This week kicks off with a bang with the astrological New Year rolling in with the Sun’s entrance into Aries. Happy Spring Equinox, happy International Astrology Day, and Happy New Year! The Sun enters the zenith of Aries at 2:24 PM PST, placing increasing importance on independence and self reliance, but also on taking control of situations that may have gone off the rails. The Moon is in Pisces sextile Uranus, and making a semisquare to Pluto while trine Pallas. There can be a clearing away of stagnant and unhealthy energy here. The Moon goes on to conjunct Neptune while semisquare Venus in Taurus, which just wrapped up an intense square to Pluto before entering the sign she is in domicile within. Things can begin to feel more grounded this week. There can be a need to release things or people that aren’t in alignment with your values, or see where you may have been unrealistic, overly forgiving, overly permissive, or overly demanding of yourself or others. Late evening see’s the Moon square Mars in Gemini, bringing out the Mars square to Neptune, but Mars is also building a strong trine to Saturn which gets stronger by the day, phasing out the draining, delusional, drunk driving energy. Although there may be some disillusionment for some people, a sense of realism, sobriety, stability, as well as healthy boundaries is ultimately only helpful and strengthening. 


Today see’s a New Moon in 0 degrees Aries, exact at 10:23 AM PST. This degree is one of fierce emotional self reliance, and with it, there is an ability to sever cords, draw lines, and to split off from what doesn’t serve you. An energetic mitosis occurs here. This decan of Aries is associated with the 2 of wands in the tarot. The card pictures a man who has many choices, the world in his hands. He chooses wisely and is firm in his sense of direction. This face of Aries is unsentimental about choosing to go in a particular direction, and is not reliant on what others are doing or what they may think or feel about his decisions. This New Moon is in aspect to the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, while making an opposition to Ceres. People are either on your level or they’re not, but it’s not your job to parent or coddle them, and it certainly isn’t your job to force square pegs into round holes. There is a fierce independence and sense of willpower here, but it doesn’t come from malice, rather, a reconnection to self and one’s own priorities and values, distinct from those of others. Self respect is the driving foce here. This New Moon draws some lines and see’s a strong desire to go your own way and prioritize your own sovereignty. Splitting away from demoralizing, draining, time wasting, confusing influences is part and parcel of this mathscape. There’s a desire here for more stability within these configurations. Oftentimes, walking alone is the fastest way to get there. There is a renewal of vitality that naturally follows a clearer sense of priorities and values.


Today see’s the Moon conjunct Jupiter, Chiron, as well as Mercury. There can be an optimism and self assurance felt around increased emotional self reliance, but there can also be a sensitivity as well. News and communications that come in can strengthen morale. Conversely, the Sun conjunct Mercury and square Mars can see impulsiveness or frustrations around communications, so it might depend upon who you talk to, and there is less patience for idle gossip or chatter for the sake of it. As the day progresses, it may be necessary to pull back in some areas to continue to expand in others. In some cases there is a desire to speak, but inhibitions or shyness around doing so, or simply too many responsibilities to attend to. There can be a need for increased discipline to push through blockages, challenges, or weaknesses. Connecting to others who support your sense of self and personal autonomy is encouraging. A lunar conjunction to Vesta also emphasizes the importance of daily rituals that contribute to well being. Mars strengthening it’s trine to Saturn see’s self discipline and stability on the rise. The awkward square to Neptune is phasing out, as Saturn pulls things safely to shore and puts them back in order. Mars quincunx Pluto suggests a lot of excess energy, and in some cases, one can be driven to improve things in their life out of anger or even spite, (depending on what frequency you're riding on or what types of people you entertain). In either case, there can be an impatience for progress here, and it’s important to avoid berating yourself or others if things aren’t exactly how you’d like them just yet. Focus on what you can control. Physical activity is a good way to deal with submerged intensity or excess energy.


Pluto enters Aquarius today, where it will give us a teaser of the full blown 20 year transit until June 11 2023. After that, it won’t reenter Aquarius again until January 20 2024. After November 19, 2024, it will exit Capricorn for the final time in our lifetime. The next 3 months will be a chance to get acquainted to Pluto’s new position, where it will be hunkering down until 2043. Pluto in Aquarius will see dramatic leaps forward, (and dramatic progressiveness) on all fronts. Much can be said of Pluto in Aquarius. On one side of the coin, Nicola Tesla’s quote, “ You may live to see man made horrors beyond your comprehension” definitely captures a Pluto in Aquarius sentiment, with the planet of power in the sign of technology and weird science. On the other side of the coin, remarkable feats of humanitarianism, science, medicine, knowledge, technology, and a general enlightening of society is also par for the course. Such advancements are always a double edged sword, -but what a time to be alive. Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius is colored by the fact that the asteroid Hygeia is also in Aquarius. This emphasizes the focus on mental and physical health, medicine, and healing modalities of this ingress. The Moon in late Aries this morning is sextile Mars and Saturn while square Pluto, seeing an intensity early on that emphasizes a stabilization process reaching a sort of apex. There is a no nonsense motif to the way the day kicks off. A sort of “take charge” energy that’s strong, stable, well directed and authoritative. The Moon enters Taurus at 11:42 AM PST, strengthening the sextile to Saturn and going on to conjoin Venus, suggesting today could end on a pleasant and accomplished note. There can be some surprises on the way socially, financially or interpersonally. 


The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Venus and Uranus today, while semisquare Mars. This can see some pleasant shocks, upgrades, or refreshing breaks from the norm, and there may be a hint of rebelliousness in the air. In the very least, things can be changing and situations can be seeing some improvements. The Moon conjunct Uranus has an air of independence and increased agency. The Taurus energy has strong values, very specific likes and dislikes, is stubborn and unwilling to settle for simulacra or counterfeits. Taurus energy is more than happy to play the long game. Things are finally beginning to feel a lot more stable, and this is made official with Mars heading into Cancer tomorrow to trine Saturn. Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Chiron is thirsty for knowledge, input, eager for progress, expansion, and agency. It can feel good to stabilize things and break out of ruts. The Taurus lunation makes it easy to enjoy the little things. More progress is around the corner, but there may be a need for a bit more of a push to really get things unstuck and on a smoother track. 


Mars enters Cancer at 4:45 AM PST. Mars hasn’t been here for over 2 years, so this area of your chart is long overdue for some reinvigoration. Mars is trine Saturn here, so things can finally start feeling a bit more stable and manageable after a long period of recalibration and adaptation. The Moon in late Taurus is trine Pluto and sextile Neptune. Ideals are high, and it feels good to finally be seeing progress and some fruits for your labors, but there is still more work to do and loose ends to tie up, and we can’t rest on our laurels for too long. Duty looms, and the business of a new week lies just around the corner. Mars quincunx Pluto just now is spicy, impatient, and impulsive, but impulses felt can be more consequential than people bargain for, so take care, and give these ingresses some time to settle in. The Moon enters Gemini at 5:42 PM PST, echoing the tracer of Mars, and calling attention to the finality of a particular phase of wavering back and forth or needing to scramble, spin plates or live between worlds. The Moon in Gemini is square Saturn, so there can be a pressure to get on with things, and keep momentum going. Or to pick a direction and stick with it, -no backsliding. For some, certain things have been learned the hard way, and making certain changes is a matter of self respect. The Moon trine Pluto in Aquarius this evening suggests an entirely new chapter lies ahead. This requires resilience and commitment to change. It can feel good to cultivate more security and stability, both within and without. 


The Moon in Gemini makes a sextile to Mercury and Chiron in Aries, with a trine to Hygeia. There can be opportunities for talks, discussions, or learning that can revolve around healing, improving well being or addressing weaknesses somehow. There can be a need to seek answers or find solutions to perplexing problems. Mars trine Saturn and quincunx Pluto just now can see an impatience to stabilize things. There can be a lot of rushing around, or a lot to do in a condensed timeframe, as we wrap up the week to begin a new one. This can see a lot of multitasking. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter and sesquisquare Pluto late evening, which can see people burning the midnight oil, fixated on getting to the bottom of untangling certain knots. It looks like certain efforts are successful, and there can be optimism that certain things can run more smoothly going forward, or good news can help generate a positive attitude around growth and expansion. 


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