Today begins with the Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune, and square Venus and Juno in Sagittarius, while trine Pluto. This can see a certain meandering attention span that is somewhat driven by compulsivity. It can still be productive, and can be pleasant for social interactions. However, some anxiousness, confusion, idealism, or uncertainty can be subtly surrounding relationships, money, and Venus ruled matters. The aspects indicate a desire to get to the bottom of certain things, to organize what doesn’t make sense, and to make improvements- and that’s good. However, certain processes underway now may not see their completion, resolution, or feel fully “settled” until March 2022.  Today’s aspects can also see some loopiness in general, but using the Moon/Pluto trine to ground, focus and center upon what you personally have control over can result in better focus and constructive ways to manage any potential feelings of uncertainty.  The Moon enters harmony seeking Libra at 4:11 PM PST,  to trine Saturn, seeing the remainder or the day and evening focused on efforts of diplomacy, harmony, stability, and working together with others constructively. The Libra lunation’s opposition to Chiron suggests that there could be sensitive dynamics or issues with others to navigate over the coming days.


Today begins with the Moon in Libra trine Saturn and opposite Chiron. This can see an inner resolve building to talk through any potential misunderstandings or approach sensitive, perhaps even “taboo” subjects. With Mars now finally in Scorpio, last week, the edginess of the Mars/Pluto square perfecting, followed by Mars reaching the last, most urgent degrees of Libra, this may have brought certain things to a head. Perhaps buried issues, suppressed drives, or feelings made their way to the surface somehow thanks to the tension of these two “malefics” combined with the planet of passion emphatically screaming about interpersonal issues/desires, -lest they be forgotten forever.  Even though Mercury is currently in Libra, the square to Pluto may have resulted in certain truths being spoken or in the very least, subtle power dynamics may have been in activated in communications with certain others. This aspect can also tend towards a certain obsessiveness around things. Needless to say, Mercury square Pluto perfects today at 24 degrees, so there could be some intensity under the surface of things and it can be easy to get obsessed with one train of thought or with our own opinions or way of doing things. One manifestation of Mercury in Libra square Pluto is that people may try to use power, flattery, or ultimatums to persuade you of things under this aspect. It’s a classic “hard sell” aspect, in business, social situations, and interpersonally. So take care if you find yourself trying to force anything, and if confronted with others who may be coming across as particularly pushy or heavy handed with you, handle with care, as the lunar opposition to Chiron indicates a great deal of sensitivity or vulnerability is behind this. Later, the Moon trines Jupiter and this lightens the mood considerably. It’s possible good news is received or communications come in that boost morale, faith and positivity. The lunar/Jupiter contact is emotionally generous, optimistic, and philosophical.


Today see’s the Moon in partnership oriented Libra conjunct Mercury, sextile Venus and Juno, conjunct Mars, trine Jupiter and square Pluto. Wow….This could be a particularly eventful day interpersonally, socially, with business contacts, partnerships, agreements, and with regards to news and communications. Something is brewing here, that’s for sure. There can be some pleasant discussions and exchanges but perhaps they’re intense in some way. There can be an intense focus upon interactions with others or perhaps business or creative endeavors of some kind.  Something is a bit “game changing” about today’s configurations. Perhaps certain things are revealed or the floodgates of communication burst open in some way, or a joint venture takes off in a positive direction or shows signs of growth. Later, the Moon enters Scorpio, and a lunar square to Saturn may show a need for some emotional resilience and determination. Something is shifting, perhaps radically, and we may need to prepare for how this shift will impact other areas of our lives or other dynamics. The New Moon in Scorpio tomorrow is …well…it’s pretty radicalized, …like a Tower moment. That doesn’t have to be negative, but it could be experienced as very, very surprising.


It’s my dad’s birthday today! Happy Solar Return dad! Today see’s the New Moon in Scorpio, exact at 2:15 PM PST.  The Scorpio lunation first conjoined Mars while squaring Saturn, indicating a lot of passionate and intense energy, perhaps even a subtle combativeness or competitiveness. It’s extremely driven. This drive is increased by the fact that Saturn poses a challenge, a blockage. These fiercely authentic energies require an outlet, and hence, the New Moon opposes shock rocker Uranus. This can see some intensely charged, highly unconventional situations or dynamics unfolding. It’s no longer about “playing nice,” or appeasing people. This is about authenticity. There could be something liberating, even freeing about these configurations as certain blockages or fears are released or prompt us outside of a comfort zone in some way. The Moon’s dynamic with Saturn and Uranus add even further nuance to this New Moon, that will have a ripple effect into the following weeks and months. In the Macro situation, perhaps efforts to control other people, pin them down, force them to play by certain rules, or box them in are met with rebellion and non conformity. In the Micro situation, -perhaps it is much the same. In either case, the New Moon in Scorpio can bring certain power dynamics to the fore, or in the very least, see some very “outside of the box” situations or dynamics. Much of which could be completely unexpected, perhaps even shocking. There may be unexpected “wrenches” thrown into plans, or perhaps unexpected, innovative solutions to complex problems. Some might even see a little bit of both, like taking some sort of L or accepting some sort of less than perfect reality, followed by being able to receive some sort of unexpected blessing that is intended for us. This New Moon plants a seed in the area of your chart ruled by Scorpio (determined by your whole house rising sign). Whatever this area is, one thing is certain: Living authentically is not for the feint of heart. This kicks off some highly experimental energy that will pair itself with a full moon eclipse in Taurus. This will be the first in a series of eclipses that will occur on the Taurus/Scorpio axis between now and Oct 2023. Your approach to the impacted life areas ruled by Taurus and Scorpio will be getting a major overhaul over the coming two years. In the evening, the Moon conjunct the Sun in powerful and reflective Scorpio trine’s Neptune while still opposite Uranus, closing out the day on a reflective, inspired, creative and unusual note. 


Venus, planet of love, money, beauty, pleasure, and values, heads into ambitious Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning (3:44 AM PST), where this planet will remain until March 2022 due to a retrograde that will begin in December. Venus in the sign of the Sea Goat is sensual, downright lusty even, -yet slow, cautious, and reserved. Venus Cap natives don’t give their heart away exclusively or open up to just anyone, because they’re too focused on their goals, ambitions, and self mastery. They typically seek out those who can match (or at least appreciate and not devalue, impede, or sabotage) that same energy. Venus here will make a series of planetary contacts, a big standout being when it stations retrograde EXACTLY on top of Pluto. Another standout being the trine to Uranus. Needless to say, the fates are at work here, and the retrograde will force some kind of reevaluation over the fact that some compelling, and perhaps difficult choices will need to be made. This could see some highly unusual situations, alliances, and dynamics. Maybe it’s best to give yourself as well as others a bit of leeway here, as many will need room to experiment and explore their desires at their own pace to discover what they truly feel or want for themselves. Today begins with the Moon in powerful Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius while trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. These are some deep, reflective and somewhat indulgent energies. Mercury also enters Scorpio in the afternoon, taking the planet of communication into taboo territory. Mercury here is intense, investigative, secretive, obsessive, and determined to get to the bottom of any mysteries. The Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius in the early evening, where it forms a trine to Chiron and sextile to Saturn. Confidence or morale can be quietly boosted.


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron, and making contact to the Vertex (a mathematical point in astrology associated with fated events and interactions), and Juno the relationship asteroid, while making hard minor aspects to Mercury and Mars, and a square to Neptune. There could be a lot of sensitivity in the air, and these aspects can make it easy not to be judgmental of other people or of ourselves. There could be a lot of optimism, faith, idealism, and it also brings forth the need to be open minded and philosophical. Interesting twists can be happening interpersonally now. Venus in Capricorn goes on to sextile Mars in Scorpio in the evening, and this aspect can see the potential for some really pleasant interactions unfold. A lot of natural chemistry with this aspect. Overall, today can see heightened feelings and reflectiveness, some people might be given to mood swings, escapism, or confusion with the lunar square to Neptune, but positively, this aspect can be excellent for the creative arts and for spiritual and healing modalities, and for seeking out comfort and inspiration.


Today begins with the Moon in late Sagittarius conjunct Juno and also Venus in Capricorn. Today can see the emphasis on pleasure, enjoyment, and there can be a curious focus on relationships with others here. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus suggests a subtle atmosphere of change, excitement, or unpredictability. The Moon enters down to earth Capricorn at 5:03 PM PST, increasing the potency of the lunar/Venus contact in the evening hours of Sunday, while also seeing the Moon sextile Mercury in Scorpio. This can see the evening hours hold some pleasant communications where a little goes a long way. Even if not much is said, much is conveyed, and it’s genuine. Both Scorpio and Capricorn placements are strong silent types, that place more value on actions as opposed to words. The final hour of Sunday see’s the Moon sextile Mars as well, throwing passion into the mix. Boy howdy. This could see a pretty passionate, sultry, and earthy atmosphere. In the very least, it’s energizing and stimulating. A word of warning though: If you feel an urge to apply pressure or bend anyone to your will, do be prepared for people to act squirrelly, with both Mercury and Mars square Saturn and opposite Uranus. There is a lot of passion and earthly desire in this mathscape, but there are also a lot of tense aspects present that add complexity to things.  A little can go a long way, but if it doesn’t -don’t force it. 


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