Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer squaring Chiron, trine Mars, sextile Uranus and opposite Venus. This can see a determination and resilience to push forward despite obstacles, vulnerabilities, or even deliberate discouragement disguised as constructive criticism. This math can see a sort of pokerface syndrome going on. It can be hard to express how we feel, or there’s a need for detachment but a simultaneous need for comfort. There may have been encouraging news or strides forward, or signs or news intimating that some sort of expansion is nigh, financially, interpersonally, socially, or in relation to creative or commercial endeavors. The Moon/Mars/Venus contact can be excellent for getting things done, and provides motivation to pull things together, and keep forward momentum going.  Mars trine to Neptune helps take the edge off of the volatility of Mars opposite Uranus. Things are changing fast, and deep transformations are occurring at subtle levels of awareness, and there is a need to avoid polarization, so Neptune helps to soften things and to avoid power dynamics or bullying from getting out of control when too many people believe they are in the right. The Sun in freedom seeking Sagittarius seeks to expand world views, vistas, and horizons, and this is a good time to remember that the world and it’s inhabitants are our teachers, and every encounter is an opportunity to expand our awareness beyond previously limited beliefs or perspectives. Socrates said “ I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” In spite of the Moon being in a more domestic, sensitive, and comfort seeking sign, today can see surprises occurring, perhaps our lives are being shaken up in some way on subtle levels that are pleasant and exciting. The Cancer lunation can feel emotionally adventurous.


The Moon is in emo Cancer opposite Venus and Pluto, while trine Mars and Neptune. This can see some subtle but significant emotional shifts and/or shifts in values or power dynamics occurring, possibly prompted by interpersonal dynamics or other transformative and reflective experiences that have been facilitated via Scorpio season. This can see a questioning or challenging of certain boundaries or limited bandwidths. This can see a gentle but powerful prompting towards a more creative, humanistic, and fulfilling exploration of things. If a stoic, cold, hardened, limited, or overly rigid exterior or partition wall of some kind has been maintained, it's integrity or even it's continued usefulness or healthiness, socially, interpersonally, politically, or otherwise- can be thrown into question. The Moon/Pluto/Neptune contacts can see some intense or powerful undercurrents, perhaps around the sharing of power, energy, time, or resources in some way. It can be possible to get more insight into the inner workings of ourselves or others,- or ourselves in relation to others, and we can be gently encouraged to reflect upon our habituated emotional responses, defenses, dynamics, or perspectives. Perhaps there’s plans being loosely formed that could create some significant shifts between ourselves and others, socially, interpersonally, -or in relation to finances/money/values/pleasure/ and possessions. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury in the afternoon placing the emphasis on thought, travel, learning, perspectives, and communications, and this could see some deep talks or thoughts, perspective shifts, or the barriers between ourselves and others become somehow more permeable. With Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio, this could see pinnacle moments in news, commerce, plans, strategies, and communications, on both the macro and the micro. On the one hand, it can be easier to be a little more vulnerable with others, (or even just with ourselves), or go where we typically fear to tread. With Mercury heading into adventure seeking Sagittarius tomorrow, we can feel more inclined to entertain new, perhaps more brave or adventurous perspectives, and a widening of our horizons somehow. Even if this mathscape doesn’t see any sort of significant interpersonal or emotional exchanges or conversations happen externally, -internally, it can prompt a lot of reflection, shifts, and dip people more into the feelings and instincts, while also making them much easier to verbalize than usual. If not via direct expression, than indirectly through art, music, subtlety, and creative expression. 


The Moon enters playful and fun seeking Leo today at 7:59 AM PST, and Mercury shifts into perspective expanding Sagittarius shortly beforehand. The Moon trines the Sun, Mercury and Chiron and opposes Saturn.  We know we’ve got to widen our perspectives or horizons in order to bring more joy into our lives. Later, the Moon squares Uranus, and yes, we could shake things up or they can be shaken up for us. People gathering with family for the purposes of holiday celebrations can see some interesting discussions take place at the dinner table, or some last minute get togethers with others. With the exuberance of the Leo Moon and Sagittarius Sun and Mercury, and the Moon clashing with Saturn and Uranus, -try not to alienate anyone with hubris. Discussions or meet ups could be valuable learning opportunities, and there could be some shocks, surprise visitors, or unanticipated news. The Leo Moon seeks joy and exuberance, period, and the clash with Saturn can bring out a feeling of being alone, cut off, misunderstood, burdened by responsibilities, restricted by commitments, or alienated from fun by needing to keep a nose to the grindstone , while the square to Uranus can prompt some spontaneous or rebellious act, or last minute revisions to plans in order to seek mental and creative refreshment and keep things fun. Maybe we just need to experiment with new ways to enjoy ourselves, or innovate around a rather pressed schedule. Conversely, surprise opportunities or communications could arise that could bring some fun into an otherwise tedious experience that is probably meant to be enjoyable, -but it could all be a lot to balance, so try to get some rest and grounding. 


Todays general exuberance could require some patience and grounding, as the Moon in Leo squares Mars and opposes Saturn, while also squaring Uranus, there’s a squirrelly sort of excitement to “get to the good parts” already. There could be a lot going on, generally speaking, and there’s an impulsiveness and nervousness to this energy, it's a bit "pressed"- but morale and confidence is boosted, and there's a desire to take advantage of opportunities for enjoyment while they're available. Later in the day, the Moon opposes Jupiter, which see’s some of the restraints or burdens of responsibilities come off, and there can be darting here, there, everywhere, and there’s an excitement and expansive sort of indulgence in the air. The lunar square to Mars and opposition to Jupiter wants it all and it wants it yesterday, so take care not to let impatience or overdoing things, or trying to squeeze in too much into your day sabotage your plans. Otherwise, the evening and this weekend in general looks set to be enjoyable and even somewhat exciting and pleasantly stimulating. There could be some sidewinders or unexpected plot twists.


Today begins with the Moon in late Leo opposite Jupiter and going on to square Mercury in Sagittarius as it get’s closer to Virgo. This could see some plans in the works, or communications can be under the spotlight somehow. There can be slight tensions or overwhelm to navigate. This is a very expansive time, and there can be a lot to take in, perhaps a lot to talk about or a lot clamoring for our attention. The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 6:12 PM PST, and adjusting our schedules to that of others, or while traveling or accommodating visitors can be a theme somehow here, and it can feel overwhelming and a bit draining at times. With Mercury and the Sun almost perfectly conjunct, there can be significant meetings or turning points occurring, or about to occur. This can also be true of learning experiences, commercial enterprises or points of dialogue. Our world, our initiatives, contacts, or our perspective can be pleasantly expanding, perhaps in surprising or unexpected ways. Tomorrow can see more excitement and change, or some surprising news, travels, or communications. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo squaring the Sun, Mercury, and trine Venus, Uranus and Juno. This see’s an exciting first half of the day, and there may be a lot of things to attend to. Travels, visiting others, or being en route could see some pleasant diversions or spontaneous meetings that are surprisingly pleasing. There can be a lot of nervous excitement this weekend, and a lot of details to attend to, which can get kind of overwhelming at times, but things are positively expanding. The Moon goes on to oppose Neptune later on, seeing the rest of the evening focused on pleasant pastimes in private or enjoying unusual, exciting encounters or get togethers with others. There could be a desire to get back on track with good health routines, exercise, organization, and a need to attend to the body and organization. Developing better work/life balance can be a focus and there could be a need to recuperate. The Moon sextile Mars very late at the last hour of this evening, see's energy pick up in the wee hours, and this could see a really enjoyable, if somewhat nervous but very pleasant energy, possibly spent with others, or in the very least, on some highly enjoyable passion projects on into Sunday. 


Today looks awesome. Even though the Virgo Moon can be a somewhat nervous energy, with a focus on organization and taking care of practicalities, this looks like a highly pleasurable time going on, in the very least some pleasant detours. The Moon is trine Venus, sextile Mars, opposite Neptune and trine Pluto. This could see some really enjoyable hang out sessions, and/ or some humble milestones having been reached. We could be drawn to some unusual people or situations that wind up being highly enjoyable or even paradigm shifting. The Sun and Mercury are exactly conjunct at 6 degrees and sextile Saturn, so some significant meetings, communications, or learning experiences could transpire this Sunday that really get us thinking and feeling some type of way and thinking passionately about the future, but also really enjoying the present. There’s a lot of earthy passion, dreaminess, creativity and nervous energy in the math this Sunday. Enjoy it as much as you can. 


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