Today begins with the Moon in late Gemini. The early part of the day can see a lot of distractions, or there can be difficulty concentrating in the early part of the day, with the Moon square Neptune and trine Saturn, there’s a need to multi task or take extra effort to concentrate. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 10:54 AM PST, where it conjuncts Venus and squares Jupiter. This can see a comfort seeking, indulgent energy focused on self nurturing. There may have been some good news or something that increases optimism. This can see the remaining part of the day focused on nurturing, nesting, and things that bring comfort. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus suggests something unexpected or surprising, perhaps preparing for exciting changes at a foundational level of life. This is another pinnacle week, as we have the New Moon in Leo, while the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction grows in intensity and perfects on the 31st. This can represent a sort of “gold rush” or cashing in your chips on a certain opportunity. If you are wise in your risk taking, these configurations can represent a gold mine. Whatever is unfolding is intended as part of your destiny. 


The Moon in Cancer conjuncts Venus, sextile’s Mars, and squares Jupiter and Chiron, and goes on to sextile Uranus as well. This can see a lot of motivation to prepare ground. There can be changes ringing in that have a fated or inevitable quality to them. There can be positive interactions amidst all this that can feel oddly familiar, kind, sensitive, and receptive. On the whole, this day can be focused on creating a feel good atmosphere, and generating more connectivity with others we feel a close bond with. The lunar square to Chiron can see a lot of sensitivity under the surface, and this can even highlight psychic bonds, with a strong desire to overcome misunderstandings or differences or bring what is felt or perceived under the surface more into conscious awareness to be explored and illuminated. There can be something strange or exciting, “new”, experimental, unprecedented or next level about things that are unfolding now that is simultaneously oddly comforting. A certain unspoken solidarity is present. That being said, it's also important not to jump to conclusions right now, particularly with limited information. Mercury squaring Mars and Uranus can see people tempted to leap to conclusions based on assumptions or simply out of impatience. 


The Moon in Cancer trine’s Neptune and opposes Pluto, and this can see a reflective day with much to take in. The lunar opposition to Pluto highlights strong desires and emotions and a need to embrace what is authentically felt. The lunar trine to Neptune can see the psychic and intuitive capacities highly stimulated, and as the Moon goes on to conjunct the Sun, there can be a growing excitement as any internal resistance to our own authentic processes, feelings, desires, and nature is released and replaced with genuine enthusiasm. The day is mostly reflective and emotionally absorbent. Venus forms a sextile to Mars which generates passion and a sense of inner and outer congruency. There can be a sense that an exciting new chapter is around the corner with new potentials to unearth, creatively, romantically, interpersonally, financially, and even spiritually. The Moon enters enthusiastic Leo at 11:36 PM PST, and there can be a lot of optimism and magnanimous energy in the air.


The New Moon is exact this morning at 10:55 AM PST at 5 degrees Leo. This face of Leo is associated with the 5 of Wands in the tarot, and it can feel like there’s everything to play for. This New Moon trine’s Jupiter in Aries, which stations retrograde today at 1:37 PM PST, suggesting that opportunities for growth, expansion, abundance, joy, and personal and spiritual enrichment that were previously shelved, overlooked, dismissed, (or simply missed for one reason or another) can be revisited and given their due. Whatever this seed planted is, it’s very close to the heart. It’s going to be different for everybody, but you’ll know exactly what this is. There can be a lot of excitement in the air. Look to the areas of your chart ruled by Aries, Leo, -and also Taurus, to see where these configurations are playing out and what this involves for affirmation that you’re on the right path. With the North Node in Taurus on it’s way to perfecting a historical aspect that is increasing in intensity, whatever this is involves destiny somehow, meaning on a personal level, this has something to do with actualizing the promise of your natal chart. The Moon goes on to sextile the asteroid Pallas, suggesting there’s been, and continues to be, something of a “long game” around this, and with both the Sun and Moon conjunct Ceres and square Hygeia, there is a deeply healing and nurturing component surrounding things. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron, and this can see a pronounced inner smile, as opportunities for healing and growth and strong signals of optimism make themselves apparent.


The Moon in Leo conjuncts Mercury, squares Mars, Uranus, and the Moon’s Nodes, opposes Saturn, and trine’s Chiron. Wow. This is some weird math. It may simply be that there’s too much going on all at once and different life areas or schedules are clashing or reaching a huge crunch point. There may be a lot of communications to manage, and it’s possible this could come off as very “hot/cold”. Or there’s a need to lay down some boundaries in one area to accommodate changes in another area. This could just be a train wreck of schedules, competing interests or responsibilities, and there’s a need to adapt, delay, put something off for another time, or improvise, adapt, and overcome. Communications can be scattered, unreliable, or a lot to manage, and responsibilities can feel pressing, but morale is still high and there can be something pleasant in the future to look forward to that can be immensely motivating, with Venus sextile both Mars and Uranus. The North Node and Uranus perfect at 18 degrees Taurus tomorrow.


The Moon in warm Leo still opposite stern Saturn can see a desire for warm party boy vibes that may have been hampered by duty, responsibility or poor timing. Any potential Eyeore vibes ebb off as the day progresses, and the Moon enters Virgo at 11:11 AM PST-“make a wish”. This sets a practical tone focused on preparation, organization, problem solving, and making improvements. Interpersonally, socially, financially, or creatively, it’s possible that things are getting into a flow state. These can be humble happenings, but can still be generating a lot of inner excitement. Tomorrow see’s the perfection of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node.


Today see’s the Moon in down to earth Virgo trine Mars, Uranus and the North Node as they all perfect their conjunction at 18 degrees. The Moon also sextile’s Venus in Cancer and opposes Juno and Neptune as well. These are some beautiful and humble configurations. This can see some activities around the home, or a desire to make improvements or enjoy small get togethers or gatherings, or things that make the everyday routine feel more pleasant. There can be some pleasant surprises, or spontaneous get togethers, out in nature or within the home. There can be a humble but otherworldly quality to the day, and we can be drawn to unusual people, or to doing something outside of our normal routine. Whatever this is, there can be something healing, refreshing and comforting about it. If nothing is happening today, then this lunation suggests a preparation for it, an internal alignment with something.


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