We begin the week with the Moon entering independent, impulsive and pioneering Aries, to conjunct Chiron and Jupiter. Mercury will head into enthusiastic Leo tomorrow, seeing a sense of optimism and staunch self belief growing, which can be great if you’ve experienced any discouragement. The tail end of the weekend saw the Venus ingress into Cancer, seeing both the fated degree of Gemini and the zenith degree of Cancer. This may have seen some subtle internal shifts that brought more clarity around certain things, not least, emotionally, interpersonally, socially and financially, and in regards to security or home and family issues. This see’s the week kick off with a sense of having priorities recalibrated, and it’s possible that self interest is at the top of the list. Careful that you have all the facts before making judgements or irreversible decisions. This may see desires or priorities at odds with certain others in some ways, but with Mercury in trine to Neptune and opposite Pluto at the moment, there’s a need to follow authentic desires and let the chips fall where they may, but it’s important to be thorough in making assessments. With Mars conjunct Uranus and the North Node, arguably one of the most important stand out transits of 2022, independence, self reliance, innovation, and a strong sense of purpose will become increasingly important. This transit is exact on July 31, and there is much that can be said of it both individually and collectively, but for the sake of brevity and simplicity, the Taurus/Scorpio axis is one of energetic exchange, desire and satiation, production and consumption, Kama and Karma. Collectively, this is a sort of “resetting” of reward circuitry. The more you can refine and simplify the reward circuitry of the desire nature and decrease the complexities of your enmeshments and dependencies on others, the easier this transit will be. The irony of this transit is that a new kind of liberation can be found in living simply so that others may simply live. This transit can also see breakthroughs around all Venus ruled/Taurean things, including money, relationships, values, food, farming, etc etc..These areas will be subject to much change and revision under this transit.


Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and commerce, enters creative Leo today, while the Moon is conjunct Jupiter and Chiron. Chiron also stations retrograde today, seeing a 5 month cycle of reevaluation around weaknesses, wounds, and vulnerabilities, and how we handle these things, and how we might handle them differently. Mercury in this decan of Leo is ruled by the 5 of wands in the tarot, a card of competition, strife, jealousy, contrast, or petty conflict. This is a spicy card that can lend great motivation in it’s most positive expression. Mercury in this sign is a great actor, and can put on quite a show. It can be very good at fronting and concealing what is really felt, or disguising true intentions or vulnerabilities. It’s also great at creating distracting spectacles so that the real business can be gone about unseen and without interference. If there has been any defeats, let downs or disappointments, Mercury in this face will proudly carry on. Mercury makes contact with Jupiter tomorrow, so there may actually be some good news. This can represent a turnaround in a deflating situation, or conversely, a victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, or simply, a defeat turns to ones advantage. The Moon in Aries forms a sextile to Saturn, which brings a sense of stability, and a focus on self reliance and holding ground. A lunar square to Pluto can see intense undercurrents behind things, perhaps some subtle power struggles or other issues that require transmutation, sweeping under the rug, or simply releasing and letting go. Tomorrow the Moon enters grounded and sensual Taurus, where drive will increase, and there may be some unexpected positive developments. 


This morning can see some intense undercurrents with the Moon in square to Pluto and the Sun, there can be some inner conflicts to navigate and a need to go your own way. The Moon enters Taurus at 11:23 AM PST, seeing a lunar sextile to Venus and a conjunction to Mars, which can boost motivation significantly. Mercury also forms a trine to Jupiter so there can be an increase in optimism or enthusiasm, unexpected good news, or in the very least, an increase in courage, or perhaps some spicy, competitive feelings emerge that function as motivation, creative inspiration, and encouragement. There can be a lot of optimism here, and with Venus square Jupiter, it actually might be wise to avoid being overly optimistic, but these aspects still look good for mutually beneficial arrangements or lucrative creative projects or pursuits. The Moon/Mars conjunction combined with the lunar Venus sextile can see a motivation around pleasure pursuits or a pleasant drive to get things done or make things happen. 


Today can see some surprising developments, as the Taurus lunation emphasizes the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction. In a certain sense, this can be somewhat liberating. People may not act as you expect under these earthy, lusty, but excitable aspects, we may even surprise ourselves. Mercury trine Jupiter is broadminded and has courage and enthusiasm to spare. This can see more bravery in the communication department, and a focus on the bigger picture. This can also see a lot of creativity, and it can be easy to find things to be inspired and encouraged about, and look at the positive side of things. A Mercury sesquisquare to Juno can see some glitches or misunderstandings in communications, or maybe efforts to communicate may not be received the way we might intend. There can be a desire to connect here, but for one reason or another, it may require persistence or overcoming certain tensions or misunderstandings. The Moon goes on to square Saturn, seeing a feeling of inhibition or a blockage of some kind that can slightly dampen confidence. Maybe someone is unreceptive, or feels slighted, shy, or uncertain. No matter what, Mercury trine Jupiter is able to maintain a high morale and bravely carry on. The Sun will enter creative and courageous Leo tomorrow afternoon PST, to conjoin Mercury, which highlights courage and communications even more so. 


The Moon in Taurus squares Saturn, trines Pluto, sextile Neptune and Juno, while conjunct Uranus. There may be some blockages or inhibitions in communications that need to be overcome that require empathy, understanding, or sensitivity. There may have been something or someone unexpected that caught us off guard. Perhaps we didn’t see it coming. This may simply be an issue of needing to adapt to unexpected shifts in dynamics or rhythms, as someone or something is acting different than what we’ve become accustomed to, and there can be something a bit vexing about this. The Sun enters playful and magnanimous Leo at 1:07 PM PST, conjoining Mercury, highlighting communications, news, back and forth, and commerce. Happy Birthday Leo! Something or someone can definitely have our attention, and this can be anything from creative projects to social or interpersonal exchanges. Mercury also squares Mars in Taurus today, and as this aspect strengthens over the coming days and weeks, this can see something drive us to distraction, or cause the floodgates of communication to open into overdrive. With the Moon square Saturn today, there’s a need for patience and resilience. Don’t let little things get you down or chip away at your confidence. Try not to take what others say and do or don’t say and do personally. The lunar trine to Pluto and sextile to Neptune can see right into the heart of things. Have patience and think in terms of the long game. Tomorrow can see another opportunity for positive exchanges and good news. The Moon enters communicative Gemini at 10:51 PM PST tonight.


The Gemini Moon forms a sextile to Mercury and Jupiter, so if there’s been any blockages, inhibitions, or disappointments in regards to communications or being understood, today can see some shifts and some positive news that can significantly boost morale or in the very least, keep us very busy. There can be a lot of back and forth to keep up with, and news coming in can expand our view or understanding of a situation, or even present new opportunities. There can be some inspiring or motivating trends, and people can be warm, encouraging and generous. This can see a friendly atmosphere with a lot of talking, banter and back and forth, and perhaps a lot going on in the neighborhood or local environment. Discussions can cover a lot of ground and flow through a wide variety of topics, and be entertaining, fun, creative and informative. 


The Moon in Gemini forms a trine to Saturn and squares Neptune. Juno, the relationship asteroid also stations retrograde late this evening, seeing a reflective period around relationships. With the Moon in Gemini forming a trine to stable Saturn, this can see certain bridges stabilizing, while others dissolve and release. There can be a lot of sensitivity with the Moon square Neptune, and perhaps also some confusion. It can be hard to express certain feelings, and moods can swing this way and that throughout the day, but it’s a good day to find a creative or spiritual outlet. The Moon trine Saturn see’s a stable rock to lean on, whether this be entirely self generated, or in the form of bridges being constructed with other likeminded souls. Having a strong sense of purpose helps foster emotional resilience in the face of any sort of transitory feelings or social or interpersonal ups and downs. The Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter is a passionate energy that is highly creative, so this is an excellent energy to take advantage of if you’re an artist, musician, or creator of any kind. 


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