It’s the final week of 2024, wrapping up the year with a Full Moon in Cancer, emphasizing home, hearth, family, comfort, safety and security. The Moon is in multitasking Gemini today opposite Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius while square Neptune. There may be grumbles, gripes, or gossip in the background, or a feeling of going without something or someone, or something being missing, but if you can tune out the noise or negativity, there is still much that is going well. Expect forward motion, clarity, or momentum to begin to gain a foothold in January.  Mercury, Mars, and Venus will all make contact with Neptune this week, suggesting this final week of the year is best suited for laying low, and taking in the general impressions of the incoming timeline. These configurations can be excellent for creative visualization, musing, and recreational activities, but it’s an overall pretty spaced out week ahead mathematically. Focus on what is going well, take it easy, and spread cheer where and how you can. Some people may need it.


The Moon enters Cancer at 7:15 AM PST, to trine Saturn, sextile Jupiter, and semisquare Uranus. New realities can be sinking in. Growth, expansion, and discovery is on the way, and although there will be much to adapt to in the coming year, the end of 2023 is dispersing the pills in controlled, precision targeted doses. The Full Moon is exact at 4:33 PM PST at 4 degrees Cancer. In ancient Egyptian traditions, the year, the world itself, and the Theme Mundi in Hellenistic astrology, was thought to begin under the sign of Cancer. This is fitting, considering Cancer is the sign of the Mother, where all life begins. The card assigned to this decan of Cancer is the Two Of Cups, a card of mutually reciprocal relationships. The signatures of this Full Moon suggest the gestation and growth of a new phase that will reveal the nature of itself within two weeks. The sign of Cancer harkens images of family of origin, roots, ancestry. The Mother and Father archetypes are activated under the Cancer/Capricorn axis, as well as the concept of Soul Family. Leave room to be surprised, and don’t worry about getting everything perfect just now. New insights or ideas will continue to percolate and more will be revealed as time goes on.


Mars and Mercury Rx in Sagittarius perfect an exact conjunction today at 24 degrees, which can see an eagerness to explore new ideas, philosophies, approaches. This can see a passionate curiosity to explore something, but Mercury Rx is also square Neptune, so things are still a bit loopy and distracted. Although there’s plenty of enthusiasm, it can be hard to focus, so this is better suited for a relaxed approach and letting inspiration lead. This whole final week has “holiday” written all over it, so don’t expect true momentum or focus until January. Let yourself meander a bit, as certain processes still require some patience. The Moon is sextile Uranus and trine Neptune, going on to trine Venus as well. Leave room to dream, research, muse, and explore. You don’t have to be in a hurry to act on it all or reveal everything you’re marinating on just yet, but there can be brilliant insights and creative flow.


Today can see some big, wistful feelings activated, with the Moon in Cancer trine Venus and Neptune and opposite Pluto. People can get downright obsessive about things, and there can be points where it’s hard to tell if something is all in your head or not. Boundaries can be unclear, and intrigue and mystery are afoot. Strong feelings can surface, but avoid overreactions or jumping to conclusions, as Mars also perfects a square to Neptune to day at 25 degrees. This can see increased desire to escape, and it’s a good idea not to put yourself under too much pressure right now. Certain desires can feel blocked as well, or conversely there can be a great deal of inspiration around a project or a person. This is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the mystery a little. Mars trine the North Node add an element of fate and destiny to things unfolding now. Nothing needs to be forced. Too much pressure can also feel draining as well. Venus at anaretic degree of Scorpio suggest some interpersonal or financial turning points. The Moon enters Leo at 4:23 PM PST, and things can be heating up and feel larger than life.


The Moon in Leo is trine Venus as Venus shifts into Sagittarius today at 12:24 PM PST. This can see some reveals or turning points, and new horizons can beckon. There can be an element of theatrical drama in the energy today, with the Moon also squaring up to Jupiter, opposite Pluto and quincunx Saturn. Some of it can feel a bit troubling, perplexing, taboo, mysterious or dangerous. Nonetheless, there is an overall positive and expansive trend, so it’s a good time to let go of baggage, past misgivings, regrets, or complexes and embrace a more positive frame. Today’s math can produce a feeling of being excited and challenged at the same time. Social, interpersonal, and financial situations are definitely presenting growth, exploration and learning opportunities at this time, and this is also true of basic value systems, taste and preferences. This can see out of character moves that open new doors. The Sun trine Jupiter begs for something different, but has a taste for quality, refinement, and luxury. Venus in Sagittarius see’s an adventurous and explorative cycle socially and interpersonally, as well as around what and who pleases you. The cycle can also make honest conversation easier, as people will be seeking philosophical simpatico. Freedom to learn, discover, grow, and explore different tastes, cultures, and values will also be important.


The Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries, and Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius while squaring Uranus in Taurus can get the conversations flowing today in surprising and unexpected ways. This can be great for creative or collaborative projects, and interpersonally and socially, people can behave in surprising ways. There can be a restless excitement to get new ventures or ideas off the ground, or conversations that venture into new territory can accellerate. There can be a lot to adapt to internally, and although certain desires can’t be acted on immediately, there is definitely something stirring in the air. There can be something oddly healing or cathartic about certain breaks from the norm or unexpected news or behavior from others. Something is definitely percolating, and there’s a strangeness about it all that can be highly entertaining at times, even if things are a bit jangled or tense at points. The lunar trine to the North Node suggests the need people feel to act in accordance with their own authenticity, independence and autonomy, even if it defies the expectations of others or sets them apart in some way. It’s a lot to absorb. Don’t run yourself down. Jupiter stations direct this evening at 6:40 PM PST, setting the stage for some rewarding experiences in the coming weeks, but there is still a lot of mess to clean up or things that require work or adjustment.


The Moon enters Virgo at 3:53 AM PST to oppose Saturn and trine the Sun and Jupiter. Things feel promising but there’s also a lot of work to do and many things are still out of order. Mercury will station direct tomorrow, New Years Day exactly, so sorting things out and getting things running smoothly to zoom into this new timeline confidently will take precedence. There can be a lot of pressure, and the Moon opposite Saturn can feel like a heavy albatross and we can expect a lot from ourselves, (and others may be expecting a lot as well.) In spite of this dragging feeling and call to get it all together, there is a lot to feel positive about, so try to emphasize what is good, in spite of an awareness of heavy responsibilities or everything that still needs to be squared away. The Moon squares Venus in Sagittarius, and with Venus squaring Saturn just now, interpersonal or financial situations can feel unclear, blocked, elusive, tense, confusing, or difficult to read accurately. There can also be vague issues or complaints that generally weigh down the vibe. Try to relax and avoid letting things bog you down. Mercury stations direct in 22 degrees Sagittarius tomorrow, so January will be an excellent opportunity to get perspective and prioritize things accordingly. Things can take time to settle and catch up to speed, but lot of opportunities will open up. A renaissance of sorts will begin to unfold in January. 



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