We begin this week with the Moon in erratic, rebellious, and cerebral Aquarius conjunct Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Juno, and this can see an unpredictable atmosphere interpersonally with a lot of changes being integrated and processed. Mercury is fresh into Aries as of yesterday, and this see’s a period where communications can be more blunt and straightforward, and people can come out of the woodworks to say things that they’ve been thinking. In some cases this can see certain revelations or statements that seem to come out of nowhere, but have actually been simmering a long time.  Mercury conjoins Chiron and this can see communications take on a healing undertone, but can also see people feeling rather exposed or vulnerable. The Moon, Venus and Mars are all conjunct Saturn today and this can see enthusiasm mixed with caution and reserve about new developments, and certain things will have to be given time to form an accurate picture or assessment. Taking a cautious or energetically conservative approach to certain things and keeping them simple is a good rule of thumb under these configurations. Many things can feel changeable or up in the air, and certain situations or dynamics that have been deemed unfeasible or unrealistic have been in the process of being abandoned, weeded out, or simply improved upon and adjusted. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces at 9:32 PM PST, giving much to reflect upon and digest, seeing this evening wind down on an introspective and sensitive note. 


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus, giving the imagination breadth and depth of vision, and yielding some surprising insights. With the Sun in Aries conjunct Mercury in Chiron, it’s possible that dialogue or channels of communication have been opened up that gives people much to think about. There can be a healing, almost cathartic nature to this, but it’s also highly sensitive and vulnerable in nature. This can see people experimenting with letting down their guard in certain ways or within particular dynamics, in an effort to expand their world or their emotional bandwidth. There can be an experimental vibe to all of this, and the lunar sextile to Uranus can be emotionally insightful, surprising, but also keen to preserve a certain amount of independence. There can be a desire to escape a lot of pressure, overstimulation, or dust being kicked up by impulsive communications. A lunar semi square to Pluto can see feelings heightened, but it can be difficult to express certain things, and people can take things to heart more than is apparent or realized. Much can be going on under the surface. The Moon goes on to conjoin Neptune later on this evening, seeing the psychic atmosphere rife with downloads and highly attuned to nuance, subtlety, and what is left unspoken as this aspect strengthens into tomorrow.


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, seeing an atmosphere rife with psychic impressions. These are sensitive and imaginative configurations, and the Sun and Mercury in blunt and assertive Aries can see a lot to take in and reflect upon. Some folks may underestimate the sensitivity of those around them. Conversely, this can see a lot of empathy within certain dynamics, and even some serendipity, synchronicity and psychic experiences. This can see people opening up more to those around them in new ways, or open to trying new things and gaining new perspectives. But with the Sun and Mercury both linked up to Chiron, the atmosphere can be sensitive. Take care to heed your intuition if something feels a little off or if things are veering into territory you’re not entirely comfortable with, as boundaries can be a bit more porous than usual, but this can be helpful for sharing things that are otherwise difficult to talk about, or simply processing certain things in private reflection. All in all, a dreamy, imaginative and reflective day with a lot to absorb vibrationally speaking. There can be a lot of compassion and empathy in the air. 


The Moon enters pioneering Aries in the wee hours around 2:30 AM PST, to conjunct the Sun, Mercury and Chiron, setting the stage for a communicative and perhaps highly active day centered around new initiatives. A lunar conjunction to Saturn can see some inhibitions, perhaps creating some strained communications or social dynamics. Maybe there are some sensitive topics of discussions afoot where people feel vulnerable or a bit guarded about what they will share and with whom. There can be some misgivings, suspicion, or mistrust under the surface to either overcome (or in some cases, heed). These configurations are highly subjective in nature, and there is a strong focus on autonomy and individuality, and working with these themes in relation to our interdependence on others. Perhaps finding the right folks who we feel comfortable being ourselves around is a theme here somehow. Who accepts us for who we are? Who encourages us? Who makes us feel like we are safe to share ourselves and be vulnerable? Who makes us feel that we belong? The New Moon in Aries is exact at 11:24 PM PST, and there’s a strong emphasis on communications. This can be a busy time with a lot going on in the local environment, or a lot of communications to keep up with and things to adapt to interpersonally, financially, and socially. A new seed is being planted in the area of your whole house natal chart ruled by Aries, so there is a new era being prepared for here. Take care to ground your energy and give yourself adequate rest, as New Moon’s can sometimes be a bit energetically overwhelming on the nervous system. There can be a lot of enthusiasm here though, and even though there is a bit of vulnerability accompanying these configurations, it’s also an opportunity to let in some fresh energy and start new chapters. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, the Sun, Mercury and sextile Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. The early part of the day can be busy and communicative, perhaps impulsively but pleasantly so. There can be a lot of enthusiasm in the air, but also equally, a serious and intentional tone with the lunar sextile to Saturn. Maintaining the stability we have while also establishing positive social or interpersonal connections that support our future goals and our sense of self can be a theme. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus as well, adding more emphasis to relationships, social, business and personal. A lunar square to Pluto can see some undercurrents of intensity, perhaps some power dynamics are at play under the surface, or there are intense pulls driving people to make some serious changes in their social lives, love lives, values, or finances. These configurations can see some interesting alliances forming, or new and innovative approaches being taken in regards to goals, passions, desires, friendships, creativity and finances. The social sphere, goals, and the future, are highlighted with the emphasis on Aquarius. Certain agreements can be solidified, or in the very least, there is something that can be trying to find it’s feet. 


The Moon enters pragmatic and earthy Taurus at 9:50 AM PST this morning, where it will go on to conjoin Uranus. This can see a shift towards the practical changes and adjustments that need to be made in order to accommodate the changes we’d like to see happen. A minor lunar aspect to Jupiter can see a feeling of positive expansion and something to feel optimistic about. The lunar conjunction to Uranus can see a desire to break away from constrictive influences and go our own way in some regard, or to usher in some changes that will keep inspiration and creativity alive and keep things interesting and evolving. With Venus and Mars both conjunct Saturn, it’s possible that there’s been a sort of quest to make the right connections, or establish some kind of bridge between ourselves and others without abandoning our goals or trajectory, and this has possibly been an area of experimentation, fucking around, finding out, and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Saturn can make people choosy, shy, calculated, cautious and a bit reserved, even a bit suspicious, and isn’t keen on wasting time. There may be differences to navigate around group dynamics or priorities, and the lunar link to Uranus can make it hard not to be impulsive. When in doubt, slow things down and simplify to stay focused on your original intentions. 


Today’s lunar conjunction to Uranus is revved up by the Moon squaring Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. There can be equal and opposite drives to lunge forward and pair things down to a more slow, steady and simple approach. This can see competing interests or priorities or even an internal conflict or two to wrestle with. It bares repeating the words “when in doubt, slow down.” For some, there can be some frustrations or just restlessness or erratic energy that can subtly compromise stability. For some, this can see some interpersonal tensions to navigate, and maybe there’s a need to assert boundaries or exercise some level of restraint in a certain situation. Maybe there’s a challenge or blockage to contend with, or just very different opinions on how something should be done. Equally, there could be a lot of work to do or something to prepare for, so if you have pent up energy, focus it in on getting practical things done. Tomorrow can see some interesting shifts that can see some things to feel excited about. Even if there’s optimism and enthusiasm, perhaps it’s all a bit much going on at once. 


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