Monday see’s the Moon in Cancer trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron in Aries. This combined with the Sun in Gemini square Mars, and Mars sextile Uranus, can see some mental and emotional restlessness. The Sun in curious Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries sheds light on a desire to address a generalized, vague, psychological uneasiness, and bring healing and confidence to what may feel like an “adrift” sense of directionless, or as if the soul is craving for refreshment. This lunation can see us deliberately seeking out something that stirs, shocks, surprises, awakens, but also grounds and centers. It’s an interesting energy that is simultaneously relaxed, vegged out, but can be pleasantly energizing. Doing something physical, and down to earth, that soothes the soul can be emotionally satisfying, (Moon/Mars sextile Uranus in Taurus. This energy can see us gravitate towards unusual things, or do things in new, unusual ways. There’s a dreaminess and escapism here as well, and it can be easy to get lost in whatever you’re doing. The days configurations are well suited for laid back activities at home, and reflective or creative activity. Late evening leaves only a lunar trine to Neptune, and a building opposition to Pluto, which Jupiter and Saturn join tomorrow. This can see a strong desire to transform something, or gain more control over a situation to achieve more emotional satisfaction, joy, and stimulation from a situation, and essentially bring more life, passion, playfulness, and enthusiasm to things where it may have felt sorely lacking.

Today see’s the Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, trine Neptune, and making a semi square to Mars. This can see an attempt to escape or mitigate harsher elements of reality. The lunar semi square to Mars for part of the day can see a subtly irritable or “crotchety” atmosphere, and it’s possible to certain extent we have to “force ourselves through the motions”, or knuckle down and push for some kind of transformation. There is an optimism present however, and high ideals. The lunar trine to Neptune ebbs off towards early evening, leaving only oppositions in it’s place, the strongest of which being Jupiter. This can see a strong desire towards comfort and indulgence, and it’s possible we’ve got to temper our expectations a bit, as certain things can take time. The opposition to Saturn can show some challenges or delays, perhaps a feeling of being cut off from others via circumstances or obstacles out of our control. There’s a subtle intensity to this math that for some can feel slightly uncomfortable, but this can be funneled into creative projects or projects around the house geared towards clearing out or improvements. This energy carries on into the evening, and there can be a desire to make things more comfortable and bring more joy to certain situations, as the Moon enters showy and theatrical Leo in the final hours of the evening. It’s possible that our impetus towards joy are somewhat out of step with either necessity, “the rules”, or some other challenge that must be overcome. (Moon opposite Saturn.) But along with this will come the will to push on and through. Tomorrow may bring some shocks and surprises or something out of the usual.

Today see’s the gregarious Leo Moon sextile the Sun in chatty, multitasking Gemini, as well as opposite Saturn in Aquarius, and square Uranus in Taurus, and a trine to Chiron in Aries. It’s possible that somewhat challenging or unusual circumstances will have our conscious attention, and there may be somewhat of a scramble to deal with it, or perhaps choices that need to be made, but there is courage and confidence, and a desire to make decisions that increase that confidence and courage further and lead towards healing of some kind (Moon/Chiron.) The lunar/Uranus contact can certainly see the potential for some surprises, shocks, or some destabilizing energy, and with Saturn’s involvement, there could be challenges to circumnavigate that somewhat put a damper on things, but this ebbs off as the day advances, and we can begin to find our footing amidst the shifting sands. These configurations can see people thinking outside of the box, and perhaps making creative or innovative adaptations around otherwise challenging circumstances. These maths show a need for perhaps somewhat rapid adaptation to changes occurring that have unfolded very quickly. There could be an unorthodoxy here that could see some unusual responses, reactions, or occurrences. The lunar square to Uranus can keep people on their toes and there could be somewhat of a rebellious streak and an “expect the unexpected” sort of atmosphere. Weird times.

Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo sextile Venus in talkative and curious Gemini. With the Sun in Gemini trine Saturn there’s an emphasis on trying to find stability within some pretty strange and rapidly shifting circumstances. Today can see people reaching out to others for fun, entertainment, and pleasure, and it’s a bit of a flirtatious aspect in isolation. Venus however, is retrograde and squaring Neptune, and Mars in Pisces is sextile Uranus, so it’s clear certain things are dissolving and making way for new circumstances, and rebelliousness is curiously en vogue. Nothing is set in stone, but these configurations can help lighten up the atmosphere and bring a playful curiousness to things that at least make things more pleasant in the interim. Much is still unclear, and there may be particular circumstances that leave much to be desired, least of all,... clarity.  The lunar/Venus sextile is only around for the first portion of the day, so, enjoy it while it lasts. The rest of the day shows no significant lunar aspects until the final hour of the evening, a lunar sextile to Mercury in Gemini occurs, which can bring some late night unexpected news or see us talking, thinking, or brainstorming, into the wee hours, and there is certainly a lot of "dinner theater" to discuss, as the Leo Moon does everything flamboyantly and with dramatic flare. This can bring a somewhat excitable, anxious, and restless energy with it as the Moon shifts into to Virgo tomorrow morning, bringing attention to crisis, and it's prevention and mitigation. What has transpired under the less inhibited, more confident and courageous Leo lunation can be cause for some concern under the more careful and scrutinizing, but worry prone Virgo Moon.


The Moon enters anxious Virgo this Morning just as Mercury heads into the emotional sign of Cancer. This morning begins with a lunar sextile to Mercury, the planet of communication, along with a lunar square to the Sun in Gemini, an opposition to Mars in Pisces, and a trine to Uranus in Taurus. There’s an element of crisis prevention to these configurations, and the lunar opposition to Mars in passive, somewhat helpless Pisces can create an anxious atmosphere or an element of foreboding, with a focus on preventing loss by innovating around rather confusing, if somewhat disempowering feeling circumstances that seem out of our hands. The Virgo lunation brings a lot of details to attend to with it, a a feeling that we need to be two steps ahead of the curve or in a “state of anticipation.” Venus squaring both Mars and Neptune in Pisces can create confusing scenarios in which we may not feel able to be as effectual as usual within. This can be a nervous, somewhat high-strung energy, as there can be a lot going on at once and a lot to address, pay attention to, and make decisions about. There is something of a “damsel in distress” signature to this mathscape, and a keen and deliberate striving towards justice, soundness, truth, and emancipation from undermining, deceptive, and dissolving influences. It’s possible surprising news comes in as the day begins and sets off a need to take some sort of decisive action, but what action exactly to take may seem unclear or confused. This doesn’t stop the current from trying to anticipate future trends and innovate around blockages or obstacles, and this could see an acute hunger for problem solving, crisis prevention, or management. A lot of changes to adapt to all at once. Evening time brings a lunar square to Venus retrograde in Gemini, and a semi square to Pluto, adding to the tension or subtle intensity in the already confused, if somewhat nervous, and anticipatory atmosphere. Making decisions and choices, particularly in regards to, or even on behalf of, or because of, others, can be under the spotlight here, and certain actions can feel blocked, stymied, confused, uncertain, or on hold. There could also be a difference of style, pace, timing, or opinion to work around, or perhaps just a lot of worry to circumnavigate. It may be somewhat challenging to voice concerns or to feel that if you did they would be adequately heeded or heard. These configurations highlight a need to gather as much information as possible, and also to communicate effectively, and make sure you’re interpreting things properly. It’s possible not everyone is on the same page, and there could be confused, deceptive, or otherwise unclear elements at play that can create a somewhat nervous or excessively worried atmosphere. Extra efforts towards grounding and soothing will probably come in handy under the Virgo lunation.

This morning see’s the Virgo Moon squaring Venus in Gemini, opposing Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and forming a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Connecting firmly with our own sense of power and agency amidst these confusing and dissolving influences is crucial. The afternoon brings in a lunar trine to Jupiter which can help boost our sense of control over a situation that’s perhaps felt increasingly chaotic. The lunar trines to Jupiter and Pluto can help bolster resilience, inner stability, and personal empowerment, as well as assist in breaking things down into more feasible, realistic steps. The lunar/Jupiter contact can help bring a modest optimism to things, and bring common sense into perhaps nonsensical situations that have been confusing or worrisome. There can be some fuckery to navigate, so maintain a healthy ethical skepticism, especially in situations where the balance of power is clearly lopsided. Late evening brings a lunar trine to Saturn in Aquarius, which can help bring more structure and definition, and aid to push past any deceptive or confusing elements, as the Moon in late Virgo seeks to distill all of the bullshit out of things as much as humanly possible, and boil things down to their most reductive, base elements in order to get at “the gist” of a situation. 


Today begins with the Moon at peak crisis point in 29 degrees of Virgo, giving the early morning wee hours a sort of “on the edge of our seats” feeling that brings an anxious energy to a climax. Then the Moon enters partnership and harmony oriented Libra, to trine the Sun in Gemini, conjunct Juno in Libra, oppose Chiron in Aries, square Mercury in Cancer, trine Saturn in Aquarius, as well as Jupiter in late Capricorn. This can highlight the need to communicate and come to some agreement or consensus about something, and it can for some, be over issues that are particularly emotional (lunar square to Mercury in Cancer.) Needless to say, this is a somewhat reactionary atmosphere that can provoke heated discussions with a reactionary flavor, and be fueled by emotions and driven by a desire for safety, security, and the potentiality for clannishness and protectiveness, -but these energies actually require a more rational, calm, reasonable, thoughtful, and diplomatic approach to handle smoothly. The Libra lunation brings emphasis to the importance of peace, harmony, cohesion and cooperation, but there are sore feelings, and vulnerabilities still lingering with the opposition to Chiron in fiesty Aries and square to Mercury in emotional Cancer. Lunar trines to the Sun in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius emphasize the importance of communication, and place a spotlight on those communicating wisdom, maturity, self control, personal accountability, peace, humanitarianism, longterm consequences, and leading by example. Such messages may clash with those who are more emotionally reactive. With the Sun and Venus Rx conjunct, it may take a charm offensive to help to dial down reactionaryism and maintain peace amidst divided factions and bring structure and longterm vision to a mess of cosmic slop that has radically dissolved into chaotic entropy without rhyme or reason. Evening time brings a more peaceful energy with a lunar trine to Venus in Gemini, and it appears that in some way, efforts towards peace and harmony begin to bare some fruit or at least gain some recognition. This can help bring some stability, as well as facilitate positive communication and joint efforts between others. People may not be able to agree on absolutely everything, but there is common ground to work from. It bares mentioning though that the Sun and Venus squaring Mars indicate a lot of deception, illusion, confusion, dissolution, and fuckery, -but also the potential for boundless compassion and the dissolution of boundaries. It’s a weird tightrope to walk, because it’s a highly impressionable configuration, especially when applied to crowd psychology. People can be convinced to do things they normally wouldn’t under these configurations, so take care if you’re one to easily succumb to peer pressure or an “everyone else is doing it” type of momentum, as it can be easy or even compelling to be swept up into a mob mentality under these maths.  Regardless of these hazards, Sunday evening ends on a more pleasant note than we have seen over the weekend, so perhaps we will see some sort of relief or a calm in the storm, or at least experience a pleasant respite, and a desire to bring some harmony and humanity back into the picture and lighten things up a bit. 


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