The Moon is conjunct Saturn early this morning indicating a need to shoulder responsibilities in the week ahead. The Sun in square to Neptune can see energies rather low or there is a need to lean on faith a little more than usual in the face of uncertainty or things being a bit out of sorts at the moment. The Moon trine’s Venus, but also goes on to square Mars and semisquare Pluto. There can be strong feelings under the surface, many of which may feel frustrated for the time being or simply difficult to approach directly. Conversely, there can be a lot of pressure, issues of timing, circumstance, energy levels, or differences of opinion or a clash of desires, but there is also an unusual degree of empathy and understanding. There can be a lot on people’s plates, and there can be a feeling of going without certain things for the time being. This can see less than ideal circumstances for getting desires met precisely as you may like temporarily. The Moon conjoins Neptune and sextile’s Uranus as the day wears on, seeing a lot of fantasy, wistfulness, and imagination, perhaps some unusual synchronicities or expressions of feeling. These configurations can challenge people to adapt to unusual situations or dynamics, and there can be new insights into your own or other peoples emotions or desires. 


 There can be some tensions, deception or confusion early on around things that are unclear or dissolving, with the Moon in late Pisces square the Sun in Sagittarius while conjunct Neptune. It’s a bit of a sleepy, dreamy and dazed vibe, but certain matters can feel pressing or keep people on their toes. There can be a low key intensity, power dramas, or strong arm tactics with the Moon sextile Pluto, with change and transformation in the air. The Moon enters Aries at 2:47 PM PST to make tense aspects to Mercury and Venus. There’s the potential here for misunderstandings, misrepresentation, and confrontations in communications socially or interpersonally, so take care to think before you speak, and take care if you're driving. It may take a minute to find the right words, untangle knots, or certain situations can cause delays, unexpected expenses, or simply feel draining. Mercury Rx just now is still in trine to Jupiter, but in tension to Venus. This is still a great time for thinking and planning.  Although there is still a lot of hope and even visible signs of tangible progress, certain projects, initiatives and even relationships, meetings or agreements may still require time, patience, understanding, or flexibility, as many things are still in a state of flux and readjustment. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn assists in being aware of holes or missing information which can help avoid pitfalls or mistakes so that things can be done right this time around. It's also great for a commitment to a new direction or understanding things in their proper context. Dynamic action or forward momentum can be in the works. 


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, trine Mars, while semisquare Saturn. Here, there is a determination to overcome obstacles and blockages, but there is still a need for patience. Confrontations may be necessary. This can revolve around safeguarding a rebirth, resurrection, or resurgence of something, or simply a process taking place that slowly aligns energetically with a new timeline. This can take the rest of the year to fully chisel out, but by the completion of the Mercury retrograde in January, a new timeline will begin in earnest, and old cycles that are no longer relevant will begin a closure phase. There can be something healing about seeing signs of progress around efforts which have required determination and persistence. Things can still feel a little unsettled socially, interpersonally or financially, but the lunar trine to Mars takes the lead with courage and enthusiasm in spite of various challenges. Things may not be easy or entirely smooth right now, and Mars is currently quincunx Uranus and sesquisquare Jupiter, going on to eventually make a demoralizing or confusing square to Neptune, seeing the holiday period and New Years celebration have some weird uncertainties. Avoid impulsive moves, unnecessary risks, premature actions or conclusions, or conflicts with people in power right now. Try to assert your own objectives as wisely and thoughtfully as possible for best results. Stealth. Patience.


Today can see good news, forward momentum, and progress with expansive initiatives, with the Moon in Aries trine the Sun, and heading into Taurus this evening right before the solar ingress into Capricorn at 7:27 PM PST. This can see an opportunity to regroup, rebuild and restructure, and get the foundations of certain things reestablished or more firmly in place. There can be optimism in the air with the Moon in harmony with the Sun, building trine’s to Mercury and Jupiter. A lunar sextile to Saturn also see’s growing stability after some major pushes for change and transformation. The Moon enters Taurus at 6:50 PM PST, with the Sun entering Capricorn at 7:27 PST, seeing the weekend kick off on a note of quiet optimism and stability. There may be some positive news, or in the very least a determination to ensure success. 


The Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter is modestly optimistic, earthy, comfortable and sensual. There can be a need for flexibility. It’s best to keep expectations realistic as many people are playing catch up in their lives right now and feeling rather disoriented. Mercury still retrograde can make it a bit challenging to keep up with too many deviations from routine, as there is still a lot that needs to be adjusted and squared away. It reenters Sagittarius this evening at 10:18 PM PST. It's a better time for reorientations and readjustments than it is for barrelling into new endeavors at the moment. The Moon conjunct Uranus can be restless for enjoyment, excitement, or rapid gains, which are more likely to be possible just now from preexisting crops, but the Sun sextile Saturn and trine Jupiter suggests that a slow, steady and patient approach that prioritizes getting things on to a stable footing first is best for anything attempting to get established. 


The Moon in Taurus opposite Venus, quincunx Mars, trine Juno and conjunct Uranus can see a restless desire that seeks satisfaction but there may be some frustrations to fulfillment for the time being. Relationships can factor into the equation and getting on to the same page with others can be a challenge due to circumstances and timing. The Moon goes on to trine Pluto and sextile Neptune while still in contact to Uranus, which can see a lot of fantasizing, longing, excitement or anticipation to manifest certain realities. The Sun conjunct Mercury and trine Jupiter can see a feeling of having many things to look forward to, but the Moon going on to square Saturn can see a need for patience amidst delays, poor timing or other blockages. In general, people can be suffering from a general case of "end of the year itis." It’s Mercury Rx. Nothing can be instantaneous right now. Patience is the name of the game. It's now Capricorn season. Reputation is important, and matters more than some might think just now, as it can make or break things. There may also be other responsibilities or issues to manage for the time being, but it will pay dividends to make course corrections or reforms that will strengthen foundations.


The Moon enters curious and versatile Gemini at 12:15 AM PST to square Saturn, which can see some confusion, distractions or blockages that can slightly weigh down the energy, but there is still a lot to feel positive about. It may just be many things overlapping all at once (end of the year itis.) Venus and Neptune are at an exact trine today at 24 degrees, which can be beautiful for love, creativity, imagination, and pleasure. There’s an element of mystery, glamor, longing, intrigue, or even idyllic energy here. There can be an energy of escapism, in some ways there can be a tendency to go too far or lose yourself, but this aspect encourages gentleness and forgiveness towards yourself and others. It’s the holiday period, so let yourself unwind, relax and enjoy the end of the year winter solstice celebrations and festivities in your own way. Mercury Rx in close proximity to Mars while square Neptune can see interference or delays around bridges being built, or elusive communications. Some people can be difficult to get a hold of, and momentum around projects or endeavors can leave much to be desired. There may be a need for people to close out old cycles or wrap up loose ends as the year comes to a close, so be patient and avoid jumping to conclusions if there are communication issues, delays, or seeming lack of movement. 


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