The Moon is in Taurus today, forming conjunctions to Uranus and Jupiter, with a trine to Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see helpful insights, good news, resources, or information becoming available. Leave room for spontaneity today to allow serendipity to work some magic. A lunar square to Venus in late Leo suggests some slight tensions to navigate, but there is an innovative energy that is solutions oriented, practical and down to earth. Venus is set to wrap up her post shadow phase on Oct 7th, seeing October wave goodbye to the past. She enters Virgo on the 8th, where she is immediately confronted with an opposition to Saturn. Venus and Mars in sextile are in good relation, but there are many things about this mathscape that suggest things are in a precarious balance that can’t be sustained forever. With Lilith in Virgo, and Venus preparing to join her and oppose Saturn, interpersonally and socially, standards should be kept high. It’s equally important to remember that no one is perfect of course, but when there have been obvious, or repeated red flags, this Venus transit won’t be a time to gloss them over or lower the bar. Today van be productive, and there can be a lot of empathy in the air with the Moon sextile Neptune. As the day wears on, the Moon squares Saturn while squaring Venus, suggesting interpersonal tensions, conflicts of values or priorities, or other challenges. Perhaps some people feel weighed down, left out, frustrated by obstacles, or are having a difficult time processing certain realities. Resilience and being adaptable to change can help mitigate challenges. 


The Moon enters Gemini at 1:03 AM PST, to trine the Sun in Libra. This can see a congenial atmosphere with social niceties, where anything unpleasant is swept under the rug or avoided for the time being. The Moon goes on to make a curious sesquisquare to Mars in Libra, hinting at some unspoken tensions, but a lunar trine to Pallas plays the long game and grins and bears things for the sake of propriety, nicety, (or strategy). Mercury opposite Neptune can see communications that are elusive, people that have gone quiet, become less available, fallen off the radar, or become a mystery. It can also see confusing information, misunderstandings, or a need to wait things out in order to get a clearer picture. Mercury in trine to Pluto today can see intense focus. It will make several trines to Pluto into 2024, suggesting ongoing deep investigations, intensive research, uncovering buried information, reaching critical insights, or retrieving highly coveted assets. Any confusion now represents a saga that will play out over Pluto’s final hoorah in Capricorn. The minor lunar tension to Mars gives way to a sesquisquare Pluto. This can see deep feelings under the surface, but it can be difficult to express them. The Moon in Gemini trine the Sun in Libra demands a light and breezy interface that projects an air of positivity, grace, dexterity, and having it all together, even if you have deeper concerns or are grappling with heavier realities behind the scenes. On the surface however, today is a sparkly and congenial day that can see pleasant and supportive social exchanges. 


Mercury is at 29 Virgo for much of today, entering social diplomat Libra at 5:09 PM. It’s opposition to Neptune and trine to Pluto reaches an intense point of focus today. There is much that is mysterious, and it’s difficult to accept anything or anyone at face value. The Moon is trine Mars in Libra today while going on to square Neptune in the afternoon, seeing a driven, sociable, talkative and curious energy. There can be a lot of motivation, but as the day wears on there can be subtle drains or generalized weirdness in the atmosphere that can slightly slow things down or undermine confidence around where to put your energy. The day can require focus, and keeping in touch with certain people can be important. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus while trine Mars, which can see harmony, cohesion and stability, especially by late evening as the Moon forms a trine to Saturn and then goes void of course. Mercury’s entrance into Libra kicks off a cycle that highlights negotiations, balance, terms and agreements, harmony, diplomatic and peace keeping efforts, as well as efforts to keep various plates spinning without dropping any. 


The Moon enters Cancer at 5:32 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Saturn in Pisces, while being in square to Mercury and the Sun in Libra, and semisquare Uranus. This can see a point of stability that brings with it a certain dignity. It can feel good to break out of certain patterns. With both Mercury and Venus direct, and Venus about to move out of shadow and into Virgo to smooth over what Mercury has gone over to distill everything and sort the wheat from the chaff, we are set to be done looking back to the past for answers, comfort or solutions. Today there can be comfort in what has been salvaged, what and who has been worth keeping around, but there can be a feeling that going forward, standards should be higher, and more caution and attention to details is warranted. The Cancer lunation brings attention to comfort, security, self protection, nurturing, and protection of loved ones near and dear. Anything or anyone not in alignment with that will be subjected to scrutiny under Venus in Virgo. Mercury in Libra may attempt to redeem certain situations or dynamics that have gone south, but again, if there is an undeniable, ugly pattern, caution is advised around lowering the bar or relaxing vigilance. This goes for any relationship dynamics, business, personal, social. This also goes for health, diet, nutrition, pets, crisis and crisis prevention. Venus in Virgo doesn’t like to waste time, energy, or resources.


Today see’s the 4th quarter Moon in Cancer square the Sun in Libra, Chiron in Aries, semisquare Venus in late Leo, sextile Jupiter and sesquisquare Saturn. This can see a lot of action around the home or in general. It can also see some sensitivity to emotional dynamics, and a concerted effort to avoid negative thinking, sadness, or frustration. The Moon sextile Jupiter highlights the silver lining of a secure base, just try to prioritize and avoid pushing yourself too far into burn out. Evening time can see inspiration with the Moon sextile Uranus and trine Neptune. This can be a good time for refreshing rest. For some people, interpersonally or otherwise, things can be coming to a head to be released, acknowledged, dealt with or put to bed. Tomorrow, Venus leaves her post shadow phase, so taking one final look back over the terrain that has been trekked is par for the course. 


The day begins with the Moon still in Cancer, squaring Mars in Libra, trine Neptune, and opposite Pluto. This can see a desire to avoid uncomfortable dynamics, situations, or confrontations. The Moon in Cancer square Mars while trine Neptune can see a desire to pull down the shades or put the phone on do not disturb to restore and replenish, but this may somewhat be at odds with certain events or people. There can also be a team effort around a push for progress, where certain people step in to help. This can go either of which ways, or both. Venus leaves her post shadow phase today, bringing more clarity around desires, values, and relationships. The Moon enters Leo at 4:24 PM PST, to echo the retrograde journey of Venus, and everything that you’ve gone through during her long journey through the area of your chart ruled by Leo. This has perhaps been a bittersweet one, but has brought with it a lot of wisdom that can be put to action going forward. 


The Moon in Leo is sextile Mercury, which can see a boon for communication endeavors or talks early on. It goes on to square Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune, which encourages an optimistic frame as we wave goodbye to a certain phase or era. Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Cap today, seeing social or interpersonal transformations. This can be passion, breakthroughs, or moments of reckoning. Power dynamics can be a factor, or metamorphosis through or for relationships. People can feel determined to get out of weak positions and less likely to compromise or settle. Positively this can see the ability to give something your all in an effort to see changes. Venus spends the majority of the day in 29 degrees Leo, seeing any arrogance, pettiness, over concern with clout chasing, competitiveness, oneupmanship, or bullying, flexing, and any punching down fueled by unaddressed malignant insecurity and a fragile ego structure reach a vibe check. If you were humble, caring, kind and supportive towards others during Venus in Leo’s long journey, Venus opposite Saturn won’t manifest as difficult on an egoic level. But if you kicked people while they were down to feel a fleeting sense of superiority and prop up your own ego at the expense of other people, Venus in Virgo can pop that bubble. (This isn’t to say these are the only potentials of Venus in Leo, merely that any excesses, malignancies or shadow traits of Leo are sharply curtailed by Saturn here if things have been taken too far.) Venus enters Virgo at 6:11 PM. The opposition to Saturn will be exact the evening of the 9th and all day the 10th. This can see people make serious evaluations of relationships, finances, values, health status, healing regiments, diet, pets, routines, and work matters. This month long Venus transit highlights the importance and value of compassion, understanding, helpfulness, kindness, patience and humility in every day matters. Small acts of service and basic humanity in relationships of all kinds become more important than grandiose displays of prowess, loud flexing, revving motorcycles, thick muscles, or grandstanding. This Venus cycle also highlights the importance of quality control and having high standards. Venus in Virgo is incredibly particular, and has a refined pallet. She purifies, sanctifies, and improves, and although humble, this placement is as sensual, somatic, and salt of the earth as Venus is in Taurus or even Capricorn. Don’t let the initial opposition to Saturn put you off, she will go on to trine Jupiter in Taurus soon after.


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