The week starts out with the Moon in Gemini square Neptune while slowly building a conjunction Mars, (after having been sextile Mercury and Jupiter, which saw considerable optimism.) There’s a determination here to overcome muddles or undermining influences. There may be some kinks to work out or some confusing, swampy territory to wade through initially that can provoke sensitivity or uncertainty. Keep on pushing through the muck. As the day progresses into evening, and on into tomorrow, things can begin to feel more stable when the Moon enters Cancer in the wee hours of Tuesday. Mercury and Jupiter getting closer can be excellent for honest communications and insights. 


The Moon enters Cancer at 3:22 AM PST, to conjoin Mars and trine Saturn, while squaring the Sun in Aries. Although there may be some frustrations, determination wins, and it can feel like a successful push through murky territory that results in greater stability. Mercury and Jupiter perfect a conjunction early this morning at 18 degrees Aries. This can see some victories, laurels, good news, cognitive breakthroughs, or learning and teaching moments. It’s also possible that certain people can have their voices heard or finally get a certain point across. Obstacles in communications, learning, or travels are overcome. A lot of optimism and wisdom is available, and there can be a boundless curiosity, enthusiasm, and even restored faith in something. Communicating honestly can come easier now. New ideas can abound as horizons can feel like they are opening up. The lunar links to Mars and Saturn can see increased stability, security and confidence in the foundations of something, which can bring with it an increased sense of freedom and personal agency. Greater stability can open up new possibilities and new strategies going forward, which can see a lot of dynamic action in the coming days.


The Moon in Cancer is square the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, while sextile Venus and Uranus in Taurus. This can see a reinvigoration, and a sense of excitement can accompany a desire to make a lot of changes. There can be a lot of sensitivity around high hopes. Increased autonomy as well as restored motivation levels can accompany these configurations. New creative ideas, renewed inspiration, encouraging news or communications can see today jam packed with dynamic action and rich with stimulation. There can be some pleasant surprises. The Moon throws in a lovely trine to Neptune which only adds to the magic, and fuels the imagination. Today can see a great deal of sensitivity, empathy, hopefulness and serendipity. New possibilities are opening up.


Venus and Uranus conjoin exactly today at 16 degrees, while simultaneously, Mars perfects it’s trine to Saturn in 2 degrees Pisces. This can see some very pleasing developments that in some cases, can come as a shock. Surprising developments or breakthroughs interpersonally, socially, creatively or financially can be a part of the picture. The Moon in late Cancer is square Mercury, trine Neptune while making an out of sign opposition to Pluto as the day begins. Intuition can be heightened, but there can also be some intensity under the surface around differing viewpoints, desires, or opinions that create some minor tension or polarity. There is enough receptivity and empathy available however, to see another’s point of view, or at least be open to it. There are a lot of opportunities for emotional growth and learning. There can also be a fixation on something or someone mysterious. People can come out of the woodwork and surprise us, or we can surprise ourselves. It’s also possible that intense discussions are had, and they can have an ideological or philosophical bent. This can be a good time to examine whether opinions or ideologies are rooted more in subjectivity and emotionalism as opposed to reason, facts, and rationality. It’s also a good time to get in touch with what you authentically feel. Information presented may induce some questioning or cause a shift in values. The Moon enters charismatic Leo at 3:31 PM PST, and this can see the weekend get off to a fun seeking and creatively expressive start. Lightening up the mood can be an objective, and there may even be something to celebrate.


Today looks to be exciting. The Moon in Leo forms enthusiastic trine’s to the Sun, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries, while squaring Venus, Uranus, and Juno in Taurus. Interpersonal or social dynamics can be surprising. There can be a lot of generosity in the air, and even a bit of luxury, flashiness, or creative flair. There is a lot of chemistry in this mathscape, and in some cases, the differences between ourselves and others can be a point of fascination or positive tension. There can be a desire for something new, or to shake up stagnant patterns, and a newfound sense of stability in certain situations can prompt a celebratory attitude. Tonight can see people get a bit wild, and it’s possible that certain people behave a bit out of character. Venus conjunct Uranus  places a premium on freedom, independence, and to pursue satisfaction without complex. There’s an interesting theme just now of freedom within security and stability. With Venus in Taurus, satisfaction can be right under our nose. My grandmother, a Sun sign Taurus, used to say “there’s no such thing as boring places, only boring people.” These maths are far from boring. 


The Moon in Leo is still hopped up and excited as the day begins, with a trine to Jupiter still going strong early on. The Moon forms a trine to Mercury as the day progresses, which can see a lot of passionate discussion, plans, creativity, or even flirtation in the atmosphere. The fun seeking, expressive, and even slightly competitive party vibes carry on into much of Saturday. Duty, responsibility, and the need to stay on top of things looms right around the corner with the Moon heading into Virgo in the wee hours of Sunday. Make hay while the sun shines. Tomorrow can see a strong drive to resolve problems, work out imperfections, and make improvements to circumstances that are already starting to see greater stability.


The Moon enters improvement oriented Virgo at 3:57 AM, where it forms a trine to Mercury in the final degrees of Aries, a sextile to Mars in Cancer, and an opposition to Saturn in Pisces. There can be a certain loneliness felt or a sense of isolation that can accompany certain responsibilities, but nonetheless, there is a lot of drive to get things done. It’s also possible that a desire to attend to details, domestic chores, or other responsibilities simply overrides a desire for social or interpersonal contact. The Moon sextile Mars is driven, self assured, and ambitious. A lunar sesquisquare to Jupiter can see a strong desire to accomplish a lot and be very productive. There can be a need to overcome certain obstacles or resolve certain problems before a new week begins, so this can see a lot of energy poured into organization and improvement efforts. Late tonight see’s Mercury in the anaretic degree of Aries, so there can be a sense of urgency and excitement around getting certain things to gel and reaching certain breakthroughs or agreements. Partnerships, business, social, creative, and personal, can be seeing some shifts or apex points next week. Mercury enters Taurus tomorrow morning to trine Venus and Uranus, and this upcoming Wednesday we see a Full Moon in Libra.


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