Astrology For Aug 30-Sep 5 2021


We begin the week with Mercury having entered Libra, while the Moon is in curious, multitasking Gemini. The emphasis is in harmonizing and cooperation, perhaps amidst tensions or a frazzling atmosphere with a lot to adapt to (Mars in Virgo.) There's certainly some powerful shifts occurring, in an attempt to be ready to manage whatever comes around the corner next. So, preparation, adaptation, and cooperation are ongoing themes. Today can see a busy and talkative atmosphere, with an accent on banter, sociability, and light interactions, with a background that emphasizes  staying on top of changeable situations, adapting, contemplating huge shifts, and being prepared. The moon synching up with Venus and making edgy aspects to Mars and Neptune suggests a need for helpfulness, compassion, understanding, and doing whatever we can to make things easier and more harmonious for ourselves and others.


Today begins on a note of adventurousness, expansion, taking care of business, and perhaps venturing into the unknown, with the Moon in multitasking Gemini squaring Mars in Virgo, while forming a trine to Venus, Jupiter, and a square to Neptune. We may not know exactly what the future has in store, but certain things are set into motion today and can come into alignment that will at least open horizons and possibilities. Later on, the Moon forms a square to Mercury, emphasizing communication, movement, and perhaps some subtle tensions to mitigate. This can be a bit of a nervous energy, that can be entertaining but also somewhat flighty and superficial or surface level. There can be a lot going on in the local environment, neighborhood, or in regards to communications, the written and spoken word, a lot of banter, back and forth, errands, and what have you. This can be a lot to keep up with, and there can be an atmosphere of excitement. The Moon enters cozy Cancer around 10:26 PM PST, and this can place the focus on compassionate communications, or a desire to go within a protective shell and seek emotional replenishment. 


Today sees the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer, sextile the Sun in Virgo, which can highlight all the things that need to be taken care of in order to improve comfort and security levels. There may be some vulnerability present or some raw nerves that need tending to, and there may be a need to improvise and innovate as the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus later on. The Moon in Cancer can see us sensitive to what's going on in the environment, and to all the changes that are occurring that may be taking us out of a comfort zone and needing to improvise a new one. 


Today can see some strongly emotive and creative energies, with the Moon in watery Cancer squaring Venus, sextile Mars, trine Neptune, and opposite Pluto. This can see an intense and impactful atmosphere, and there can be an earthy electricity in the air. Mars in Virgo wants to be productive, Neptune and Venus want to relax. Although, getting completely comfortable and secure can still require some work or for some adjustments or improvements to be made.  Mars trine Pluto has been navigating a lot of details, responding to crises, and driven towards problem solving and improvements, (Virgo), and this may have required some intense adjustments or transformations (Pluto.) This has been an ongoing process of innovation, and many of us are making things up as we go, while staying as methodical and security minded as possible. There can be some underlying tension or intensity to navigate under the surface today, but Venus in Libra still in harmony with Jupiter helps to cultivate harmony and diplomacy. 


Today might see some challenges as the Moon enters celebratory Leo to oppose Saturn, there may be some shyness, inhibition or poor timing to contend with, but a sextile to Mercury in diplomatic Libra helps smooth things over, and could bring the possibility of good news through others, or simply the need to cooperate. Evening time sees a lunar trine to Chiron and Juno, suggesting connections with others boost our morale or perhaps there's something of a modest gain or milestone to celebrate that boosts optimism. Nevertheless, things can be chaotic and there is still some instability, unknowns, or surprises to navigate.


Today can see the need to improvise around challenges, delays, blockages, or to summon resilience in the face of instability. The Moon in theatrical Leo squares Uranus in Taurus while opposing Saturn and tribe Chiron. Challenges may require courage and a willingness to take calculated risks. These aspects can see some unexpected shifts, but perhaps this can also see some good fortune, in the very least some generosity and high ideals, with a lunar opposition to Jupiter later on. This can see a somewhat indulgent atmosphere unfold in the later hours of Saturday. Perhaps a good time for a good time. The weekend closes out on a note of needing to get better organized and take care of details after a rather fun seeking atmosphere. 


This morning See's the Moon in Leo sextile Venus and opposite Jupiter, which can still see the emphasis on enjoyment, pleasure and good times in the early morning hours. The Moon enters Virgo at 4:06 PM PST, which shifts the focus towards preparing for the week ahead, which looks set to begin on a dynamic note that will require a lot of adaptation, improvisation and quick problem solving. Venus trine Jupiter is generous and indulgent, and it might be wise to reign in impulsive or lavish tastes in order to preserve security and be economical. Monday could see an active day with a lot to take care of, and there can be more shifts in dynamics or situations that can require an adaptable mindset. Decisions will need to be made eventually when it comes to preventing, mitigating or avoiding crises, and there can be an atmosphere of uncertainty and things being up in the air or "at sea". Monday is a New Moon, and this New Moon encourages a flexible mindset when it comes to navigating changeable circumstances.


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