence and self possession. Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn at 11:09 PM PST, seeing a reevaluation around plans and strategies forward. In some ways, it’s back to the drawing board, in others, plans for expansion financially or interpersonally are already in the works and just need to be perfected and implemented. 


The Moon enters stoic and earthy Capricorn at 7:31 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Jupiter, a sextile to Saturn, and a conjunction to Mercury. Persistence can pay off, and there may be some good news or constructive talks or deals in the works today. A lunar sesquisquare to Uranus suggests that certain situations may be causing some worries, tensions, or frustrations, so a calm, steady approach will be important. There definitely appears to be good news that can give rise to modest optimism, even in the wake of Mercury retrograde, with it's potential for misunderstandings, fumbled words, or crossed wires. In the very least this math can provide an opportunity to stabilize foundations to accommodate incoming changes or future expansion. There may still be a lot of loose ends to contend with as we close out the year.  Very late evening can see some pleasant back and forth, with the Moon in contact to Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Things can feel quietly exciting even if there are a lot of responsibilities to attend to.


New possibilities can be opening up or new ideas can be discussed that intend to overcome obstacles, difficulties or blockages. Early AM can be pleasant in a down to earth way, with the Moon still in contact to benefics. As the day moves forward, there is a need to avoid negative thinking, fear, or doubts in the face of frustrations or under the weight of a lot of responsibilities or pressure. There can be a lot of sensitivity or vulnerability, or simply a lot on peoples plates to deal with, with the Moon in tension with Saturn and Chiron. The lunar trine to Uranus keeps people on their toes, and there’s a need to remain adaptable and open to new possibilities or spontaneous happenings. There can be a lot of insights gained here as well. Late evening see’s a lot to take in, and something or someone can really make an impression with the Moon linked up to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Juno. Interpersonally, powerful connections are being forged, or there is support from powerful individuals. 


This morning can see a lot of energy (or agitation.) Powerful, intense, and instinctual drives can predominate with the Moon conjunct Pluto while in tension to Mars as the day begins. The Moon enters community oriented Aquarius at 9:56 AM PST, where it will later go on to square Jupiter this evening. This can see a larger than life energy socially, interpersonally, or in community or networking related initiatives. Timing may be slightly off tonight, but nonetheless, the weekend can get off to an interesting, perhaps even exciting start, even if things feel a bit unsettled.


The Moon in Aquarius squares Venus in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus, while sextile Mars in Sagittarius  and Chiron in Aries. This can see a lot of dynamic action socially and interpersonally, and maybe some very weird, one of a kind, unconventional situations or dynamics unfolding. Morale can feel boosted and motivation levels can feel stoked. Things can feel exciting and unpredictable. There is a lot of weird, wild chemistry in this mathscape. Late evening see’s the Moon sextile the Sun while semisquare Mercury. There is a lot of support available socially and otherwise, and the lunar tension to Mercury encourages thoughtfulness, caution, and maturity in communications or planning.


The Moon heads towards Pisces today and enters around noon PST, where it conjoins Saturn while semisquare Chiron. This is a stabilizing influence, but there is a need here to demonstrate maturity, sober thinking, reliability, respect and integrity. There may be a need to avoid upsetting others, or to draw reasonable limits so that excesses don’t sabotage any ground that has been gained. There can be opportunities here as the day wears on for healing conversations that boost morale or provide well timed advice or insightful observations. The Moon sextile Mercury and Jupiter is easy going and cautiously optimistic. This can see pleasant philosophical conversations that are simultaneously steadying and uplifting. There can also be expansive plans in the works. Certain situations, dynamics, or initiatives can feel like they are getting more traction or stability. There can be a lot going on behind the scenes.


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