We begin this week with the Moon in curious Gemini, with the Sun and Mercury both opposite Saturn, square Uranus, while trine Chiron. The Sun/Saturn square is perfected today, and this can represent an impasse of sorts, but also a desire for constructive change. The Moon squares Mars and Jupiter, while trine Saturn in Aquarius. It’s clear that something has to change, or in the very least, must be questioned. With Mars and Venus in Virgo, problems are very easy to see, and there is a drive to improve things. These transits can see people needing to focus on the tasks at hand, so there may be a need to give people a wide berth and not interfere with one another. It’s a taking care of business sort of vibe, with a lot of details to tend to, even though the Sun and Mercury want to play. Underneath this practical drive are also some rebellious undercurrents, where beliefs are challenged or questioned and there can either be wordy combativeness or ferocious arguments, -conversely, there can equally be convincing cases to hear alienated or suppressed perspectives (Sun/Mercury opposite Saturn and square Uranus.) The Moon in communicative Gemini goes on to sextile the Sun in Leo, and this can see opportunities to build bridges. With the Moon square Mars, people won’t simply take being told to shut up and do what they’re told lying down.  Arguments “won” on such grounds aren’t really truly “won” anyhow. If you have to silence or blackmail your opposition, it’s an argument of bad faith with little merit to support it besides “might is right”, and under such pretenses, no one wins. This can be more than obvious now. Mars and Venus in Virgo can make shrewd but accurate criticisms or point out what is painfully common sensical. It can also make perfectionism and “purity” an issue. An obvious expression of Mars in Virgo, the sign of health and healing, ruled by Mercury (communication, the mind), -are verbal arguments, conflict, (and combat)- around health, details, or how things are organized. (Shocker right?) Fortunately Venus is also here, helping to harmonize. Common ground, and common sense must prevail. It can be easy to find things about others to criticize, but there are also opportunities to learn details that facilitate unity and widen perspectives, especially as Juno, relationship asteroid, stations direct today in broad minded Sagittarius. The Moon sextile’s Mercury and squares Venus, while trine Saturn. It’s okay to question authority and power, it’s imperative really. This may be uncomfortable, as indicated by a lunar sesquisquare to Pluto, but something is building up that will eventually express itself in a way that can’t be ignored any longer. Perhaps by the weeks end, this will show itself.


This morning begins with the Moon in talkative and curious Gemini still sextile Mercury in Leo, while square Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Others may be hard to ignore, yet they may represent an alien territory of unknowns that annoys, perplexes, mystifies, or confuses us. There can be culture clashes. With Venus trine Uranus, there can also be something exciting, illuminating, electric, -but erratic- about this. Orthodoxy is questioned, and with Venus also opposite Neptune, there are many uncertainties, but we can be attracted to what and who is highly unusual, seeking to harmonize and resolve differences, perhaps even fascinated by the “alien other.” It’s currently “in vogue”, astrologically speaking, to color outside the lines now, question previous assumptions, and seek new sources of inspiration and information, to shake up what is stale and what is clearly not working out or producing good results. Some may cling too tightly and rigidly to a status quo, methods, or opinions, even when presented with compelling evidence or convincing arguments that there are other approaches or perspectives that are worthy of consideration. This may be a confusing or bemusing day, and there may be much that is grabbing our attention, a lot of impressions to sort through and process. Late night see’s a lunar trine form to Jupiter, and this can boost morale and optimism, and expand consciousness, seeing the evening close out on an imaginative, emotionally generous, and idealistic note. 


Today begins with the Moon in late Gemini trine expansive Jupiter and semi square Uranus. The Sun perfects a trine to Chiron in Aries, and this can boost courage levels, strength, compassion, and resilience. There can be more openness to new ways of thinking, interacting, and communicating. These are refreshing aspects that can make it easier to be more open and feel supported or understood, which can help take the edge off the feeling of being scrutinized, criticized, or judged that Mars and Venus in Virgo can often come with. The Moon enters emotionally sensitive Cancer at 2:17 PM PST,  where it forms a sextile to Mars and the healing asteroid Hygeia in Virgo, and this can be emotionally and physically energizing, affirming, healing and even uplifting. Good for the emotional and physical body. These configurations can see us driven towards increasing comfort in some way. There may be some exciting changes around the corner that can bring refreshing and stimulating dynamics into the picture. It’s possible we could feel somewhat challenged on the one hand, but excited and spurred on towards new, unusual or liberating concepts, people and ideas on the other. Ruts must be broken out of. Restrictions must be broken free from. 


Today begins with the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries while sextile Uranus, and making a sesquisquare to Jupiter. This speaks of expanding upon our comfort zone, letting in fresh insight or stimulus, or challenging our own emotional limits somehow. There can be a sort of “buzz” in the atmosphere that can translate to nervous excitement, or emotional restlessness. There can be some pleasant surprises or deviations to our routines as the Moon goes on to sextile Venus in Virgo. Perhaps it catches us off guard a bit, as the Moon square Chiron can feel a bit vulnerable or weak, but maybe this is still a pleasant shock regardless. The Moon trines Neptune, helping to loosen inhibitions, lower defenses, and increase our ability to pick up on subtle cues, impressions, or serendipities. There can be some interesting insights gleaned under these configurations. Maybe there’s a lot to reflect on. There can be a lot of sensitivity in the air, and the emotional and psychic antenna can be picking up all sorts of impressions. Great math for creativity, artists, and musicians. There can also be some pleasant, inspiring social and interpersonal contacts as well.


Today can see a subtle intensity, with the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. Venus in Virgo also trines Pluto, and this can see us very compelled or focused on something or someone, -perhaps to distraction. These configurations can be profoundly stimulating to the imagination and aesthetic sensibilities. There can also be some perfectionistic tendencies to grapple with here and we could be obsessed around getting something just right or as close to perfect as possible. There’s also an opportunity here for more authenticity and genuineness as well, even with so much ideals and fantasy being stimulated now. There can be some intensity to these undercurrents, and our instincts, intuition, and gut feelings can be highly activated. As we dip into late evening and the Moon inches towards 29 degrees Cancer, this can see some compelling pulls and emotional preoccupations or intensity reach a peak, and the imagination and the feelings can be highly stimulated. It’s like a build up to something is occurring. The Moon enters charismatic Leo at half passed witching hour, giving way to a sort of Twisted Sister vibe that “isn’t gonna take it anymore.”


Today see’s the Moon in Leo conjunct the Sun, trine Chiron, and opposite Saturn. This see’s courage and resilience to be more fearless and authentic, and challenge any sense of restriction or imposition that interferes with free expression and shames the life force and joy out of everything. There can be something profoundly liberating, but also a little disruptive about this mathscape, but perhaps this is a necessary disruption or pushback towards something that’s gone on long enough.  The Moon goes on to square Uranus, coloring the mathscape in rebelliousness and excitement, maybe something shocking or surprising is happening. With the Moon also trine relationship asteroid Juno, this could involve others somehow, in the very least, there can be support backing us up, even if there are challenges or opposing forces, or obstacles. This mathscape favors those who stand up *to* oppressive forces as opposed to favoring those who stand up *for* oppressive forces. Venus in Virgo attempts to mediate between opposing camps, but the pendulum of justice swings towards freedom of expression and fighting for the right to party, and away from just “going along to get along”, or unjustly controlling and restricting the lives of other people. If the idea of not being able to control other people’s bodies, speech, movements, culture, and life trajectories makes you feel upset, -brace yourself for the fact that the universe sharply disagrees with taking away people’s self determination. This can also be experienced more personally as a simple liberation from the dreariness and/ or loneliness of a stale, (and sterile) robotic routine. 


Today see’s the New Moon in Leo at 6:50 AM PST, conjunct the Sun, Mercury, trine Chiron, opposite Saturn, and square Uranus. This can see a fearless embrace of authenticity and a drive towards free expression that can feel almost therapeutic. The opposition to Saturn is weak, while the Uranian contact is strong. There is also a conjunction to the Part Of Fortune at this New Moon which can see some fortuitous events. There’s a courageousness to this mathscape that doesn’t want to be inhibited or confined any longer, whether these restraints are imposed from without or are coming from within. There’s something almost cathartic, innocent and child like about this New Moon that can be really healing and freeing. Maybe we do something out of the norm, or we do something we’ve been wanting to do forever but haven’t felt allowed to or able to do. A lunar opposition to Jupiter can see an indulgent atmosphere. There can be uplifting or inspiring communications, and creativity can be lit. As New Moons are about planting new seeds, the area of your chart ruled by Leo can see the signs of a new beginning starting to unfold that can feel life affirming and invigorating. There can be a sort of electricity in the air under these configurations. Leo is loud, proud, fearless, and shameless. This mathscape is very symbolic of shaking free of shackles, restrictions, inhibitions, and fear, and embracing more courage, joy, love, and authenticity. Living more freely, fearlessly, courageously, and out in the open.


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