Today see’s the Full Moon in Cancer culminate at 3:48 PM PST. The day begins with the Moon opposite the Sun and Pluto while trine Neptune. This can see a reflective mood, while there are also some big transformations going on. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus can see some structural changes, and this can see a period of reevaluation of our approach to certain dynamics or endeavors, and a chance to tie up loose ends around certain dangling issues. The Full Moon in Cancer brings up issues of power dynamics in the lives of many people. There can be forces at work which not everyone is in agreement with. The Moon trine Neptune can see people slip through the cracks past powerful or manipulative personalities or protocols, but it can also see people feeling vulnerable, susceptible, or helpless in the face of bureaucracy. Venus retrograde tightens it’s trine to rebellious and independent Uranus, encouraging a self reliant or experimental attitude that can see people improvise around blockades, or challenge them outright, -diplomatically of course, but also cleverly, as Uranus adds the touch of genius to whatever it touches. This can see an air of independence and oddity within personal dynamics as well, and people may need more space to explore or revise their values, tastes, and desires, or they may be attracted to unusual and eccentric personalities or pastimes that are outside their usual terrain. Mercury backtracks through Aquarius, and is gathering new insights in order to confront powerful pulls with more certainty, or for some, confront off the chain, out of balance power dynamics that have gone on for too long. All will require innovative and informed approaches to navigate, and Mercury in Aquarius observes, gathers information, and will eventually weigh souls against feathers and cut to the chase when it reaches Capricorn to conjoin Pluto once again. This Full Moon emphasizes a closing out of old familiar cycles and old patterns that were unpleasant or painful, in order to make way for new, fresh ones, to go forward more courageously and with more certainty. The Moon enters brave and showy Leo at 8:03 PM PST, to trine Chiron, and there can be something new, unusual, experimental, or unexpected that boosts optimism and morale going forward, but this may take some time, discipline or applied effort to fully integrate or align with.


Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo opposite Mercury, Saturn, square Uranus, and there’s an intentionality here to shake things up, try something new, learn new things, enter new dialogue, or set a new precedent. Uranus stations direct today as well, and the North Node shifts officially into Taurus. This can see some shifts of priority, and some desire to make forward motion in a project, endeavor, or relationship dynamic, but it can also see some unexpected curve balls that come up that require quick thinking, improvisation, making some changes, or seeking resolution. Certain things won’t be resolved overnight, and can take time, (or negotiation) but there's an impetus to really turn over a new leaf, flip some tables, and shake free of internal or external influences that are restrictive or holding us back. Morale and optimism is high, but there can still be some self doubts or a feeling that there is a pressure to perform (or conform?), with the lunar opposition to Mercury and Saturn, and a tense minor aspect to Mars. There can be a subtle impatience or frustration to get something going or to work through glitches or challenges, and in some ways, we can feel on our own navigating things that we need to develop an understanding of or solution for very quickly, or in the very least…eventually. These aspects suggest a tight learning curve, data gathering, insights gleaned, or a lot of changes that require quick adaptation. A rebellious sentiment can be growing as well, or in the very least, a desire for change. There can be some frustration with impediments, but slow and steady wins the race. With Mercury retrograde, loose ends may also need to be tied up, lingering problems or unexpected hiccups need to be resolved, or a particular dialogue or train of thought needs to be revisited or revised entirely. The Sun reaches 29 degrees of Capricorn this evening, emphasizing the Sun/Pluto conjunction, and this can see some significant shifts in power dynamics or changes taking place. Power, authority, our relationship to it and strategy of navigating it going forward are highlighted here, and as the Sun breaks free from Pluto’s clutches, there can be an increasing sentiment of “fuck this” growing in the atmosphere, even amidst sectors who previously felt comfortable kow towing to Pluto.


The Sun moves into futuristic, humanitarian and rebellious Aquarius at 6:39 PM PST. Happy birthday Aquarius fam! The first half of the day see’s the Sun in the most urgent, final degree of Capricorn. There can be a certain rebelliousness or new, experimental energy in the air, and with the Sun conjunct Mercury, there could be something being brought to a new level or a successful completion. Many people are rethinking their attitudes to power structures, authority, or the structures in their lives generally. Some are doing a complete about face or revision. In the very least, there is an emphasis here on doing things differently than usual and thinking outside the box, (or the Borg.) The Moon in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius and opposite Saturn can see an open challenge to authority, tradition, or rules in some way, or to the way things have always been done. There can be passion and enthusiasm around creative projects and a sense of entering new terrain. News and communications can reflect a growing free thinking sentiment, a desire to try new things. It can be more and more difficult to repress or to paint being open to experimenting with new, dynamic approaches in a negative light. Soon, it will no longer feel taboo or “shameful” to challenge power, tradition, “protocol”, rules, or established ways of doing things. In fact, it could feel stifling, awkward, or even feel downright wrong and nonsensical not to challenge these things. The Moon in Leo trine Mars is brazen, motivated, confident, has a spine, and is eager and enthusiastic for adventure into new terrain and to embrace a calling back into the Solar Plexus/center of personal power. A minor tense lunar aspect to Chiron can see a compassion for the underdog or the vulnerable, and there can also be a desire to challenge our own previous lack of courage or weaknesses, or to stand up for ourselves, go after what we desire, or enter new, exciting territory. MOTIVATION. Late evening see’s an indulgent lunar opposition to Jupiter, so moderation in all things, even good things and whatever we’re passionate about is a good general rule to abide by here, but it's clear there's something to feel optimistic and excited about. The Sun’s annual entrance into Aquarius shifts the collective focus from our relationship to power, structure, institutions, authority, rules, upward climbs, ambition, mastery, and those in high, untouchable towers- to that of the rabble. The collective itself. The Crowd. The Mob. The Underdog. Social causes, social networks, humanitarianism, groups, friendships, happiness goals, group think, cults, iconoclasts, pariahs, the weird and eccentric, the individuation process away from cults, the common thread we all share, collective concerns, and our hopes and visions of the future. Being open to change, experimentation, and doing things differently can bring improvements across the board.


The Moon enters improvement seeking and detail oriented Virgo at 6:02 AM PST, still in weak trine to Mars in late Sagittarius, while also opposing Jupiter and trine both Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Capricorn. This can see us optimistic about kicking some changes into gear, and keen to implement beneficial improvements, whether in our day to day routine, health, fitness, pets, diet, beauty, creative projects, garden, or finances, there can be a huge urge to reign in some positive changes and perhaps streamline or revolutionize our approach to something. It can also feel good to be of service to others somehow. This is an earthy, humble vibe that encourages rationality, common sense, and critical thinking that goes against the grain. Especially when “the grain” is clearly rotten and mold ridden. It’s time for change. With Jupiter in imaginative Pisces, there’s also a lot of idealism, compassion, dreaminess, spirituality, and creativity activated here. It can feel good to unite around a common cause with others to eliminate or expose elements of pure fuckery, power abuse, profiteering, waste, and shade that erodes peoples sense of personal agency over themselves, sows division, and is counterintuitive to efficiency, health and well being. In a more mundane sense, these are simply some humble and pleasant maths that emphasize practical, everyday improvements, working together with others in a cooperative, perhaps unconventional sense, and making things more pleasant, aesthetically or otherwise. Calmly and quietly flipping some fucking tables. Serene. Today can also see some enjoyable, unexpected interpersonal developments.

FRI JAN 21. 

Today continues the Virgo lunation, where the Moon is still trine both Venus and Uranus, and now opposite Neptune in Pisces. There can be a draw to unusual, spiritual or artistic people or pastimes, and a minor tense aspect the Moon makes to the Sun early on and then Mercury later can see it somewhat challenging to communicate how we’re feeling. It can be frustrating to try, but the lunar link to Neptune can almost make it unnecessary anyhow. Perhaps there’s a particular conundrum or puzzle that needs to be solved. This is good math for creative problem solvers, curious creatives, and mystical types.  A lunar trine to Pluto later on can see a powerful pull towards things, people, or pastimes that move us or sooth us deeply, or there can be a particular issue that has us deeply preoccupied. A growing square to Mars in the late evening can see an impulse towards adventure or a desire for a bit of the unusual take hold this weekend, and this can see Saturday hold some interesting conversations, insights, group discussions, or even ideological debates that pack a lot of substance and can have profound impacts on our own or others thinking, or bring diverse people together around a common cause. 


Today begins with the Moon in late Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius, opposite Neptune, and trine Pluto. Moon/Mars square is a somewhat irritating configuration that can perhaps see a particular bone of contention, ideological conflicts of interest. There can be impatience to improve matters or we can feel bogged down in details when we'd rather run off and play, but perhaps duty, planning, preparation, or organization needs to come first. This can be experienced as positive tension or passion as well. With the Moon opposite Neptune, maybe it’s hard to bring frustrations or desires out into the open, but there can be a desire for clarity, order, and to get to the bottom of something here. Curiously, these maths appear to be bringing people together, in spite of there being signs of argument, tension, irritation, contention, frustration, confusion, or even sharp disagreement with something. It’s possible people are stuffing down their feelings or complaints in some regard, because it could be counterintuitive to confront something outright, complain, rush something, or make demands. The Moon heads into diplomatic, partnership oriented Libra at 2:03 PM PST, highlighting lunar trines to the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. This can see a draw towards like minded weirdos and fresh intellectual stimulation. Perhaps it’s a shared vulnerability, quirks, sentiment, curiosity, mystery, or eccentricity that brings otherwise radically different people together around shared values or obsessions. This can see a really cerebral, sort of detached vibe in our interactions, and it can be hard to fully relax and reveal our feelings, (this is very Queen Of Swords), but we can be drawn in towards others we feel a kismet with by some kind of inexplicable pull, perhaps to get more clarity, or to revisit something we feel is an unfinished story between ourselves and others.


Today see’s the Moon in Libra opposite Chiron, square Venus, and trine Saturn. It’s possible someone or something we’re drawn to intimidates us or brings out some kind of feelings of vulnerability. Yet we are nonetheless compelled to finish the story or revisit a communication or project that has perhaps been dropped, shelved, or simply erratic, with the Sun and Mercury still conjunct Pluto. With the Moon in Libra trine Saturn, there’s a coyness or inhibition here, but there’s also a steadiness with the potential to establish a bridge or a dialogue or some sense of stability, perhaps after much uncertainty or delay. There’s a cool reserve here, and this looks largely to do with insecurity and vulnerability. Maybe we feel weak in proportion to what needs to be done. With the Moon in Libra, this is probably a mutual feeling in the case of particular dynamics, so if you’re feeling like a scared little bitch, don’t automatically assume that the other person isn’t just as timid, although such timidity may be expressed in different ways. A particular dynamic or endeavor can become quietly preoccupying over the coming days, and it’s possible that there can be something shifting here to feel optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate about, as new, weird bridges, alliances, and foundations between weirdos are built, that have probably been a long time coming, or have taken ages to properly establish. “The power of weird compels you!”



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