After a powerful week full of intense conjunctions, we begin this week with the Moon in earthy Taurus, conjunct Uranus, square Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius, and sextile the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces. This, along with Venus and Mars now in Aquarius, can see some shifts in feelings, perspectives, and priorities. The Moon squaring Saturn and Mercury may see some blockages and challenges at the heart of this need for change. There can be a lot of empathy and understanding in the atmosphere with the Moon making contacts to the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces. There can be emotional generosity and sympathy, even amidst communication blockages or barriers. The Moon goes on to sextile Neptune later on suggesting a reflective atmosphere, blockages in communications can leave a lot to the imagination and create space to dream. This energy suggests releasing that which we have no control over.  The Moon goes on to trine Pluto in the evening, and this can see the imagination heavily preoccupied with filling in the gaps, or coming up with new ideas or outlets socially or otherwise. The lunar square to Mercury can see a certain restless, peculiar undercurrent to the day which is like a plug seeking a socket while the person holding it is blindfolded. Tomorrow can see some pleasant exchanges socially, interpersonally or creatively that can be quite unexpected. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter curious and multitasking Gemini at 10:40 AM PST, to trine Venus and Mars in Aquarius while still holding a trine to Pluto. It’s possible certain connections or endeavors either socially, interpersonally, or in business have been somewhat unreliable or haven’t necessarily come through as we hoped, or there is a need to see some kind of progress that can't happen under the same old structures, patterns, or dynamics. These maths suggest diversification, liberation, and innovation. Mercury will enter Pisces tomorrow, changing the game even more, and placing more emphasis on release, reflection, and letting go. Tis the season. The lunar trines to Venus, Mars and Pluto today can see some intense feelings under the surface, and the lunar square to Mercury in the last degrees of Aquarius can see restlessness or impulsiveness mentally, interpersonally or socially, or in regards to communications or negotiations reaching a peak under this square, but things will calm down quite a bit soon enough. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater as the saying goes, but equally, it’s also important to honor the feelings if you’re feeling unfulfilled, blocked, or dissatisfied. The dualistic nature of the Gemini lunation combined with Venus and Mars in erratic Aquarius can see us seeking new outlets, new social connections, or new frontiers that can help allay feelings of disappointment or stagnation in certain connections or endeavors. Let some fresh air and fresh inspiration in. 


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini square the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces while trine Saturn and sextile Chiron. Someone or something can be our rock amidst some rather confusing energy. We may just be our own rock. The lunar squares to the Sun/Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces can see the imagination running all over the place, and this can see a highly sensitive atmosphere. There’s definitely a need for inner resilience here, as many things can feel unclear. There is also a lunar trine to Juno which suggests supportive relationships are present that can assist in navigating confusing energies. With the squares to the Pisces planets this can see people vacillating between hope and despair, but the lunar trine to Saturn suggests that realism is the key to not getting thrown off course or set about chasing after rainbows. Speaking of which, Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication enters Pisces today at 5:32 PM PST. Embracing more imagination, whimsy and creativity, and cultivating the intuitive, reflective and spiritual capacities are key aspects of this Mercury transit. Not everything has to make sense (or cents) all the time. There may also be certain dreams, fantasies or illusions that we may be releasing and letting go of under these transits, and there can be a space, void, or hole that is left over to fill with new dreams and visions, and things that help keep a sense of hope and faith alive. For some, these configurations can be accompanied by a slight sense of disillusionment, disappointment, sadness, demoralization, or a feeling that you are all alone. Hang in there and know that you matter, you are loved, you are very significant. If you need a sign to stick around here on the earth plane and to keep going, and not give in to despair, escapism or self destructive tendencies, this is it. Don’t give any potential haters (or your own internal critic) the satisfaction of a downward spiral or giving up on all of your dreams.


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini square the Sun and Neptune, while trine Mercury and Saturn. These maths are somewhat odd, as there is a particular somberness here that brings a sense of realism or the notion that balance is required between whimsy, fantasy, -and the reality of a particular situation, which in some ways, is less than ideal, or in the very least, bittersweet. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves completely of things that make life worth living, but equally, we shouldn’t live in a fantasy land where we tell ourselves there’s no consequences/results (karma) to our actions or the goals we have require zero applied effort, energetic alignment, or discipline. It’s ok to treat ourselves to some rest, an indulgence, or even a bit of fantasy or wishful thinking. We can color outside the lines a bit to become comfortable with shifting dynamics or circumstances as long as it doesn’t lead to self sabotage. Today is about finding a balance between fact and fantasy, and perhaps finding a comfort zone between the two. Speaking of comfort, the Moon enters sensitive and comfort seeking Cancer at 11:24 PM PST, and this can see heightened emotional sensitivity over the coming days.


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer trine Mercury in Pisces while square Chiron in Aries, and this can see the emotional floodgates open in communications, that is, if we have the courage to be vulnerable. The lunar square to Chiron can definitely see feelings of vulnerability, sensitivity, or a wound activated in some way, but with Mercury in Pisces there is compassion and sensitivity. Today can see some healing conversations, perhaps a good day to process certain emotions or discuss things that have been swept under the rug. The Moon goes on to trine Jupiter and sextile Uranus as well, so there can be a lot of changes going on, and there can be just the right amount of empathy, emotional generosity, and with Uranus involved harmoniously, insight and objectivity. There can also be some intuitive downloads or esp experiences. We can find new ways to deal with old wounds, and can also be receiving insight and awareness into things that eluded us before. This can also see some surprising communications, but with the square to Chiron from the Moon, we can be feeling a bit tender around the edges for some reason. There can be some big changes going on and it can all be a lot to take in. Go easy on yourself and allow yourself time to digest things properly. Today there is a focus on catharsis, release, and emotional healing. 


Today see’s the Moon in comfort oriented Cancer trine the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, and this emphasizes emotional release. For some reason there can be something bittersweet about this. There can be longing and a feeling that something is beyond our grasp or just out of reach, but equally, there can be optimism and faith and a great potential to see the beauty in the universe. A lunar opposition to Pluto later on can see some undercurrents of intensity as major transformations are going on that can bring about feelings of vulnerability. Emotions can be deeply felt, but there can also be a focus on power dynamics as well. Major changes can be going on internally and/or externally, and with Pluto involved there can be a feeling of “no turning back”. This can be slightly intimidating in certain regards, and interpersonal involvements and/or social dynamics can see their fair share of shifts under these configurations. 


Today see’s the Moon enter Leo, ushering in some dynamic changes and a phase of experimentation and “fuck around and find out” in regards to interpersonal, social, creative and/or financial dynamics and endeavors. With the Pisces emphasis there is simultaneously a lot being released here. This perhaps isn’t all easy peasy, and might even see some complex undercurrents. With the Moon opposing Mars, Venus and Pluto, interpersonal, social, or business power dynamics are highlighted, and it’s possible that certain sacrifices are being made in order to seal certain deals. The Leo lunation can see passion and enthusiasm, and even creativity. Venus also squares up to Uranus, heralding a cycle of interpersonal, social, creative, or financial experimentation. Under this aspect, it might be challenging to tow the line in certain arrangements, and people can be prone to feeling restless, stifled and hemmed in if they feel their independence, individuality and authenticity is being overly hampered or choked to death by the compromises required to maintain harmony in certain arrangements, partnerships, or agreements. People can also be unpredictable and require more freedom to experiment and get in touch with their true will. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron this evening, suggesting something can subtly boost morale or increase confidence. Next week see’s a need to adapt to changes and new routines, methods, environments, atmospheres or arrangements. A strange and experimental time, interpersonally, socially and otherwise. 


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