We begin this morning with the Moon in 29 degrees Leo, conjunct Mercury, Mars, and opposite Jupiter. These configurations confer courage and strengthen the spirit, perhaps in the face of what may have been some chaotic, overwhelming, or destabilizing circumstances. The Moon swiftly enters Virgo, emphasizing common sense, realism, reality checks, attending to the basics, and hands on crisis management, all during some rather draining feeling influences that are perfecting today (Venus/Neptune). The lunar conjunction to Mars can see some irritation, agitation, or a need to take action to solve problems, handle details, duties, or improve conditions in some area. It can be grounding to focus on something practical. This can see an active day with some uncertainty to confront or crises to handle. It may be difficult to pin point what the best trajectory is, and this can be a busy day with a lot of details to manage or work to do, and the atmosphere of “crisis management” or unanticipated circumstances that have required adaptability, can seem to be a prevailing undercurrent. Taking some time for self care can be important, as there may have been some shake ups at the New Moon that require some regrouping.  Evening see’s a lunar sesquisquare to Pluto, which can see some underlying intensity, along with a lunar trine to Uranus, which grows stronger tomorrow. It’s an atmosphere of “be ready for anything”, and emphasizes a need to think on your feet and improvise in order to increase security levels or manage a lot at once. There can be some pleasant surprises around the corner or a feeling of excitement, but also uncertainty.


This morning see’s the Moon in Virgo conjunct Venus and Mars, while trine Uranus and opposite Neptune. It can feel good to get more organized or prepared, and make things more efficient amidst uncertainty, and there may be some need for creative innovation due to forces beyond our control, or something not working out how we had planned. As the day wears on, we could feel we’re getting more of a foothold and sense of control over things as the Moon trines Pluto. Conversely, this can see us intensely focused on things *because* they feel out of our control, and there’s a driving need to feel prepared, or stay on top of any potential train wrecks or slippery, unreliable situations. There may be some pleasant diversions or detours, and circumstances can be highly unusual.  With Venus opposite Neptune and trine Pluto, there can be a lot of love and understanding across vast differences, and the theme of compelling but unusual attractions can also be ongoing, although there can be a lot of distractions and other draining influences to manage this week.  The Moon/Venus/Pluto contacts today emphasizes seeking out pleasure, beauty, and things that make us feel good, along with efforts to improve things, and bring more harmony amidst chaos and unpredictability. There can be an intense drive to step back into a more powerful position, slowly but surely, after having to regroup, improvise, or rethink something, due to some instability.  


This morning begins with the Moon in late Virgo, conjunct Venus and trine Pluto,  while opposite Neptune, which can see a need to get to the bottom of something. There might be some vague worries or uncertainties around something, but the Moon/Venus/Pluto contact can help form a game plan and make empowering choices. The idea here is to strengthen your position and sense of security by attending to details and making improvements in the here and now. Afternoon see’s the Moon enter partnership oriented Libra, where the Moon trine’s Saturn. This can bring more stability within change as well as facilitate cooperation and working together with others, or seeking to harmonize amidst a whole lot of changes or an unpredictable atmosphere. A lunar opposition to Chiron can highlight vulnerabilities, but the Libra Moon emphasizes a desire for harmony, beauty, charm, getting along, and cooperative efforts. Mercury moves into Virgo today, bringing more focus to details and organization, and taking a closer look at the fine print of things. This can also see communications more emphasized in regards to others, and seeking common ground, but this time from a place of realism, groundedness, and realistic expectations. Mercury here can act as a helpful bullshit distillery, but also can increase the impulse to communicate and take more initiative regarding getting in touch with others. This could revolve around solving problems or managing or preventing a crisis somehow. There can also be an element of perfectionism as well, or a tendency to get lost in details, so being able to see the forest through the trees is important. This transit can put us in touch with others who can be helpful, and place a focus on finding solutions to problems and improving things. 


Today begins with the Moon in Libra trine Saturn, which can be a stabilizing influence and assist in harmonizing disparate elements or temperaments. The lunar opposition to Chiron can highlight vulnerabilities and emphasize the fact that no man is an island, and sometimes working together with others or reaching out for feedback or assistance somehow becomes a source of strength or increased stability.  With Mercury now conjunct Mars, there can be increased emphasis on communications. Perhaps this is through necessity that we take more initiative in this area. There could be a weakness, vulnerability, or time of need to address, (Moon/Chiron).  With the Sun squaring Uranus, there may have been an undercurrent of unpredictability or a bit of “shock and awe”, or something unexpected, or unreliable, that’s required innovation, change, rapid thinking, or quick adjustments with short notice. Teamwork or combining forces with others somehow can help foster more stability and assurance.  The Moon goes on to sextile the Sun while squaring Pluto, and there can be some powerful undercurrents or a push to be more outwardly expressive, or to shed light on something that’s going on that needs to be transformed.  


Today begins with the Moon in late Libra trine Jupiter Rx in Aquarius, while squaring Pluto in Capricorn. There can be some powerful alliances formed, perhaps there are intense circumstances that bring people together, or there is a need to widen our social net or experiment a bit. There can be some strokes of good luck or a sort of “guardian angel” feeling to these maths, but there could also be some challenges that require improvisation or reaching out to others and expanding terrain, perspective, or making contact with others. Perhaps taking initiative communication wise in some way. There can be an intensity of feeling lurking under the surface, and early evening see’s the Moon head into do or die Scorpio, making a sextile to Mercury in Virgo while still squaring up to Pluto, but then switching that up to a square to Saturn. Perhaps it’s a case of necessity being the mother of invention, or something drives us to need to contemplate taking action, dropping something, changing something, reaching out, communicating a need, or expanding our range in some way to make things more efficient. There could be some challenges or blockages, or a need for resilience. There could be a need to take action on Saturday, and there’s a possibility of some unexpected shake ups or surprises, but most likely beneficial. Stay confident in your ability to solve problems, face down challenges, and act in your own best interests. Positive connections can be made. 


Today see’s the Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio, sextile Mars in Virgo, square Saturn, and opposite Uranus. There can be some challenges but there is also confidence to face them. There is a certain “robustness” to these maths, and the opposition to Uranus can see some emotional instability or perhaps just some shocks or surprises or unusual circumstances that require adaptability, while the square to Saturn may require us to dig into our inner reserves and maintain a certain stoic resilience. Fortunately the lunar/Mars sextile brings self assurance and an ability to be assertive and confident in handling whatever life throws at us. There could be something unusual about whatever comes up, and the Scorpio lunation calls us to trust our gut and follow our instincts.  Later on, the Moon goes on to trine reflective Neptune, while squaring the Sun, and still opposing Uranus. This can close out the evening on an intuitive note, and is a good time to pay attention to psychic impressions and follow your instincts, pay attention to hunches, and trust your feelings about things. There can be some surprising insights or a need to “keep your finger on the pulse”, as positive shifts happen. Monday can actually bring some pleasant, expansive, or refreshing experiences. There may be a subtle atmosphere of intensity where things feel somewhat surreal, but Venus will shift sign, into Libra, where the planet of love and harmony is right at home. 


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