The Moon is in cozy Cancer, and as we enter Aries season (tomorrow), there is a growing desire to “get it together”, as Venus conjoins Saturn this week. This can highlight belt tightening or disciplinary regiments, as the spring equinox in the Western Hemisphere awakens from winter slumber. Mars, ruler of Aries, prepares to enter Pisces at the end of this week (on Friday), where it’s less powerful and assertive. Go easy on yourself and take your time. Allow yourself a period of reorientation. Venus conjunct Saturn this week in some ways can dish out some rewards, or help you to work towards them. The more reasonable and practical your expectations, the more likely it will be to make tangible progress. Keeping needs and desires modest and reasonable can make way for some miraculous changes. 


The morning hours can be sleepy, dreamy and filled with inspired musings or powerful impulses for creative change. The Moon enters Leo at 12:33 PM PST. Today is considered “International Astrology Day”. A genuine “New Year” is begun, as the Sun enters zero point Aries at 8:06 PM PST this evening, to begin a fresh journey through the zodiacal wheel, harkening the Spring Equinox. New, creative impulses can be bubbling up from the surface. Patience is required, and there may be some challenges to overcome or innovate creatively around, but this can all be very healing (Moon quincunx Mars, sesquisquare Saturn, opposite Pluto, trine Neptune and Hygeia.) Some things can feel blocked or impeded just now, and there can be a need to surrender to what *is* possible. New ideas, conversations and initiatives are available once the unrealistic or unfeasible are released.


Today can see some good news, or courageous communications or endeavors. It can feel good to identify goals, but go easy on yourself as far as pushing forward in achieving them. Mars in the final degrees of Aquarius will head into Pisces, and Mercury will station retrograde in Aries on April 1. This see’s a phase of inward reorientation and preparation. This can coincide with certain realities that need to be embraced, faced down or accepted, (Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces,) but getting clearer around priorities can only be beneficial in the long run. Today can highlight expansion efforts, or a renewal of enthusiasm in certain areas. The Moon in Leo highlights issues that will gain an intensified focus at the end of this year, and Mars in the last degrees of Aquarius highlight a goal and point of focus for the next couple of decades. The Sun, Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node in Aries highlight the point in your chart where the foundations need to be strengthened to support the proper unfoldment of everything else. Late evening see’s the Moon square Uranus, which see’s a lot of dynamic and creative changes to adapt to. 


Today can see an experimental, somewhat impulsive energy, and there’s a tendency here to dive into new initiatives, discussions or territory. Simultaneously, Venus perfecting a conjunction to Saturn can see a pause and reflect moment socially or interpersonally. Forgiveness, surrender, compassion, and letting go of the past in order to move forward into new chapters, is a considerable factor, as is realism. Still, there can be some exciting impulses and changes brewing. Many fresh ideas and potentials can begin to form. The Sun conjunct Neptune has still seen a lot of distraction and escapism still this week. Mars is in the final degree of Aquarius today, indicating a process of detachment, release, or surrender of certain desires, and a more inwardly driven orientation. For some, this can represent a recovery process in the literal sense, for others, this can be a need to sublimate certain desires to address more immediate or pressing concerns. The Moon is exactly opposite Mars in the final degree of Aquarius around 11 PM PST late this evening. This can see some intense feelings, frustrations, impulsiveness, or a decided shift in gear or solidification of priorities.


The Moon enters Virgo at 12:42 AM PST, seeing a focus on practical and necessary things. Of everyday living. An organizational process is highlighted. Many issues are in focus that require improvement or proper management or adaptability. This can require minimizing other demands for a time in order to concentrate energy on getting something into tip top shape or back into efficient and sustainable functionality and flow. Mars enters Pisces at 4:47 PM PST, seeing a cycle where energy levels may be somewhat lower or there may be reorientations behind the scenes. There may be issues that require extra attention that require a temporary step back from direct pursuit of other desires for the time being. This can be a process of recovery, healing, forgiveness, release, service to something greater than yourself, or behind the scenes practice or preparation. Directing your attention to efforts which are self generated and sustaining can put you into more direct alignment with what is meant for you. Direct any tension from resistance into something you exclusively have control over, and build upon that.


The Moon in Virgo is trine Jupiter in Taurus and opposite Saturn in Pisces. In narrowing your focus to what is solely realistic and doable here and now, you can get quite a lot accomplished. Even if you feel somewhat constrained by circumstances or held back by other delays, weighty concerns or blockages, you can still build worlds inside of the terrarium. There may be some strong feelings under the surface (Moon sesquisquare Pluto), and not everything can be easily expressed, but there are plenty of practical outlets, and much that needs to be done. There’s no shortage of things to do. There may also be much to adapt to, in work, daily rhythms, diet, health, healing, fitness, pets and small animals, organization and cleaning. Many little things can have a focus, but there is a lot going on externally as well. Venus is now sextile Jupiter while conjunct Saturn, which can place emphasis on what is real, practical, and what will bear fruit for you and bring security. The rewards of one thing may have been realized to be fools gold and there has been a necessary return to sanity or more practicality. This has been a valuable but sobering learning process, and now the real gold can be pursued in earnest. This will likely first be an inward journey, as life is always an inside job. 


There can be a lot to do, but energy can be a bit frayed around the edges with the Moon opposite Neptune. Taking some time out for rest is just as important as keeping a tightly run ship. Also checking in with the little things that actually matter a great deal in life. The Moon enters sociable and conciliatory Libra at 1:37 PM PST, which brings attention to shifts in interpersonal dynamics, partnerships, team efforts, and mutual agreements (Moon trine Pluto.) As we build up to a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday, this can see major chapters closing out in relationships or agreements, both business and personal. Big, inevitable shifts are happening in and through relationships.


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