Astrology For The Week Of Sep 30-Oct 6 2019

After a new Moon in Libra that brought good news amidst a rather heavy background ambience, we begin this week with the Moon in penetrating, investigative Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. It’s a bit of a “freak” vibe, with a chaos factor that could see us taking a lot in and doing what we can to prepare for….whatever the hell comes next. Freakish or unsettling concepts and potentialities can produce a slight unease or provoke vulnerabilities. However, Venus’ sextile to indulgent Jupiter could produce a lightness of being, encourage pleasant vibes and place emphasis on self soothing efforts to maintain balance, peace, harmony, and equilibrium in an unpredictable, rapidly shifting landscape. Later on, a soothing, escapist, lunar trine to Neptune can see us off into an imaginative dream world, and create opportunities for deep empathy and even a wordless, instinctual understanding. Excellent for innovations in creativity, the arts, healing, meditation, and emotional centering. An evening lunar sextile to Saturn provides a grounding, stabilizing influence.

Tuesday’s configurations see a lunar sextile to Pluto and trine to Neptune. Surprises (or shocks?) are in store from midmorning onwards via news, communication, or via short distance travel, running errands, people in the local environment. Maintaining balance and leaving wiggle room to adjust plans to new information coming in might be wise. With Venus square Pluto, we may be weighing decisions that could have significant impact, personally, relationally, and/or financially, or in regards to our values and self worth, making some major transformations. Mars in the final degrees of Virgo ticks like a clock and hastens the “get it together” impulse to improve, perfect, and scrutinize. Around 7:30 PM PST, the Moon in Scorpio forms a sextile to Mars, urging us to get down to the nitty gritty work of transforming our reality to suit our ideals as much as possible. This could see a rather energized evening, that could see us wanting to be as thorough and attentive to detail as possible. A lunar trine to Chiron suggests some kind of healing could be involved here, either physically, emotionally, psychologically, or all of the above. In either case, actions taken now revolve around feeling better about ourselves somehow, and strengthening ourselves via healthy self love.  We could have very high standards for ourselves and there could be an element of perfectionism involved with Mars in the last decan of Virgo, but Virgo naturally presides over healing, perfecting, improving. 

This morning begins with the Moon in Sagittarius, perfecting a trine to Chiron, forming a sextile to the Sun in Libra, a conjunction to Jupiter, and an eventual square to Neptune. This could suggest a significant boost in optimism, morale, and a feeling of expansive hopefulness, even if there are certain things (or people) that feel just out of reach. The power of positive thinking, and remaining open minded and philosophical is the primary driver of this day. Faith, good will, generosity, and positive intent are all wonderful, just try to avoid the trap of being overzealous, overly idealistic, or simply, gullible or naive. Otherwise, this actually looks like a potentially pleasant, horizon expanding sort of day that opens things up and lets in some fresh air, fresh perspectives, and new alliances. With Mars at 29 degrees Virgo, some sort of confrontation with others is inevitable.

Mercury moves into investigative Scorpio today, which could see us less willing to settle for surface talk, surface level involvement, weak compromises, or cool, detached niceties. Mercury in Scorpio wants to get at the truth, and get to the bottom of things, see what the other players are holding, but isn’t so keen on revealing it’s own hand. This can place our minds on deeper matters during this Mercury cycle, and see us less willing to compromise our authentic thoughts and feelings, potentially taking us into deeper, or more vulnerable territory with others, or ruminating about the potential of “going there”. There is an obsessive, compulsive, probing, and secretive quality to the Mercury placement, and it’s very much a sleuth, a depth psychologist, and is not afraid to discuss uncomfortable topics or contemplate uncomfortable things, and if anything, is very thorough, leaving no stone unturned. Mars also enters Libra today, seeing a drive towards interactions with others. Mars isn’t necessarily comfortable here, and can resort to passive aggression, or passive avoidance if others are too pushy. Libra is not typically comfortable with direct confrontations, but Mars here can create a stronger push to relate with others. This Mars cycle can also turn debating into a lifestyle, so take care to avoid unnecessary argumentativeness. All this aside, we will be more driven to interact and engage more with others. Pluto also stations direct today, so something regarding deep transformations, and increasing in personal power begins to gain traction. (Cue the myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Cue the dramatic music). This day could see high hopes in the face of particular longings, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter and square Neptune. A pleasant, conciliatory lunar sextile to Venus in Libra could see gestures of good will, peace offerings, generosity, or efforts to harmonize or simply accept differences between ourselves and others by expanding perspectives and transforming ourselves accordingly. Overall, it’s a high vibing day, in spite of a mental shift into the deep end, and a confrontation of sorts with vague uncertainties. 


Friday morning see’s the Moon sextile Mercury, forming a square to Saturn and Chiron. Perhaps certain tensions come to light and are openly discussed or gotten to the bottom of. There could be something positive about this, even if it opens a can of worms or jabs at a wound. Perhaps some truth comes to light, and it’s bittersweet, makes us think on our feet, or adds some new, totally unanticipated “wild card” to the equation. Around 11:00 AM PST, the Moon shifts into serious Capricorn, to conjoin Saturn later in the evening. This could see us adjusting to new practical and even interpersonal realities, as we adapt to both inner and outer life upgrades. With the lunar sextile to Mercury in Scorpio, there could be a lot of unspoken understanding, and some deep, psychological transformations going on that could have us feeling somewhat vulnerable as we step up a ladder into new terrain and push our comfort zone. Beneficial connections can be made at this time, in spite of a serious, somber, responsible, “nose to the grindstone” vibe. We could also be confronting certain limitations, accepting certain realities, and having to summon patience and discipline. Not exactly the most frivolous weekend, -but a constructive one.

Saturday is highlighted by the Moon in Capricorns square to the Sun in Libra, a conjunction to both Saturn and Pluto, and a trine to Uranus. Changes are happening and other people are the catalysts for it. New alliances, and new practical realities are being set into place that could be more far reaching or longterm than we perhaps realize. There could be slight tension around the issue of commitments, time, accommodating others, while still meeting our own needs and responsibilities. A lunar sextile to Neptune in the afternoon eases the transition and makes it easier to go with the flow, tune into others, and have sensitivity for where they’re at. Regardless, there’s an intensity to this lunation, and fitting our schedules with other peoples somehow can be an unavoidable challenge.

Sunday morning begins with the Moon in Cap square Venus in late Libra. We can feel a bit awkward or out of step with others, maybe a bit inhibited about expressing our own physical needs, or feelings. Timing could be a factor. Perhaps it could be better, and is just a bit awkward. Midmorning see’s the Moon trine Mars in Libra, which can see us more assertive about negotiating our needs with those of others. Around 9 PM, the Moon enters radical and detached Aquarius, squaring Venus, Mercury, and Uranus, and forming a sextile to Chiron and a trine to Mars. Even if we are somewhat shaken up and stirred, and things are “new” and “strange, maybe even slightly uncomfortable, tense, awkward, odd, surprising, exciting, and/ or destabilizing, it’s ultimately beneficial and appears to be leading to positive circumstances and beneficial alliances. There will be much to take in and ruminate on later.

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a number one super instant success forever type of week, and I’ll see you next Monday.


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