Astrology week of May 11-17 2020

We begin this week with the Moon in earthy Capricorn conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, trine the Sun in sensual Taurus, sextile Neptune in Pisces. This is a pleasure driven energy with constructive and creative elements. There can be a driven and thorough quality with Pluto involved, that can allow for thorough enjoyment and creative productivity. This energy can offer creative or technical breakthroughs, advancements, and forays into fun, experimental, or futuristic territory, with Mercury in the final, fated degree in physical, Venus ruled (creative), abundant, Taurus in trine to Jupiter and Pluto in results oriented Capricorn, and Saturn in unorthodox, rebellious, futuristic Aquarius. The earthy, physical Moon and Sun sextile etheric, spiritual, and deeply creative Neptune in Pisces, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn with the Sun trine Pluto as well, adds an amazing element for artists, musicians/mujicians and creative and spiritual types of all kinds. This is amazing, breakthrough energy for bringing ideals into reality, and making the imagined real. Powerful manifestation and creation  energy. With Venus in Gemini square surreal Neptune in Pisces, and getting ready to station retrograde this week, there is an escapist and multitasking energy afoot that is somewhat befrazzling, confusing, but also dreamy, wistful, and inspiring. Pleasant and constructive lunar trines between the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and intense conjunctions to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto go on well into the evening hours, showing some powerfully innovative, and creative energies available, well into tomorrow. Low key, but shocking, transformative breakthroughs. I’m definitely a fan of these configurations, this can be some highly enjoyable, and innovative energy. Pleasant breaks from the norm, experimentation, and perhaps even "milestone moments" are available.

With Mercury now freshly in Gemini, the planet of thought and communication is in it’s element, but it’s square to Mars can send it off on some escapist, creative, or reflective tangents and escapades that can create a rather “high strung”, even sometimes “delusional” energy, that can easily lead to nervous exhaustion. Today can have some surprises up it’s sleeve and some “zang” to it. A lot of planetary action and changes of the guard occur. The morning begins with the Moon in the final, most urgent degree of Capricorn, which could see a culmination of something that is perhaps well earned and has taken a lot of time, patience, discipline, or hard work. The Moon moves into detached, oddball Aquarius around 9 AM PST, still holding conjunctions with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, a trine to Mercury, and heading to square innovative, surprise a minute Uranus. This can definitely see some unexpected, interesting, shocking or surprising developments. With the Moon in Aquarius trine Mercury in Gemini, as well as Juno in Libra, there could certainly be some unexpected communications, or beneficial partnerships, collaborations or agreements in the works.  With Mars at 29 degrees in innovative and futuristic Aquarius, set to head into sensitive and reflective Pisces at 9:17 PM PST, it’s another energetically climactic day, that could see a culmination of some fringe initiative, or “outside of the box” endeavor or tangent. People and circumstances could be very unpredictable today, and the nervous system can be easily overstimulated, with so much emphasis on the Air element combined with the Uranian influence. The line between genius and madness is thin, so leaning on the stabilizing energies of the Sun in practical Taurus, and Jupiter and Pluto in grounded and persistent Capricorn will help ground this powerful electrical current. There could certainly be a lot of creative ideas in circulation, and a lunar sextile to Chiron can see a boost in confidence levels and make interchanges mutually beneficial. In the evening, Mars slips into Pisces, accentuating it’s spacey, elusive, and tricksy square to Mercury in multitasking and dualistic Gemini. This tricksy energy is made even tricksier as Venus stations retrograde at 11:45 PM late this evening. The next several weeks can be somewhat “Matriculated.” This energy is best funneled into creative endeavors and can be excellent for the arts. Not so much for getting straight answers, factual information, or the truth out of people or circumstances. This energy can predispose people to being easily deceived or mislead. Stay vigilant, and in any case, enjoy increased impressionability and creativity in any way you can, as there can be interesting burst of insight available. This energy will be easiest to handle if you can consistently remind yourself that all is highly likely not as it seems, as the potential for trickery, sleight of hand, and funhouse mirrors is high for the duration of these transits. 


Today see’s Mars move into escapist and surrealist Pisces, with the Moon in weird, rebellious, detached, Aquarius, forming an electric square to Uranus in earthy Taurus. This can see some unusual proclivities, and forays into unconventional, or out of character terrain. A lunar square to the Sun in earthy, physical Taurus, and a trine to Venus accentuates the pleasure seeking element of these forays into strangeness. A dreamy, bizarre escapism colors the day, and seeking new and interesting ways to bring more pleasure into everyday existence can be a theme. This is a loopy, electric, but easy going energy, with a short attention span, and a predisposition to fantasy. With the Sun in earthy Taurus, and Mercury in Gemini both squaring up to Mars in elusive Pisces, there can be some mental and physical frustrations that drive the mind and body towards escapism, fantasy, and make it hard to focus. Debate of any kind is useless under these configurations as it’s not the best math for any kind of objectivity or rationality, and people are easily deluded, and judgement is easily clouded. This energy can make the very idea of any kind of conflict simply exhausting anyhow, and it’s easier to leave others to their own devices, as these configurations tend to undermine any sort of attempt at confrontations. Mars in Pisces is more passive and inclined towards tranquility, reflection, secrecy, and indirect means of achieving it’s ends, and would rather fly under the radar undisturbed than provoke too much opposition, or push back. Any attempt at direct, obvious, or abrasive confrontation can only wind up feeling demoralizing with Mars in Pisces, so it's best to release the need to "win" or "be right". Mercury in multitasking Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius can bring new insight, and can assist much in any bullshit distillation, which will come in handy in the coming weeks and months, as Venus spends a long period of time in Gemini in a delusional square to Neptune, dissolving the line between fantasy and reality. Today is good for seeking unusual paths to pleasure and enjoyment.

This morning begins with the Moon in late Aquarius, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and consciousness expansion stations retrograde at 7:32 AM PST at 27 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, also retrograde. This suggests that there is still much digging and work to complete before seeing any major signs of progress and transformation. With the Moon still in tension with the Sun in Taurus, and still holding it’s trine to Venus for the first half of the day, and building a conjunction to Mars in Pisces, this carries over the drive to avoid the harsher elements of life and seek more peace, harmony, solace, and pleasure, perhaps in roundabout or out of character ways, that was seeded in yesterdays configurations. The Sun in Taurus in tension with Mars can see some physical frustrations, with certain pleasures perhaps vaguely out of reach or currently unrealizable or out of touch with reality.  Around 6:24 PM PST, the Moon enters sensitive and impressionable Pisces to conjoin Mars and square Mercury in Gemini. This energy could see us picking up a lot of unspoken energy from the environs and there could be a lot being left unsaid, or in the very least some confusing elements present. There could be a lack of clarity or confusion in communications, in some cases even some repressed or unspoken grievances, sensitivities, misunderstandings, or conflicts of interests, or the perception of that, so it pays to keep an open mind. Conversely, this could simply increase sensitivity to what is said or not said, news received, or communications going on around us. Again, Mars in Pisces prefers to avoid direct or acerbic confrontations, fly under the radar, and places an emphasis on maintaining tranquility. Getting into any sort of conflicts right now or trying to “hash things out” or “talk things to death” can wind up being more demoralizing than simply letting things be, and releasing what you simply have no control over. The Moon/Mars conjunction in Pisces can see some emotional impulsivity, and in some cases, hypersensitivity, so if you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around certain people under these configurations, it would be par for the course. This energy can see people off in their own little worlds, some perhaps exceedingly focused on what seems missing in their lives. These configurations are prone to fantasy, daydreaming, illusion, escapism, and delusion, but also increased emotional and psychic sensitivity, intuitive impressions, and great compassion and artistic imagination. This weekend could see some unexpected developments, insights, disclosures, or communications, and perhaps an impetus to liberate or release oneself from a “psychic rut” in order to set up a trajectory to create more joy and pleasure in the everyday experience. 


Today see's the Moon in sensitive and dreamy Pisces squaring Mercury in Gemini, conjunct Mars, and sextile Uranus. Communications and thinking can be muddled and somewhat addled, loopy, pressured, or scattered, but could also produce some unusual insights or interesting breakthroughs, turnarounds, or transformations. A solar trine to Pluto can see some "reinventions" and epic transformations underway. A lunar conjunction to Neptune later on in the day places emphasis on the reflective, meditative, solitary, restful, spiritual, dreamy, wistful, poetic, and imaginative nature of the day's configurations. Psychic impressionability and emotional sensitivity can be very high, but it's also possible to give and receive mixed messages, as these maths aren't really ideal for straight talking, rationality, objectivity, or linear thinking. It is very much "up in the ethers." The day could certainly see some surprises or out of the blue communications, insights, or impressions.  The imagination is lit, and the capacity for fantasy is high. Taking a step back to meditate on certain things, take it all in, and perhaps get our bearings around the shifts and transformations occurring, and as of yet, due to occur, interpersonally/creatively/or financially in the coming weeks and months is apropos. 

Today see's the slippery Moon in Pisces squaring Venus retrograde in Gemini, and conjunct Neptune. This can be a dreamy landscape well suited to solitary, pleasurable pursuits that bring more beauty, harmony, and tranquility into the environment. Interpersonally, it can be confusing, sensitive, imaginative, and more prone to fantasy, telepathy, and "ESP", as it can be challenging to know quite how or if to express certain things directly in real life. Much is open to interpretation, but there can still be some pleasant and heartfelt interchanges. In the afternoon, a lunar sextile to Pluto and Jupiter in Cap, and the Sun in Taurus, can see a pleasant intensification of certain feelings, impressions, or aesthetics, and perhaps a growing desire to make the imagined real, or in the very least, a growing desire to take practical, tangible steps towards realizing some "idyllic" vision, or making something long sought after or thought about happen.  This is a pleasantly indulgent energy, and the tendency towards escapism or otherwise augmenting reality, or sinking into an artistic or creative project, is high. It's possible there's something being fixated upon, or that feelings around something or someone are heavily magnified and perhaps disorienting, but not necessarily unpleasantly. There's a lot of power behind these configurations that can facilitate the beginning of some interesting breakthroughs. 

Today see's the Moon in passionate, assertive Aries, conjunct Chiron, and sextile Saturn Rx in Aquarius. With the Sun in Taurus also trine Jupiter, this could help embolden us a little. The lunar opposition to Juno can bring relations with others to the fore somehow today, and with the Moon now in Aries, there is more courage, outgoingness, and assertiveness. The conjunction to Chiron also see's a compassion and sensitivity to others emotions, because it also tends to highlight our own vulnerabilities as well. The Sun in late Taurus trine Jupiter and Pluto, and squaring Mars, is definitely pushing us to act as agents of change in our own lives. Even with Mars in meek Pisces, this configuration speaks to a growing restlessness and desire to take some discreet, but moderate risks. This will become more evident as the Sun sails into talkative and inquisitive Gemini next week. The impetus towards increasing enjoyment, personableness, pleasure, and stimulation in and through the day to day local environment, and through communications, or short distance excursions, will be increasingly highlighted under the coming cycles, with the Sun set to join both Mercury and Venus Rx in playful and curious Gemini. 


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