This week, and the coming Month of October, can see a lot of loose ends being tied up, and we enter October with certain things still feeling unresolved. Interpersonally and socially as well, things have to change. Relationships can be reassessed, and Libra season highlights the North and South node axis, which emphasizes independence and fierce authenticity needing to find a balance with compromise and interdependence. The Moon kicks this week off in Aquarius, in trine to Mars in Libra, squaring Jupiter, and going on to oppose Venus. Things can become interesting again. Minor tensions can see people innovating a new path, and breaking away from dynamics or situations that are unworkable, unhealthy, or no longer meeting basic needs. Mercury linking up to Jupiter can see opportunities for honest disclosures, but there may be a need to push beyond superficial niceties. New arrangements or foundations can be surprisingly profitable. There can be subtle vulnerabilities under the surface with the Moon in sextile to Chiron. It’s an interesting mathscape, because it seems that even if there are concerted efforts to alienate, ostracize, or undermine certain individuals, it only empowers and emboldens them. Mercury is still trine Jupiter, which see’s a quest for more information, which is still incomplete just now. Humility, curiosity, and an awareness of what you don’t know will yield more information than arrogance, assumption, appeals to authority, ego, or a need to be superior. Venus is sextile Mars and square Uranus this week, which can see interesting alliances forged, or shifts in dynamics that can be quite surprising. People themselves can be quite surprising, particularly so if they’ve been underestimated, mistreated, disrespected, taken for granted or given the short end of the stick.


The Moon in socially oriented but independent Aquarius today, which can see a serious attitude or a commitment to a task. Today can require focus and endurance, as there is a need to knuckle down and get things done. Socially and interpersonally speaking, there can be somberness in the air, but Venus in Leo and the Sun in Libra keep things civil, cordial, humorous and warm. This can see a stoic attitude and a focus on handling things with maturity, humor and grace. Venus strengthening it’s square to Uranus can see quirckiness, fun, weirdness and quiet revolutions brewing socially, interpersonally or otherwise that can have some interesting manifestations at the Full Moon. Other people’s behavior or reactions can be unpredictable, so it’s probably wise to simply manage your own and enjoy the weirdness as much as you can. If you’ve already identified fair weather friends, unstable dynamics, or out of balance situations, now is a good time to become more internally moored and impervious to the antics or potential sidewinders that people or events could throw at you, and focus on strengthening foundations with what or who is dependable, stable and reliable, while keeping a good sense of humor intact. The Moon enters Pisces at 5:18 PM PST, making awkward aspects to the Sun, Mars, and Chiron. This can see the evening wrap up on a sensitive and reflective note, and people can be highly attuned to subtle shifts in dynamics, behaviors, or unspoken “new rules”, realities, or proclamations. 


The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Saturn and opposes Mercury today, while sextile Jupiter and semisquare Pluto. There can be some strong feelings under the surface, and although certain changes are largely positive to some, others can be feeling some doubts, uncertainties, or a bit at sea, yet perhaps feel unable to communicate this. There can be things that feel really consequential, or heavy. Do your best not to take life so seriously. People can be sensitive to unspoken power dynamics in relationships. Equally, there can be positive news for some, despite having been undermined, cast off, or left to their own devices, but still, it’s a better day for underpromising and over delivering than for overpromising and underdelivering. The Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn and opposite Mercury in Virgo can see a lot of compassion for the less fortunate or those who are suffering, but it can also see confusion, a troubled psyche, or misunderstandings. Equally, there can be a lot of inspiration even if there are troubles. A strong lunar sextile to Jupiter can see faith and buoyancy pulled from seemingly nowhere. Strength and fortitude of spirit and access to deep internal resources can be intimidating, or inspiring. Small, humble things can be a source of great inner wealth. 


The Moon is sextile Uranus, which can see inspiration or surprising emotional, spiritual or psychological insights which can see epiphanies coming home to roost. There may be something quietly brewing under the surface which can come to a head at the Full Moon. Today can see some powerful downloads or inner emotional peaks as the Moon goes on to sextile Pluto. Instincts and ESP can be strong. There is a lunar semisquare to Hygeia, placing a healing or health slant on things, and there can be some epiphanies or breakthroughs. An awkward lunar aspect to the South Node in Libra can shed light on imbalances in relationships, or imbalances in general, but this also presents opportunities to correct them. It’s possible some people (or organizations) have revealed their true colors in recent times, which has made an internal and external reorientation necessary. The Moon enters dynamic and pioneering Aries at 5:17 PM PST, opposing the Sun in Libra. In some ways, the Aries lunation can see a compromise occur through gritted teeth. There could also be some tea spillages and “fuck it” moments. Venus is still in her post shadow phase until Oct 7th 2:22 AM PST, so in many ways, people are still adjusting and reorienting to the shifts and downloads that occurred during the retrograde. The Aries lunation can make it difficult and uncomfortable to be fake or inauthentic with others. Conflicts of interest can be challenging to reconcile. Humor can diffuse things and serve as a good outlet. In some cases, people will opt to go their own way to meet their needs or protect their own interests, in others, a compromise can be found, but not without an honest confrontation. This can be nice, like a confession or outpouring of warm feelings, kind words of encouragement or supoort. In others, this can be working through something more complex, involved, and longstanding.


The Full Moon in Aries is exact at 2:58 AM PST, at 6 degrees. This face of Aries is associated with the Two Of Wands in the tarot, and symbolically, with an axe. One that can cut a path through chaos, -or sever and destroy contacts. In either case, it’s a decisive and self directed energy. This can see a graduation of sorts, and now it can be time to look and plan ahead for the future.  The Moon here is fiercely self reliant, but can have difficulty forging relationships with others. Aside from the opposition to the Sun in Libra, the other strong configurations of this Full Moon are a sesquisquare to Venus in Leo, and a semisquare to Uranus in Taurus. Venus also perfects the last of 3 squares to Uranus. This can see certain relationships, dynamics or partnerships experience some breakthrough points, or in some cases, they are abandoned altogether, or reach a new stage. There can be quite a show, and people can crackle and pop with weird aliveness and possibility in response to unusual circumstances or shifting dynamics. The proud and uncompromising nature of the first face of Aries struggles to reconcile with the need to “go along to get along” of Libra. A balance is sought, and it can't be overemphasized how important humor can be. Mercury trine Uranus now is insightful, honest, matter of fact, and unafraid to stir the pot or be a bit goofy, weird and out of pocket. There can be surprising information revealed, excitement, or people reveal a new side to themselves. The Full Moon configurations support an independent, authentic and self reliant frame that can be very take it or leave it, but there may also be a vulnerability driving this. In some cases, it’s necessary to rely on oneself now, or in the very least, be prepared to embark on something alone. In this case, there can be a hard bargain or a stoic self reliance and splitting off or mitosis ocurring. For some, it can highlight a parting of ways, but not necessarily on bad terms, and a new path forward is forged where more suitable or promising dynamics or situations can emerge, or a larger emphasis on self determination is embraced. In other cases, a compromise is made through gritted teeth, but it's uncertain how long such a situation can last. What is certain, is that shifts in dynamics or priorities can be expected, and throughout October, the precedent of various interactions or contracts going forward will be under evaluation, scrutiny or improvement efforts. Right now, the passive aggressive politics of Mars in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries can see much of this occurring on the surface via a polite veneer, while under the surface, deep changes and reorientations are being considered or are already in motion. Certain situations may be politely tolerated for now, but undeniable patterns have been recognized, for better or worse. Dynamics have shifted. Notes have been taken. Next week, things can begin to get more serious, organized or established.  


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron and forms a warm and proud trine to Venus and Juno in Leo while opposing Mars in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This can see a lot of passion, as well as some interesting contrasts. There can be a sense of confidence or even playfulness, even in the face of opposition, tension or weirdness. Mercury in mischievous link to Uranus can see new insights and ideas. There can be some rash behavior, strong feelings, tension or irritation accompanied by attraction (Moon opposite Mars, square Pluto, trine Venus.) “I hate that I like them so much” is almost what this math looks like. This can see certain dynamics or situations eventually stabilize or reach a point of compromise, as the Moon goes on to sextile Saturn as it enters Taurus at 6:18 PM PST.  In the very least, there can be endurance that helps make certain things more bearable, even as there is a push for transformation. 


Today can see more optimism and wider horizons, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter. The Moon is also semisquare Neptune and square Hygeia, so there can be a lingering out of sorts energy that’s suitable for relaxing, self soothing activities or boosting the spirits of those in need. Mercury is opposite Neptune now along with being trine Uranus and Pluto, so things are a bit weird, and there can be confusion that needs sorting out. There can be some vague worries that are preoccupying, and insight, answers, and solutions are sought. Venus is sextile Mars just now, so enjoy this charming goofiness while you can. She leaves her post shadow period on Oct 7 and enters Virgo Oct 8, where she will oppose Saturn and need to get down to business. Money matters, relationships or values may also become more serious, and there may be a need to budget or reign in expenses, honor commitments or responsibilities, or take the woes and concerns of others more seriously. There may also be increasing focus on the well being of a loved one, or those who are vulnerable or in need. Health, healing, routines, animals, pets, cleanliness, making improvements and being of service in practical but meaningful ways can take more precedence interpersonally, and highlight the value of compassion, helpfulness, empathy, kindness, and basic human decency in relationships.


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