Astrology for the week of Dec 23-29 2019.

We begin the week with the Sun having just moved into the stoic sign of Capricorn to trine Uranus in Taurus. Combined with Venus in radical, emotionally detached Aquarius squaring up to Uranus, this creates a bit of an unpredictable, changable atmosphere interpersonally, that’s almost comical in a way. It can feel a bit like musical chairs at times, which can be either destabilizing or exciting, (or both.) Early Monday morning begins with the Moon in the later degrees of intense and passionate Scorpio conjunct Mars, which can see some intense desires or urges under the surface or people can be preoccupied with the dark underbelly of things, creating a somewhat broody, secretive, (although impassioned), but somewhat dour atmosphere. This is all hidden away under a veneer of aloof stoicism, thanks to this powerful stellium in unbothered Capricorn. 

Around 8:30 AM PST, the Moon heads into optimistic Sagittarius, to form a smooth sextile to Venus in “think outside the box” Aquarius, along with a trine to Chiron in Aries. Thank Dog…This could lighten the vibe considerably, and see people taking some innovative approaches interpersonally, financially, or in regards to increasing self worth, in order to perhaps sooth old wounds that may have recently been jabbed at while the Moon was in Libra towards the end last week. Stepping outside comfort zones, expanding horizons, maintaining a positive, elevated attitude, expanding perspectives, and reference points, or simply seeking to expand consciousness and challenge preconceived ideals/ideas, -particularly through, around, (or because of) relations with others, can all be a theme. 

With the Sun and Jupiter in austere Capricorn squaring up to Chiron, this lunar link to Venus and Chiron can be a welcome respite from some otherwise high pressure situations that may have had many people feeling vulnerable, under the gun, insecure, or prone to being thrown into some kind of emotional flashback that can potentially make people view life through a lens of one gigantic, largely outdated defense mechanism. 
Ironically, as awkward as some of this math is, it’s also a huge opportunity to level up and achieve some personal/developmental milestones. Personal growth, learning curves, and self mastery is definitely available for the taking. Especially for those who continue seeking within,- as opposed to without,- for validation and comfort. The rest of Monday looks relatively optimistic, pleasant, adventurous, and open to change. It's a thug life fam, gotta keep it movin'.

Early this morning begins with a lunar square to Neptune, which can create a sense of meditative chillness, uncertainty , idealism, hope, faith, dreamy escapism, or vague, undefinable longing/oneness/merging with the Void. “Jeebus, take the wheel.” As the morning progresses ,we see the Moon link up to Mercury in Sagittarius, which could see some things some to light, or some honest disclosures being made. There may be a desire to communicate on the one hand (Moon/mercury), but also a desire to evade communication (Moon/Neptune.) It could be a case of being unsure of just how honest exactly, should we be? What is real? Or we could be unsure of how honest others are being. "Is this real  life? Or is this a fantasy?". Trust and faith are being tested. Sometimes this can see some rose colored glasses, over idealization, confusion, overoptimism, or denial around something. This could also produce some cool mystical or psychic experiences, altered states and the like. Consciousness is cool.  It’s a good day to try and relax, release worries and fears, and just enjoy the moment. Just try not to delude yourself or psych yourself out too much about uncertainties. Remind yourself that you can't actually fuck anything up that is genuinely meant for you by cosmic design, and relax your grip. We can pick up a lot of intuitive insights under these maths, and it can also be really good for imaginative and spiritual pursuits, study, meditation, peacefulness. A lunar semi square to Venus can see relationships feel like kind of a fugazi for some people, and there’s an experimental/changable/cool/aloof quality that can be somewhat destabilizing, particularly as Mars in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn is so focused on zeroing in on it’s passions in a very uhh..physical, tangible way. Definitely not an aspect that’s a fan of wasting time, having it’s time wasted, or fucking around. It's low key kind of obsessive and ultra mysterious and occult really. Like the ring of power.
Regardless, as we all know, this is the time of year where white people everywhere hang out around a ritualistically slaughtered conifer, with loads of commercially purchased items wrapped up in decorative paper underneath it, which they tell elaborate lies to their kids about where it all came from and how it got there. So if you’re into all that, happy holidays to all of you. Enjoy the rest and relaxation and time with loved ones. To the rest of you, Hail Satan, 4:20 blaze it. Carry on.

This morning see’s a jovial but oddly sensitive atmosphere, with the Moon in the later degrees of jolly Sagittarius conjunct Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn, and forming a trine to Uranus and square to Chiron in Aries. Edging up to the new Moon that occurs this evening, there can be some unexpected communications, thoughts, feelings, happenings, or revelations. This new Moon represents a “Zero Point.” It’s as if the etch-a-sketch is being shaken and the old doodles erased, in order to begin a fresh drawing from scratch. 

Around 2 PM PST, the Moon enters game faced Capricorn, and change is the name of said game. With both this New Moon and the Sun squaring up to Chiron, there could definitely be some sensitivity in the air that’s for sure. This “zero point” isn’t necessarily a total breeze for everybody, and can tug on peoples heartstrings or have them feeling... some type of way. Positively, it can lend us courage in the face of vulnerability. There’s actually quite a lot of positivity and growth in the air. On some level, we could be resistant to changes and transformations occurring, or, conversely, we encounter others who are at odds with those transformations. It all depends on how you handle change. There could be excitement or uneasiness in the face of foreign elements or experiences. This new moon is an opportunity to forgive, release guilt, fear, and/or desires to control, -and to embrace authenticity, new situations, directions, and/or people...or simply new aspects of ourselves. This is (and has been) quite a download... Hella Terabytes fam. There can be some “revelations” or surprises of one kind or another today. The New Moon is exact at 9:13 pm PST. This math can be amazing for transmuting any inner wounds or interpersonal butthurt into new levels of self mastery, empowerment, and personal ascension. This is a zero point moment of wiping the slate clean and laying a new foundation for a much sturdier empire. Upgrades.We are literally going to be entering a new decade. Let us all leave individual and collective butthurt behind us where it belongs, and use it as a platform to more greatness, authenticity, and personal fulfillment. Be free of your shackles and embrace your radical new destiny, cosmic human. Stagnation is not an option. This is Zero Point. Big, slow, deep, irrevocable change and soul healing. 

Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn in conjunction with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, while sextile Neptune. This is some pretty boss math for actualizing our ideals around something. This can see some serious perfectionism with such a serious stellium in Saturn ruled Cap in combination with dreamy, inspired Neptune. We could definitely have some high ideals around something that is in it’s foundational stages. This is excellent math for working away at a creative project, as it’s bound to get results, as Cap is relentless and very focused in it’s execution, and Pluto doesn’t stop until it finds what it’s looking for. There can be a bit of a serious vibe, and even though the link to Neptune is positive and inspiring, there can be some sadness, wistfulness, or longing, or sacrifices being made, in order to achieve some very particular ends. Venus makes no major aspects at this time, and in detached Aquarius, there is a sort of “live and let live” /“open ended” vibe to personal interchanges. A kind of detached solidarity amidst massive internal and external changes across the board. Such changes require this kind of detached objectivity, giving others the benefit of the doubt, releasing, letting go. Today can see some breakthroughs, achievements, or accomplishments, or at least the beginning intimations of them. As far as bringing some creative ideas down to the earth plane goes via applied efforts, or physically actualizing/manifesting an ideal into practical form, this math is fire. 


This morning begins with an energizing and obsessive lunar sextile to Mars in Scorpio, while the Moon still holds contact with Saturn and Pluto. This is an intense focus. Shit is getting cereal. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of obsessed and just…determined AF. All this intense energy has to be dumped into…something…and it looks like Mars in Scorpio is the release point. There’s a seriousness, sort of “do or die” about this math, that in spite of positive aspects, can generate a lot of internal or external pressure to boss the fuck up and get on your G shit. A new year and a new decade is right around the corner, so I suppose this is apropos. But there is definitely something next level about this. In the afternoon, as the Moon gets into the later degrees of Capricorn, it begins to build a growing square to Uranus in Taurus, which really keeps us on our toes. There can be an unstable, exciting energy building, and interactions with others can positively catalyze and inspire us to step outside the box or our comfort zones somehow. There can be some curveballs. The Moon enters Aquarius in the evening hours to link up nicely with Venus, while forming a sextile to Chiron in Aries. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s wild, it’s weird, it’s unconventional, it’s unpredictable, -but it isn’t boring. These can be some rather freeing, liberating configurations, and it can be good for the soul. Mercury in late Sagittarius building a trine to Uranus in Taurus suggests that our minds are beginning to warm up to the idea of certain changes, and thinking in more open minded, radical, free, and unconventional terms. This can see some..interesting results.. and definitely some innovations around any interpersonal hiccups or moral quandaries caused during Venus’ square to rebellious Uranus. In either case, change is becoming easier to embrace now, because it’s inevitable. 

Today is dominated by the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Venus and square Uranus. The lunar/Venus conjunction is by default, pleasure seeking, and pleasant in nature. Although, in Aquarius, these configurations aren’t necessarily comfortable with too much emotion, and prefers a more detached and objective approach to the realm of the feelings. It’s basically Vulcan in nature. This day also see’s Mercury in the final, and most urgent, impatient degree of Sagittarius, in trine to Uranus, conjunct Jupiter, and square Chiron. This shows a window of time where certain disclosures are made, or certain truths discovered, or a heightened point of honesty is reached, or in some cases, hopes or optimism dispelled-before Mercury heads into methodical, rational Capricorn this evening. Here, Mercury is much more economical with what is shared, and can be painfully realistic. A square between Mercury in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries suggests that communications can be somewhat strained and that people are kept on a need to know basis, as Mercury here is less forthcoming and more stingy with information, and more focused on time and energy conservation. Our mental focus can become increasingly narrow, focused, and thorough through this cycle, but it can produce some very fruitful and innovative results. Mercury in Capricorn is not really into idle chit chat, small talk, gossip, or fruitless banter that wastes time, and is more prone to research, serious thought, introversion, observation, and using time, space, thought, and the written and spoken word efficiently. It says what it means and it means what it says, and if it isn’t certain, it says nothing. The trine to Uranus, and conjunction to Jupiter can see some brilliant innovations, and big ideas. Some people can be reaching some sort of mental breakthroughs or a new levels of mastery regarding an area of expertise or skill they possess. These configurations all suggest that changes or ideas occurring or being put into motion now will have real, practical, physical, tangible ramifications down the road-due to the emphasis on the element of Earth. Nonetheless, the squares to Chiron suggest that there can be some lingering sensitivity in regards to communications with others. A finely tuned balance will need to be struck between our own self actualization, self expression, self mastery, and the way our pursuit of this impacts others, and the way we are perceived or interpreted. Again, this is yet another mathematical layer of the transmutation of butthurt into gold. It’s character building. It looks solid fam. Share and express your unique gifts, skills, and abilities. Don’t be scared. 

Today is highlighted by an irritable square between the Moon in emotionally detached Aquarius and primitive, instinctual Mars in intense Scorpio. With Uranus aspected so heavily, freedom and independence are kind of a big deal right now. This can be somewhat at odds with our more animalistic, primitive urges, and this energy requires an outlet. For some, this could see some kind of drama, inner conflict, or even ethical quandary around getting their own desires met. Some people might be feeling “friend zoned.” Others might be experiencing feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, or feeling “froze out” emotionally or otherwise, while conversely, others might be trying to escape this exact type of dynamic in a desire for more freedom. It’s also possible that our determination to do our own thing and remain totally free from the clutches of anyone else can see us acknowledging or confronting some repressed, powerful urges or some sense of frustration. In either case, the mind/emotions, and the animal instincts could be at odds somehow, but on the positive side, this could be creatively fruitful. It’s also possible that something weird and exciting happens, that isn’t necessarily negative, just…totally new, unexpected, perhaps a bit of a shock, and outside of our norm (Moon/Venus in Aquarius.) These configurations can actually be a catalyst to something unforeseen but potentially pleasing, beneficial, growth inducing, exciting, and liberating. Maybe a shift in perspective occurs, or the way we’ve assimilated certain experiences reaches a sort of breakthrough/turning point. These configurations can really amp up the nervous system, and there can be a pronounced restlessness in the air that can make it hard to get to sleep, but you know what? It’s the end of the year, fly your freak flag. 

Thanks for reading! Stay curious my friends. See you next Monday y’all. 


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