We begin this week with the Moon in earthy and serious Capricorn conjunct Venus, sextile Mars, trine Uranus, and square Chiron. There may be some slight vulnerability here, as with the Moon and Venus are in the reserved sea goat, a pruning back of the superfluous is happening, and the emphasis is on self control. It’s a serious, “get your shit together” vibe, but the universe insists you seek to enjoy the process somehow.  With Mars in tension with Saturn, there can be a lot of holding back going on, or a lot of blockages. A sort of refinement and transformation process is occurring, and only what is genuine will be left when it’s over.  Mars and Saturn are like having one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the break. It can be a frustrating experience to feel an urge to lunge forward or advance something while also feeling held back from doing so or deprived of our desires. Perhaps the desires themselves are undergoing some refinement. Perhaps they are there simply to spur us on towards our next phase of evolution and are never meant to be gratified at all. Such thoughts can be somewhat depressing, as people require hope and something to aspire towards to go on, even if it lacks realism. The Moon and Venus in Capricorn emphasize the long game, an upward climb, and enjoyment of the little things. The Cap lunation can make it easy to see all the work that has to be done, and the fact that we will only get out of things what we put into them. It also highlights the benefits of delayed gratification, patience, hard work, discipline, and consistency, which to many, is nothing to be overjoyed about. Tension between certain life areas may be calling for restraint and boundaries, and these aspects indicate the need to keep our eye on certain situations or dynamics that could inevitably raise awkward issues or spiral out of control if not approached with some maturity, self control, and wisdom. This could particularly be the case socially or interpersonally. Later, a lunar sextile to the Sun, Neptune, while trine Uranus and conjunct Pluto can see a reflection upon powerful instincts, and perhaps the need to surrender to something higher, as certain drives or desires are frustrated or only cause friction. Conversely, there can be some intense spiritual downloads or some unexpected insight into a situation. 


This morning see’s the Moon still sextile Neptune, indicating a dreamy, reflective mode revolving around something we feel a bit obsessed around. The Moon in void of course for much of the day, indicating planning, preparation, and reflection. The day takes on a rather serious, obsessive and perhaps a bit of a severe tone as the Moon enters detached Aquarius and squares up to Mercury and Mars in emotionally intense, reactive Scorpio, all while conjunct Saturn and Pluto. There may be some tension brewing from certain quarters, perhaps it’s even a bit of confrontational atmosphere. Positively, this math can be funneled intensively and obsessively into something constructive and worthwhile. Negatively, this can see some subtle power struggles or awkward tensions, perhaps around shared resources, emotions, desires, or energetic exchanges, or perhaps something more buried, instinctual or taboo is a bone of contention somehow. This could see some intense conversations. The coolness and detached nature of the Aquarian planets clash with the emotional extremes and deep instinctual desires of the planets in Scorpio. Here, desire meets reason, and we either need to detach ourselves from our own desires, or those of others. In either case, it appears to be a management of sticky situations or a controlled explosion/implosion going on. Perhaps some rather complicated undercurrents socially or interpersonally are going on that requires careful handling, observation, reason, and boundaries. All this energy has to go somewhere, such is the nature of squares. Powerful transformations are at work here, so if you have something to funnel these energies into, good for you. If not, you’re being called to discipline and focus your drives to accomplish something that benefits your future.


Today see’s the Aquarius Moon squaring Mercury, Mars, Uranus, conjunct Saturn, and trine Chiron. Interestingly, even if there is tension, there is a boost to morale. Although there is a certain cool severity in the atmosphere there is reason and compassion. The Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus and trine Neptune recognizes the depth of weirdness, the unusual peculiarity of circumstances and dynamics, and brings with it a wellspring of unconditional love and understanding. Simultaneously, there may be a certain liberation happening, where we are energetically detaching ourselves from whatever is impeding our authenticity. This isn’t a simple process, and it may in fact be somewhat difficult to navigate such an individuation process amidst the complexity of social, interpersonal, economic, and energetic enmeshments. A bit of a minefield even. These configurations highlight where our own desires differ from those of others or from what may be expected of us in return for the energy and resources of others. This can see some highly unusual situations going on, and the less attached you are to others behaving in a particular way, the easier this will be. Venus sextile Mars can see some deep desires and passions, but Venus square Chiron suggests there’s something sensitive or even wounding about this. Perhaps what we want inadvertently hurts others, or perhaps someone’s restraint, coolness, or seeming indifference triggers wounds or sensitivities. With Mars square Saturn and opposite Uranus, perhaps something or someone is so outside of our norm we don’t know what to make of it/them. Whatever the case, boundaries, laying them down, sensing them, figuring them out, will be an important part of navigating these aspects. Ultimately, a refinement process is happening. As if the universe is saying, “How bad do you want what you want?” Ultimately, everyone will fare best if they can enjoy the process, and make peace with the potential that they may not ever get what they want, but if they can enjoy being motivated towards refinement by what they want, they will certainly wind up much better off than they would have had they given up entirely altogether and succumbed to settling for joyless, stagnant complacency, or nihilistic self destructive patterns driven by a hopeless resignation to mediocrity. People need hope and inspiration in order to grow and fulfill their potentials. The Moon conjoins Jupiter late this evening, bringing a boost in optimism, good will, and generosity.


The Moon in detached and cerebral Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio while conjunct Jupiter. Even if certain boundaries have to be established  and there is perhaps an intellectualization of our own or others desires, there is still overall goodwill and generosity. Venus forms a trine to unconventional Uranus, while sextile Mars, square Chiron, and trine the asteroid Pallas. This can see some highly unusual or outside of the box attractions, arrangements, or dynamics, and relationships can be a great source of intellectual and spiritual stimulation and growth. Things may not fit into any cookie cutter box, and whatever people are experiencing interpersonally right now is way outside their own or others definition of “normal.” The universe is bringing people into our lives or our awareness right now in order to facilitate growth, refinement, liberation, and to further activate the promise of our own personal natal charts. The less judgmental you are about this process the better off you will be. Your attraction or pull towards particular people is based upon what they are meant to activate, refine, heal, or “unlock” within your own math. There’s no use being upset over it, or in some kind of a fight with it. It is what it is. We’re all just neurons in a much bigger brain. Venus trine Uranus can bring excitement, change, unpredictability, and awakenings, interpersonally, socially and financially. People will need more independence and freedom to explore their own authentic desires under these dynamic aspects, so it’s best to abandon any latent desire to pin yourself or others down, but to also remain aware of and sensitive to the vicissitudes and complexities of interpersonal karma, -without rigidly or oppressively moralizing everything, and hence, cutting yourself off from everything and everyone that makes you feel alive, out of some misguided sense of virtue, dogmatism, or fear. The Sun in investigative Scorpio that is already trine mystical Neptune conjuncts Mercury this evening, highlighting hidden things, communications, telepathic links, synchronicities, dreams, supernatural and instinctual pulls. This can see deepened curiosity, reflectiveness, inner searching, and a focus on spirituality, sexuality, psychology, the occult and all things hidden, unconscious, or mysterious. 


The Moon heads into sensitive Pisces today, to trine Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, sextile Uranus, and conjunct Neptune. With the Sun in Scorpio also conjunct Mercury, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto, this could actually see some rather profound, pleasant experiences. It’s an almost confessional atmosphere, and there can be psychic experiences, serendipities, downloads, or secrets shared that really make an impact. The universe itself can be very loud today, even if everything is quiet on the surface. We can feel very deeply tuned in, and our intuition can be spot on, so pay attention to your inner guidance system and internal promptings. Some surprising things can come to light or be revealed if you follow your souls guidance. We can be having some unexpected but profound insights into ourselves or into particular situations or dynamics. Someone may confide in us or us in them. It’s possible that a topic, person, or conversation long avoided or shoved under the carpet is finally approached, or walls come down in some way that can take us by surprise. In either case, something about today changes the landscape and enhances our experience. Perhaps new channels of communication are opened with ourselves or others, or we are let into the secret world of another in some way or let them into ours,, or we explore something buried, occulted, or obscured. Maybe we just perceive something we hadn’t before, or something we’ve stuffed down into our unconscious is finally consciously acknowledged. Maybe we are swallowed by a delicious portal and enter into a different dimension. Perhaps we share or discuss spiritual experiences or secrets with others. Maybe we are helped or healed by someone, maybe we help or heal others. Maybe we help or heal ourselves. Whatever is the case, we can be highly attuned and sensitive to the environment, beauty, and the language of the universe today. There’s a lot of love, passion, creativity and beauty of a highly spiritual and etheric variety in these configurations, it’s a very high vibe that also taps into some of our deepest instincts. It can be satisfying, cathartic, and liberating to let something go, let something in, or simply embrace what we feel joyfully in the moment without judging our experience. Mostly a solitary, reflective, private sort of day best spent in peaceful surroundings. Great math for spiritual and creative pursuits, freestyles, etc. Wishing everyone a beautiful day today.


Today see’s the Moon in boundless Pisces conjunct Neptune, trine the Sun, and sextile Pluto. Recent realizations, reflections, or communications have definitely made an impact, and will continue to. The aspects favor some deep soul searching, reflection, self honesty, compassion, and creative pursuits. The Sun and Moon both sextile penetrating Pluto in Capricorn highlight a compelling pull towards deep, transformative experiences. There may be something hidden or mysterious about this, but whatever it is, it’s powerful. Maybe there’s a sort of “giving in” to something going on here, a case of “what you resist, persists.” In either case, with Pluto involved, there is something fated or inevitable about whatever is happening. The soul is stirred for reasons we would be foolish to pretend to understand, but the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and Mars will leave no stone unturned in an effort to do so. The solar square to Jupiter as well see’s a boundless curiosity and sense of adventure and consciousness expansion, and it’s sextile to Pluto see’s a near obsessive, relentless focus. It’s possible to have some pretty deep conversations with others right now, but equally and more likely, it’s possible to have some deep talks with ourselves. This is more good math for creative, artistic and spiritual pursuits. Maybe we are just observing and thinking about things right now, internally aligning, releasing, transforming. 


Today see’s the Moon in self reliant Aries, conjunct Chiron, and square Venus, while sextile Saturn. This could see a lot of empathy and compassion, but it might not be easy to express our feelings with the Moon squaring Venus in reserved Capricorn. Actions taken to bring a sense of stability to our own and others energy can be a good use of this math. The Moon/Venus/Saturn/Chiron combo isn’t particularly “romantic”, glamorous, or exciting -but it’s thoughtful, caring, and responsible. Moon in Aries square Venus in Capricorn will typically throw itself into work/duties/self mastery as a way of dealing with the feelings. With Venus squaring Chiron and the Moon poking at it, there can be a sensitivity to rejection present in certain dynamics, possibly due to instability, excitement, change, inconsistency, changeability,- and the Moon is uncomfortably aware of this particular vulnerability today. Saturn isn’t the warmest at reassurance, -but it’s stable, reliable, dependable. You might not be able to singlehandedly allay all of someone else’s fears or insecurities, just as no one else is capable of doing that for you, (it’s not anyone’s job to regulate somebody else’s emotional state), but we can always focus on cultivating an unshakable inner stability and radiate that outwards and let people know they’re important to us in small, thoughtful ways, without promising more than we’re able to deliver. Saturn may not be warm, over the top, extravagant, or idealist, but it’s genuine and sincere. Changes being navigated now or the state of flux that many people are in socially, interpersonally, financially, creatively, and otherwise, can be making a lot of people feel somewhat shaken. Doing what we can to cultivate an inner sense of stability can go a long way to help ease through dynamic changes-and changes in dynamics.


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