Today see’s the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus and square Mercury, now in Aquarius, and sextile Jupiter in Pisces for the first part of the day. This can see an irreverent, creative, dreamy, perhaps slightly rebellious vibe. There can be subtle shifts in priorities, viewpoints, or goals. Information coming in can allow for new perspectives, and there can be a tendency to day dream, innovate, or visualize.  There can be an erratic energy that makes it a challenge to stick to time tables or schedules, and the Taurus lunation can see a focus on keeping up with practicalities in the midst of a lot of emotional or social shifts. The Moon goes on to square Saturn while still squaring Mercury, and I can’t help but chuckle at this configuration because it looks like a Ban Hammer. In general, there’s a rebelliousness or surprising energy here that can see people pushed to say what they really think, or to live by their convictions, dreams, or humanitarian ideals, even if it means coming up against challenges. Even if what you think or what you have to say is a little outside the box or challenges established “norms”, these configurations make it clear that you’re not alone in your sentiments. There’s also a focus here on goals and the discipline required to make them happen, and the involvement of Uranus can see a sort of scramble to get things done, and there can be a need to innovate around unstable energies. The Sun’s sextile to Neptune while Mars perfects it’s square to Neptune tomorrow can see dreaminess, compassion, creative inspiration and imagination be highly active this week.


Today see’s the Moon in Taurus trine the Sun and Venus in Capricorn, while square Mercury, Saturn, and conjunct Uranus. This can see some friction or electricity, there can be some surprising or unexpected news or communications in the first part of the day particularly.  Something pleasing can occur in regards to relationships, love, money, possessions, or values, or people can be unpredictable. The Moon goes on to sextile Neptune, emphasizing the Mars/Neptune square that perfects today at 20 degrees. It's best not to put undue pressure on yourself under this aspect, and to give yourself permission to dream or get in tune with your motivations. There’s a lot of potential for creative power in this aspect, and we can be drawn to unusual people, ideas or causes, but there’s a need to take care, as it can also be a bit of a loopy aspect. The self interested drive of Mars is tempered by the compassion and spiritual nature of Neptune. Some astrological texts warn of drug or food allergies or intolerances with this aspect, so take care that you fully understand whatever you’re putting into your body. Energy levels can be slightly lower or our motivations can be confused. Going after what we want isn't a clear cut process under this aspect. On a whole, it’s a great aspect for creative inspiration, and something can fuel this now. There’s a sort of magic to these aspects, but the lunar square to Saturn can see a lot of inhibitions as well. In the very least, there can be a determination to pull something together in the name of cherished goals that make us feel inspired, and to release things that make us feel tired or drain our energies. In some cases it's an issue of not knowing what you really want, in other cases, we could know what we want, but how to go about getting it could feel unclear or undermined for the time being. The evening see’s a laid back atmosphere, and something or someone can have our devoted attention, or stir within us a lot of inspiration, with the Moon trine the Sun, Venus and Pluto, while sextile Neptune. This can see us thoroughly enjoying something. There's also the potentially for some undercurrents of intensity to accompany these energies. With Pluto involved, things can feel very "all or nothing", "do or die" for some people. The perfection of Mars squaring Neptune this week however suggests a laid back, indirect, relaxed approach, and to avoid placing too much pressure on ourselves or others. It's a slightly draining or loopy energy that can undermine efforts to take initiative.


Today begins with the Moon in late Taurus, trine the Sun and Pluto, and building a square to Jupiter. This can see the focus on transformations and shifts we could be inspired to make in order to align ourselves more fully with what we’d like to see happen. The majority of the day can see us chipping away at something, and perhaps energetically clearing the decks to welcome in a new era. We do have a Full Moon next week in the sign of Cancer, so it’s possible that much of what we’re doing now involves the wrapping up of a particular cycle, energetically sweeping up so to speak, so that a fresh one can be embraced in earnest. The Moon in the final degrees of Taurus today can see a focus on wrapping up some practical affairs, and making slow and steady progress towards a goal on the horizon that perhaps fills us with hope or inspiration. It may even feel a bit lofty or unclear, and the Mars/Neptune square can sap energy and willpower a bit, but with a realistic and patient approach, beautiful things can unfold with time. The Moon enters curious and inquisitive Gemini at 7:08 PM, shifting the focus towards communications, news, and multitasking. Here, the Moon will trine Mercury, while squaring Jupiter, and this can see us very busy, with a lot of errands or things to do. We can also feel optimistic and inspired, but maybe a bit nervous and high strung around certain arrangements, conversations, or bridges being built to the future. A busy and chatty lunation, with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing.


The Moon in talkative Gemini is trine Mercury, Saturn, square Jupiter, and sextile Chiron today. Something we hear or a conversation we have can boost our morale or have us feeling very inspired and hopeful around bridges being built or new foundations being laid down between ourselves and others, socially, interpersonally, or in regards to business or commercial endeavors. The Moon’s contact to both Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius emphasizes negotiations around getting something more nailed down and established, setting a time or date, getting something in writing, or making a commitment to a particular happiness goal, friendship, group, or cause. A lunar quincunx to Venus tends towards people pleasing, so it’s important not to bend over backwards too much to a point where you wind up resenting something or someone. In genereal,these configurations don’t just want empty promises or to have their hopes uselessly inflated around something, there is an aim here to solidify a bridge or a plan. The Moon goes on to oppose Mars later on, and this can see a need to let off some steam, in the very least least there can be a lot of passion and drive present, but there can also be the potential for some frustration. Maybe there is a whole lot of nervousness around communications for whatever reason. Take a walk (or a run) to calm your nerves if you find this to be the case. 


Today see’s the Moon in curious Gemini opposite Mars and square Neptune, while Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. This can see a nervousness or a shyness that can feel frustrating or result in some squirrelly or avoidant behavior. Minor tense aspect to Mercury suggests communications can be a source of this nervousness, and on the one hand, there can be a need to count to 10 before blurting things out, and on the other, it can feel as if the cats got our tongue. It can feel frustrating to get our point across, and the lunar square to Neptune can see a shy, sensitive nervousness going on that can result in it being difficult to express our true feelings around something. We may need to adjust to the way we view our feelings, or the way that we express ourselves, in order to feel more at ease. Something is being integrated here. It's best not to jump to conclusions during this period of time and to give certain energies some time to settle. Lunar quincunx to Pluto see’s some obsessiveness around something that can make it hard for us to maintain objectivity. A lunar semi square to Uranus contributes even more of this squirrelly vibe of nervousness. At least the lunar contact to Neptune helps make ourselves and others less judgmental. There’s a need here to find our balance.


This morning see’s the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer, dipping us deeper into the feelings. This see’s the Moon trine Jupiter in Pisces, while square Chiron. It’s possible these configurations prompt some reflection on our own or others vulnerabilities, wounds, or weaknesses, and the patterns or defense mechanisms that may have served us well at one time or another, but have become more of a prison if anything. We can be emotionally generous and sensitive with ourselves and others, but something could prompt us to want to change or to break free from outworn emotional patterns. There can be some surprising dynamics or unusual but inspiring alliances interpersonally with the Moon sextile Uranus and opposite Venus. This is all leading up to a Full Moon on Monday, and we can be releasing ourselves from certain patterns or attachments that have been holding us back from embracing our own happiness more fully. There can be something quietly liberating about this, but it can also make us feel somewhat vulnerable, exposed, or maybe caught off guard before we were ready. Venus trine Uranus wants to shake things up and see some positive changes. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. It's important to factor in the long-term consequences of whatever actions are taken. 


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Juno, while trine Neptune. This can see a cozy and reflective Sunday, but there can be a subtle build up of intensity with the Moon going on to oppose Pluto. This can see some reflection on the changes and transformations that need to be made and maybe what needs to be released or surrendered to in order to have the courage to go after our goals. Ideals around something can be highly stimulated, and with Venus retrograde trine Uranus but squaring Chiron, there’s a nervousness here, something about our goals, interpersonally or otherwise, can have us feeling excited but also bring out our vulnerabilities. Mercury sextile Chiron suggests communication is the key to bridging the gap and easing feelings of nervousness or intimidation around entering or navigating alien territory. It’s all so out there and weird and new and different that it’s really been a lot to take in, but there’s also something undeniably exciting about following our muse, stepping up to the plate and challenging our own vulnerabilities. Tomorrows Full Moon in Cancer see’s a wrapping up of a cycle in order to enter a new and exciting phase with more courage and bravery.                                            


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