The Moon enters Scorpio today semisquare the Sun in Virgo while sextile Mercury and opposite Jupiter, sesquisquare Neptune and square Hygeia. This suggests that patience may be needed around forging ahead, but a pause in the action, and slowing down to address things that feel out of sorts can give rise to vital insights or “aha” moments (which there have been a lot of), but with Mercury going forward now, things can begin making more sense or missing puzzle pieces can begin to fall into place. Information uncovered can be immediately applicable. With the lunar square to Hygeia this can revolve around healing, and suggests actions can be taken to address longstanding issues. Venus perfects a square to Jupiter at 15 degrees which can see a climax around over the top indulgences, spending, or other issues that have seemed to have no cap on how far they could be taken. Take care to avoid overdoing anything. Mercury in Virgo is capable of detailed analysis and noticing things that have been overlooked. Mercury is strong in all decals of Virgo, but particularly so now that it has resumed forward motion. Take note of any insights you glean. The Moon goes on to square Venus tonight, indicating some minor tensions interpersonally or otherwise, but there is also a resilience here as the Moon in Scorpio is capable of dipping into deep reserves and has quite a lot of endurance. Avoid drama, overblowing things, taking things too far, over reacting to things, or tense interactions if possible. Things will become more stable, and progress and results will be seen around Fri and Sat when Mercury trines Jupiter once more. 


Today can be somewhat tense or unsettling or there can be a need to be taken out of normal routines for some reason, with the Moon opposite Jupiter and Uranus, squaring Venus and quincunx Chiron. This can see a lot shelled out for a loved one or someone who is vulnerable, and in some ways the day can be rather expensive or require a lot of output energetically. Try not to go too far or take on more than you can reasonably handle. Put off anything that isn’t urgent and focus on dealing with what is essential. There will be time to catch up on anything that needs to be temporarily shelved later. Venus in Leo square Jupiter may have seen an over the top energy, whether that be financially or simply just biting off more than you can chew. For others this may have played out socially or interpersonally. Its a luxurious, impulsive and indulgent aspect, and is still particularly strong now. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune, which can see a lot of compassion, milking every ounce of Venus square Jupiter before they drift out of orb. These configurations suggest one of those times where there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for another, and it can see noble sacrifices out of deep love and care. The day can keep people on their toes and require an adaptable frame. Evening time the Moon sextile’s the Sun and Pluto, which can see an accomplished feeling, but nerves can still be a bit jangled and there can be some worries around certain inevitabilities. There is also a lot of love and support, but responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Take one thing at a time. 


Early morning can feel a bit pressed, challenged, frustrated or blocked with the Moon in late Scorpio in tension to Mars and Saturn. Some people can be reaching their limits with blockages or other issues cropping up, but much is still being accomplished in spite of this. There is still a lot to get done, but by weeks end, there should be a noticable foothold. Try to avoid over stressing your mind or body or demanding too much from yourself or others. There may be some temporary issues to get around. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:06 AM PST, going on to square Mercury in Virgo. This can see a lot of responsibilities, a preoccupation with health, diet, routines, technical issues, or taking care of others, and there may be some bickering, worries, vague aches or pains, or a lot of details to fuss over. Conversely there may just be some new information to analyze or muddles to resolve. This is a good time to be observant or gather new information or integrate recent realizations. Try to conserve energy for what’s immediately essential and avoid overreacting to temporary inconveniences or pushing yourself to take on more than you can handle. Timing may not be quite right just yet. Integrating the details into a congruent, broad picture can be a factor just now. Things can feel like they’ve piled up and become unmanageable in some cases, but in spite of this, spirits can be high. Try to be understanding of others who may be hobbled by life circumstances or inconveniences. Everyone is doing the best they can, striving towards doing better, and adapting to changes in some way, with the Sun trine Uranus and Pluto, opposite Neptune. Tomorrow can see a bit more momentum, sharper attunement and even better spirits.


The Moon is trine Chiron, Venus in Leo and sextile Mars in Libra, which can see a buoyancy and social charm return. Morale can be boosted through pleasant connections and supportive exchanges. There can be a sense of hope and optimism returning. This can be an emotionally or even physically healing time (Moon/Chiron.) Today can be very constructive, and people can be very accommodating and helpful to one another. Some people can feel very sensitive or vulnerable right now. There may be some bruised egos or issues of pride. Regardless, there's a sense that certain things are on the right path to being sorted out, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Some processes have been exhausting to deal with or adapt to, so today is a nice respite and a boost to morale.


The Moon squares the Sun and Neptune, which can see a lot of compassion, or vague fears or worries, or a feeling that things are in the hands of the fates now. There can be a need to slow down or get more rest, especially after large pushes for progress. There have been many downloads to assimilate. Mercury perfects it’s trine to Jupiter today and through the weekend, which can see progress, results, and more stability begin to unfold. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn, so grounding yourself and focusing on what’s in your immediate control, and letting nature do the rest, can help allay any doubts, fears, or uncertainties. The Moon enters Capricorn at 1:20 PM PST, and the Sun enters Libra at 11:50 PM PST. There can be a shift in focus and a feeling that certain things are under control enough to be able to move on to other things.


We are officially in Libra season, and the change is palpable. The Moon in Capricorn is square Mars in Libra and trine Mercury and Jupiter as they perfect their trine, and this can see things beginning to feel more established, which can be quite motivating. There can be a desire to get back on top of things, and even a sense of accomplishment or “graduation” , but things can still feel a bit out of order. A lunar square to Chiron can see sensitivity and vulnerability under a stoic demeanor. Positive momentum can be building, regardless of weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Things can feel like they are stabilizing. There can even be some good news. There can be a lot of energy to get things done, in the very least the lunar tension with Mars would best be funneled into constructive action or joint activities. Patience is needed, as you can’t expect to go from things feeling upside down to feeling absolutely perfect overnight. But it’s nice to see positive results unfolding.


The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto, while trine Uranus and sextile Neptune. There can be a feeling of looking back at all that you’ve been through, all that’s been accomplished or gone over, and there may even be a sense of relief and a forward looking attitude about what may now be possible to focus on, now that certain issues and problems have been addressed. Today can see moments of clarity, insight and illumination. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:29 PM PST, to trine the Sun freshly in Libra, seeing a decided shift in gear. The upcoming week can kick off on a motivated and ambitious note, with the Libra/Aries axis of your chart now taking up more emphasis.   




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