The Moon is in Leo conjunct Venus, while Venus and Juno are exactly conjoined. The Moon is also sextile Mars in Libra while square Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune. This can see courage and determination around high ideals, as well as compassion and diplomacy in negotiations. Partnerships, forging agreements, or working with others from where they and you are at can be central. The early morning hours can be driven and some people can leap out of bed (or found it difficult to remain asleep). There can be a lot of motivation or spark to this energy, and it can feel good to smooth out bumpy waters or sort out misunderstandings. The Moon perfects a conjunction to Venus and Juno around noon PST, and this can see supportive connections that can boost morale. There may even be a healing component, with the Moon going on to trine sensitive Chiron. There can be more confidence in certain endeavors or dynamics, and some people may even feel smitten. There may be some catching up to do with certain tasks, and although it can feel good to have certain other confounding issues sorted out to a manageable level, Virgo season (with Mercury retrograde in Virgo due to oppose Saturn eventually) isn’t a time to get too comfortable sitting on your laurels. This week can keep people on their toes, perhaps adapting to changes on short notice.  Evening time can see some tension. Something or someone may surprise you.


Today can see some impatience with impediments or a feeling of having a lot on your plate with a desire to take care of it all immediately. The Moon in late Leo is in tension with Mars while squaring Uranus, which can see some interpersonal tension where needs or desires conflict, or unexpected things crop up that create issues or schedule conflicts. There can be a desire to escape confrontations with the Moon in awkward quincunx to Neptune, but equally, today can present opportunities to release things that have been bothering you. Not everyone is on the same page today, but that's ok. veryone is grappling with something different. Venus square Jupiter has grand plans and visions, but with Jupiter retrograde (and 6 other planetary bodies along with it), patience and modest growth is key. The Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter and Uranus brings attention to the little, humble things that are going quite well now, so wherever things aren’t quite perfect, count your blessings. There can be sudden realizations today which help simplify things. As the Moon heads out of Leo and into Virgo late this evening, it makes an opposition to Saturn. There is still a lot of work to do or little issues to manage, but things look more promising on the other side of all the effort, so try not to get bogged down by worries, and try to keep things simple and minimize complications for best results.


This morning can see a serious tone with the Moon in Virgo opposite Saturn and conjunct Mercury. This can see a preoccupation with problems that need solutions. Issues involving health, pets, routines, schedules, regiments, technology, mechanics, organization, and improvements that need to be made, can all weigh upon the mind under the Virgo lunation. A lunar sesquisquare to Chiron can feel vulnerable in the face of all the tasks at hand, or problems that seem vexing, draining, or overwhelming. Try not to succumb to negative thinking, or focusing on everything that could go wrong. Instead, focus only on what's in your control, tying up loose ends, and releasing attitudes or issues that are out of your hands to lighten your load. Things aren’t as bad (or hopeless) as they seem. Innovative solutions will present themselves, and things will be sorted out. By evening time, things can feel a lot more optimistic and stable, and it’s possible there is even some good news, with the Moon trine both Mercury and Jupiter. A new look at old problems can bring refreshing insights, or there can be new ideas, lightbulb moments, discussions, or exposure to uplifting books, movies, information, or media that uplift the spirits and shift outlooks for the better. Tomorrow evening see’s the New Moon in Virgo. Do what you can now to align with a more stable and abundant timeline. This New Moon signature is good for healing, purification, and detoxification regiments, sober and rational analysis, good discernment, and care for the less fortunate. Reduce anxiety. Calm the mind. Ground the body, and take care around what enters it.


The Moon in Virgo conjoins the Sun, and forms a trine to Jupiter and Uranus, while also quincunx Chiron. This can see opportunities for healing as well as forgiveness. The focus is on all of the little things in life. Cleanliness, organization, nutrition, health, medicine, animals, routines, schedules, and making improvements.  The New Moon is exact at 6:40 PM PST in 21 degrees Virgo. This is the precise degree that Mercury stationed retrograde in Virgo on August 23, 2023, (fascinating,) and suggests that problems which came to light around this time are now coming full circle to begin a process of healing, improvement and resolution. This process will reach another climax on Feb 24, 2024, which see’s the corresponding Full Moon in Virgo. Between now and then, an ongoing series of breakthroughs and improvements can be underway that may seem humble and easy to underestimate, but take note of where you are at right now and what has shifted by February. This face of Virgo is ruled by the 10 of Pentacles in the tarot, a card of wealth, security, safety, loyalty, security, and mastery over 3D reality. This brings many peoples attention to the material realm, and of course, to money and long term security. The strongest configurations this New Moon makes is a trine to Uranus and an opposition to Neptune, which can signify changes being made to escape or innovate around untenable situations, or feelings of uncertainty. There can be inspired ideas to do something differently. Prior to the New Moon becoming exact there is a strong trine to Jupiter in Taurus. This can see a lot of hopefulness and optimism, however, the other configurations suggest a hesitancy to buy in completely into believing that troubles are completely resolved, or to get carried away with too much blind faith. There can be skepticism or doubts, and it can be hard to trust that the positive trends unfolding are reliable or trustworthy. Stability can still feel fragile and in need of vigilant guard and maintenance. Keep digging. Continue doing what is working, but remain flexible and open to adopting new ideas or methods. Prospects can seem up and down throughout Mercury’s retrograde and shadow period, but by Sep 24, Mercury(stationing direct tomorrow) will perfect a trine to Jupiter once more after passing Saturn’s shit test, bringing assurance that optimism has a sound and realistic foundation.


The Moon perfects a trine to Pluto before entering Libra at 10:44 AM PST, signaling empowered and savvy negotiations. Mercury stations direct at 8 degrees Virgo at 1:21 PM PST. This decan of Virgo is particularly altruistic, humble, and fond of nature. Protect such people, proclivities, and creatures at all costs, do not allow them (or yourself) to be preyed upon. This is a good day for releasing past misgivings. As the day wears on into late evening, the Moon conjoins Mars while in minor tension to Uranus. This suggests a breaking away from frustrating situations or dynamics and stepping into a more empowered frame. Interestingly, this Sunday see’s Venus, ruler of Libra (partnerships, balance, harmony) and Taurus (money, values, pleasure), reach peak brightness in the sky the same day that Venus and Jupiter perfect a square. This suggests a return to grace, a reclaiming of dignity and equilibrium. Watch for Venus in the sky at the end of this weekend to enjoy the view.


The Moon in Libra is in energizing conjunction to Mars, and forms a sextile to Venus. This see’s a passionate energy that is both forthright, direct, while being charming and conciliatory. A lunar quincunx to Jupiter and opposition to Chiron can see people feeling sensitive and generous, but also vulnerable to excess, overindulgence, or going a tad too far. Venus and Jupiter in a square want to live the good life and enjoy luxury, and will do anything for those they love. There is an emphasis on pleasantries, and enjoyment of the finer things in life. Keeping a sense of proportion can help keep the good times rolling for much longer than just one weekend. Make hay while the sun shines, but don't be suckered out of (or into anything.) It can actually be therapeutic to do something nice for yourself, others, or in the company of a lovely companion.  This is a sociable and congenial mathscape that wants to spread joy, smooth troubled waters, and negotiate better conditions. By evening, the value of patience, discipline and restraint becomes apparent, as the Moon makes a minor tense aspect to Saturn. There can be some vulnerability or second guessing if you feel out of your depth with an issue or that you’ve overextended yourself. It can be a good time to clear the past, let go of hurt feelings or worries, or engage in self soothing activities. 


The Moon makes some interesting configurations today. Early on in the morning hours there is a minor tense aspect to Mercury, which only recently stationed direct on Friday in Virgo. This can see some overthinking, misunderstandings, and a desire to rectify or clarify situations, understand something better, or simply be understood. With some consideration and thoughtfulness, the right words or information will be found. The Moon also squares Pluto and forms a quincunx to Neptune. There can be a desire to escape or transmute strong feelings, provocative situations or confrontational dynamics, or to get to the bottom of situations that feel unclear. Venus reaches peak brightness in the sky, so keep your eyes peeled this evening to catch a glimpse. Venus also perfects a square to Jupiter at 15 degrees, creating an air of luxury, beauty, creativity, enjoyment, refinement, and even royalty. This can see an atmosphere of indulgence that can have a compelling quality. Take care to mind your budget, waistline and dopamine receptors to avoid any regrets or hangovers. This warning aside, this mathscape can be quite enjoyable, and there can be a feeling of reclaiming your rightful throne and certain issues being made right. There can be a sense of triumph over testing circumstances, trials and tribulations. The Moon enters Scorpio at 9:58 PM PST, to trine Saturn in Pisces, which ends the evening, and begins Monday on a stable and accomplished feeling note. New possibilities can begin to emerge that previously seemed out of reach, unfeasible or shelved due to circumstantial impediments or self imposed limitations that are now only visible in the rearview mirror. 




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