This week begins with the Moon in Libra trine the Sun and Venus Rx in Gemini. With the Sun and Venus squaring up to Mars in Pisces, this can see some buried or submerged tensions that have perhaps been concealed, working their way up to the surface for acknowledgement to see the light of day. It may take a while to address the radical root of certain situations and dynamics which have undermined unity and cohesion or obscured certain realities, but it’s inevitable that certain truths are exposed, as this week will culminate in a full Moon eclipse in truth seeking, freedom loving Sagittarius. This isn’t to say that such impulses won’t be undermined or that the road to clarity, freedom, and radical honesty will be easy, as the tricksy Gemini/Neptune configurations create a bit of a fugazi, and there could be a lot of manipulation, confusion, and trickery afoot that could attempt to mislead or obscure. The Libra lunation places emphasis on peace keeping efforts, as well as being able to look at things from opposing viewpoints in an effort to reach common ground and a rational consensus. The tail end of the weekend placed the need for peace and harmony in the spotlight, and this week begins on a note that attempts to carry this through. The afternoon see’s the Moon square up to powerful Pluto, as well as Jupiter in Capricorn, which could see some tensions or power struggles or intense issues to navigate, and there could be people throwing their weight around or using heavy handed tactics. It’s possible however, that through diplomacy and a light touch, with skillful negotiating and good people skills, that some form of common ground or consensus can begin to be reached, or in the very least, certain tensions can be mitigated and circumnavigated. Pluto speaks of extremes, but the Libra lunation speaks of the importance of peace, harmony, and getting along. It’s clear that radical changes need to be made, but this will require skillful piloting and diplomatic efforts, it is not something that can be achieved through force, brutality or other extremes.

This morning begins with the Moon in the most urgent, and final degree of Libra, indicating a sort of pinnacle, climactic point in regards to negotiations and efforts at peace, diplomacy, and consensus. Around 9 AM PST, the Moon enters emotionally charged Scorpio, to trine Mercury in Cancer, square Saturn in Aquarius, and oppose Uranus in Taurus. Mercury also forms a sextile to Uranus, so this can see some surprising things coming to the surface for discussion, and can be rather illuminating. A desire to dig up and expose truthscan definitely be present, but an equally radical obstruction to that can be present. Later, the Moon in tenacious Scorpio trines Mars in Pisces, and this can see a passionate energy that brings a lot to the surface. This could see a lot to reflect upon, a lot of insights gleaned, or some quite out of the blue or unexpected exchanges or disclosures could surface. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any weirder, these configurations suggest otherwise. Most of us already have shock fatigue so nothing really even seems to surprise us anymore. Hopefully, we see some pleasant surprises, as these largely harmonious lunar trines suggest the potential for some good news. In the very least, we could certainly see some displays of courage and compassion. These configurations contain within them the potential for radical compassion, which the world is sorely in need of at the moment. 


Today see’s the Moon in intense, and passionate, instinctual Scorpio.  In the early morning hours, this see’s the Moon opposite unconventional, out of the box Uranus in Taurus, and trine Mercury in Cancer and Mars and Neptune in Pisces. The lunar trines to Mars and Neptune carry the rest of the day. This can see the wee morning hours start out on a highly unusual, or unorthodox note, and there can be a subtle restlessness, but also a dreamy “space cadet” inclination towards escapism or creative, and reflective activities. The instinctual nature can be highly stimulated, and the lunar trine to Mars and Neptune can be highly creative and subtly energizing. Later on in the evening, a lunar sextile to powerful Pluto and generous Jupiter in Capricorn can ratchet up the intensity of feeling, and find us perhaps somewhat fixated on a goal of some kind that keeps us looking forward towards a horizon, and opening up a sense of possibility in order to channel some intense drives and powerful feelings into something constructive that provides an outlet and assists in making positive changes and transformations.  A sesquisquare to Mercury in emotional Cancer suggests it might be wise to make an effort to reign in any reactionary tendencies and try to be careful how you communicate your truth. There may be a need to strike a balance between head and heart. Otherwise this can be a relatively pleasant and creatively fruitful, somewhat reflective, introverted energy. It’s possible people can feel intensely about something, but perhaps prefer to keep their feelings to themselves for the time being. 


Today begins with the Moon in the final degree of passionate, brooding, and reflective Scorpio sextile Saturn in Aquarius. It heads into the more optimistic Sagittarius around 10:19 AM PST, where it will trine Chiron in Aries and go on to oppose Venus and the Sun in Gemini. This can place the emphasis on relationships and communications, and highlight the various choices as well as confusion therein. However, it’s possible for there to be some rather healing exchanges, and people can be more inclined to be open and honest in communications. There can also be an optimism present or a feeling that possibilities are opening up or horizons are expanding more than they have been. With the Sun still squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces, there may still be tensions and a lack of definition, and plenty of confusion, perhaps longing and a feeling that something or someone is missing or lots of loose ends still dangling. Not everyone is on the same page and there can be some delusion, illusion, and confusion to navigate as Venus does a backward dance in Gemini. We are gearing up to a full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow, and Full Moons signify endings and completions. In Sagittarius, it’s important to keep an open mind and not limit yourself unnecessarily, and to try to see the silver linings as well as the possibilities still open to you. It’s possible that certain exchanges can boost morale and uplift the spirit under these configurations, but it’s important to try to maintain a sense of realism and proportion. People can have high hopes, particularly in regards to partnerships and relationships. These can also be a source of longing or a feeling of “incompleteness,” and perhaps loneliness for some. Tomorrows full Moon will square both Mars and Neptune in Pisces and highlight tensions around feeling “lost at sea”, confused, or unable to take decisive actions or choices or direct the will into a direction that provides relief or fulfillment. We may have to release certain desires for the time being and wait for dust to settle. But the Sagittarian lunation can provide the ability to gain some perspective on certain feelings and desires, that for one reason or another, have a certain element of elusiveness to them. There will certainly be a lot of compassion and generosity of spirit to go around under this lunation.


Today see’s the full Moon culminate in Sagittarius at 12:12 PM PST. As usual, the Moon opposes the Sun, in Gemini. It also opposes Venus Rx, and squares Mars and Neptune. Needless to say, there can be some slight longing or disappointment in the air, or a general “bereft” feeling. There is also a lot of generosity and compassion in the air, which is good, because people need it. The lunar opposition to Venus and the undermining squares to Mars and Neptune in Pisces can leave much to be desired, particularly interpersonally. The Sun and Venus also squaring up to Mars, and the Sun’s square to Neptune, can create a sort of sensitive sadness or general dissatisfaction. It can be harder for people not to focus on “what’s missing,” so taking some time to be grateful for the little things and enjoying what peace and quietude there is can be helpful. These aspects also show a general trend towards martyrdom on the one hand, but also acts of selflessness and compassion on the other. Suffice to say, with the involvement of Mars there can also be a tendency towards making a competitive sport out of how “woke” or “selfless” one can be, and these configurations are rife with virtue signaling, and have taken on some pretty bizarre manifestations. Some people are (somewhat ironically) -shaving their heads for BLM, because apparently, looking more like a skinhead is ‘helping with the cause’, (but this doesn’t mean that everyone that doesn’t shave their heads or post a black cube of Saturn is de facto, a racist.) It’s a mad world out there at the moment, and if anything, the most revolutionary act one can perform in times such as these, is to not buy into narratives of division or even “competitive wokeness.” The Full Moon can see people pretty emotional, zealous, perhaps even a bit evangelical about their beliefs, and this can be an odd admixture of irritating and attractive, and there can be much to learn via people exposing themselves to different perspectives and opinions. Open-mindedness, generosity of spirit, good humor, and consciousness expansion can bring opportunities for healing exchanges and boost morale under the Sagittarius lunation. It can also see people more opinionated, and more inclined to shoot from the hip and speak their minds. Otherwise, this is generally a confusing atmosphere where energy isn’t necessarily at it’s most robust, with Neptune kind of clogging up the gears and undermining direct and decisive actions. There may be a hankering for change, and a desire to derive more fulfillment from situations, but the drive and the motivation can be confused for the time being. Tomorrow brings a change of tone. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Sagittarius, making no major aspects, giving the first portion of the day a sort of free falling, “make it up as we go along” sort of feeling, with an emphasis on emotional exploration, and increasing feelings of freedom, wide open spaces, adventure, and possibilities. Around 1 PM PST, the Moon shifts into grounded Capricorn, to oppose Mercury in emotional Cancer, square Chiron in Aries and Juno in Libra, and trine Uranus in Taurus. This looks like a mathematical signature for getting serious about trying to work up the confidence around something, or form some sort of gameplan. Perhaps something we hear or read, or something said, makes us aware of a weakness, or perhaps we just feel misunderstood. In either case, the lunar trine to Uranus can have us thinking about the future, or in a mode of preparation. The lunar opposition to Mercury in Cancer can see a subtle defensiveness in the air, and the square to Chiron can see the potential for some hypersensitivity. Overall, the Capricorn lunation is good for examining emotions, beliefs, and ideas, and perhaps getting serious about laying the groundwork for some serious revisions and transformations. There’s a lot of room for misunderstanding under these maths, so some people may prefer to lay low and keep to themselves. There could still be some surprises, or perhaps some insights gleaned, via communications or what we hear, see, or read today, but not everyone is on the same page or has the same grasp of a situation. The Moon in Capricorn is very much a “just the facts, ma’am,” placement, so it may feel better to just step back and focus on whatever you do have control over.

Today see’s the Moon still opposite Mercury, square Chiron, and trine Uranus, and it goes on to sextile Mars  and Neptune in Pisces as well. Later towards evening throws in lunar conjunctions to both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see an attempt to bring structure, maturity, and definition to confusing, and cartoonishly fantastical situations or circumstances, or in the very least, an attempt to find something solid with which to stand on, a foundation from which to function. These are strange times, and getting everyone on the same page is kind of a lost cause at the moment, and there may be different ideas as to how to go about something. With Mercury, Mars, and Neptune all in water signs, there’s a lot of emotionalism driving things at the moment, so voices of reason and pragmatism will have to bear this in mind in making any appeals towards common ground. Lunar conjunctions to Jupiter and Pluto can intensify a case for wisdom, discipline, limits, and maturity, -and drawing a line in the sand. But elements of a fantastical lack of definition and a magical, cartoonish absurdity are equally strong and compelling, and an environment of deception, emotional and psychological impressionability and confusion still holds much sway. It may take a while yet to find any sort of workable groove or compromise between differing elements or viewpoints. Needless to say, the Capricorn lunation seeks to build something out of an entropic, cosmic slop, which at the moment, may seem laughable in and of itself.


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