Over the weekend, we had Mars in the final degrees of Aries, seeing some things come to a head around pinpointing our desires. The week kicks off with the Moon in Virgo, squaring Venus in Gemini, trine Uranus and opposite Neptune. This can see a lot of multitasking, with some pleasant distractions in between duties and things that need to get done. There can be some changes ringing in, and routines can be altered for one reason or another, perhaps to accommodate social occasions. There can be communications or short distance travels to keep up with. The Virgo Moon is detail oriented and focused on work or getting things done, but there can be a lot of daydreaming, creative reverie, or other distractions going on that make routines a little more pleasant. This evening see’s some shifts, the first one being the asteroid Pallas, moving into communicative Gemini at 8:16 PM PST, which emphasizes strategizing and planning around communications. Next, Mars enters Taurus at 11:04 PM PST, where Mars settles into whatever desires it set in it’s sights while in impassioned Aries, and focuses on slow and steady gains. Mercury, the planet of communications, heads into sensitive Cancer at 11:25 PM PST, which encourages more softness and vulnerability in communications, and makes it easier to connect from the heart, break the ice, or go beyond surface level in communications. So late tonight see’s some significant shifts settling in. 


The Moon in Virgo conjunct the Part Of Fortune this morning while squaring Mercury, trine Pluto, and opposite Neptune can see some communications call our attention and there can be some fortunate occurrences. This can see some powerful exchanges, and we can be drawn to unusual people, situations or subjects. These maths can be disarming and can see walls melting between others. The Moon later goes on to oppose Jupiter, and this can see floodgates open in certain ways where details are shared or uncovered or we learn more about the inner workings or nitty gritty details going on behind something or someone. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 3:25 PM PST, seeing a focus on harmonizing with others or forming consensus around collaborations or getting on the same page as others. This can see some expansive trends unfolding in regards to social or interpersonal connections. With Mars and Mercury both settling into their new placements, today can reflect these energetic shifts and change of emphasis, and we too can be acclimatizing to the energetic shifts. There can be an air of optimism around personal, social, creative or business connections, relationships or endeavors. 


The Moon in Libra squares the Sun in Cancer, trines Venus in Gemini, opposes Jupiter and Chiron. There can be pleasant things unfolding that can bring enthusiasm, there is also an air of vulnerability as emotions can be closer to the surface where perhaps they were more deeply submerged. There can be an emphasis here on getting more comfortable or cozy within certain exchanges or interactions, and with Jupiter in Aries, there can be something new about this, whether it’s letting new people into the fold, or relating to people in new ways, or getting more familiar and settled in to new dynamic situations. Mercury semisquare Uranus can see us venturing outside our comfort zone somehow when it comes to vulnerability, sharing, or letting our guard down in communications. This can see people relating in new ways or having illuminating conversations where we reveal more of our inner selves, but in lighthearted, playful ways that are comfortable, not claustrophobic or suffocating. The Moon trine Venus and opposite Jupiter can see a focus on pleasure, enjoyment, and opening up communications more freely, in the very least , there can be enthusiasm around new connections or agreements being reached around familiar ones. There can be a lot going on as well, but talks or communications can be abundant and flowering. There can be something a bit vulnerable about this, or there is a lot of sensitivity and empathy present as new understandings or insights are formed around social or interpersonal connections.


The Moon in Libra is still trine Venus, but also trine Saturn and square Pluto. This can see new bridges being formed socially or interpersonally, and some powerful transformations can be underway or there are some intense or compelling undercurrents or pulls around this. The Moon goes on to oppose Mars, which can see a lot of passion and drive, perhaps some conflicts of will or interest to manage. Perhaps it’s just enthusiasm or excitement, but there may be a need to let off steam through being physically active or engaged in some other kind of energetically engaging pursuit. Certain things can be getting more solid between ourselves and others or new agreements are being reached or a consensus is being formed. There can be something spicy feeling or exciting about this, or there can be a subtle competitive feeling or tensions around areas where our will and those of others may be at odds, but there is a resolve and determination that refuses to give up on something we feel compelled to do, or interactions we feel compelled to engage in. Something is finding it’s feet here and growing roots, whether others agree with it or support it or not. The Moon enters uncompromising, do or die Scorpio at 10:15 PM PST, seeing a strong will around things we feel deeply about. 


The Moon trine’s Mercury in Cancer while opposing Mars, and this can see conversations that really get to the heart of the matter and cut to the chase. These configurations are no longer content with surface level interactions, and there can be some intense exchanges or instinctual pulls under the surface driving things. These maths can be compelling, and there can be tensions under the surface and a desire to crack the ice around it. With the Moon in deep diving Scorpio opposite Mars in Taurus, desires can be strong, and perhaps deeply buried, but the Moon trine Cancer gently compels things to the surface. There is a lot of sensitivity and empathy here, and emotional connections or bonds can be forming. The Moon quincunx Jupiter can see an unusual degree of openness or candidness. The Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, suggesting surprising insights, shocks, changes or revelations, perhaps some big reveals, or revealing conversations. There can be something liberating or freeing about letting things out, or being more open. It can feel like a cathartic emotional release.


The Moon in Scorpio is trine the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, while squaring Saturn, opposite Uranus, and sextile Pluto. This can see some powerful undercurrents and changes going on under the surface. We can be going with the flow of the current, and the lunar square to Saturn shows a need for resilience and tenacity. Perhaps this has to do with overcoming inhibitions, outdated rules, boundaries or restrictions that we may have become all to accustomed to being there. In other cases, this can represent a boundary, perhaps even a fierce protection of whatever compels us, lest intruders try to interfere, rain on our parade, or get in the way. In either case, there can be some changes unfolding that can feel cathartic, natural, compelling, and medicinal to the soul. A lunar sextile to Pluto and trine to Neptune dissolves barriers and encourages deep contact, or in the very least can see things impact us at profound levels as we can be more sensitive to subtle cues or nuance in the environment. There can also be much to reflect on, and in certain cases, the day can be focused inward on private reflections and deep inner changes going on under the surface that impact certain dynamics. There can be something positive unfolding to look forward to.


The Moon enters adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius at 1:34 AM, where it forms a trine to Jupiter. This can see an emotionally freeing atmosphere, with an air of expansiveness, enthusiasm and excitement. There is a lot of generosity in today’s configurations as well, and with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer, sextile Uranus and trine Neptune, things unfolding can touch us deeply or be emotionally enriching to the the soul, and there can be surprising changes or revelations that accompany this. It’s emotionally very freeing. These maths can see people getting more comfortable with certain feelings that they may have previously been at odds with or fought to suppress. It can feel healing and liberating to reach a more authentic and comfortable relationship to whatever this is, and there can be a candidness and honesty here that boosts morale and encourages others to also free themselves in this way in turn. The Moon trines Chiron as well, seeing emotional courage and a lot of empathy. Entering new territory emotionally or otherwise can feel exciting and even therapeutic, and the Moon/Jupiter contact suggests a bogus learning journey and an enthusiasm around all things that expand the consciousness and mental, emotional and spiritual horizons. Certain bridges can be becoming more solid over the coming days, while in some ways, others are naturally dissolving. 


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