"Worm Moon Week" is upon us. The Full “Worm Moon” eclipse in 5 degrees Libra perfects at 12:00 AM PST, and makes a sesquisquare to Uranus and a trine to Pluto, indicating relationships are in flux and there could be some heavy topics or intense experiences that are highlighted. Changes in the way teams or partnerships function can be highlighted, and people can need more room to breath or maneuver, but there can still be issues out of peoples control that necessitate some sort of cooperation. This decan of Libra is associated with the 2 of swords in the tarot, a card of decisions, and trying to come to just and peaceful resolution. It also has ties to the Justice card, and the Egyptian goddess Maat. For some, there may be literal and even legal implications. The aspects to Uranus and Pluto suggest some turning points, and a need to make some big decisions. This eclipse season highlights the need to act in one’s own interests while also cooperating harmoniously with certain others, striking balance between the life areas ruled by Libra and Aries in your chart. Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Hygeia all in Pisces can see some worries or concerns, or there can be situations that indicate vulnerability, low energy, sacrifice, compassion, or a certain helplessness to circumstances, but there is support or you can get on the same page with others once again. Much can be going on behind the scenes, and a major push or effort to overcome obstacles and maintain balance between competing life arenas can detract from other areas for the time being as this balancing act require extra focus. 


The Moon in Libra opposite Mercury and Chiron can see communications revolve around healing themes or people can be more sensitive or vulnerable than usual. Negotiating and harmonizing around challenges and meshing schedules can be of issue. Venus in Pisces conjunct Saturn is also sextile Jupiter and Uranus, so even if there are challenges or more somber responsibilities to address, there are also expansive and positive trends, or some generous benefactors or helpful people can lend a hand. It’s possible that unusual circumstances can be causing some delays or detours in certain areas, and things may require patience and cooperation to fully sort out. Tomorrow can see a need to dig deep into reserves to tackle issues. 


The Moon enters Scorpio at 2:03 AM PST, which can bring some strong feelings or instincts to the surface with a square to Pluto and trine to Mars and Saturn. This can be either positive, negative, or mixed, seeing either rapid change, or inciting a desire to take drastic measures in order to stabilize a situation. There’s a need here to focus on what is essential, and try not to give energy to things that ultimately don’t warrant it. The Moon trine Mars and sesquisquare Venus can see a driven energy that can come with some interpersonal or social tensions as people can be out of sync with each other.  There can be a desire to get to the bottom of something that has been causing issues, so this can be a good time for taking action, but don’t expect to be on the same page as everyone else. The Moon forms a trine to Saturn in the evening which can see things beginning to feel more stable, but there may still be some adjustments that need to be made or things can still be fluctuating.


The Moon is trine Venus and opposite Jupiter and Uranus today, which can see some pleasant surprises socially, interpersonally or financially. A quincunx to Chiron can see a lot of sensitivity, and there is the possibility for butthurt, but it can be an opportunity for healing. There can be some forgiveness in the air, or maybe there is the need for some forgiveness. Compassion can go a long way, as it’s likely peoples behavior hasn’t been personal if it’s been strange. There can be some slight tensions today (Moon opposite Uranus), but there is also the opportunity for more enjoyable trends, especially in the evening (Moon trine Venus). Releasing negativity, pain, or residual butthurt to focus on what is good can help make things easier. 


The Moon squares Mars today while trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. This can see focus on transformations behind the scenes. There can be some frustrations with feeling held back (Moon square Mars), but it’s a good time for restful activities. Tomorrow can see some challenges to navigate. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:52 PM PST, trine the Sun, seeing a focus on wider horizons, perhaps travel or learning endeavors. There is curiosity, but there can also be some blockages or challenges to deal with as well. We are in the Mercury shadow phase, and Mercury stations retrograde on Monday. This can see some slow downs or a need to reorient to change or new realities. 


The Moon in Sagittarius is trine the Sun in Aries, which can see a focus on pioneering activities or travel. This doesn’t have to be literal and can also mean a venturing outside a known comfort zone. There can be some fears or intimidation (Moon in tension with Saturn), or it’s possible that venturing out of a comfort zone is driven be some challenging circumstances. In either case, the energies of the day can be a bit more weighed down or responsibility oriented than is ideal for a Saturday. Take care with communications today (Moon sesquisquare Mercury.) There can be room for misunderstandings, or doubts that you will be taken seriously or understood. As the day advances, the Moon trine Chiron can see a focus on healing. There can be some challenges to transmute or rise above (Moon semisquare Pluto and Square Saturn), just as Mercury prepares to backtrack. It can take some time to balance things back out again, but these configurations are good for overcoming hurdles.


With the Moon trine Mercury, this can be good for catching up on communications, but the Moon is also square Venus and Neptune in Pisces, which is a shy energy that wants to lay low and be out of the limelight. Maybe there’s a way to do both. Tomorrow, Mercury stations retrograde, so it makes sense to touch base with certain people, either to let them know you won’t be as available, or explain why you haven’t been. The area of your chart ruled by Aries will steal the show in the next few weeks, and this is where the majority of focus will be. Today can be good for relaxation, or learning about and exploring new things behind the scenes while getting some down time.


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