We begin this week with the Moon in Aries still holding a sensitive conjunction to Chiron, and making a sextile Mercury in Gemini. The first half of the day can be rather communicative, curious, and somewhat busy. There can be a lot of exchanges and general information gathering, and a steadily growing playful vibe can begin to build. The evening see’s a pleasant lunar sextile to Venus in Gemini, and with the New Moon in Gemini this week, there can be an increasing emphasis on making connections and stimulating the mind and the senses. But with Venus retrograde, and both Mercury and Venus in tension with hazy, elusive Neptune, there is a lot of confusion, and there could be communication difficulties, misunderstandings, missing information, and the potentiality for fuckery and deception on a broader scale is also high, so take care. I cannot emphasize the fact that there is fuckery afoot under these configurations enough. Not only is the chance of deception and delusion high, but the impressionability of the mind is increasingly heightened under these configurations, and it can be exceedingly easy to be led astray by this and that, such and such, and so and so. On a positive note, there can also be increased intuitive hunches, creativity, or inspirational insights seemingly out of thin air, or through dream experiences, etc. On a more personal note, the susceptibility to romantic delusions specifically, or for some, entangling yourself in some fruitless web of intrigue, or for weird circumstances where you want someone you can’t have, or know you shouldn’t, unrequited love situations, rose colored glasses, or are somehow otherwise compromised or confused romantically speaking (more than one choice before you,) such confusing or demoralizing scenarios can also be part and parcel of this Venus cycle in particular.  So it pays to be lighthearted and light-footed under these Venus/Mercury/Neptune aspects, but also careful, empathetic, and considerate, as some people can be feeling pretty sensitive under this retrograde, and many can be seeking a happiness that feels lost or missing. Positively, romanticism can be high. The desire to escape, augment, or enhance reality is also strong. With the Moon this evening sextile Venus and squaring Pluto and Jupiter, this can see some intensity magnified in our interactions, or a pronounced curiosity and urge to seek them out. There’s a somewhat obsessive compulsive quality to the evening that is playful on the surface, and rolls into tomorrow.

Today begins with the Moon in late Aries, holding a square to Jupiter, Pluto, and eventually, Saturn. This is an energy that wants to take some action, but the square to Saturn can curtail or slightly constrain that a bit, but nonetheless, there’s a lot of potential here for constructive productivity or taking care of business. Towards evening, restlessness can grow, along with a subtle (or not) impatience, as the Moon hits 29 degrees of Aries and conjoins Uranus in Taurus. The Moon officially enters sensual, and pleasure oriented Taurus at 7:11 PM PST, and sextiles Mars in easy going, discreet Pisces. This combined with it’s conjunction to surprise a minute Uranus and it’s square to Saturn could see us seeking out enjoyment in new, interesting, artistic, -but responsible- ways, or at least, seeking enjoyment within the confines or limits of circumstances may be, which can devise innovative approaches. It’s a “party low key and responsibly” sort of vibe, and this low key, artsy, and passionate energy can see it easy to enjoy the little things. For some it may also simply increase a desire for simple, relaxed pleasures in quiet solitude, with Mars in secluded, and reclusive Pisces. Revitalization and rejuvenation can be found in quiet, out of the lime light places. The square to Saturn can make some things feel “prohibited”, but the innovative placements can find ways around any “forbidden zones”, or in the very least, alternatives that suffice.

This morning see’s the Sun enter curious and loquacious Gemini, adding emphasis to the desire to communicate, banter, and connect with others via intellectual or lighthearted playful exchanges. Early AM see’s the Moon in slow and steady Taurus, sextile to Mars in Pisces, square Saturn, and conjunct Uranus. These configurations ebb out, leaving only the strong Uranus conjunction in their wake. Mars in Pisces sextile to futuristic and unconventional Uranus can be brought to the fore here, seeing a desire for interesting forays into unorthodox territory and a desire to seek stimulation in new, perhaps somewhat “under the radar” ways. This is an interesting aspect really, that can see some highly unusual experiences, or an increased drive to explore the unconventional, or supernatural, the bizarre, or simply the under recognized, or under appreciated. This aspect can produce solutions, epiphanies, realizations, insights, or discoveries from out of the way places, or see secrets come to light. It’s a subtle but powerful aspect that will grow in strength as this week unfolds into next, and will later be amplified by contacts to Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune. This can see a growing interest in spiritual or psychic phenomena, or can even see certain “woo woo” topics, theories or disciplines receive some accolades for validity, perhaps down the line, in June. Meanwhile, today, the lunar contact to Uranus is in the spotlight, and this can see a low key, nervous energy, excitement, or some unexpected or surprising feelings or occurrences. With Venus and Mercury conjunct, there is definitely an increased desire to connect and communicate, but with both in tension to Neptune, perhaps it’s a matter of figuring out how, where, or what to say. There is a dreaminess and wistfulness here that can see people up in their heads about how (or if) to approach something or someone. There is a lack of clarity and uncertainty here that can be somewhat shy and unsure, but also a sort of proneness to poetic romanticization or idealization, but these are great maths for chasing rainbows of various kinds, artistic or creative collaborations, or even shared spiritual interests. They provide an endless well of curiosity, dreaminess, and augmented reality. 

Today see’s the Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. This is a curious blend between fantasy and reality that could see some intense and perhaps pleasant experiences, conversations, or interchanges. We may not have all the facts, but it’s possible to find enjoyment even amidst ambiguity or unsolved mysteries. This energy can see us keen to bring certain fantasies to life, and a desire for intense experiences that increase feelings of interconnectedness, courage and compassion. Later, the Moon in late Taurus conjuncts the Sun in Gemini, in preparation for tomorrows New Moon. This can shed light on some high hopes we may have around something or someone, and create a modest but nonetheless potent optimism, or in the very least, resilience and determination. It may be wise to temper certain hopes or fantasies with a dose of realism however, as the New Moon tomorrow strongly highlights the potential for disillusionment, confusion, and generally very “dissolving” aspects that can indicate the potential for self deception, denialism, or other such “slippery business.” Mars in Pisces doesn’t want to hurt a fly, and this boundless compassion and lack of desire to hurt people’s feelings can easily be misinterpreted as…something else entirely. When in doubt, try your best to be honest with yourself and straight up with other people. Sometimes, the best way to avoid hurting anyone, and the most compassionate thing that you can do, is to simply tell the truth.


Today see’s the New Moon in curious, dualistic Gemini, exact at 10:39 AM PST. It squares up to Mars in Pisces, and this combined with both Venus and Mercury squaring Neptune creates a highly dreamy atmosphere, but I don’t want to sugar coat this: This is not exactly the most honest, open and transparent configuration that we’ve ever had. In fact, it can be downright evasive, deceptive, and double dealing. If you feel like you don’t know the whole story about something or someone, you’re probably right. Don’t let this make you paranoid, but understand that complete and total ’Tegrity (TM) may be more difficult and complicated for some people right now than may be fully apparent. In the first part of the day, the Moon still holds a trine to Jupiter, but this ebbs off leaving a trine to realistic Saturn in unorthodox, justice oriented Aquarius. This aspect may actually help people to express (or detect) difficult truths, either directly, or indirectly. Like I said in yesterday’s astrology, when in doubt, do your best to tell the truth, because in the end, in spite of any hemming and hawing over hurt feelings, it’s the most compassionate thing to do. Conversely, if you can already sense the “implied” truth, and this is a sensitive interpersonal situation, sometimes the most compassionate thing to do in this instance is to simply accept it as if it was told to you explicitly, in order to avoid unnecessarily messy, complicated, humiliating, or overly emotional confrontations. Have the good faith to allow cosmic justice to lend it’s belabored hand. A lunar sextile to Chiron later can see some healing conversations or reflections take place, if you can navigate the energetically compelling tension between the Moon and Mars. Try to avoid telling people simply what they want to hear, -because the temptation and even the *pressure* to do this will be great, but the consequences later on can be potentially very messy, or cause unnecessary pain. The lunar trine to Saturn say’s that integrity is the best way to handle any complicated situations, and there’s plenty of compassion available to pull this off as gracefully as humanly possible, without growing a long AF nose about it. Save yourself the headache of talking out of both sides of your mouth and think of the longterm (Saturn) implications of doing so, because it can and will come back to bite you. Sparing someones feelings *now* is not worth absolutely destroying them *later on.* The trade off is not even remotely efficient, no matter how much pressure you may feel to paint a rosy picture for yourself or other parties.

Today begins with the Moon in communicative Gemini conjunct Mercury and Venus, square Mars in Pisces, and trine Juno in Libra. Later, a lunar square to Neptune is thrown in as Mars ebbs off the stage as a main attraction. This can see an attempt to discuss certain matters and reach some sort of common ground or agreement, perhaps around some emotionally charged, or highly sensitive issues. It’s possible that one person can be subtly evading being pinned down, probed, or directly confronted, while another person seeks contact or asks questions. Another potentiality is just a general pleasant escapism into surreality, or an almost “telepathic connection” where you can easily pick up on another thoughts or they yours, in an almost uncanny way. If you can simply enjoy the moment and other people, and not demand that it or they be or do anything more than what organically unfolds, then there can be some beautiful, even otherworldly moments available. On the other end of the spectrum, the contacts to Neptune can have people focusing on what’s missing, or feelings of futility, loss, or hopelessness, or that whatever or whoever is desired is somehow always out of reach. This can undermine confidence somewhat, particularly with Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and self esteem in retrograde, and not as strong as it could be. So the potential for sensitivity can be really high. Let this be foreknowledge and take extra care to keep your thoughts and your speech from veering into places that you know won’t produce good medicine. This Venus cycle is a long game, and it won’t be particularly easy for anyone. If you are feeling isolated or alone, make an effort to connect with your fellow humankind for the sheer sake of it, and speak with people that speak to your highest self and help reinforce your self belief and encourage you towards greater self actualization, because these aspects can be very stimulating via the imagination, spirituality, and creativity and the arts, and positive exchanges and experiences are very possible as long as we make a concerted effort to stay lifted. 

Today begins with the Moon in Gemini conjunct both Mercury and Venus, both squaring Neptune, carrying over some of yesterday’s wistful, artsy, dreamy energy into the day, sans the *lunar* square to Neptune. This see’s the first half of today very communication and relations oriented, at least in theory. The squares that Venus and Mercury are making to Neptune can see a shyness, peevishness, nervousness, and lack of sure-footedness, that can see us mostly just thinking or dreaming about interactions with others, perhaps wistfully, reflecting in solitude, or at least very much in the background. It can be pleasant to dig into artistic expressions with these aspects, as sometimes things are easier expressed through art or music than through more direct means, and the Venus Rx can see people mulling things over, perhaps previous interactions from the past, or just…in general. These aspects require time and space to explore feelings, and Venus in Gemini is generally non committal in nature, preferring variety and the ability to change it’s mind on a whim. Around 5 PM PST, the Moon slips into emo Cancer, to trine Mars in Pisces, bringing out some “big feels.” Some of these feels might be kind of uncomfortable as the Moon squares Chiron, and as the lunar conjunction to Mercury in Gemini fades out, people may be more inclined to slip into a shell. Nonetheless, the lunar/Mars trine can be an emotionally passionate energy that isn’t necessarily unpleasant at all, it’s just that feelings may be closer to the surface than normal and hence make people feel a bit more vulnerable than usual. It’s possible some people may want some time alone to reflect or explore certain feelings privately in order to see what comes up under the Cancer lunation. 


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