Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius, while the Sun and Mercury in Pisces square Mars, and Mars is squaring Neptune. You can see Mars struggling with a problem, either of clarity of mind, energy, direction, motivation, or of self discipline. This loopy, somewhat deluded influence (Mars/Neptune) will be with us until Mars changes signs. You can see Mars trying to get a grip on things, building a trine to Saturn, but this trine, as of now, is extremely weak and overpowered by Neptune. You can see this reflected somewhere in your own life now, where try as you might, resolving an issue, getting on top of things, reforming a stagnant pattern, or reaching a point of stability can feel like a long, ongoing slog that encounters difficulties, blockages, doubts, a lack of motivation, undermining influences, or for some, literal relapses in progress. Hang in there and remind yourself “progress, not perfection.” If any saying could define this week, it would be this. It might help just knowing that this influence is not only temporary, but that when Mars changes signs on the 25th, traction will be a lot easier to gain. Today starts out on a bit of a challenged note with the Moon making a crotchety square to Saturn, but as it wears on, there can be a lot more optimism as it forms a trine to Jupiter and Chiron. Hang in there everybody, and be kind to yourselves.


The Moon is in Sagittarius is square the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune, while opposite Mars, and trine Jupiter, going on to make a trine to sweet Venus which is strongest in the evening. These configurations can be excited to see progress, but it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Part of the reason is that there is so much that grabs the attention that it can be difficult to prioritize effectively. Don’t try to be a hero or do everything and be everywhere all at once, as you probably won’t get anything done. Instead, try to simplify things for yourself, focus on doing one thing at a time and doing that thing well, otherwise it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Distractions can abound, and there can be a lot to keep up with. News or communications can be exaggerated. The Sun and Mercury in Pisces squaring Mars, while Mars is square Neptune can be eager to act (or react), but isn’t exactly thinking clearly, and can be vulnerable to delusional tangents, misinformation or becoming victim to whatever “the current thing” happens to be. Avoid panic buying and selling, or otherwise any sort of reactivity fueled by unconscious fears or hopes, or bogus information. Saturn now in Pisces emphasizes the importance of an unfuckwithable inner peace, especially during times when it seems like the world is going mad. It’s a mastery over the psychic space that Saturn in Pisces collectively represents. The Moon trine Jupiter in Aries and later, Venus, suggests that if you can avoid being spun in a million directions by distractions and bombastic stimuli, you can achieve a semblance of balance by the evening. 


The Moon enters stoic and steady Capricorn at 5:06 AM PST. This morning can see a desire for stability and sensibleness. The Moon forms a trine to Juno, which moved into Taurus last week. Relationships that are simple, grounding, uncomplicated, but also supportive of independence and personal development, where there is a sense of shared values, gain increasing appeal. The Moon in Capricorn emphasizes realism, structure, pragmatism, discipline, and stable, upward progress, which, in contrast to other configurations at play right now, there can actually be a real craving for something sensible, pure, reliable, real- untouched by the clown world simulation. The Capricorn lunation can see a sort of simplification, liberation, or elimination process, or just a clearing out and preparation process. It emphasizes the alliance that Mars is attempting to forge with Saturn right now, and also coincides with Venus moving into earthy and sensual Taurus tomorrow afternoon. Venus is currently squaring Pluto in Capricorn, which perfects at 29 degrees this evening and into tomorrow. Interpersonally, there is a fierce independence and autonomy, but also a deep desire for transformation and up-leveling on a personal level. Power dynamics can play a role in certain interpersonal interactions. Desires can be strong, and we can expect a lot from ourselves, or feel that much is expected of us. There can be a desire to overcome weaknesses and break free of undermining or stagnating influences that have been impediments to progress. This takes discipline, courage, willpower, and determination. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Capricorn square Jupiter and Chiron, while trine Uranus. Venus is also perfecting a square to Pluto at 29 degrees. There can be a desire here for breakthroughs. Although there is an awareness of certain weak spots, there’s also a grit and determination to overcome them and iron them out. Today can see some interesting occurrences or breakthrough moments creatively, socially, interpersonally, or in regard to finances, investments, or work projects. Venus enters money bags Taurus, where she is in domicile, at 3:34 PM PST. It can feel like something is decidedly shifting. In Taurus, Venus is much more comfortable, but here she craves something real and stable, and this is doubly so considering her sextile to Saturn and conjunction to Juno. There can be some positive transformations making themselves felt physically, financially, and even in regard to partnerships, both business and personal. This can lead to upgraded circumstances across the board. Although we are still navigating Mars making a delusional and shady square to Neptune, this influence is on it’s way out, and the end of March can see some decidedly different circumstances, as the area of your chart ruled by Cancer receives some much needed “oomph” and motivation that hasn’t been felt in over 2 years. This time, the stabilizing influence of Saturn can help ensure maturity, patience, and consistency as well as smooth, well timed execution. In other words, things can actually stick. Evening time can see surprising news, inspired ideas or communications. 


The Moon enters futuristic, community oriented Aquarius at 7:25 AM PST, where it squares Venus while conjoins Pluto out of sign at 29 degrees Capricorn. Social, financial, creative or interpersonal shifts can be reverberating. Things can still be feeling pretty loopy with the Sun in Pisces conjunct Mercury and Neptune while they all square Mars. These aspects like to take risks, but can be a bit accident prone and drunk at the wheel. We’ve been under it all week, so if you’ve got through the week without making any major blunders, congratulations. A lunar conjunction to Hygeia places emphasis on health, healing, and well being today. Venus in Taurus is very physical and somatic, and brings attention to the importance of the foods we feed our cells. In spite of the otherwise relatively delusional influences, make sure to check in with the body and ground yourself out. Tomorrow can see some pleasant surprises or a generally optimistic atmosphere. Especially if you treat yourself well today. 


The Moon is sextile Jupiter and Chiron while square Uranus, which can see some unusual occurrences or boosts in morale. The evening time can see a surge in motivation to get something done or be productive. The Sun and Mercury are both sextile Pluto right now, which can see a desire to focus and overcome distractions or difficulties in concentration, and inability to follow through on things. So this evening can be unusually productive, busy, or motivated for a Saturday. For some this can see a lot of socializing, for others, there can be a goal they feel galvanized around. Projects, endeavors, or hang out sessions can carry on into the wee hours. Mercury enters Aries at 9:24 PM PST, seeing the planet of talk and cognition break away from the demotivational blob mob that’s been like gum and mud under Mars’ shoes. Communications and short distance travels can finally start to feel less hampered and unreliable. 


The Moon enters restful and dreamy Pisces at 8:12 AM PST, where it forms a sextile to Venus and Juno in easy going Taurus and a conjunction to Saturn. Things can feel quietly pleasing and stable. Certain relationships can have a joy and simplicity to them that may not be showy or dramatic but are quietly supportive and surprisingly stable and enduring. It’s possible that a lot isn’t even happening on the surface right now, but mostly internally. For some, there can be enduring feelings or attractions that bubble up and make themselves known in a quiet way, or subtle assurances between established social connections or relationships can bring a sense of security and comfort. Whatever the case, there can be a sense that things are slowly but surely being put on a calmer and more stable footing. Pleasure can be found in little things today, and we can also take pleasure in creating more stability and security for ourselves and those around us. Evening see’s a focus on planning and strategizing for the week ahead. 


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