The Moon enters Gemini at 8:08 AM PST, to square Saturn in Pisces. What is real? The facts may be grasped but the details can be hazy, obscured or lost in the mire. There can be a heavy atmosphere, and the collective consciousness can be weighed down by consequential and serious matters. The lunar eclipse has left an intense effect in it’s wake. The Sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio opposite Jupiter can see extremes, and the Sun/Jupiter connection will be exact at the end of the week, seeing a heightened awareness of things in spite of hidden issues, agendas, or smoke screens. The emphasis on Scorpio see’s all manner of Plutonic horrors and power dynamics magnified. The planets in Taurus seek security and stability in the wake of immense change.


Venus in Virgo makes an exact trine to Uranus today at 21 degrees while opposing Neptune. Things can be unsettled, erratic or shaken up. Compassion and worry can be in the air, and people can connect around just humanitarian causes. There is a sensitivity, imagination and impressionability here, and Venus seeks to remediate, heal, and improve circumstances. There may be some crises to mitigate, but there can also be a desire for joy amidst the chaos. The Moon quincunx Mercury in Scorpio can see an intense preoccupation with developing plots and stories, and a lunar square to Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces can have a difficult time relaxing and be prone to worry. It can be a challenge not to obsess over certain things now. Mars and Mercury conjunct has an eye on intense developments, conflicts, power struggles or secret agendas. Circulating news, rhetoric, or opinions can be extreme. Venus trine Uranus seeks a way out and through. Evening time can see a nervous, dreamy or worried atmosphere with the Moon square Neptune. There’s vulnerability, imagination and compassion in the air, but people can also be prone to manipulation, deceit, distraction, or confusion. Protect your energy and don’t lose focus on essentials.


The day begins with the Moon in late Gemini squaring Venus, Neptune, semisquare Jupiter and quincunx Pluto. Things can feel a bit loopy and out of sorts, and there can be some strong sentiments under the surface, but it can feel difficult to express them. The Moon seeks stability, security and calm by building a trine to Saturn and entering Cancer at 2:30 PM PST. There can be endurance and resilience, even if things have gone off the rails or have been immersed in distracting issues, or fixated on intense developments.There can still be some subtle irritations with the Moon sesquisquare Mars and Mercury, the atmosphere can be a bit thick, topics can be loaded or difficult to discuss in certain arenas. There can be a need to keep a lid on certain worries or frustrations or avoid confrontations, but everyone can feel the elephant in the room or see the writing on the wall. Certain things can need some TLC or attention.  Tomorrow can be much more direct. Nurturing or protective instincts are strong.


The Moon in Cancer is trine the Sun, Mars, Mercury, sextile Jupiter and square Chiron in Aries. This can see courage of conviction, and it can be easier to express certain thoughts and feelings.There can also be more energetic congruence and focus to get things done, with less distraction. The Moon strengthens it’s square to Chiron as the day wears on, which can see some vulnerability, or a desire to protect the vulnerable. In some cases, people may express what they think or feel even at great cost to themselves. There can be a sensitive atmosphere, with spirited discussions or preoccupation with research or consolidation of resources. There can be a need to nurture yourself or others, and attention can be on home, family and tribe.


Today can see enlightening discussions or a desire to uncover buried information, discuss sensitive issues, or root out serious problems and get to the bottom of something. For some this can see a domestic consolidation, or need for it. The Sun in Scorpio makes an exact opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, which can highlight religious, political, or ideological extremes that can cause some people to question their beliefs or feel challenged by the extremes of others. Issues going on at a distance or involving power and control can be a factor. Let the heart lead rather than the ego. Things can also be very clear now, in some ways, painfully clear. The Moon trine Mercury, sextile Uranus while trine Neptune is spirited and can see silent understandings or quiet edge lording. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus which can see some silver linings in any otherwise strange situations, but things can be rather intense under the surface with the Moon opposite Pluto. In some ways, the Moon in Cancer can be emphasizing clannishness or tribalism,  power dynamics that need to be transformed. The lunar sextile to Venus and trine to Mercury and Neptune can see discussions center around the need to make improvements, help those in need, or get priorities straight. There can be some pleasant, helpful, or enlightening exchanges. 


Saturn stations direct at 12:03 AM PST, and the Moon enters Leo at 12:21 AM PST. This see’s the Moon square Jupiter, which can see temptation for certain people to go too far, exhibit grandiosity, excessiveness or throw their power around or have tantrums to get their way. Saturn now direct can bring some order in the court, but this can take some time. The Moon in hard aspect with the Sun, Mars, and eventually Uranus, can see some tensions that force changes. A lunar trine to Chiron is sensitive and tuned in to the atmosphere. There can be some magnanimous displays that are from the heart, but there can also be a lot of pressure to perform, or tensions around what is expected. Saturn now direct can be about to say “enough is enough” or place curtails on anything that’s been taken too far. There may be power dynamics that need to be renegotiated or messes that need to be cleaned up this upcoming week.


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